“I’m With You”: David Brock Pledges Allegiance To Sanders

images-1David Brock is nothing if not morally and politically flexible. He started as a conservative muckraker who was widely denounced for his unrelenting attacks on Hillary Clinton. He then announced a change of heart and became an attack dog for Hillary — becoming extremely wealthy as the head of shadowy Clinton PAC that investigated and attacked any Democrat or Republican who stood against her. In this election, Clinton was attacked for her association with Brock who was viewed as reaching a new level of sleazy and vicious work. You may recall Bernie Sanders denouncing Clinton for her continued alliance with Brock and use of his controversial PAC organizations. Sanders referred to Brock as simple “scum” but Clinton refused to denounce Brock or to discourage Democrats from working with or contributing to his PACs. As we discussed, it turns out that even Clinton aides were disgusted by Clinton’s refusal to cut off Brock or to denounce his work. In the latest batch of Wikileaks, Neera Tanden, the President of Center for American Progress, allegedly emailed John Podesta that “I hope Hillary truly understands now how batshit crazy David Brock is.”

Now Brock is ready for his next transformation. After leading attacks on Sanders, Brock has apologized in a public letter that he was wrong and now wants an alliance with Sanders as his attack dog. It brings to mind Sam Houston’s description of a contemporary of having “every quality of a dog except loyalty.” In a statement that is enough to force most politicians into a fetal position, Brock has written to Sanders to say “I’m with you.” The effort to play the Prodigal Son is likely to be lost on Sanders. After all the original Prodigal Son did not first try to kill the father, burn his farm to the ground and poison his livestock.

Clinton of course notoriously refused to move against Brock and work to entirely disassociate herself and her supporters from the man. Wikileaks has shown that not only did some Clinton staff find the alliance with Brock to be radioactive but Brock had ongoing back channel communications with the campaign. Now he wants to do the same for Sanders — the man that he trashed for Hillary Clinton. He attacked Sanders for not caring about blacks, he questioned his health, and painted his supporters in the most negative light. Yet Brock has now written Sanders:

“At times during the Democratic primary, I was criticized for being too aggressive in my support for Secretary Clinton  — and rightly so. Looking back, I recognize that there were a few moments when my drive to put Hillary in the White House led me to take too stiff a jab. I own up to that, I regret it, and I apologize to you and your supporters for it.”

The most chilling part of the open letter to Sanders was “I’m with you in the fight ahead.”

Brock has been trying to find new donors and to rebrand while attacking both Clinton staff and the media. The problem is he pursued a scorched Earth strategy with Clinton against all of her enemies and must now find a home. He has already said that he is prepared to attack Republicans with the same vigor that he did opponents of Hillary Clinton. He is appealing to the lowest common denominator of Democratic donors in pledging to “kick Donald Trump’s ass” for them. Fortunately, few people believe that Sanders is so relativistic in his ethics or so simplistic in his politics to take Brock up on his offer. Here is what Sanders said about Brock during the campaign:

“They have been attacked in that way for decades — the Clintons have — by people like David Brock, before he presumably saw the light, who lied about the Clintons . . . And their response is, ‘Look, that’s the world we live in. That’s what you gotta do.’ I understand that. I don’t think that’s what you gotta do. I don’t think you hire scum of the Earth to be on your team just because the other side does it. You gotta play in a little bit different way.”

Of course, Brock will always be able to find donors who care little about ethics or decency and just want to attack the other side. Yet, Brock’s open letter to Sanders has made even the Beltway cringe like a political version of “Reek” from Game of Thrones — some tortured soul without an identity of his own in search of a master.

Perhaps Sanders could respond with a line from Ramsey Snow: “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

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  1. This just in from Cloud 9 and it will be breaking news. The Donald has hired a good looking woman whom he had groped back when she worked on some cable show. He calls it a low level job.
    This news is not from a Tweet or Twit. Well it is from a twit who tweets but this was on an email to a pal. It will be out on today’s news.

    1. Not interested. Coming from a supporter of a group that is both racist and sexist to the core sounds like more fake news so let’s use the space for something useful.

