Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

636211264952520322-1-27-17Sheldon Isaiah Cheese, 17, will be tried as an adult for a robbery of a . . . .

pizza delivery man in Pennsylvania with another man.

The other man is Logan Matthew Alexander, 18.  They allegedly robbed the delivery man after Cheese knocked on the man’s car window.  When the man got out of the car, Alexander then allegedly pointed a gun at the man and they ran away with two pizzas and $25.  That will be a costly pizza after the pizza man identified Cheese.

They are facing robbery and conspiracy charges.

Alexander is a talented basketball player and senior at Delone Catholic High School.


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  1. Another healthy young man with his whole life ahead of him, throwing it away over nothing. Now he’ll live in a cage, have a record that makes it difficult to obtain gainful employment, and be told when and what to eat, when he may go outside, and when to go to the bathroom. Happy now?

    So many people have handicaps, terminal disease, or other problems who would give anything just to have a healthy, functioning body and mind. Just exchanging oxygen into carbon dioxide is a gift. This is is his one life, and he’s just throwing it away.

    What a sad waste of spirit.

    1. My sympathy extends to victims, not to those who wish to victimize. We all have a finite amount of energy and passion, and I choose to direct those precious resources into assisting the innocent victims of this terror. Remember, the perpetrator, at least the one named Cheese, wasn’t some destitute and desperate street person, with no access to a roof over his head or a meal on the table. He attended a private, religious school and was an active member of the basketball team. No one wants to admit this, so I will–there will always be evil among us. Yes, those, so unsalvageable, that regardless of the benefits or gifts bestowed upon them, they will seek to live their lives devoid of a conscience or empathy for others. While some may refuse to believe in that concept, this episode is a perfect example of said evil. How many chances does one get in life? How many passes? How many, oh, he’s just a poor black boy from the ghetto excuses? Despite his opportunity to attend a private, Catholic school, to which, I am quite sure he was given a free ride and allowed to attend on a full or partial scholarship, and despite the opportunity to participate in his school’s athletic program, he’s just a bad egg who likes to steal money and property from others. Worthless. The only silver lining is that the turd didn’t pull the trigger and end his victim’s life. The only silver lining.

  2. One reason that we punish people who commit crimes is to deter others from doing the same things. So Chucky Cheese here might have some good aspects. But. If he goes to prison for what he did then all the other goody two shoes Chuckys out there will realize that there is jail around the corner for any bad behavior.

    1. We have a society where the “useful idiots” will rally and cheer the prosecution of a serf
      over $25 and let the theft of literally trillions go unpunished, What message do you think that sends
      to the real criminals that run things?

      1. Since it’s so bad, I assume you don’t want to stay and be an enabler and a traitor to your principles. When do you arrive Pyongyang so I can have a donkey cart waiting for you?

        1. Lol!

          What do you want from him? There aren’t any marches planned, in the near future, where he, along with his flea-infested comrades, can demonstrate their angst by smashing windows and setting cars ablaze. Now we know what happened to those who munched on all those paint chips as kids.

      2. Yeah, He’s not being charged as an adult because he stole $25 from someone. He’s being charged as an adult because he IS HAPPY TO MURDER SOMEONE FOR $25 – and yes, I’m yelling!

        The moment you point a firearm at someone to enable you to steal from them you cross a line. You might get away with it a couple of times, you might end up getting charged as an adult, you might end up dead, and, by far the worst, you might end up killing someone to satisfy your greed.

        Pull a gun – you’re done.

  3. It’s indicative of the stupidity of Americans when they get upset about the theft of $25 when they are surrounded by banks that through fractional reserve banking steal $100,000 a pop from us when they create money out of thin air…. That is just as much stealing, but people are too dumbed down to know it.

    1. Inalienable:

      Yeah, it’s an “either-or” proposition: You may not be upset about armed robbery AND white collar crime. We stupid Americans! We did learn about something called “false dichotomy,” though.

      As for “people” being “too dumbed down to know it,” I’m happy to be getting such intelligent commentary from a “non-person” like you; maybe you’re a sophisticated AI robot?

  4. It’s sorta what happens when the government destroys the economy, and makes it illegal to earn a living without a government permission slip. If it gets any worse this could be you or your family…..

  5. Maybe he hurt his knee and decided, like Chelsea Manning, that the state should pay for the repairs. I know, from experience, that Catholic schools are notoriously cheap about this sort of thing.

  6. If convicted and sentenced to prison, Alexander will be playing ball in the prison courtyard instead of a college basketball court. What a way to throw away a career…how stupid. Hope he enjoyed the pizza, he’ll have to pay for those in the future, by doing time.

    1. I’m betting “when” and not “if.” As far as his career, who cares? The world deprived on one more ball bouncer is no loss.

