City Pays $62,000.00 For A New Logo Then Tosses It Out The Window

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Rejected city logo

Adding another example to the list of government debacles, the City of Federal Way, Washington spent over a year and sixty-two thousand dollars for a new logo design that the city council promptly sent to the bit bucket.

The mayor in an interview says he still believes the money was well spent.

In an interview with KING 5 News, the mayor said the city interviewed hundreds of individuals and reviewed hundreds more sketches, but in the end decided to return to the original city logo. For what it’s worth the new slogan “Centered on opportunity” was approved.

Turns out many citizens preferred to retain the original logo and the feedback conveying this belief influenced the city council to reject the new logo, and all the others proposed.

“The city got a tremendous amount of feedback. And that ultimately was that was centered on opportunity, the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges of our city.” And that folks, is something apparently well worth $62,000.00 and over a year’s worth of attention by government officials.

I have been very critical of mission statements, especially in the realm of government agencies. These overly-mulled phrases accomplish nothing in terms of performance or services offered by the municipality and instead waste time. It instead comes across as some pie-in-the-sky dreamed up by bureaucrats with too much time on their hands.

Somehow, I just don’t see a large employer relocating to Federal Way because it selected the best slogan available. But I do see a local government in need of reassessing its direction and expenditures.

By Darren Smith

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  1. Something like this has happened in various places around the country. Many times, some special interest will talk the local officials into the need for a new logo or slogan or whatever. A few tens of thousands are spent with some outside marketing organization, and — voila! — a bland product results. When announced, the public rejects it.

    The SMART way to do something like this, is to hold a contest, with entries submitted by the public and judged by the public.

  2. The Thing itself speaks…

    Here the thing is preventing my comments from posting on certain blog posts.

    That thing does not demonstrate a principled commitment to free speech, but rather it stifles free speech. Very basic. This site invariably proves its vacuous nature.

  3. And if your answer has anything to do with profanity, I find it interesting that racial and ethnic slurs are allowed, and profanity from certain posters are okay, but not my account…..

    Find the definition of “Principle”

  4. Darren:

    Why won’t it let me comment on that pro-Gorsuch propaganda piece?

  5. I thought the whole mission statement idea was a total waste of time and moneyback when I first entered the workforce and everyone was adopting it. I feel the same about logos. and that’s whether they use them or not. All form no substance.

    1. All form no substance… That should be at the top of this blog instead of Res ipsa.

      Good Stuff Kathy!

    2. Yes, I remember those days when every organization had to adopt its own “mission statement”, and preferably a “vision statement” as well!!

  6. I am a bit old but I can relate something from my home state of West Virginia. We seceded from Virginia at the time of the Civil War so that we would not secede from the United States along with the rest of Virginia. Our motto was The Federal Way. I fought in the Civil War for the North (not for for the Yankees) but no one got away with calling us West Virginians Damn Yankees or we would shoot them. Damn Yankees is a redundancy. Kind of like dumb smoker.
    Now, how the term Federal Way got all the way out to Washington State is a no brainer. Some person from Morgantown, W.Va. moved to Washington State and re coined the phrase.

    1. You fought in the Civil War? I thought that the last surviving vet of that war was a drummer boy who died at least 75 years ago! lol

    2. Dividing up an existing State (as is the story of WV) was in direct violation of the Constitution.

    3. Jack R your not old your ancient! You fought in F’n Civil War? Guy have someone take your pulse you must be like one those zombies on TV, your pecker probably fell off years ago!

  7. This is just one of countless examples of wasting taxpayer money. We need a tax revolt.

  8. The only legitimate function of government is to protect our rights.
    How is the design of a logo related to protecting our rights?

    This needs to stop, even if it means hanging some of the psychopaths…..

  9. I suspect few localities have much use for a new logo. The ones who do can just dispose of the ugly one they adopted ca. 1973 and restore the one in use prior to that.

  10. So, how many tens of millions did we spend to watch the imbecile DDT and the Republican idiots in Washington try to field a newer, betterer, yuger, more terrificer, health plan; only to keep the old one?

    How much do we have to spend to understand that dupes elected someone infinitely worse than the mess he claimed he was ‘the only one’ was to clean up. Talk about stupid, wasteful, and just ignorant. Darren Federal Way deserves a medal for economy.

    1. issac – the Congressmen and their staffs are paid a salary. It is the same money regardless of what they do. Same with the President and his staff. You see, those of us who are native born were required to take a civics class in high school, besides having all this drilled into us in grade school. I really suggest going to a used book store and getting a high school civics book and reading it, cover to cover. Find the latest edition possible.

