Navy Confirms Special Warfare Unit Flew Trump Flag

imgresThe military has confirmed that a special forces unit flew of Trump flag from a military convoy in Louisville.  In a nation that has prided itself on an apolitical military, it was an insult to the professionalism of our military personnel and their traditions.  Our Republic once had military officers who viewed their allegiance to the Federalists and led to partisan conflicts.  Our tradition of an apolitical military is one of the most cherished in our country.

The unit in belonged to a Navy Special Warfare unit and an investigation is underway.  the outfit specializes in unconventional warfare, direct actions, counterterrorism, special reconnaissance and personnel recovery.

Military regulations prohibit sponsorship or endorsement of any “political candidate, campaign or cause.”


Those responsible warrant punishment and have shown that they lack not just discipline and judgment but any notion of the values of the American military.

What do you think the punishment should be?



198 thoughts on “Navy Confirms Special Warfare Unit Flew Trump Flag”

  1. “Military regulations prohibit sponsorship or endorsement of any “political candidate, campaign or cause.”

    Was this post-election? What does the Navy regulations have to say about flying a flag of your Commander-in-Chief?

    And don’t give me this apolitical horseshit. Every President uses them as props when it suits their political purpose.

      1. Michael Aarethun – hunh, did he rip that flag off from somebody else? Sounds familiar? Is that the flag of the Confederacy?

        1. Never seen it. Maybe it’s just a fake news flag. I see in my comment on the immigration that they hcanged a key word in the headline. Now it reads Judge Temporarily halts Presidents Immigration reform program. Now that makes more sense and is what should be happening.

          Things settling down in Latino Land there was and unconfirmed blurb on the cell phone headlines saying there will not be a price raise in fuel next month. and the exchange rate dropped from low 21 plus pesos to high 20 plus pesos.That’s cook if it doesn’t boil again when I need to go to the border for a new visa. Hell I can be a reverse illegal ha ha ha.

          Getting so I can’t pour a little gas on the fire anymore so I’m going back to working on music and movie collection, some boat work, and more on the book and books I’m reading.

          Got in some History of Philosophy and found out Occams Razor was ‘William of Hockham or Ockham and his razor was nowhere like the current version so I’m reading that carefully. Both useful. Richard McKeon formerly Professor of Philosophy at University of Chicago.

          I will need a magnifying glass.

          1. Michael Aarethun – have you noticed that the print in the books we like is getting smaller and smaller. 🙂

  2. I had forgotten about that! And had only ‘heard’ about the restriction.
    I’m wondering ‘why’ and what is it’s background for the ruling.
    Isn’t it kind of double thinking when your leader is your commander in chief? Should they be able to ‘clap’ after he gives a speech to them?
    I’m thinking the discipline should be a
    Verbal warning and weekend confinement to the base.

    1. suspended and make it a three day pass. Applaud is a better choice. Clap makes me think of Obama and Clinton.and Debbie Wasserman

      1. Michael Aarethun – Bill Clinton has herpes according to the Lewinski depositions. They were unable to have sex when he had eruptions on his penis.

  3. Do we have any ships named after George Washington? How about Abe Lincoln? Madison. Monica Lewinsky? Harold Rectum? Battleship Missouri should be named Missoura.

  4. I think being invited to join another unit outside of Special Forces is appropriate.

  5. Not an Army Special Forces unit, but a Navy Seal Unit.

    Maybe the ‘decripted message’ was that Trump was under water.

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  7. It should be made the unit flag. Are you so dense you do not realize the military was a great part of the counter revolution that just took place? The oat of office states preserve and protect the Constituion of the United States against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Do you not realize by treating the military contemptuously and dispicably the last regime went over the edge with it’s methods and policies and the military acted after sending many warning signals. The 5th Special Forces Group put the colors of Vietnam back on it’s otherwise solid black flash just for one.

    The remarks about being the biggest danger that government faced were entirely true and Obamas attempts to turn DHS into DIS The Directorate of Internal State Security was his response to the military’s unwilligness to violate that oath and transfer allegiance to a single man.

    Be glad when the military upheld it’s oath of office it outwitted the enemies domestic and used ballots instead of bullets with the vast majority of the combat arms voting against Clinton. Two vowel difference and no one paid attantion.

    The US Army Special Forces is the most politically astute military organization in the country. They live, breathe in the world of revoutions and coutner revolutions, insurgenies and counter insurgencies. And now all the Special Operations Forces are gathered together The political Generals are gone or laying low.

    When Carter was President we openly discussed such a move in the barracks and team rooms. The decision was as long as the Consititution existed and was being used we would not move. That restriction ceased to be the case in the last eight years.

    Now Obama’s SchutzStaffel is commanded by a General of the US Marine Corps as is the Defense Department.

    Sleep well tonight America your Constitution is safe once again. The revolution failed in the most peaceful manner possible. No tanks in the streets not one weapon fired. The military upheld it’s Oath of Office which is more than you can say for the former President.

