IO In All Of Its Glory

okqsXRUWWMkt3xqWRENhu9fT-5sJgOHA1G6nOttJDdEI had to share this picture of Jupiter’s moon Io in what is its true color.

While it may look like moldy cheese, it must be radiant in space.

As the Trump Administration takes an axe to the federal budget, it will take a concerted effort to protect environmental and scientific budgets.  These incredible pictures remind us that there are endless possibilities in space.

15 thoughts on “IO In All Of Its Glory”

  1. NASA’s budget has been under attack for years. We use the Russians to get into space now. It’s sad, because there is so much wonder out there to explore.

    What an intriguing photo of IO. It’s eery, strange, and weirdly beautiful. It’s supposed to be the most volcanic body in space. Perhaps the yellowish color is due to all the sulfur and sulfuric acid that would be expelled? I cannot imagine how corrosive the surface would have to be. Beautiful but deadly.

  2. Whoa!!! Never seen these colors in nature. Looks almost technicolor or fake. Does not look organic. Pretty

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  3. Are all those surface scars from meteors and asteroids? If so, was there a time when it was all smooth and unblemished? If so, will it get progressively worse? Why isn’t it already ten times worse?

  4. Reminds me of being out on the ocean on a black no moonlit night and a good pair of binos. Auto tiller steering and nothing to do but look up in every direction. And then when you have had eough moon rises and it’s one of those huge harvest moon size ones. That picture is very sharp what kind of camera and lens?

  5. “While it may look like moldy cheese, it must be radiant in space.”

    Exactly my initial reaction – moldy cheese ball!!!

    Thanks for the explanation of what it really is. Now I am very impressed.

  6. Some folks around the nation talk about moving. Usually they talk about the Virgin Islands, or South America or Europe. But some folks would like to flee Trump and go to Venus or Mars.
    Me. I am going to sit it out. If Spicer would straighten his flag lapel pin and Giuliani would keep his mouth shut then we can be ok.
    Good photo. I would like a photo of Cloud 9 where all the emails land and bounce back to Earth.

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