      The argument is Trump has ties to Moscow or something.

      But where is the interest to the ties that Obama has with Moscow – other than philosophically to the their former government. I’m referring of course to naming his daughter not only with a Russian Name but a Russian Boys name! Sasha is the dimunitive for Alexander. Anyone who had seen the movie “Gotcha’ knows that.

      But is it true?

      Nope Sasha is used by both male and female and is a Russian derivative of Alexander originally Greek and means Defender Of Mankind.

      But it shows how easy it is to create fake news. All you need is a kernel of truth and a false statement in a Hollyweed production.

      There is however a sort of sexist version Alexandra to Alexa to show respect or Sasha if you claim authority over someone. Father Daughter for example.

      So Prez is it Alexa or Sasha?

      Linda Fiorentino who declaimed in a husky imitation eastern europe accent “I know Sasha is boys name no?” is semi retired from acting and her lead star is looking good for his age ….but bald. Aren’t we all?

      Much more interesting than a Michael Moore wannabe.

  2. This side of politics is like Mean Girls, where sometimes they need a hint as to whom they hate that day.

  3. There seems to be confusion on whom the remora should stick themselves to. All remora work only for themselves. Now that the powerful are split into warring factions, it becomes difficult for them to sort out whose butt they should be kissing and whose butt they should be dissing!

    Here’s a clue. There are some things people who care about our nation should never do. Right now, we have a would be coup in progress. The latest story about Trump actually comes from a 4chan scam. It is falling apart (see zerohedge for the chain of events). Even the NYTimes is critical of this “report”. As the IC and many Dem remoras still try to hype this scam, it is clear that the elites are working hard to tear apart our nation. That is what no person who actually cares about our country would ever do.

    The shameful and disgusting behavior of elites and their minions turning people against one another is the current 30 pieces of silver dripping through their fingers. Too many people, from blog trolls to the most powerful people on earth are willing to turn on our nation for that silver. We can stop being their willing dupes/fawning employees any time.

    Refusing to be dupes or employees is to have a set of ethics which we hold to no matter what party we belong to. It is to refuse to believe lies, to refuse to commit violence. It is to really resist wrongdoing, not just wrongdoing by Trump. but by Clinton, Obama and their paymasters. That is the work we need to commit to doing right now.

    People like Brock are lost to their own humanity. The way out is to keep a hold of our own.

    1. When you think about it we destroyed a hundred year revolution against the nation in just one election. It’s no wonder the spastics are wearing brown underwear. The best part is the people that did it to them are named Benita, Harry, Shoemore, and so forth. Second best part is they haven’t figured out they are interchangeable, replaceable parts. Thats ok ….I always liked it when people came at me fat,dumb, and stupid.

  4. One thing that has become clear out of all of this is that without Wikileaks, and people such as Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning we would be flailing blindly in what ever the color of our particular brain wash might be. Our government is not alone in arriving at the point where it essentially hides or “manages” all information the public should be informed of, but it is supposedly the greatest nation on earth because it was founded on the principal of being for the people by the people and of the people. That is clearly no longer the case and that bottom feeders like David Broke or Carl Rove can partner up so effortlessly with corrupt candidates with little to no public discussion in the main stream media about the practice is all the proof anyone needs.

    And in Hillary’s case, Broke is small potatoes by comparison to what she and the administration are doing with what many cooler heads are describing as a major conspiracy on the same level as the infamous weapons of mass destruction ploy that got us needlessly into a preemptive unjustified war with Iraq.

    My own take on the developing nightmare of a new Cold War with Russia, is that initially Hillary’s campaign manager used this ploy merely as a quick down and dirty way of placing blame anywhere but on Hillary and the DNC. But it quickly became apparent that he overstepped good sense because various blogs on the net made mincemeat of his arguments and the result, had these take downs made it to the more general public, could have been acutely if not definitively embarrassing to both Hillary and the Democrat party.