      1. I call those tomes “indoctrination material”. In the !2 years of a government indoctrination camp,
        you are unlikely to learn anything of value about government from materials used in their
        indoctrination centers. You WILL likely end up a mind molded, government loving, jumping when it says
        jump, unthinking, socialist, just as planned though.

  11. I’m waiting for what may be the rest of the story – something like the mayor’s wife was hired on a flat fee of $62,000.00 to manage the project. If there is such a story behind this controversy, then perhaps the logo should be changed from “Centered on opportunity” to “City of opportunists.”

    1. Steve Groen – not every project is a good one and not every law suit is a winner. 😉

    2. I’ll wager the funds were for a p/t secretary and a five-member commission who received about $10,000 each in per-diem payments.

      1. Similar to that suburban municipality in Southern CA, where all the city officials awarded themselves six-figure salaries (and almost got away with it!)

  12. They could have asked the community to submit designs then asked the community pick between the old logo and any new one. The cost=$0.00.

    1. As I noted above, the motif of the AK flag (first territorial, then state) was chosen from designs submitted by students from around the territory. No cost, except for the prize that they gave the boy who submitted the design. (who was in an orphanage, if the legend about him is true).

  13. Iti’s a heavily left wing regressive liberal enclave in the left wing secular regressive enclave of the Seattle Tacoma area in a heavily left sing socialist state. I would imagine it was rejected as looking to much like the United States of America and it’s Constitutional Republic reality to the non existent ‘democracy’ these ‘don’t you wish you were rich enough to be a liberal socialists’ dwellers in the other world of mysticism and fairy tails inhabit. $62,000 why that isn’t even chump change. City Hall probably spends that much on lunch.

    1. That’s a shame. WA is an absolutely beautiful state, so green. I recall picking berries on my last trip, and seeing so much variety in the state, from temperate rainforest to the much drier part where the Gorge is located. Really a wonderful place to visit. But the politics would be off putting.

    2. What a bunch of crap. The mayor and most of the council are conservative, as are a number of residents (see how the vote for marijuana shops in FW failed). The logo was rejected by residents because it’s UGLY, can’t you see that? The current logo is much better.

  14. They could have outsourced this to Highline Community College. They have a very good Graphics Arts program. Imagine that… find a logo by an artist within the community. They could have made it a competition and offered up a year scholarship and $$$ for the Art Department and could have skated in MUCH cheaper than that and it would have sent a MUCH stronger message.

    1. Excellent idea! Of course that would involve using their brain cells to come up with the idea.

    2. The mayor contends they got a three-digit set of submissions. Some like did arrive from community college students.

    3. What a great idea, Papa Hawk. The community would have gotten something out of it, and it would have supported local young artists.

    4. The design for the AK territorial (and subsequently state) flag was chosen through a competition of students from schools around the territory.

      Definitely much simpler and nicer than the proposed logo for Federal Way!

  15. This is not an unusual occurrence. Arizona State University decided to change Sparky (the mascot) to a more modern visage. The students were all for it. Then the alum went nuts. So, Sparky remained the same until the great uniform coup occurred. Along with all the new uniforms and new helmets, we got a new Sparky, which I do not like.

      1. Michael Aarethun – I am in a suburb of Phoenix on the east side of the Valley of the Sun (Maricopa Co., fastest growing county in the country).

          1. xenonman – there are a lot of students from the Valley of the Sun who go to the UA. ASU is in Tempe. It started out as Tempe Normal, a teacher’s college.

  16. As a citizen of Federal Way, I’m very glad they went back to the original logo. I like it much better. I would have preferred they not spend the money, but I wouldn’t have wanted the fact that they had spent it make them think they had to keep what, in my eyes, was an inferior design.

    1. I am so very sorry for you Sally J. The plight of the life in the liberal left is soooooooo haaaaaard!

    2. Why did they want to change the original logo? Did it depict Native Americans or a cross?

      Also, how did your place get its unusual name?

        1. Thanks!
          Yes, being a member of a non-digital generation, I always forget to check Wiki for answers to arcane questions! lol

        2. No doubt similar to the manner in which the place called “Government Camp” (outside of Portland OR) received its rather unimaginative name.

    3. “Federal Way. The Only Way. Open til Midnight Every Day. Come see us.”
      And if you want a better deal, go see Cal. Cal Worthington and his famous dog Spot.

      1. bill mcwilliams – is Cal still operating? He came to Arizona for awhile, but there was too much competition.

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