    These units draw their replacements and strength from the regular units not just paratroops and infantry.

    They are citizen soldiers not one commandeered as draftees. volunteers everyone

    Let them enjoy their moment of celebration. Punish them? By all rights they could have taken over the entire country and put it under martial law but did not? Why not? Because enough citizens backed them up and stood ready. Retirees, former members, reserves and guard units and many of those people former military in the DOHS, the ranks of law enforcement from local to state to Federal.

    You got played, rolled, and hosed by the best psychological warfare experts in the world and all for one purpose and one purpose only. To serve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Tradition of apolitical?

    Not since Valley Forge

    What you should be applauding is how many came together more than we had hoped for and took full advantage of the arrogance of the other side. Popular vote? You just one of the flags of popular vote and yet you can still speak freely, travel freely, publish freely and select and elect freely, free to play stupid and free to comment.

    You might just try real hard and say Thanks for serving your Country by serving it’s Constitution. As i’ve said many times We never served people or the land. We serve that which keeps it the best place to live on the face of the earth.

    Try real hard to say Thank You…all who supported this counter revolution. I promise it won’t break your face. to make the effort.

    Punishment? How do you think the losers feel right now? Splintered, marginalized, in some cases destroyed, made into a mockery and a joke. Kuwait took 100 hours. with 400 casualties. This one took one day with zero casualties.

    The third revolution is over.






    1. And if the Department of the Navy REMF leftover try anything treat them like Sally Yates. Fire their REMF asses Guaranteed anyone involved in any punishishment or other action will be on a shit list and any Congress that supports their names on a promotion list will be on a a bigger shit list.

      As for the media and the snowflakes? Who cares?

      We’ve got our country back. Now all we have to do is keep it.

      Stop Enabling…check
      Take Control….check
      Make changes a work in progress.

      Present and former comrades in arms I salute you for a job well done.

      1. At most if there is anything in the MUCJ regarding this issue the men and women involved should be reminded the clause exists. In the future should you wish to show your pride in our President express at the ballot box, end of reprimand.

  8. I think there needs to be an investigation as to whether other units have flown political flags and any consequences stemming from them. If no precedent, they should be (lightly) reprimanded and reminded that the military is apolitical. The corporation I worked for didn’t allow political signage in the workplace or on the job. I think it’s doubly important for the military, which is sworn to protect and defend the nation and Constitution. They should never take sides (politically).

  9. In spite of his professional duties, his vigorous speaking schedule and an obvious dedication to his family, Mr. Turley consistently manages to fire off two or three blogs a night. I’m convinced the man has some of those Darpa pills that eliminate the need for sleep, and I demand that they be shared with the group.*

    *Kidding. I love sleep. Don’t you take that away from me!

  10. Where was the outcry when Obama sacked conservative generals?

    Perhaps the Special Forces cherrish the future of our country more than they cherrish an apolitical military. Or perhaps this is payback for what Obama has done to weaken our military.

  11. So now we have our fighting men and women showing pride in their commander in chief and you want to discipline them. I for one think they should be disciplined as harshly as a former Secretary of State was, oh that’s right she wasn’t. JT how about discipline for all the democrats who failed to take part in the inauguration or boycotting hearings for the Presidents cabinet? They are paid by all Americans and are supposed to represent all Americans not just democrats. Their actions are responsible for the violence and unrest this nation is now experiencing and should be held accountable.
    If this was an Obama flag they were flying you and all libs, socialist and Marxist would be having “woodies” right now.

    1. Turley needs my defense like a hole in the head, but here goes: in his defense, over about a dozen or more in depth blogs, citing law after law, Turley all but convicted and sentenced HRC for her various multiple felonies. Not only that, one could hardly cite a better source than Turley, because he holds the USA’s highest security clearance.

      So no, I’d say your point is moot at best.

      1. Maybe you should back and re- read my post and then come back and tell me why your defending JT? Where in my post do I say he did or didn’t feel Hilly should be charged? My point is these American heros should not face discipline. I put my time in combat, I’m quite happy these men and woman find pride in their commander in chief.

      2. @JosJon, tell me how are you that familiar with JT that he would share his security clearance with you? I held a clearance and was always reminded never, never discuss you clearance with anyone. Are you his wife or family member??

  12. Good God you’re getting childish. I can imagine the military being excited about having a commander-in-chief again and I share their joy. The democrats are leading us to anarchy and I find comfort in the fact that our military personnel are real patriots. It won’t be long that rainbow flags will start showing up on military bases, but shhhhh, don’t say a word.

  13. This reminded me of how Iran’s Armed Forces operate–especially as Mr. Trump has up’d the ante against Iran–and the entire political establishment has “fallen in line”. Hopefully they’ll throw the book at them–and the political leadership does not undermine military justice. I have a sneaking suspicion that some who have expressed reservations will probably say, No big deal.

    Wishing all a great Friday–and a great W-End.

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