CNN Analyst Denounces Black Celebrities Meeting With Trump As “Mediocre Negros”

200px-Cnn.svgCNN analyst Marc Lamont Hill is under fire after attacking a fellow panelist on Monday for working with President-Elect Donald Trump as part of his National Diversity Coalition.  Hill referred to Bruce LeVell as a “mediocre Negro” being used by Trump.
On the show, Hill dismissed celebrities like Steve Harvey appearing with Trump as a case of being used by the President-Elect.  LeVell responded to Hill that “You weren’t even there . . . Pastor Darryl Scott, Mike Cohen, they are in the process of bringing all types of people from all over the country, from all different backgrounds. Remember the diversity coalition where we reached out to all different types of people?”
That is when the Hill made his most controversial statement: “Yeah, it was a bunch of mediocre Negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitative campaign against black people. And you are an example of that.” Hill, however, later added, “I’m not name-calling.”
Trump is not the first president to cultivate celebrities. Indeed, both President Obama and Hillary Clinton relied heavily on Hollywood supporters in their campaigns.  To dismiss these individuals as “mediocre Negroes” is highly troubling but it is part of the identity politics that has taken over our political dialogue.
There has been no response from CNN to the controversy.

77 thoughts on “CNN Analyst Denounces Black Celebrities Meeting With Trump As “Mediocre Negros””

  1. His point was, and I will admit he made the point rudely, if Donald Trump wanted to help with crime in Chicago then he would talk to black political leaders in Chicago. For example alderman in wards of the city where shootings are happening at a high rate. No, instead he meets with a comic, Steve Harvey. That is a photo op. What is Steve Harvey going to do to solve this or any other problem problem. Perhaps the commentator should have just said that and left out any name calling.

  2. how dare you have a difference of opinion being black in America we are not followers but innovators motivators movers and shakers this is a new day that has dawned upon us be part of the solution or stand aside and let us reimagine this new opportunity that we have been given

    1. Hill, as a CNN black commentator, knew full well what he said would be racially electrifying. Did Hill not express an interest in playing the traditional black race card? In short, an unsheathe race card profiteer?

  3. The end result it only concerns those that the political aspirations of ones party what is good for the goose is good for the gander tit for tat we have to start the conversation some way some how everybody wants to be politically correct please stop it !

    1. I LOVE the Mediocre Negroes…big fan….they always put on a great show. But I’m even more excited since I heard Tony Orlando will be performing at the Inauguration!

      1. I ran into Isaac one time at a Mediocre Negroes show in Canada, but I’m not sure he’d remember? Btw….He’s quite the dancer….or at least he used to be…..

  4. One would think that after having been subjugated for hundreds of years, the African American community would celebrate the right to hold a diversity of opinions. Instead, there is this intense pressure to toe the party line. I do not understand this. Why isn’t it more common to say they do not agree with their position but are fiercely protective of their right to make up their own mind? There is that common saying that I disagree with you but would fight to the death to protect your right to voice that opinion. Why isn’t that saying common in application to black conservatives? Why do they attack any African American who does not agree with Liberal Democrats? That seems so morbidly close to the Jim Crow era.

    1. An African American liberal is no different than any other liberal. They are less than tolerant of conservative tenets and anyone who expresses them. There are plenty of conservative blacks who will listen to varying views.

    2. Public opinion among blacks was far more variegated during the period running from 1930 to 1962 than it is today. The Democrats have had an advantage among blacks since the Depression, but the bloc vote for the Democratic Party is a good deal more recent and appeared quite suddenly.

      The self-concept of partisan Democrats is such I think that they can no longer process disagreement over intractable normative questions or fuzzy factual questions. Neither can they formulate neutral procedural practices. What’s proper procedure is what gets them what they want. Among blacks you have an additional vector in that public life abstract from daily life tends to be considered entirely in sectarian terms and the considerations turn on the degree of deference accorded blacks by public officials. There’s a strand of opinion among blacks that fancies that blacks are an aristocratic stratum and it’s just effrontery for peasants like police officers to impose impersonal standards on them.

  5. Thank you Mark LaMont Hill for insuring Trump’s margin of victory, both last year and in 2020.

    Hill’s blatant and egregious racist bigotry mirrors Al Sharpton, who publicly pledged he would never condemn anything Obombya does, simply and solely because Obomya is part black.

