Reid: Democratic Party Not In Trouble After Electoral Defeat

225px-harry_reid_official_portraitWe recently discussed how minority leader Nancy Pelosi fought off a challenge after the disastrous election losses for the Democrats and then promptly declared that the “people [do not] want a new direction.” The statement was widely ridiculed as evidence of how out-of-touch the leadership of the Democratic Party had become and how insulated the members are from voters. Now, retiring Senate minority leader Harry Reid has suggested the same party line that there is no need to change direction after the election.

Reid insisted that the blame for the loss was on FBI Director James Comey and shadowy Republican donors. As we discussed earlier, the public has been consistent that they did not want an establishment candidate and particularly did not want Hillary Clinton. Clinton and Trump were the most unpopular politicians ever to be nominated for president and over 60 percent of voters viewed Clinton as fundamentally dishonest. None of that stopped the DNC from engineering her victory over Bernie Sanders who presented precisely the populist campaign that many voters were looking for. Clinton had the Democratic establishment and many allies in the media — everyone agreed except the public. That was enough . . . until the voters had their say on November 8th.

The Democratic establishment is frantically trying to spin their huge loss to one of the most controversial candidates in history. However, the level of group delusion is impression. Reid repeated Pelosi’s view that there was no need for change in the Democratic party, stating that “I don’t think the Democratic Party is in that big of trouble.” Really, you have lost both houses and a conservative Republican Administration is about to take office. The point for many is obvious. For the establishment, and particularly members, they are not in big trouble. They can count on preserving their positions and the party elite is well insulated against voters.

Reid and the other Democratic Senators have been criticized for leaving their party without critical minority powers after using the “nuclear option” — a move challenged at the time by many of us as incredibly shortsighted and unwise.

It is hard to see what it would take to constitute “trouble” for the Democratic Party but losing total control of both political branches would seem to concentrate the mind of most people.

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  1. While Obama is looking into alleged Russian interference in our election, why doesn’t he look into the fact that as secretary of state, Hillary approved the transfer of 20 percent of America’s uranium to Russia while 9 investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. This was done for personal gain. Is Obama calling for investigating this?

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    1. I’m feeling so insulted. But I know what you mean. It’s the same compulsion that causes me to add my comments for you to scan and then call worthless.

    2. I’m also wondering why you feel compelled to leave such a worthless comment? Maybe you can show us what a value-added comment looks like sometime?

    3. “Don’t understand the compulsion which causes me to scan these worthless comments.”

      I am sure there must be top 10 list for reading worthless comments:

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  3. Compliant, sycophantic media protects Obama when they should have been all over this abuse of taxpayer money these past eight years.

  4. “The Secret Service and the Air Force are being abused by unnecessary travel,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “Unnecessary presidential travel for fundraising and luxury vacations on the taxpayers’ dime would be a good target for reform for the incoming Trump administration.” 12/5/16

    1. Trump says there is too much work to do to clean up the messes Obama has created and he will not be taking multi-million dollar luxury vacations on the taxpayer’s dime like Obama has done several times a year for the past eight years. Must be nice to be a half-black Democrat.

  5. Obama’s in-your-face abuse of the taxpayers dollars is coming to an end after they go for one more Hawaiian luxury Christmas vacation. Cost to taxpayers? Close to $5 million. Could the Obama’s have stayed closer to home? Sure, but why would they do that when they can milk it one more time.

    Please. Obama doesn’t work that hard. He works at luxury golf and luxury celebrity hob-knobbing on Martha’s Vineyard and luxury mult-million dollar Hawaiian holidays. And Michelle has jetted about with her Aspen ski vacations and European getaways staying in presidential suites all the way.

    The Obama’s have taken every advantage of the taxpayers money during their “reign” – make no
    mistake about it. Who wouldn’t want to fly on Air Force One to Hawaii every year for the past eight years?

    The press and the secret service are sure gonna miss all their luxury getaways when the Obamas finally move out of the White House. Trump says there is too much work to do for the American people so he’s not planning on taking all the luxury million dollar vacations the Obama’s have taken for eight years.

    1. Week ahead: expect a year-end news conference before Obama departs Friday to Hawaii for yet another 17-day luxury vacation.

  6. As the classic kid’s joke goes, “What’s the difference between Harry Reid and a lying sack of dung?”

    Why the sack, of course.

  7. Harry Reid is right. Democratic Party is not in trouble but millions who voted for them are in trouble as many will think they should have been careful not giving their votes to this Party of denial. Well, with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer heading the Party in both houses more seats will be gone to the Republicans in 2018 .

