Indiana State University Professor Arrested For False Reports Of Anti-Islamic Threats and Assault


imgresAzhar Hussain, an assistant professor at Indiana State University, has been arrested for allegedly making false reports of anti-Islamic threats and an attack. Hussain, 56, teaches aviation technology.

Hussain reported a series of emails with anti-Muslim messages and threats of potential violence against members of the Muslim community.  He was mentioned as one of the targets.  He then reported an assault two weeks later in the College of Technology after he said he was attacked from behind when he arrived at his office in the morning.

Hussain said that he could not identify the man who threw him to the floor.  The resulting investigation involved ISU police, the FBI, and Indiana State Police.

The problem was that there were four people in the area who did not see a thing.

Hussain now faces a felony charge of obstruction of justice and a misdemeanor charge of harassment. His appointment at ISU will, not be renewed.

According to one of his professional profile sites, Hussain seems to virtually collect advanced degrees.  He received a BSC in Aviation Management from Florida Institute of Technology in 1987.  He then, 1992, received a MBA in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  He then received a Ph.D in Philosophy (Instructional Tech and Distance Learning) from Nova Southwestern University in 2012.  He then went to Indiana State University in 2013 to get a second Ph.D in Philosophy (Curriculum Instruction & Media Technology).

Before his current position as an assistant professor of Aviation Management (a position that he held for the last four years), he served as the airfield manager for the City of Kissimmee for 9 months.  Before that, he was an airport operations coordinator at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport for five years.  Before that position, he spent less than a year teaching at Everglades University in 2011.  Before 2011, he held airport positions at Orlando and Broward.

Obviously if convicted, he would find it difficult to secure any academic position or airport position in the future. With all of these degrees and experience on aviation, it would be devastating development to be effectively barred from the industry. However, as positions that are carefully screened for security concerns, it is doubtful that even a regional airport would seriously consider him if he is found guilty.  As for jail time, one of these charges is a felony and courts then to impose some jail time for hoaxes.  After all, this type of alleged hoax makes all Muslims feel at risk.  Yet, if he is a first offender, the defense would have a strong argument that (since there was no victim) he should be given time served.

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  1. Religion and immigrant religion.
    In the late 70s , people would work in Saudi Arabia for good money. Islam? No body cared. Now for a hundred reasons its different. Its not kinder-gentler times. If I was a high salaried person from another country., I would be smart enough to keep my families religion on the low-down while not developing a victim mentality and entitledment mentality.
    Kissimmee is an easy-street community. This man had 9 months of job there. That is what religion can do: derail you. Many have ‘magical thinking’ that only distorts ones reality.

  2. “No victim” the article argues. The FBI does not like to chase shadows and belive-you-me they will consider themselves victimized. The govt has lots of budget money to nail people with lawyers. Seems like his charges are state charges and not federal charges since he is booked in Vigo County jail. Another thing, the federal government often likes to do is charge you with a federal crime immediately after (unwisely) take a plea (guilty) deal. It is a slam-dunk for them, all they do is fax the jail with the new charges. The for federal government wins 95% of its cases and they use all the tricks.

  3. It had seemed in the last decade that this was a problem with people under 30. Young Jews desecrating Jewish Cemeteries and synagogues, young blacks putting racist signs on their property and calling it white KKK, or white mom killing her children and blaming a black man.
    But to see it going into the older crowd and academia no less, 15 minutes of fame turns into 15 minutes of shame when the TRUTH comes out.

  4. Oh, no. Not another one. I suppose the silver lining in this trend of fraudulent victim claims is that real violence must be quite low if so many have to fake being victims.

    It makes you wonder what was going through his head for such a brilliant man to do such a hateful act. Was he really so angry at the West that he had to strike out? The West, where he garnered such riches in education and career?

    “Obviously if convicted, he would find it difficult to secure any academic position or airport position in the future.” Well, perhaps not an airport, but why would the Professor believe this was any obstacle to academia? We are all aware that they hire domestic terrorists, cop killers, and those who despise America without reservation. All Dr Hussain needs to do is claim that this stunt was an effort to increase public awareness on anti-Muslim rhetoric, and he’d be petted and feted by academia.

  5. This means nothing and Turley is slipping in a mindless weekend post. Anyone who makes this to be anything other than someone trying to get attention can join the mutt. Review the useless degrees the dud accumulated. He simply wants attention. But hey, maybe if Obama had stayed in Kenya, none of this would have happened. At the end of the day, we still have a hypocritical, lying sack of sh*# in the White House.