    Thank disgusting sycophants like Sharpton too, for insuring Trump’s victory.

    I thought Michael Jackson topped the charts for his knack of surrounding himself w/sycophantic dumb bell hangars on. Certainly Obomya outperformed Jackson in this regard.

    Please, pretty please, Demoncraps: please continue living in denial and blaming others. The Republican Party can’t buy as many votes as you drop into their laps.

  6. Are “mediocre Negroes” the new description of blacks who think for themselves and refuse to take the “company” view of conservative blacks. Such people have been referred to as “Uncle Toms”. The Alinsky philosophy lives on in the demonizing rhetoric on the left.

  7. I don’t think “I’m not name calling” means what Hill thinks it means.

    This is another example of the racist double standard. It’s just fine, brave even, to hurl racist epithets at conservative blacks.

    These ad hominem lost them the election.

    1. This is another way of saying Dr. Martin Luther King was wrong. Skin color does matter and those blacks denigrated are ones who think skin color should not matter.

  8. About time someone called out the “pinky-ring set” whose motto is make-me-an-offer.

  9. It’s interesting to see celebrities attach themselves to the politically powerful. People like Clooney are mediocre white trash I guess! After all, he attached himself like a suck fish to Obama, a man who murders and tortures at will. He absolutely gushes over this cruel man and holds fund raising dinners at his home on his behalf.

    So, I don’t see why any person who simply attaches like a suck fish to the politically powerful is better or worse than any other person doing the same thing.

    We would need to know if any of these people actually agree with the policies, have examined the person they are attaching themselves to and find that person to be good. Then we need to ask why anyone would think Obama, for example, is a good person since he is a murderer and torturer. I don’t know why people think these things. Clooney does, many other Democrats do and even war mongering Republicans adore him. To me, that’s really crazy and destructive.

    Basically, I’m wondering what differentiates being a mediocre suck fish from a stellar suck fish!

    1. “Basically, I’m wondering what differentiates being a mediocre suck fish from a stellar suck fish!”

      The $ize of the donation.

  10. People w/ limited intellect and borderline personality cannot grasp irony. The ONLY comparison I was making between Carter and Trump was that they were anti-elitist and anti-establishment within their own party.

    1. You seem to have a habit of ascribing mental illness to those that disagree with you. Says more about you than the person you are trying to draw negative attention to.

      1. No, people ascribe it to you because the alternative is telling you you’re a jack-wagon. You want respect, improve the quality of your commentary.

  11. Jimmy Carter is a humble man. He does not live in golden palaces and surround himself with international bankers and oligarchs. Trump loves the elite and seems to base a person’s worth on how many billions they have made. There is no comparison between the highly moral Carter and the wanna bee Berlusconi.

    1. Envy much? Your comment Goldie implies humility can only come from the absence of wealth. Time will tell if Trump will be humble enough to respect the rule of law and separation of powers. Regarding his wealth and who he surrounds himself with, does their wealth matter if they have the character to succeed?

  12. If you listen to this clown you will hear this was more about elitism than race. The court jester was saying someone like Steve Harvey is “not a policy analyst” and therefore not legit. Trump’s victory was anti-establishment, anti-elitist. Ironically, in our lifetimes, the last President who was not part of the establishment of his own party was Jimmy Carter. And the establishment never forgets or forgives. You don’t see Carter @ the Dem conventions, do you.

    1. Dem establishment hates Carter. He’s the only one who actually did good works since leaving office.

  13. Why isn’t tolerance taught in the home or schools anymore? There is so much hatred and meanness in modern society today. It is all over all parts of our society and sets such a bad example for young people. There is too much judging and not enough caring. ☹️

    1. Identity politics, racial politics, gender politics & income inequality politics is the unsavory politics of Democrats. Thus, much mud-slinging, smearing & negativity without substance or solutions.

      1. Those who opine about equality and how only liberals are for it certainly spend a great deal of time pointing out all the differences among us. So much for seeing a man as a man rather than by race, gender, religion, ethnicity, region of origin, sexual tendencies, etc. Do they really see beyond all these things and see the man.

    2. Because what you’re referring to is manners. They are still observed in settings where people confront each other face-to-face, but not in public life. A concern for manners militates against a concern for personal expression. Discipline is not fashionable.

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