    And so they quickly went to Daddy for help – but initially Obama was anything but enthusiastic about getting involved in such a hair brained scheme for someone he doesn’t even like that much. You may remember he initially remained silent on the subject. For what ever reason that changed and the intelligence agencies were ultimately dragged into this horse and pony show. Speculation has it that this came about due to Deep State interests in keeping the war in Syria alive due to US interests in controlling future oil pipe lines and the inability to give up on the dream of maintaining US hegemony over the whole of the Middle East. Russia has similar though more modest objectives having to do with Syria in particular and thus far has out foxed Obama at every turn. And so this effort, not letting an opportunity that team HIllary created out of recklessness go to waste, to turn public opinion against Russia by a fiction so outlandish that they think they can get away with it.


    Again, this is a case where the main stream media falls all over itself to be good little stenographers of State Department talking points, i.e. FAKE NEWS, while alternate media such as Glen Greenwald at the Intercept and various others including Wikileaks, keep pointing out just how little sense this whole thing makes and how utterly devoid it is of any concrete evidence in official reports by the intelligence agencies.

    It is one thing to have a bit player parasite like Broke succeed so easily in glomming on to a new host when ever the old one keels over (hopefully Sanders will resist). If nothing else, It does not reflect well on our Politicians that they get involved at all, never mind with such sanguine acceptance, “Everybody does it.” But it is quite another thing for the entire current Administration to attempt to tie the hand of the President Elect with a fabricated story about Russian involvement in our Democracy – particularly with the unavoidable twist that Russia uses of all things The Truth as it’s most lethal weapon. Trump is now saddled with the impossible McCarthy like position that any gesture of rapprochement with Russia, will be treated as treachery by the MSM and many politicians on both sides of the aisle. And worse, Trump will be goaded at every step of the way to ratchet up hostilities with a nuclear power.

    So far, the public at large is buying it and so we are potentially in a more dangerous position than any time since the end of WWII.

    1. BB,

      This is an excellent link above. I agree with much of what you say here. Our only difference is I think this war has been wanted for a long time. Obama has been sending forces to surround Russia and move up to its borders since at least 2014. That tells me his paymasters want this war and they want it badly. Obama is accelerating the move of our forces at this very moment. It is scary. I like Glenn’s article linked below on how Dems are celebrating obedience to the IC, basically, the destruction of civil society and our Constitution. They are scary to me (not all but way too many of them).


      Glenn also has info on his twitter about the Pee-Gate story falling apart, even in the MSM.

      1. I agree that Obama (and more particularly his paymasters) have wanted high tensions with Russia, possibly even war, for a much longer time than simply this latest, Russians messing with Democracy, gambit. I was unclear. I just meant that there was initial hesitation on the part of the administration to use this particular “opportunity” to further those aims. I’m also not sure that war was always the primary goal as much as regime change. Getting rid of Putin.

        Initially, they tried economic sanctions and public propaganda. That was the Ukraine fiasco. Putin not only withstood the sanctions (and they were not trivial), he became a national hero in the process. How frustrating for Obama and Kerry. Then, Obama thought he could involve Russia with Syria in such a way as to remove Assad while at the same time getting egg on Putin. Didn’t work. At all.

        Now the election, and the deep state is getting restless about Assad regaining power and the US being the one to get egg on its face throughout the Middle East. Getting desperate, that is. So when the Russians hacking myth became available, they undoubtedly threw it back and fourth for a while and then finally went for it. It is a measure of their desperation that they are so utterly blind to the potential consequences of an all out war with a major nuclear power. This is Dr. Strange Love on steroids.

        And the press goes on chattering about ever more outlandish concoctions. Pee-Gate, no less. I don’t think people even in high places fully register the danger this sort of insanity signifies.

        1. BB,

          That makes a lot of sense of the situation.

          Pee-Gate continues to disintegrate, except that Dem dedicated media like Kos are still pushing it big time.

          These people disgust me. They do not care about our nation. if they want to resist injustice they could have begun a long time ago and they could start today by calling out Obama Jesus for his current wars, torture and economic policies.

          Democrats, if you want to resist injustice then please join with the resistance in progress! Otherwise, you are just falling for a coup. It’s not Trump who must be resisted, but policies, no matter who is engaging in them. This includes Obama Jesus and Mary Clinton, who are doing them right now. Seriously, stop participating in a coup and start the actual resistance you’ve let slide for the last 8 years!

