Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

3bc9c0e400000578-0-joseph_murphy_was_arrested_in_orlando_florida_on_sunday_and_was_-m-122_1483390668297Let’s just say Joseph Murphy, 20, is not a Trump fan and decided to expose himself to politics . . . and a Lake Buena Vista (Fla.) police officer.

Murphy was arrested for disorderly intoxication. After being placed into the police cruiser, he allegedly began bang his head on the inside of the car, choke himself, and yell “police brutality.” He also reportedly kept screaming “F**k Trump.” Once at Orange County jail, he continued to bang his head and then proceeded to urinate on the pants of one of the troopers.

Murphy faces charges of battery on an officer, indecent exposure of sexual organs and resisting an officer without violence.

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  1. These are the idiots that supports the democrats. Now if he was a trump supporter and it was the other way around, you’ll never stop hearing about this story. Follow me boss, we have similar interests?

    What do you say?

  2. In fairness to the deservedly despised California, this occurred in Orange County Florida.

  3. I feel really bad for the arresting and processing officers. Not only did he apparently try to frame them for police brutality, but he urinated on one of them, exposing them to disease. Just the fact that they stock spit hoods really brings home how difficult it can be to deal with the unruly, inebriated, or high public.

  4. When a dog eats a banana then there is room to digest. This photo above is really good. I hope there are more.

  5. So glad to see that the Georgetown Inquirer is out there, beating the street for the bread and circus of its future.

    Bringing such important trivia to the masses, so as to keep the mashing of teeth at a constant drum.

    1. Yes, while ignoring the fact that our government will soon be a kleptomanical kakistocracy.

      1. Do you mean like when the Clinton’s left the white House in 2000, and they stole/borrowed a bunch of stuff?

        1. Maybe Ter ber; though I suspect the damage will be greater this time around.

          But you hang onto that whitewater with china swirling around your head, not seeing the current vortex that sucks you down.

          1. I can see Jose you would prefer certainty in your life; most people do. Like you, I was certain Clinton would have been a complete disaster for this country. But unlike you, I suspect Trump will be far less corruptible than Clinton had proven she was. This is going to be interesting.

            1. Olly,

              I am very glad HRC was not elected. You drink from Spinelli’s cup too much which is not a wise thing to do. Do you think the cluster of fools here has gone unnoticed? You make me laugh, along with bam bam, Paul S, and Mr. Anecdote, Spinelli.

              1. Cluster of fools. For once, you are finally looking in the mirror. Sound familiar?

      2. David B. Benson – I would posit that the kakistocracy ends Jan. 20. Valerie Jarrett had the nerve to say that this was a scandal free administration. Brietbart was kind enough to list 20 of the scandals they had had over 8 years.

        1. So what will you do when you run out of toes to count with in the next six months, Paul?

          1. I had a job where I forecast the future up to 10 days in advance, I was wrong quite often. And that was forecasting something where there is a scientific basis to make a forecast. Forecasting the future of what an individual will do is folly.

            1. Then why do you talk so much? Do you just like to see your words on a screen? Must be that, as you rarely have anything to say.

              1. Spoken like a true narcissist. Your comments add little, if anything, to discussions, yet you berate all with whom you disagree. Very telling.

            2. Here’s an accurate forecast…..Weather forecast for tonight: dark. -George Carlin

              1. He also referred to the left as the fascist left and with good reason. To give huge credit to another who posited one time if you want to get laid go to college if you want an education go to the library here’s Frank Zappa on the occasion he identified college students as fascists.



                The following from Frank Zappa leader and composer with Mothers of Invention

                “The interviewer says to Zappa, “There were reports you called the students fascists.” This is when Zappa comes forth with a brilliant statement: “Yes I did. Because I think that there’s definitely a fascistic element, not only in the left wing of Germany, but in the United States, too.

                Any sort of political ideology that doesn’t allow for the rights and doesn’t take into consideration the differences that people have is wrong. I won’t go for it. I don’t care what kind of label you stick on it.”

                I hope you read that twice because it is so brilliant and so profound and so portending of what is happening today on college campuses that I had to go back and watch that scene over and over and over again.”

                He was writing about a concert audience in Germany today and at the same time described the phony political stance of the Progressive movement by any of it’s names. Frank is long dead of cancer but like George Carlin he had the clarity of vision and the guts to call it for what it is. Progressivism, liberalism, materialism, Darwinism, socialism, including the Republicans In Name Only are nothing more than offshoots vying for control of what started as Marxist Leninism with strong touch of Nazi-ism. No more different than a pot of beans. some white brown, some black, some pinto, some green, and some frijoles.

                All after the same goal. Government Over Citizens
                and the defeat of any competition such as Representative Democracy and Constitutional Republics who baldly state – Citizens are the ultimate source of power and are always over their temporary employees – government.

                1. Gotta love Zappa and George Carlin. You know, “Progressivism” today is just another name for Communism….that’s why they keep losing so bad.

        2. David Brooks, the ostensibly conservative NYT columnist also called the Obama presidency relatively scandal free. I stopped reading his columns after that. He must not ‘count’ things like Lisa Jackson quietly stepping down as EPA head amid scandal or the gargantuan mess of scandal brought by Hillary Clinton as his first SOS. And more the media simply chose to ignore.

      3. Factual but your post didn’t include that ‘soon’ started about eight years ago.

  6. I knew that Josh Earnest was not about to leave the White House post quietly.

    1. Bam, LOL! Bubba said “If I had a son, he would look like this young man.”

  7. Full Moon, Friday night, First of the Month, and all restraint chairs and spit hoods in use. Going to be a long night at the Gray Bar Hotel.

  8. I don’t know Jonathan, he sounds a lot like an idiot to me, but I’m just an old hillbilly so what could I possibly know?

  9. One count of registering Democrat
    One count of voting stupid
    One count of public indecency
    One count of unsanitary exposure
    One count of Pervision
    One count of Californian
    One count of farkling.

    Most will recognize the first six but many have not heard of farkling or farkling with intent or accessory to farkling. That is anything not covered elsewhere that pixxes off the Jail Captain and is punishable by a fire hose shower and lice powdering in the drunk tank.

    In this case pretending to be human is also an almost a sure thing. Except…mmmmmm….it was in California that makes the whole system suspect.

    Change that to a round of applause and depending on the system hew as using maybe a request for a phone number.

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