7 thoughts on “Tinian Redux”

  1. Great pictures and I do hope you have another speaking engagement coming up to break up the reality.

  2. Wow! Looks like a grand time. I’ve never seen a fresh caught Mahi Mahi and didn’t know they were so beautiful. What a lush, beautiful island, great food, and great friends.

  3. Thanks for uploading the pictures! As a fisherman, I was wondering about the Mahi Mahi and the boat. As a fellow human who enjoys good food, I was wondering about the food you mentioned. LOL. It looks like you ate well.

  4. now that you have internet, now please answer the several posters, including me, that questioned you lurking around the B-29 and whether the crews’ remains were within that wreckage; and diving on the tanks that may also have soldiers’ remains within.

    Did you ask before exploring possible graves?

  5. Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing!

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    Franchise Renewal Manager
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