    1. Obviously. We have a real problem here with guns getting up out of their holsters and heading down to the local bars where they invariably start shooting their mouths off and then getting into trouble. 😀

  7. They need to be dealt with appropriately, as idiots, not criminals. Try dealing with them as idiots with a potential and if that doesn’t work, then the slammer.

    1. They’re idiots, alright. Idiots, brandishing loaded guns, with the potential to kill anyone that they set their sights on as an easy mark. Obviously, you have never faced the barrel of a loaded gun, while you were working, delivering pizzas, just to pay the rent and put food on the table. And, of course, that’s a good thing, except, in your case, it makes you incapable of comprehending the gravity and the seriousness of a little crime called, ARMED ROBBERY. People end up dead from these so-called, silly hijinks. We’ve had several pizza delivery guys killed in my hometown over the past few years. Wonder what you would be saying if one of them were a friend or a loved one? Huh? The perpetrators didn’t TP a house or give someone a wedgie–they robbed an individual using a firearm. What do you want the legal system to do? Apologize to the criminals?

      1. Bam bam, You too seem to be a very angry individual. May I suggest yoga or meditation? You are jumping to conclusions, stereotyping and assuming. Please for all of us and more importantly yourself and your mental health – I mean this sincerely – take several deep breaths and pause. It may sound hokey and hippy to you – it’s not about that. Just do it and you will feel better. You will whether you want to or not. If you don’t happy thoughts to you and everyone who reads this. Deeeeep breathsssss everybody. We are all in this together my friend.

    2. Isaac – Agree that they were idiots….but armed robbery is a major crime. And having spent three years delivering pizzas putting myself through college (with two somewhat scary incidents), punishment/jail is appropriate. As for costly……………the real losers are the taxpayers who’ll be footing the bill because our society is awash with guns – if only they were in the bathroom? or had a hammer?

      btw – no comment on catholic school values here? especially as republicans and the incredibly incompetent devos will soon be demanding taxpayers pick and choose favorites funding christian schools?

      1. Bill W – Catholic schools take a lot of non-Catholic students. Having gone to them, they give you a great education, if you make yourself available to it. However, it doesn’t sink in with everyone.
        One of my Catholic school classmates is sitting in prison in Washington state for murder. The rest are still in their first marriage, if they haven’t died. One became a nun and is married to God.

        1. please provide a link (that is what you usually request) to document %’s of christian, hindu, jewish, muslim, etc……. oh! and atheists) to advise what is meant by “take a lot on non-catholic students”?

          And do you correspond with every high school classmate to know they are still in their first marriage? A bunch of catholics I know have been divorced.

          1. Bill W – take judicial notice of the fact that Catholic schools take a lot of non-Catholics. And I am on an email chain with all my former classmates.

            1. They actively recruit kids around these parts for their basketball and football programs. Most African-American kids whose church affiliation varies wildly.

              1. mespo – Catholic schools don’t have district boundaries that restrict where a player may play. 🙂 The Catholic schools here are VERY competitive athletically. They are usually in the state championship or at least in the play-offs.

                  1. mespo – to even the odds they make them play in 5A which is the highest level in AZ.

              2. knowing the catholic schools around me, I’d 100% agree with the sports recruitment (in the north they also recruit hockey, etc….). But don’t you find that an incredibly sad statement on proclaimed church values and service to their community?

                “Most African-American kids whose church affiliation varies wildly” That which we call a church……………..

            2. and they all honestly report their personal affairs? judging from the integrity of your posts – a highly questionable presumption

              1. Bill W – I see them, and their wives and husbands at the reunions. We all started out in kindergarten together. We do keep in touch 🙂

            3. Paul Schulte and Bill W.
              Your exchange made me curious about the number of non-Catholics enrolled in Catholic schools.
              According to The Southern Illinoisan ( Feb. 4, 2016), 16.9% of the 1.9 million Catholic school students are non-Catholic.
              I would have guessed about 30%.
              I went to Catholic schools for 10 years in the late 1950s into the mid 1960s.
              The highest tuition ( high school tuition) was $125.
              Last time that I checked, the high school tuition at that same school is over $7500.

              1. Thanks tnash for the effort and info. And while to Christians there are serious differences (my catholic ex-wife used to rail about Unitarians and Methodists) in denominations, to most atheists a church is a church.

                And $7500 seems inexpensive for the northeast. My friend, whose daughter I picked up from catholic grade school for a couple of years, indicated her high school tuition was more then twice that number when she was a freshman……..and she is in college (a catholic college) now.

              2. tnash – there are not as many nuns and priests teaching, so they have to pay actual teachers actual salaries.

                1. Paul Schulte….
                  – That’s a big factor……probably about 85% of the teachers I had were nuns.
                  I’ve read that the number of nuns in America has droppwd from c.200,000 in the mid-60s to about 65,000 currently.

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