Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

Shane Schindler, 30, is according to police a danger to man and mannequin alike.

Police in Las Vegas have been investigating the murder of Daniel Aldape, a 46-year-old homeless man, who was found in an empty lot at an intersection near the downtown. He had died of head trauma. The wounds suggested that he was killed while sleeping and struck with a hammer.

A month later, another homeless man, 60-year-old David Dunn, was found and again appeared to have been killed by a hammer while sleeping.

Police decided set a trap. Using a mannequin covered in blankets, they put the bait on a sidewalk not far from where Aldape was found. It only took a few hours before a man approached the mannequin with a hammer and bashed his faux skull in. The whole scene was captured on video tape.

Schindler, 30, was arrested and charged initially with one count of carrying a concealed weapon. Police have said that his attack on the mannequin showed “the intent to kill.” They say that Schindler admitted to kicking the body but said that he then knew that it was a mannequin before striking it. So the issue will come down to whether he attacked a mannequin or a man with intent.

17 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?”

  1. His defense attorney’s summation will be, “When a hammer is the tool, everything becomes a nail.”

  2. I am waiting for the youtube video of Schindler singing, “If I Had A Hammer. . .” which I imagine would go like:

    If I Had A Hammer
    A Parody Song by Squeeky Fromm

    If I had a hammer,
    I’d hammer in the evening!
    I’d hammer in the alleys
    All over this town!

    I’d hammer out hoboes!
    I’d hammer out a rummy!
    I’d hammer out tweaking trash,
    And dragon chasing gash,
    All over this town!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. In serious, It’s hard to believe that people commit such atrocities and more importantly they have nothing better to do with the time. What if he was being paid by some real estate investor to do this. It would make the properties go down in value.

  3. When you chant “Lock her Up” we know you mean Hillary.

    When it is chanted “Lock Him Up” there are many to choose from. So far, there is Flynn, Sessions and Trump.

  4. This dude clearly appears to be a sociopath and he needs to be taken off the street. But criminalizing carrying hammers can’t be the rule. Applying that rule to everyone would turn farmers, carpenters, plumbers, and others into felons.

  5. I am with Darren on this on. However, murder of a mannequin is not a felony.

  6. The state certainly will need to tie the actions alleged against this man with regard to the mannequin to the other two victims. While the actions against the mannequin matches that of the deceased, it is not sufficient evidence to prove he caused the deaths, though if one death is positively linked to this man, it makes a good circumstantial case for the other.

    For those who might be wondering why this man was only charged with the weapons offense it is common practice to make an arrest charge in order to place a suspect into custody and a prosecutor can later amend or add charges after a concurrent investigation reveals probable cause for more serious crimes.

    The mannequin is an interesting and novel snare.

    1. Unless they can find DNA evidence from one of the previous murder victims on the hammer, which is
      It doesn’t look like this dude would take the hammer home and scrub off the DNA evidence?

  7. Honestly other than those USWAG attempts at sleuthing the (UnScientific Wild Ass Guess) for all I know the mannequins did it!

  8. Wasn’t charged but remanded for psychiatrist observation and got a ‘by reason of insanity’ defense unless he was already Judge will allow the psychiatrist to let him go free claimng they have effected a cure. Judge will bar the individual from using,carrying or having access to hammers at which point the individual will file a suit against violation of his second amendment rights.etc. etc.etc. The reason for no arrest? Entrapment.

    1. But wait there’s more. This being Oregon in 9th Circuit territory the Judge releases him from all restrictions and he indicates marriage is imminent. However she fades to stage left unrequited upon finding it is the hammer and files for same sex privileges. ACLU takes the case. only to find he’s responsible for a string of dead mannequins. whom he swears are the Judge in disguise now stalking him.

      The story is turned into a book and then a movie. Meryl Streep plays the pasrt of the …….

      ahhhhh but hat would be telling!

  9. That’s chilling. Sounds like he may be a psychopathic serial killer, and picked easy targets.

    I’m so sorry for the 2 men who died before this maniac was caught.

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