              1. BB and Jill,
                Your comments on this tread this morning clearly demonstrate a desire to hold the entire political class accountable to a just government; one that ensures no one is above the law.

              2. The comment was not addressed to you. Considering the person’s remarks in the past it is not unfair.

                  1. Not THAT is a reallykewl slick reframing. The objectivist answer is ‘use the dictionary.’ To which the subjectiist replies “But we only have fictionaries. etc etc etc.

              1. And in another article Brock is still sucking up to Hillary on another project. What a suck it is.

              2. I’m tempted to say why not say what you mean. Since most Republicans are of the RINO category and ae only the right wing of the left and since conservative or liberals is shopworn, over defined, hackneyed and useless why not say what you really mean. Do people who prefer a Constitutional Republic disgust you or do people who prefer a totalitarian autocracy disgust you? Something like that.

        2. Seemed quite fine with the Trumpers for Comey to interfere. The FBI did not want her and apparently the CIA dies not care much for him. Pence is the man. Just my opinion..

          1. It’s a distinct possibility. They MSM are going after Trump mercilessly. Never seen anything like it. It’s obviously orchestrated. Makes sense that Pence is the object.

    2. They tried a reset button, they ignored the red line, the invasion of Ukraine…but the mere allegation of embarrassing the Democratic Party with truthful emails has driven the Administration to restart the Cold War and scorch the earth of international relations for his successor. It’s true – very few seem to be commenting on the strange thrashing around of policy with Russia.

      Russia has always spied on us. That’s the exact reason why Hillary Clinton storing Top Secret information on a server in her bathroom, cleaned by people with absolutely no clearance whatsoever, and then backing it up on the Cloud by a company with absolutely no clearance, was so wrong. They spy on us…we spy on them. We’re supposed to at least make it difficult.

      Assange has sworn up and down that it was not the Russians. Podesta gave his password away clicking on a phishing link. Were hackers supposed to ignore it? That’s like giving me a Mounds bar and expecting me not to eat it. The evidence I’ve seen so far that it was the Russians is limited to congratulatory emails about Trump’s election.

      Are they trying to imply that Russia feared Hillary Clinton? She never was a hardliner against Russia. She pandered to them with a silly Reset Button, and was part of an Administration that ignored their invasion of other countries. But we are supposed to believe that they viewed her as such a hawk that they were terrified of her becoming President and keeping them in line? All they’d have to do was pay Bill millions of dollars for a 20 minute speech and she’d be sending them gift baskets every Christmas.

      I cannot say with certainty that it was, or was not, the Russians. Perhaps it was a variety of actors. This was a contentious election year that must have smelled like crack to hackers around the world. And there was a lot of temptation for leaks, considering the shenanigans that went on at the DNC regarding Bernie.

      At the very least, Russia embarrassed the US releasing factual emails that shined the light of public scrutiny on dirty politics. You don’t start a war with a nuclear country over that. Even if they were not involved, I imagine they greatly enjoyed our embarrassment, and the admission that our politics do not always represent the people.

      1. Perhaps the Russians were appalled at the Clinton’s level of corruption. Even they have limits.

  5. The bad thing about 2016 has been having choose which bulls**t artist and bad hair I get to pick.

  6. Brock knows how to separate the oligarchs from their money. But the results he gets are often exactly the opposite of what the oligarchs expect.

    First he took money from Republican oligarchs to try to destroy Democrats, especially Bill Clinton. Except Clinton got re-elected in ’96. HRC carpetbagged herself to a U.S. Senate seat in NY and ran for president twice. WJC had 66% approval ratings among all voters – and 38% among Republicans – shortly after he gave the coveted keynote address at the Democrat National Convention in 2012. The Clintons achieved more power and popularity even though Brock set out to destroy them.


    Then Brock switched teams. He took money from Democrat oligarchs to start Media Matters to try to destroy Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and defeat Republicans. Fox News remains the #1 cable news channel and Rush Limbaugh remains the number one radio talker and recently extended his contract for another four years (his previous one was reported to be $400 million over eight years). Meanwhile, Republicans won over 1000 net seats in state legislators and now control the House, Senate, and Presidency.