  8. It is hard to understand how people like Reid– Nancy Po-lousy and O-bozo — well I am at a loss as to how they can fool so many people.How do they do that so well? 

  9. I agree with Nick in his comment above. The Democrats are lucky that he is going away. There are not too many bright faces in the pool. Maybe I should call it the swamp. And when the swamp is drained there may be a few gators and lots of snakes. Both parties have that problem. Ten years from now the Democratic Party may not exist.

  10. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.!!!!!!

    Go Pelosi !! Go Reid !! Go Schumer !!

    Thank you for the greatest gift of my lifetime: complete Republican control of government PLUS the nuclear option.

    Please keep on with the “we are right” and “America is wrong” self-delusion. Can I have a Supermajority in 2018? Likely.

    1. So, now that the greatest gift of your lifetime is coming to pass, what do you think the results will be? More inequality or less? More justice or less? More working class jobs or fewer? Better treatment for women or worse? Better treatment for the poor and the sick, or worse?

      Can you sketch out your vision of the coming nirvana? What will America be like in 2020?

      1. I don’t think the voters signed up for the things that the republicans plan to do to this country.

        1. Dave – your hope is going to be John McCain, since he was just re-elected he can be a Democrat again.

          1. John McCain’s American Conservative Union ratings for the following calendar years are as follows:

            1999: 77
            2001: 68
            2002: 78
            2003: 74
            2005: 80
            2006: 65
            2007: 80
            2009: 96
            2011: 80
            2012: 92
            2013: 52
            2014: 91
            2015: 67

            This is every year assessed since the death of Barry Goldwater, bar those calendar years wherein he was running for office. His median score is 78.

            The two Democrats now in Congress with the highest scores are Collin Peterson (who represents a rural district in Minnesota) and Bill Nelson (senator from Florida). Their lifetime averages are 43 and 28, respectively. Both Peterson and Nelson are over 70 and have been in Congress for more than 25 years.

            1. Toads – there is a difference between the median score (McCain) and the average score (two Democrats). As far as McCain goes, even the Republican Party of his home county disavowed him.

      2. Jay S – I do know the Democratic Party (home of the Jim Crow laws and KKK) never brought us nirvana. I do know we still have not won the War Against Drugs or the War on Poverty. I do know the current President of the United States is asking service members to question the orders of their new commander in chief. I do know that they are adding 2000 pages a day to new regulations as Obama goes out the door. I do know that Obama has cost us $85 million for his vacations to date and he still has Xmas and a Farewell Tour to go.

        1. Paul-
          Well, let’s go through your list….

          You do appreciate that the Republican and Democratic parties have basically switched identities roughly Johnson-Nixon days. You know, the “Southern Strategy.” So I don’t see how you can blame the KKK or Jim Crow laws on the current manifestation of the Democratic Party. And, in case you have missed out on current events, people in KKK outfits and Confederate battle flags have been showing up at Trump events. But not at Hillary events. So I think this point of yours is bogus.

          What about the war on drugs? I suppose Trump might emulate Duterte in the Philippines, and just summarily execute suspected drug users or dealers. That would really make it a war. But I hope that Trump would have to follow the Constitution and Due Process. I think the most optimistic development in the “war on drugs” is the creeping legalization of marijuana. At least, this will free up resources.

          As for the war on poverty, do you take the glass to be half full or half empty? Without safety net programs, would people be better off? I can’t see how. Is your approach to further afflict the afflicted, to stomp on the downtrodden in the hope that they will turn into small business owners and capitalists? The War on Poverty may not have been won, but it may have been fought to a standstill.

          As for questioning orders, orders which appear to be illegal and immoral, should certainly be questioned. As was pointed out at the Nuremberg trials, obeying orders is no excuse for war crimes. Should the military unquestioningly impose martial law in the US, or invade Canada, or set off WWIII, if Trump says so?

          I wonder where you got that “2000 pages a day” figure. Regulations about what? I fear that under Trump businesses will feel free to dump toxic wastes in their backyards, to strip away OSHA protections, and to abandon safety and mileage standards in cars (to name but a few).

          Re costing “85 million for vacations,” does that factor in the cost of the Presidential infrastructure, no matter where the President is? Are you claiming that if Obama stayed in the White House 24/7, the country would have saved $85 million? If so, have any substantiation? But also, have you compared Obama’s vacations to GWB’s or even WJC’s? Just how much vacation do you think Obama should have taken? None?

