Pants on Fire: Lawyer Defending Accused Arsonist Suddenly Has Pants Catch Fire

Claudy CharlesStephen Gutierrez was in the middle of defending Claudy Charles (left), 48, when an odd thing happened: his pants spontaneously caught on fire.  It did not help that his client is accused of intentionally setting his car on fire in South Miami-Dade. Gutierrez was arguing that the car spontaneously combusted when his pants did so.

Gutierrez was fiddling in his pocket during his closing argument when smoke began billowing out his right pocket.  He ran out of the courtroom and return later with a singed pocket.  He insisted that this was not a staged scene but rather a faulty battery in an e-cigarette.  However, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Michael Hanzman is considering whether to hold Gutierrez in contempt of court.  It will come down to whether he thought this was a stunt or an incredible freak accident.

In the end, Charles was found guilty of second-degree arson anyway.


9 thoughts on “Pants on Fire: Lawyer Defending Accused Arsonist Suddenly Has Pants Catch Fire”

  1. Doesn’t he know that his pants on fire is a sure way to spot a liar liar?

  2. The defendant shirley has grounds for an appeal based on incompetence of counsel.

  3. Oh brother. You can’t make it up.
    Judge being a little rough. Contempt?
    Just because he has the power to threaten.

  4. He is a DS. Dumb Smoker. I know the first word is unneeded with the second.

    Went in dumb, come out dumb too,
    hustlin round the corridor in his alligator shoes.
    Drunk on the weekends at the barbeques.
    We’re keeping the inmates down.
    We’re Rednecks, Rednecks!
    We don’t know our arse from a hole in the ground.

  5. I have heard of e-cigs spontaneously bursting into flames, but the timing here seems highly suspicious. Especially since the attorney had his hand in his pocket. I suspect he also heard the recent warnings about e-cigs and decided to engage in theatrics in an attempt to win his case.

    1. I agree. Not sure if they can prove it, but it is indeed highly suspicious.

  6. If you can’t stand the heat, run out of the courtroom and extinguish the fire in your pants.

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