    1. Loud mouth master hoaxer Al Sharpton states “there is Jew plot” among other plots & gets knocked down by Roy Innis.

      1. Thanks for that clip, AJ. I recognize the host of that TV show: Morton Downey, Jr. (No relation to Robert Downey/Jr., as far as I know.) Downey was the pioneer of confrontational television. When Downey told the audience to “zip it,” as he does here, that was a classic Downey line to get people to quiet down and listen. It usually worked, but this was a truly obnoxious audience.

        You have to give Roy Innis credit here. He patiently listened to Sharpton’s viscious attacks and lies and even smiled at at some of them, as he waited for his turn to speak, as he knew that Downey would give him that opportunity to do so. But Sharpton, being the vile, disgusting lying bully that he is, wouldn’t permit Innis to speak and much of the audience was clearly against Innis having his opportunity to speak as well. Innis’s response was truly satisfying. Sometimes the only way to defeat a bully is put the bully in his proper place: on the ground!

    2. “But hey, maybe if Obama had stayed in Kenya, none of this would have happened.”

      It would have been difficult for him to stay in Kenya because Obama’s mama brought him back to the US just a few days after he was born. As an infant, he had no control over the matter.

      “At the end of the day, we still have a hypocritical, lying sack of sh*# in the White House.”

      Isaac– Haven’t you ever heard the wise old saying– “It Takes One To Know One”? As I read many of these posts, the odor makes me believe that the “lying sack of sh*#” you so contemptuously refer to can be found many times over on this website!

      1. It would have been difficult for him to stay in Kenya because Obama’s mama brought him back to the US just a few days after he was born. As an infant, he had no control over the matter.

        He was born in Honolulu.

    3. Let’s give him some time before using derogatory language. He does unusual things. Went to Capital yesterday. The House feels a breeze, everything going so fast. So get the absolutes needed to get done ASAP, then have your hearings/investigations. I would like a look at all the departments (and what they do) working toward eliminating them. Or consolidating into one department tasked. A comparison of Fed Gov pay versus private sector pay would be startling!

  6. Hmmm. Let’s see. What do you get when you combine Aviation technology, Airport management, and Muslim Islamist activist??? I mean, whatever could possibly go wrong there with that combination??? I don’t know for sure, but I am thinking about calling 911, if you know what I mean. Plus, I am inspired to write an Irish Poem!

    Plane On The Nose As Your Face???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was an Islamist clown-
    Who had him a mental meltdown!
    As an expert in planes,
    It don’t take too much brains,
    To know what goes up, must come down!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. A superb Irish poem, Squeeky, but may I suggest some minor edits to tighten the beats and rhythm, so it rolls off the tongue easier.

      Plane On The Nose As Your Face???
      An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

      There once was an Islamic clown-
      Who had a mental meltdown!
      As an expert in planes,
      Don’t take much in brains,
      To know what goes up must come down!

  7. Where there are advantages or money provided by the govt. there will ALWAYS be abuse and fraud. I have worked some Family Medical Leave Act fraud cases the last few years. Remember that caring, wonderful law signed by Bubba. Well it has expanded and become a pig trough for greedy, lying employees. Knock me over w/ a feather.

      1. desperate, It has expanded WAY beyond pregnancy, ill family member, etc. to just another work comp fraud opportunity where personal illness, be it physical, psychological, etc. are included. My partner was asked to give a presentation @ a regional convention of human resource people next month. They are overwhelmed. They are not insurance adjusters, they are human resource people and most are ill equipped to handle fraud. It’s out of their comfort zone.

    1. Well at least its still UNPAID for now. Abuse will skyrocket if they get their paid wish.

      1. Ter ber, In some companies it is paid. One company that has hired myself and my partner have a strong union and FMLA is paid under their collective bargaining agreement.

  8. Perhaps it’s always been so, but lies, fake news and hoaxes seem to be the communication weapon of choice today. The potential damage that can be done to an individual and to a nation can be severe without the corresponding risk of penalty for getting caught. In other words, it has a very good upside for the user of this weapon. The method is very simple, a lot like starting a brush fire: 1. light it. 2. See how far it spreads. 3. Fan the flames. 4. If it doesn’t turn on you then light somewhere else. 4. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. The damage to the lives of individuals and to the psyche of our nation is done and the perp is rarely held to account. When used by our government, careers seem to never be impacted.