          1. Jay S – 85 mill is the cost of using Air Force One and back up planes for the President.

            1. When the taxpayers are paying for secret service to stay in beach front rooms for nearly three weeks from before Christmas to New Years at the Moana Surfrider Hotel on Waikiki Beach every year for the past eight years, that is called milking the taxpayers for all they can get away with.

              Just take a quick look at the hotel the ‘staff’of Obama’s entourage stays at every year:

              Whatever happened to booking a more reasonable lodging like a Holiday Inn that isn’t prime Waikiki beach front property when it is a government employee spending taxpayer dollars?

              Obama has milked it to the limit. Make no mistake about it.

          2. The luxury multi-million dollar vacations the Obama’s have taken are in-your-face abuse of the taxpayers money.

            1. Check it out: Moana Surfrider right on Waikiki beach is where secret service has been staying for eight years while the Obama family enjoys their multi-million dollar luxury vacations. Taxpayer abuse? You tell me:


  11. Does anyone understand why Hillary Clinton supporters would actually sob at the sight of her on Capitol Hill yesterday for Harry Reid’s retirement party? Uncontrollable sobbing because Hillary lost? It’s like a bizarre cult following. What is wrong with these women?

    1. I would sob at the sight of HRC anywhere me – a frightening vision.

      Seriously, a friend at State told me people there cried and wailed loudly after she lost. But then maybe because a lot of them lost their positions.

    2. It is absolutely a bizarre cult following. Weird brainwashed sycophants. Too bad HRC couldn’t have a “fake win” due to all the “fake news”.

  12. The prof needs to get a current picture of Schumer since Reid will be gone. The focus needs to stay on the party in the minority, ya know.

    1. As a human being, Schumer is plain awful. He’ll provide commentary fodder for anyone who’s paying attention.

  13. This wasn’t a “huge loss” inasmuch as Hillary won the popular vote total. However, the real problem is that Democrats failed to appreciate the dominant concern facing too many voters. Even though Trump is a slimeball, he threw out enough hope to Rustbelt folks to get them to vote for him.

    But I agree with the thesis of this essay by Turley, that the Democrats really do need to get some fresh leadership, to say nothing of re-examining their basis of support.

    1. Folks here do seem content with the leadership of McConnell. He has been there 32years. Have never seen a negative article about him here.

      1. Even though he organized a “sit down strike” to oppose anything and everything Obama wanted to do? Or is your “here” in Kentucky?

        1. Don’t like the guy but At least McConnell blocked Obama’s plan to push through the TPP.

      2. He’s been the Republican floor leader only since 2007, not since 1984. He’s a lousy creature, as is Hal Rogers, but his shortcomings are evidently not a priority for the moderator. The complaint he’s an ‘obstructionist’ is, of course, humbug.

          1. He was a rank and file Senator for 20-odd years. The troublesome features of his leadership do not predate his time in leadership.

    2. When the republicans in congress destroy Medicare and Social Security people will not give a damn who the democratic leadership is. That is when the tide will turn.

      1. Why? After all you are, until they prove differently, only the right wing of the left. We don’t know they got the message that they were the target as much as their Democrat Masters or Obeyme or Klingtone the lefts version of the Avon Lady.

        I’m always amused at those that think the RINOs are not part and parcel of the left. Perhaps it’s a case of too much Political Crap reframing and redefining.

        So before you go turning on the endless loop the loop aren’t we loopey leftist version of left and right and all that here’s a clue.

        Left = Government over Citizens.

        In a foundation of grass roots direct vote representative democratic principles leading to an indirect vote system of delegates tier two the Republic form of government ….

        the CENTER is the Constitution.

        It is not the center of the left and does not lie somewhere between Soros, Adolf, Marx, Lenin, assorted DINOs and RINOs.

        All that gets you is the Center of left wing fascism under various names in their various forms. .

        That old left right mis-representation and the terms Liberal and Conservative are sooo shopworn, inexact and untruthful they only serve to identify those who need pity and are pathetic.

        Try thinking independently instead of stooging for the elitist establishment progressive roader front organizations.

        Now if you were thinking that opening line would have been something like. Much as I don’t like what ACA turned into I’m hesitant that the real Republicans under President Trump will make it better if not worse – or something

        At least that’s honest, sort of ….or something. 48.2 versus 51.8. Gotta be something wrong with people who don’t know how and why to run an election campaign – something.

