14-Year-Old African-American Girl Charged In Sending Fake KKK Tweet To High School

400px-arundelhighschoolThe entire community surrounding Arundel High School was traumatized recently when an anonymous person posted a tweet threatening that “We’re planning to attack tomorrow”. What made the tweet particularly menacing was the Twitter account: @KoolkidsKlanKkk. Police launched a full-fledged investigation and has now charged a 14-year-old African-American girl with sending a threatening tweet related to Arundel High School.

A racist petition was also found at the high school from the “Kool Kids Klan”. With the assistance of Twitter, the police tracked down the creator the account. The girl attends the high school and, in a meeting with her parents, admitted to creating the Twitter account and sending the threatening tweet. She is now facing a juvenile citation for disruption of school activities and released to her parents. The school says that other students have been “disciplined” in the matter.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools Superintendent George Arlotto stated that “The anonymity of the internet provides a murky and complex disguise for many who want to threaten the safety and security of our communities. Our partners in the Police Department and county government peeled back that disguise quickly in this case, in the process reassuring parents, students, and staff that our schools are safe places in which to educate our children.”

A juvenile citation is better than other students have faced for pranks (here and here and here).

What do you think the punishment should be?

28 thoughts on “14-Year-Old African-American Girl Charged In Sending Fake KKK Tweet To High School”

  1. Many hate crimes are hate hoaxes. It’s what happens when you accord “victims” privileged positions. Everybody wants to be one.

  2. I’m disappointed that pretending to be a victim, at great cost to the community, appears to be en vogue.

    They need to charge her, spread the word about her mistake, and hope it deters others. I’m becoming so jaded about these accusations that I’ve gotten to the point that I require a busload of nuns and video before I will believe it, and that’s a tragedy for true victims. Because of people like her, people may hesitate to believe an honest accusation.

  3. I’ve become skeptical about all these alleged KKK hate crimes. Apparently, The Boy Who Called Wolf is no longer taught to children.

  4. Probably had an assignment due the next day and hadn’t started it. Or, the topic was whether anyone truly believes the Klan still exists and she was being creative.

    Mom and Pop aren’t thrilled.

  5. Ban her from social media through high school and if she violates the ban then hold her parents accountable.

  6. I was told by my son’s grade school community police liaison officer that he could go to juvenile detention should he use the phrase “that’s not very Christian of you” again, when bullied in the hallway by Somalian American boys.. Children are considered to have the facilities of an adult by the age of eleven. She’s way past that. I would imagine she should be expelled permanently and send her to a school for juvenile delinquents. That would be after she spends five years in the state penitentiary for terrorist threats. Of course, I’m being fallacious.

    I don’t think that there’e any real productive punishment that will rehabilitate her. I’m hoping that they get her some counseling. Doing something so menacing is surely a sign of unhappiness and mental instability. What is this behavior in one so young?

    1. I think you would find this to be the norm rather than the exception in that part of the state. Nothing really out of line there. Should use a little better twitter handle. Carry on. MSN resume complete.

  7. The punishment should be an eye opener. Release Kool Aid girl in Chicago’s 11th Police District for trash cleanup duty. The district, which is centered around Garfield Park on the city’s West Side, has the highest murder rate in the city, and it’s rising fast. The district already had more murders than in all of 2015, when it led the city with 48 homicides.

    1. Paul, no need to be concerned about typing the wrong word. The mind has the built-in ability to make sense out of what is read. For example: Yuo cna porbalby raed tihs esaliy desptie teh msispeillgns. Also, there’s a free program from Google called Grammarly that can help to identify if the wrong words are used, as well as misspelled words: https://grammarly-lite-chrome.en.softonic.com/.

  8. I’m will Ralph on this one. Sadly, since her name was not exposed she will not be able to use the tweet on her resume. Talking of community service got me thinking of her as part of the crew in the movie Misfits.

  9. Instead of punishing this young lady, she should be awarded an internship with CNN or MSNBC, or perhaps even the New York Times or the Washington Post. She has shown great talent for fake news and Leftist propaganda. I see great things ahead for her in a journalistic career with the mainstream media.

  10. Depending of course on any previous convictions, if the charges are proven a few days in juvy and probation should suffice.

  11. Community service, to be performed near or around kids or the elderly? Seriously? Why seek to punish, the most fragile and helpless among us, by placing this mentally ill youngster in close proximity to them? You ain’t gonna have her work anywhere near my grandparents or children, I can promise you that. She needs to comprehend the gravity of her actions, and I can’t help but to question the wisdom of having her work anywhere near those most deserving of society’s protection in some misguided effort to have her give back to the community. You don’t solve one problem by creating, yet, another. Mandatory, extensive therapy is more appropriate, where no one, in her vicinity, is placed in any peril.

  12. I think the times have changed enough that juveniles – and their parents – should be named. If not on the first offense, it should be made clear that if there’s another offense, their names and photos will be released.

  13. Don’t children get expelled from school anymore? And parents should be charged/fined the cost of the investigation. (For children that are underage).

    1. I had that thought, too, and (my wife is a public school teacher) the answer is no, not inless they are legitimately a physical threat to others. The process for making that determination is such nonsense that it almost never happens, though suspensions are still an option. You see, the parents would sue, and there is a cottage industry of attoutneys now that supports those lawsuits against teachers and schools for what used to be routine discipline. Even if such suits are frivolous, most schools are so hamstrung by federal regulations they literally can’t afford the bad press.

  14. It is interesting to see how gently she is being dealt with. I wonder why. It would seem her intent was clear and it was to terrorize the school and the community. Apparently she was successful. A slap on the wrist seem seriously inappropriate.

    1. My thoughts, too. Doing something for others instead of living in service of her social ‘brand’ is exactly what’s called for. She should also be forbidden to broadcast it for the duration, perhaps a fine as well.

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