IRS Attorney and Georgetown Adjunct Professor Arrested For Meth Dealing


Days like this remind me just how dull my colleagues are . . . and that is a good thing.  IRS attorney and Georgetown Adjunct Law Professor Jack Vitayanon, 41,  has been arrested in a conspiracy to distribute 500 grams of methamphetamine.  

Vitayanon is more Walter White than Jesse Pinkman.  He is graduated from Dartmouth in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree and Columbia University with a law degree. He also received a master’s of law degree in taxation from New York University School of Law.  He was then hired by the prestigious Debevoise & Plimpton firm in New York City.  He later was hired by the Office of Professional Responsibility at the IRS.

Not exactly the profile of a meth dealer.

Law enforcement seized a FedEx package bound for Oceanside, Long, Island containing 460 grams of meth.  When they nailed the recipient, she implicated Vitayanon as the source. She then cooperated in a taped internet video chat with Vitayanon.

Agents recounted how they saw  Vitayanon smoking what appeared to be meth.  They also have what they say is a text from Vitayanon saying that he was packaging the meth and requesting a $1,650 deposit for a bank account connected to him.  They ultimately searched his apartment and found methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, packaging materials and drug ledgers.

43 thoughts on “IRS Attorney and Georgetown Adjunct Professor Arrested For Meth Dealing”

  1. Which Supreme Court Judge long ago stated that the times do not pass thE Judge’s by, nor for that matter do they pass the lawyers by.

    As a recovered attorney substance abuser (Peruvian sneezing powder) with over 20 years clean time now from any kind of recreational stimulant use, as as the Chairman Emeritus of the Drug Advisory Commission, which was originally Mayor Barry’s Drug Abuse Committee that with approval of both the Committee itself, and my subcommittee (Budget & Policy) morphed into The Drug Advisory Commission under approval of all 8 of Clinton’s White House Councils as well as the identiCal councils if all sebsequent Presidents up to Obama.

    I’ll beT you 10 to 1 that out preeminent lawyer has undiagnosed ADHD or narcolepsy, big time and he merely found a way to ‘self medicate.’

    Bruce 202-253-7300

  2. I’ll display this story if I am ever audited, or dragged into tax court by the US Debt Collection Service. Seems like a plausible defense to question the integrity of that federal agency and its agents …

    1. Good luck on that one…..a federal agency with 300,000 employees is likely to have a few who stray off the path…..

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