        The high spot is that group keeping the leaders of failure in charge. The next go round if all goes well and that’s conjecture on my part is going to be more like 60-40. Maybe the left will figure out by then how they screwed themselves and thank you very much for playing stupid. Pelosillyni? Reid? Schumer? Whose missing. Oh Yes.. Hillary bailed to be Avon Lady. Ah yes BIDEN? You are joking me.

        1. Big time crash of all my email addresses. But did you enjoy the vacation. The Conscious Conscience of The Constitution is back. But I didn’t waste time . Finished the last course from Hillsdale on the Supreme Court. Did anyone ever answer the question what are the two requirements for becoming a SCOTUS Justice ?

          1. Good for you. Hillsdale takes no federal funding and is worthy of private donations. There aren’t any Constitutional requirements, right? So what are they?

    3. So let’s hope they put Keith Ellison as head of the DNC. And then they can watch their numbers going down further than they already are. They haven’t bottomed out yet but they are on their way.

      1. Let’s hope those democrats disappear so Goldman Sachs and Exxon can rule the world without any of those whiners. An Exxon CEO is rumored to be the leading candidate for Secretary of State. You can’t make this stuff up. Earlier I said buy GS. Now buy XOM and GD as Jon Bolton is rumored to be the asst. That is your Trump survival kit along with plenty of nice vacations to Spain and Greece. And if you can’t afford any of that stuff God bless you because Trump appears to like best the people who have made a lot of money

        1. Just like the Establishment Dems. Schumer’s “top three contributors from 1989 through 2014 were the employees and political action committees of Goldman Sachs ($543,000), Citigroup Inc. ($484,000) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($365,000) according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The securities and investment industries are by far his top donors having given more than $10.4 million over that time frame.”

          1. For sure, he represents the state of New York but did they work in his office? Trump ran against them and now he has actually hired 3 Goldman employees to run the government. It looks like another lie.

            1. Dave – when you hire people you try to find people you can work with and who know the job. Oddly enough, all the SC justices are either from Harvard or Yale, which was the cause of some amusement on the bench between the competing schools. Trump has been interviewing a lot of people and putting a lot of names in the wind.

          2. Let us not forget the tesobono bailout in the 1990s under President Clinton AND Sec Treas Ruben.

            Here is a precis of that conflict of interest scam. So how much went later to the Clinton Foundation and Sticky Fingers Willie. Ruben a former co-chair of Goldman Sachs engineered the complete bailout using money from Social Security and Railway Retirement Trust and other S Government sources. Then went back to Goldman Sachs and retired as a muliti gazillionaire.

   go about half way done for the complete article.

            ” Rubin’s Moral Hazard

            IN SELLING THE BAILOUT PACKAGES that it proposed after the peso meltdown, a recurring challenge for the Clinton administration was to counter the perception that the primary bailout beneficiaries would be Wall Street financiers, billionaire Mexicans and their cronies in Mexico’s ruling party.

            The fact that Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, who had close ties to all of these elite interests, was the administration’s leading bailout salesperson hindered the administration’s unsuccessful attempts to counter this perception.

            The perception that the bailout would benefit elites on both sides of the border unleashed criticism from liberals as well as from conservative economists, who said the bailout posed a “moral hazard,” protecting the Mexican government and Wall Street from the repercussions of risky investments and policies. Because of Rubin’s background, the bailout posed certain moral hazards for him, as well.

            The Clinton administration recruited Rubin from his former position as co-chair of Goldman, Sachs & Co., the investment bank that has aggressively carved out a niche for itself in recent years in emerging markets, especially Mexico’s.

            Mexico has been first and foremost among Goldman Sachs’ emerging market clients since Rubin personally lobbied former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari to allow Goldman to handle the privatization of Teléfonos de México. Rubin got Goldman the contract to handle this $2.3 billion global public offering in 1990. Goldman then handled what was Mexico’s largest initial public stock offering, that of the massive private television company Grupo Televisa.

            In the financial disclosure form that Rubin filed after joining the Clinton team, he listed 42 Goldman Sachs clients…… including six powerful Mexican clients……….. Rubin reaped $25 million in compensation from Goldman, Sachs & Co. in 1992 alone.

            Just before coming to Washington …..a leaked letter Rubin wrote to his former clients drew attention to his potential conflicting interests. “I also look forward to continuing to work with you in my new capacity,” said the letter. “I hope I can continue to rely on your interest and support … ……”

            Goldman Sachs has steered billions of dollars of its clients’ money into Mexico. The bank’s clients, partners and reputation all stand to suffer large losses in Mexico unless a successful bailout can be engineered. Heavy losses could encourage lawsuits from disgruntled clients……….

