Poll: Eighty Percent Of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities

us-immigration-and-customs-enforcement-seal-plaque-lThere is an interesting poll out this week by Harvard-Harris for The Hill newspaper that shows an incredible eighty percent of Americans oppose so-called sanctuary cities and that cities should be required to turn over illegal immigrants to federal authorities. It is a striking contrast with Democrats who have gone “all in” on opposing immigration policies of the Trump Administration, including support for sanctuary cities. There are opposing polls showing support for cities and there are always legitimate questions raised by some polls that rely entirely on Internet polling. This may be such a case.

We have previously discussed the status of sanctuary cities.  I have maintained that these cities are in a poor legal position to oppose the federal programs and that they would face the loss of badly needed federal funding.  It appears that they may also fall short on public support, though it is important to remember Tip O’Neill’s advice that “all politics is local.”

The Harvard–Harris Poll survey also found strong support for the types of reforms pushed by the Administration. Some 77 percent said they support comprehensive immigration reform against only 23 percent who oppose.  Indeed, some 53 percent of voters said they support Trump’s immigration executive order.    Those figures will likely encourage the Administration to stay the course despite the strong criticism coming from Democrats and the media.



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  1. this subject does not seem to excite many people but if I added the word WALL or the Word TRUMP what would be the percentage increase in posts? All the looneys would be out in profuse confusion.

  2. I keep going back and adding some extra background to some of these older posts. This came from the new DNC Chairman an American Hispanic or Latino by ancestry and may be he can get the white ID influence of racist extremists stain off that party with it’s history of slavery and anti civil rights and reliance on foreign poltical systems.

    BUT I thought of some brighter history in passing.

    One of the best things immigrants bring us – providing they are not illegal and criminals is culture…food, music, especially music and here’s something that will jog memories if you ae old enough

    Jefferson High School South L.A. a local band The Pharoes it’s leader and song writer music composer a young student and future minister and real neighborhood activist named Berry. First intiial C. Not Chuck .

    He sold a song in a group of others to a studio label to have enough to buy a wedding and ring for his fiance .

    One was picked up by a DJ in the Pacific NW who changted it’s early rythym and blues with a large dose of cha cha from the latin influence yet it was clearly early reggae Jamaican . In turn though it was recorded three times in two or three years. and heavily panned in the eastern markets — for a while.

    Tacoma Washington Rockin’ Robin and The Wailers upright piano , up right bass and one electric guitar.

    followed a year later in fast succession by Paul Revere and the Raiders and The Kingsmen. In the Pacific NW the song by all three groups was an instant Number One. Back then we had ten for 25 cents tunes on the juke boxes Not unusual all ten would be this little tune It was played one time on a Boston station who regularly did worst song of the week, month, year and forever. Only to be beseiged by calls and kids with money to spend wanting to buy it.l

    over 500 covers and played at a festival in Tacoma by a 1,000 guitar band re done in every other musical genere possible including high school marching band the song is without doubt the most popular rock’n’roll and pop music song ever recorded. It’s where the beat for Wild Thing originated and the first cha cha chords came back with a latino band Los Strait Jackets

    I speak of course of Louie Louie which along with Steve Sills Southern Cross is the favorite with all who sail with real sails.

    All the rest aside so what? The Pharoes were a bunch of black kids who liked the music of the brown kids, music loved to this day by the white kids.

    Screw racism. let the children alone and they’ll solve our problem for themselves.

    I have not a clue to do about snow flake professors.except the advice of Frank Zappa. If you want to get laid go to college. If you want an education go to the library.

    1. Wild thing in Spanish is Loco Que Patina en tu Coco! I think about that line watching the antics of politicians struggling to be adults. Maybe they ought to have Louie Louie Fest in Washington DC one day.

    1. Mexico has two categories into violent crime which do are not found in any quantity here but are in the USA. One is Islamics and the other is…..NOT Latinos.

  3. Unfortunately our “Day Without Immigrants” didn’t mean a “Day Without Immigrant Crime” did it?

    As we sit here in our Paramedic unit tonight listening to the police scanner, the CHP is out on 2 simultaneous high-speed pursuits – chasing “Hispanic males.”
    Innocent 911 victims all over our cities are begging for police to come save them from garbage behavior. Again, “Hispanic males” are running roughshod because that’s there idea of Saturday night entertainment.

    And excellent American heroes in uniform are killed because they have the nerve to take a stand between the citizenry and garbage.

    Paramedics all over L.A., Orange County, Victorville and the Inland Empire tonight are running non-stop to domestic violence, stabbings, gunshot victims and pedestrians being run-down by urban gorillas who respect no laws whatsoever.
    The overwhelming majority are Hispanic, and by God they demand their “rights” to be treated at law-abiding tax payer expense.

    If you happen to be a law-abiding citizen with a heart attack, difficulty breathing or a pregnant family member – good luck getting either an ambulance or an ER bed as quick as you need one: the ERs & rescue teams are busy taking care of idiots who roll their cars, and bleeding gang members who in a righteous society would be allowed to bleed to death.

    One of the reasons YOUR EMS care takes a back seat is a seriously ugly fact that you will NEVER hear the media question: Why has the state of California had 83 Emergency Rooms close over the last 25 years?

    You might want to go back and look at that stunning number again. The illegal immigrant bloating of our cities is absolutely gutting EMS systems. 83 ERs – doors closed. Do yourselves a favor: read up as to why this happened.

    “A Day Without Immigrants” is a farce – because nobody is banning the well-behaved who have a right to be here.