    1. In HS and Coll. Worked on newspaper. Some good editors. “Prove it or trash it.” TV and 24-hour news want info out ASAP. Sometimes they correct a flawed story later. If I see the word “allegedly” I stop reading. “In jail awaiting trial” or “out on bail awaiting trial” I keep reading.

  9. Hoaxes will always be there but its great that there are laws against it that might help create example of such people. He had such excellent credentials and all he messed it up with this huge lie. I hope people realize that laws are for our protection and not to be misused and misleading others.

  10. Just a stroll through the ISU website and you find this pablum:



    Dr.² Azhar Hussain found the right place to insinuate himself after many tries. Ol’ ISU “inclusivized” themselves right into a felon (allegedly, of course).

    1. “diversity and inclusion” are codes for political patronage, and do not belong in any statement of aims for an academic institution.

      State legislatures have been otiose in addressing the hijacking of these public institutions. And trustees are a scandal just about everywhere.

      1. Of course, they are. That’s why they are so prevalent. “Equity” is dicey, too. Other than in a courthouse, where does one truly find “equity’?

        1. The meaning of it is pretty opaque to non-lawyers. The esoterica of law v equity was lampooned by Dickens.

        2. “Other than in a courthouse, where does one truly find “equity’?”

          Equity in a courthouse? What a joke!

      2. I beg to differ about ISU’s core values. They are great, but they really need to get rid of “scholarship” and “excellence”–as they are soooo passé.

  11. More of the misinformation campaign from the Islamist Fifth Column. Believe anything they say at your peril. Convict, imprison and deport.

  12. Such false claims are considered to be a great waste of resources, including, time, money, and personnel that could be devoted to real attacks.

    What Are the Legal Consequences of the Crime of False Report of Terrorism?
    In many states the crime of false report of terrorism include prison time in a federal facility, with sentences ranging anywhere from 7-20 years. The consequences may also include heavy fines as well. Some states consider the crime to be a violent felony, even if the defendant did not specifically commit any violent acts.

    The elements for proving false report of terrorism include:

    • Making a false report of a terrorist act or a terrorist threat
    • Knowledge that the report is untrue
    • Communicating such false report to another person

    Note that the definition also includes making reports about fake threats, and not just terrorist actions. It could also include falsely accusing another person of being a terrorist while knowing the accusation is false.

  13. His degrees are not that solid. I am familiar with two of the schools and would be queasy to hire anyone with degrees from either.

  14. SF, It’s not just Muslims doing the flop. All protected groups, women, gays, etc. are getting into the hoax industry. It’s a major reason for Trump getting elected.

    1. I agree… and I have noticed as well. Just recently here, and in the news for days maybe a full week, a HS over in the East Bay, in what I refer to as the backside of the EB, huge blow-up over treatment of black students. Few specifics but it was allowed to be implied it was whites being racist. “Racist” was used. Around day 4……… a little clarity. It was black and brown. And gang issues that overflowed.

      Everything is working so well.

    2. I doubt it’s a ‘major reason’, but it is an indicator of the downstream consequences of anti-discrimination law. Freedom of contract and freedom of association should be the order of the day, with few exceptions, and interpersonal disputes should be of interest to the courts only when statutes prescribing vandalism, arson, assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct are contravened.

    3. It’s too bad he wasn’t into real estate. Had Mr. Hussain not become a prisoner, Trump University (which only wants to talk to people who didn’t become prisoners) would have accepted him for his skill in deception.

      1. I thought Trump U was closed. Oh, wait, I see what you’re doing – you just needed to trash President Trump so you made some sort of lame college connection.

        You are so pathetic.

  15. I have no problem accepting there is and can be abusive and rude language and whatever else directed at Muslims and those perceived to be, but too often when a specific charge is made, makes it to the news, etc., it never quite rings true. And too many do turn out to be hoaxes.

  16. He could always teach flight lessons to his brothers who want to learn how to fly..not takeoff or land, just fly.

        1. tnash, I had to limit for time purposes, I was busy today. Just got home from Padres game.

    1. I hadn’t considered Ike, but I never speak ill of a fellow Republican.

  17. The Indianapolis newspaper says that Hussein had recently been notified that his teaching contract will not be renewed for the upcoming academic year, so perhaps he was trying to create a situation where he could allege that he was being let go due to an anti-Muslim atmosphere at the university, rather than failure to fulfil the terms of his contract. He’s not very bright to send threats by email, leaving digital fingerprints that were traced right back to him.

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