    If you are a Bernie supporter you may want to hope Brock doesn’t align himself with Bernie. The enemy of whoever he decides to support tends to excel.

  7. It’s doubtful there’s ever been any there there with that man, or if there was, it dissipated around about 1990. I suppose a useful utility man for George Soros. What the Jane Lynch character says in A Mighty Wind (“I’d do some things some of the other girls wouldn’t”) applies here.

    1. Everyone’s primary allegiance is to those they’re responsible for. Since he’s a pooftar, he hasn’t a family to look after, so, yes, himself. The problem is that he hasn’t been in a decent line of work in 20 years or more. There’s ‘self-interested’ and there’s ‘utter lack of integrity’.

    1. The Senate Sorority Sisters strike again. Didn’t read the whole thing, but surely Graham was involved. I just hope they don’t get their propaganda confused and hand over “sarin gas stores” and “yellowcake” for this war effort too. But McNuts is getting pretty old.

    1. Coulda… woulda… probably.

      I have to say it’s been interesting living my own McCarthyism-type hysteria. Read about it… now I get to see it. Hopefully it wasn’t as downright silly as all of this has been. So with the help of Brock, this is where the Democrats have ended up. What comes after “jump the shark…??”

  8. We have our own David Brock right here in this blog. He’s fond of using the wrong initials for Trump so it would be only fitting to use DB for him.

    1. Bad analogy. Brock’s signature is that he’s capable of monetizing a deficit of scruple. Isaac’s signature is that he’s held together with psychotropics – just.

      1. Perhaps but I would question whether DB is compensated for his work here. If he is not, then his meds need to be adjusted.

        1. Because in your world no one in their right mind unless they were paid could possibly criticize Trump….. talk about delusional.

        2. If he gets a per diem or piece-rates from “Correct the Record’, great. Let them piss away their treasury on someone people cannot be bothered to read (and who persuades no one when they do wade through his eruptions).

        1. Obama may have done more to improve civics literacy and reduce political apathy in this country than any U.S. President in modern history. Admiral Yamamoto’s quote would describe Obama’s legacy quite well:

          “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

      1. Touré ‏@Toure 8m8 minutes ago

        Trump, in Moscow, hired several prostitutes to perform a golden shower show for him onto a bed where the Obamas slept.

            1. Think you’ve been duped. You should know by now anything information referencing “Intelligence Reports” is an oxymoron at best, and outright lies at worst.

              1. I am not saying these reports are true. I don’t know anything other than the reports I read. There were rogue agents in the New York FBI that did not care for Clinton so maybe there are some in the CIA that don’t care for Trump. Not a good situation……..

              2. Heads of intelligence agencies are political appointees and this story is unverified and just an over the top obviously fake really bad political smear job. Isn’t this what David Brock is so good at?

  9. He’s not even near as disgusting as DDT. DDT is on another planet when it comes to slander, lies, vicious attacks on people with physical restrictions, etc. It is simply amazing how quickly DDT’s real self is forgotten. But, of course this is a Republican blog.

    1. Yes, they call the dems names here like ” SWJ, PC, and SNOWFLAKE”. Notice every time there is a big scandal surrounding Trump a story about some inconsequential figure in the democratic word appears.

    2. DJT is in a “pissing” contest, now.. Don’t feel sorry for the creator of fake news, rumor and innuendo.

      1. Christopher Hayes ‏@chrislhayes 24m24 minutes ago

        Trump is understandably mad about slow-motion leaks of unverified allegations.
        He should commiserate w Hillary Clinton of “lock her up” fame
        78 replies 582 retweets 1,561 likes

        1. We had “Pizzagate” and now “Pissgate” that is obviously fake and the media is cautioning us all about “Fake news”? Unreal. This is all right up Brock’s alley.

  10. He is a potical opportunist and a fraud. He believes in nothing but his own interests.

  11. He looks like a fruit. Broken cherry. Can’t comb his hair right. Stole O’bama’s first name and spelled it wrong.

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