Can You Guess What This Man Was Charged With?

Lawrence Ripple, 70, pleaded guilty trying to rob a bank but seemed a bit to eager.  He entered the bank and handed over a note saying that he was armed and wanted money.  However, he did not flee with the money but instead sat down and waited for police.

After being arrested, Ripple explained that he had told his wife that he would rather be in jail than married another day to her.  Now he faces 20 years in federal prison.

What should a judge do with a bank robber who never intended to actually rob the bank?  Jail is not generally viewed as a marriage retreat or sanctuary for the poorly wedded.

What would you give Ripple?

13 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Man Was Charged With?”

  1. Hey, is this the guy from the airplane the other day w/ the insufferable wife?

  2. I would order both a psych eval, inclusive of an MMPI exam and if the results of the MMPI were within acceptable score ranges, marriage counseling for both spouces.

    I realize I have no jurisdiction over the spouse and should she decline, that would then be another input as to whether this marriage can or even should be saved. There are times where couples remain married for reason other than romance, so I would look at those and where a spouse declined counseling, a subpoena for her presence to offer testimony of a mutually non-incriminating nature would be issued.

    Lastly, I would remember the words of a great Maryland legal scholar, Poe, who when asked about Maryland’s $10 fine for the commission of adultery responded, ‘née gentlemen. Adultery is not a crime, but a pleasure. And the fine remains even today, so that spouses can take the 5th in divorce cases.

  3. Probation with order to see marriage counselor if he intends to stay with his wife and a therapist regardless

  4. I would send him home on probation. I think his wife has moved out by now, mortified by the news and afraid to talk to her friends and neighbors. If the wife has moved, social services needs to make sure he is fed regularly.

    bam bam – to answer your question, not long. Although robbing a bank is an unusual response.

  5. Not guilty by reason of insanity. Only an insane man would have married that itchBay.

  6. If he thought that the ole ball and chain was loud, shrill, demanding and relentless, wait until he’s in prison and Bubba makes a few demands of his own.

    Ripple appears far older than 70 years of age, so, I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that he may have some serious, unresolved issues involving alcohol and/or substance abuse. Looks like Ripple has been hitting the ripple, just to stay in this marriage. Undoubtedly, he needs a psych evaluation to determine his competency before anyone can even begin to suggest what should happen to him.

    I’m just so curious–the article doesn’t say. . .how long has he been married? Just wondering. Trying to figure out– how long does it take before the thought of spending one more moment, one more second, with that darling and precious bride, causes someone to rob a bank in order to extricate himself from a living Hell?

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