    “A Day Without Immigrant Crime” would be too refreshing for words. Trust me: Nobody in the world of EMS or law enforcement is holding their breath for that wonderful day, because every single day is a knifing, car crash and gunfire blood bath, where little kids get shot in their own living rooms by gangster-garbage in cars.

    And great cops are gunned down by gutter-scum who will not tolerate anybody in uniform. Take a real close look at the demographics of any California prison.

    Until the protesters and apologists spend a 24-hour ride-along shift with an EMS team or a police officer, they have absolutely no idea how much damage to this society, this disgusting influx of users & abusers are causing. At least, until their street-filth behavior kills one of their loved ones.

    As my Paramedic partner likes to say every time we pull up to a knifing, a shooting or our countless thousands of pedestrian hit & runs:

    “When did our ambulance make a left turn into the Twilight Zone?”

    May the Lord bless Officer Keith Boyer and his family.

          1. Poke a haunt us? You mean the screech owl that does the Hitleresque imitation?

    1. Chicanos, most especially chicanos here in defiance of law, are a mascot group of the Anointed and by definition in their ‘minds’ less troublesome than native-born wage-earners. That Mexico has a homicide rate that varies between 13 and 25 per 100,000 and the U.S. has one that varies between 4-6 per 100,000 nothwithstanding.

      1. Mexico is an enterprise run by criminals. One Mexican national told me he could have someone murdered there for $25.00, and 24% of all our federal prisoners are not citizens of the U.S.. Mexico is probably the front runner.
        I think one reason it has taken 30 years to get someone willing to control immigration is because Democrats want votes, and Republicans want cheap labor. What the American people want has never been a real consideration until now.

        1. HO Hum Death rate of US Citizens living in Mexico six to 12 months of the year is lower than any of the death rates in the USA except for old age which 100% in all cases. 99% of the crime is within 50% of the border or in places like Acapulco. One bank robbery in six years.

          Here we go weeks without hearing a siren … years without hearing a gunshot. Ij’m going to balk at saying where I don’t want my fellow gringos flooding and ruining the place.

  4. So many idiots, so little time.

    Jonathan Turley has created his own little “sanctuary” of a sort, here.

      1. Too many crazy angry American-idiots on full display…in the shallow end of the cesspool. Afraid of their own shadows.

        1. You shouldn’t talk about yourself that way. Try to be more positive.

        2. The “deplorable” 80%. You would would crap your pants if you had to walk through the inner city, where I worked. You’re a buffoon, blowhard, hypocrite and dumber than a bag o’ hammers. So, you represent liberals perfectly.

          1. That was to the troll who has used many aliases here over the years, now he’s anonperson.

            1. Known in other forums as FFA etc et etc. to FFS is it this tijme?

  5. hmmm… I think the brain dead aspects of the Dem party, as they elevate special and repeatedly identified as special groups, among them the undocumented and various party crashers… then add in the tactics of the so called pro immigration (illegal) groups – is going to be deadly.

    I know several people who wish things were otherwise or some vague ”better”, however when reading this, went beyond ballistic. I think WSJ carried this report about 10 days ago…

    Mexicans Vow to Fight Trump by Jamming U.S. Courts

    The Wall Street Journal

    MEXICO CITY—Influential Mexicans are pushing an aggressive and perhaps
    risky strategy to fight a likely increase in deportations of their
    undocumented compatriots in the U.S.: jam U.S. immigration courts in
    hopes of causing the already overburdened system to break down.

    The proposal calls for ad campaigns advising migrants in the U.S. to
    take their cases to court and fight deportation if detained. “The
    backlog in the immigration system is tremendous,” said former Foreign
    Minister Jorge Castañeda. The idea is to double or triple the
    backlog, “until [U.S. President Donald] Trump desists in this stupid
    idea,” he added.

    Mr. Castañeda is part of a group of Mexican officials, legislators,
    governors and public figures planning to meet with migrant groups
    Saturday in Phoenix to lay out plans to confront the Trump
    administration’s deportation policy….


    1. Give each case as much attention as Judge Wapner would, then deport away.

      1. No, he played catch-and-release at the border. Previous administrations did not count such incidents as ‘deportations’.

      2. Sanctuary cities seem to claim magnanimous principles elevated towards humanity. At what cost, to those who come to the United States legally? Are millions of illegal immigrants not unemployed & on food-stamps? Are others not persistence in resisting gainful employment? Still others who have absolutely NO interest in cultural assimilation. In short, our humanity should be measured by our willingness to welcome those entering America legally.

        1. No big changte. Sancturary cities are favored it seems by people trying to get “A”s from Professors who are not interested in teaching.

          The entire idea of giving sancturary to violent criminals and other law breakers who happen to be illegals but denying special status to citizens who are violent criminals is anti-constitutional under the equal protection under the law clause at best and at worst is phony. I have no respect for those who cherry pick the Constitution or play pretend this is a democracy and would rather keep the illegals (non law breakers) and eject the snowflakes.

    1. Coretta Scott King and Barbara Jordan have died and a succeeding generation of black ‘leaders’ care more about their deal-making with chicano politicians than they do about the welfare of their people. Not bloody surprising.

    2. It seems some progressive, coastal state have little interest in listening to constituents who oppose sanctuary cities. Thus, it seems politicians from those states have interest aside from the interest of their voters. Is that not considered tainted, crafty & duplicitous political behavior? Should these swaggering, revisionist & cunning politicians not be accountable to the will of the people? In short, is it not time to restore to the public the authority given it by our Constitution?

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