Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

photos-medleyphoto-13304432Terry Benard (no not that Bernard) Ball Jr., 29, has the distinction of being charged with battery with a pork chop.

In Athens, Georgia, Ball’s mother came home without cigarettes that he had requested.  When he learned about the omission in the middle of his meal, he threw a pork chop at her.  This is no evidence of harm, or even contact, from the pork chop.  However, police arrived and arrested Ball.

1378623_web1_ball-terry-bernardHe was charged with simple battery and charged with a probation violation. Ball has a long criminal record.  Six months earlier, he  was sentenced to 12 months on probation for a simple battery after slugging a man in the face.  There was no apparent reason and he was drunk at the time.  He also has more than a dozen State and Superior Court cases dating to 2008 from domestic violence to drug violations.

Putting aside his criminal record, an arrest for a thrown pork cop bone seems a tad excessive. However, there is also an allegation that he head butted his mother.  His father reportedly had to tackle him and hold him until the arrival of the police.  Thus, it may not be simply assault with a pork chop given the inclusion of the head butt.

18 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?”

  1. Well, Mr Benard comes across like an out of control, spoiled brat in the body of a grown man. Even his mug shot appears sullen and without remorse. This is the kind of expression one would find on a child in time out, except hopefully without the beard.

    If all he did was throw a pork chop, then he’s guilty of being rude and a boor, but shouldn’t be arrested. But if he is guilty of head butting his own mother, then he belongs in jail. An English professor once told us that a theme in writing is that one’s character is one’s fate. Whatever your character’s strengths or flaws, that is their fate. One prone to violent outbursts with anger management control and no empathy is fated to live a life of negative drama, in and out of jail.

    Yet another person blessed with health and youth and a whole life ahead of him, throwing his own chances away with both hands. Terminally ill kids, and those with disabilities, would give anything to take his place, and he puts himself in a cage? Frustrating.

  2. Head-butting mom seems to me to be worthy of a parole violation, but then again maybe the pork chop was burnt.

    Too bad. He could’ve been a contender.

  3. No lefties have blamed the tobacco oligarchs yet? Isn’t it obvious that if the greedy tobacco companies had not gotten this man hooked on their evil product for the purpose of taking his money from him, this fine fellow would not be hurling cuts of meat at his mama?

    This injustice needs to be righted.

    We need an honest lawyer who is willing to make the tobacco companies pay with their ill gotten dirty lucre for this tragedy. This outstanding young man would not have flung meat at his mother if the tobacco corporations had not gotten him hooked on their product.

  4. His parents must be so disappointed and heartbroken, but glad to be alive.
    It’s best to take his short stay in jail and move out of state quickly.
    Because it sounds like this state has no idea of the meaning habitual offender.

  5. Not guilty by reason of pork. Pig Lives Matter. Pigs are getting into the fray between Lacy Clay and Congress.

  6. I hope they took the pork chop for evidence. Evidently, you cannot take him anywhere nice to eat.

  7. Hugh Beaumont- even I had to laugh at that. His hair does have a very Helios esque look in the first pic. However he also looks like he could pass for 50 (in a different way from the 31yo Stephen Miller) & like his bed might be worth $9M

  8. What does BLM mean again, oh I forgot there for a minute Bureau of Land Management.

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