            Rubin’s refusal to sidestep this appearance of a conflict of interest falls short of the White House’s rhetoric of two years ago, when Clinton claimed he would impose the toughest ethics standards ever. Rubin’s refusal to recuse himself …….

            – A.W. ”

            This further stripped government funds for the benefit of GS and Ruben himself. Soon after came 9/11 and the housing bubble scam, and the Ethanol scam. At the same time the baby boomers were hitting social security qualifying age in what is still huge continuing amounts and while those paying into the fund dwindled due to a mid 80’s percentage of employment.

            What Me Worry sez Mr. Ruben? I had a Presidential Walk On Water Card. That was my line but his atttude.

            The amount? chicken feed by todays standards but back them between 20 and 40 billion dollars.

    4. Please stop with the “Hillary won the popular vote” talking point. It is pointless and meaningless data in our electoral college system.

  14. YAH… hard as you tried, Mr. Reid, you failed to bring down the Republican party. You live in a dillusional state and are so out of touch with reality. So VERY GLAD you’ll soon no longer be in the congress to screw up the workings of our government and make rules that are pleasing ONLY to YOU. Adious!!

      1. The poor things are old enough to remember that demagogy focused on Social Security has been a staple of Democratic Party discourse for over 50 years. See Tip O’Neill’s scaremongering in 1982 for an example.

  15. Some how the image of an ancient ostrich with its head up its ass comes to mind.

      1. Dave,
        The alternate universe in which you exist is the one that believes ALL of those that voted for Trump weren’t actually voting against Clinton and the Big Government Progressives. There exists another universe where people don’t ignorantly support political parties. We support those that will honor the oath of office and the rule of law.

        Trump is on a short leash and will be measured ONCE he takes that oath. If he proves to be the Progressive Nationalist I believe he is then I will oppose him from my universe and not that alternate one noted above.

        1. Don’t think Trump is on a short leash. I think he is on a very long leash that is if he is on any leash at all. Also, Ii think Trump will be both a proponent of big government and an authoritarian who threatens those of either party who dare to oppose him.

          1. You might as well “believe” he will dine on small children. It sounds sooo principled to oppose him for things he has not yet done. As I and many have stated on this blog, unlike Clinton, Trump will not enjoy a compliant MSM, nor a half of Congress that will drop their collective pants whenever the President tells them to. And again unlike Clinton, many that voted against her will not give Trump a pass. Right now Trump is straddling the two universes mentioned above. He’ll either be yanked into yours or pulled into mine. Only time will tell.

            1. I bought some GS when Trump hired those guys and some popcorn. Since protests are being outlawed I can throw the popcorn at the TV and get some extra cash from the Goldman investment. Boy has it gone up since the election. The plutocrats in the Trump administration can do battle with the couple of lunatics that he hired. Right now the plutocrats are winning. Nothing I can do about any of it. Remember Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th ave and his supporters would stick with him. I believe that to be true. See we do live in alternative universes.

              1. “Second, despite President Trump’s claims, Republicans are not unified. Nearly a dozen Republican Senators did not support Mr. Trump in the presidential election. It only takes three of them to flip sides and join 48 Senate Democrats to stop President Trump’s legislation.”


  16. Then you have your Mitch McConnell who, with his fellow traitors holds the American people hostage while he obstructs Obama. Yeah, all these politicians have their shortcomings, however, no politician comes up shorter than a Republican. Review, after clearing your heads or pulling them out, just who the Commander of Lies has appointed, every type he complained about, ran on eliminating, accused Clinton and Washington of dealing with. Trump made his billions screwing the little guy while pandering to the rich. Is it any wonder that the rich who will screw the little guy seems to be showing up in his new cabinet?

    1. What do we know, Isaac. After all they think we are living in an alternate universe. Maybe they want lower wages and no healthcare. At least they got that Kenyan out of there and burned the witch. That may be enough for them for now.

    2. Come on Issac, a traitor would be someone actively subverting our rule of law. The reality Issac is you have demonstrated time and again a worldview that is anti-constitutionalism. You don’t support the rule of law, you support the progressive ideology as expressed within the Democrat wing of that ideology. There are others that do the same within the Republican wing. Both wings are dangerous to the American idea of equality, liberty and natural rights. You want to identify traitors to this country, take a look in the mirror.

    3. Don’t protest. Buy stock in Goldman Sachs. Maybe throw in a few defense contractors and Blackstone. You will get rich in the Trump universe. Please don’t expect over time if you work overtime because only those democrats in an alternate universe think you deserve it.

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