Nordstrom Selling $425 Jeans That Look Like They Are Covered In Dirt

If you are one of those people who long to look dirty but not feel dirty, Nordstrom has the answer for you.  The chain is selling a pair of $425 jeans that are designed to look covered in dirt to show that “you’re not afraid to get down and dirty.”  They are called the “Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans” and they may be the single dumbest idea I have encountered this year.

The jeans are sold with the appearance of a caked-on muddy coating.” What is astonishing is that any self-respecting person would buy this type of costume.  For $425, you can look like a working man. It reminds me of what Dolly Parton said about her “big hair”: “It costs a lot to look this cheap.”

What do you think?

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  1. Back in the day, I had three pairs of jeans. The newest ones, I kept for first impressions. The oldest was for parts to patch my daily outfit. The pockets dropped down to cover the holes in the a**. The lower legs made shorts and patched the knees of my daily wear, and so on. A doobie, some smooth music on the stereo, beer and a sewing kit. Only an idiot would pay for jeans that are already dirty or ripped to shreds.

  2. I have spent years convincing my wife that jeans can last for a week without changing. Now this guy comes down the pike and ruins it all.

  3. Sew up the legs, cut a few holes, fill it with dirt, plant strawberries in the holey legs and corn in the waist band and hang it on the wall. Entitle it “At the Expense of Farm Workers’ Dignity”. It’s now a piece dedicated to the irony of the rich wearing the fascade of hard manual labor. They reach for meaning in their lives, but enrich no one except a retailer. The pants could at least be fair trade…There. Someone else might buy my abstract art for a cool million.

  4. They are not any dumber than the ripped jeans. People who wear those remind me of the idiot emperor with his NEW CLOTHES. They look like damn fools.

  5. I love these wonderfully creative jeans! The concept is awesome. You spend $425 on jeans that make you look like you’ve been working hard at gardening all day, but you simultaneously convey the image that you’re too rich and successful to actually do any manual labor. They are also perfect for phony “environmentalists” living off their inherited wealth. These are “distressed” jeans taken to a whole new level of sophistication.

  6. If a highly paid clothing buyer remains on the payroll after making a purchase like this for Nordstrom’s it will be easy to show my personal judgment to be better than their highly paid clothing buyer(s).

    Now Nordstrom’s, I can easily make the case that I should be hired to supervise your clothing buyers, at a substantial increase in salary over that of your buyers, so they will not make a similar mistake again.

    When do I start work?

    1. My thoughts, exactly. It’s not the very idea that jeans, such as these, exist–all sorts of zany and bizarre products exist in the marketplace–it’s that some some buyer, or buyers, from Nordstrom, inexplicably, decided to purchase these pants, wholesale, for around $200, to sell on Nordstrom’s racks, for $425. Since clothing and/or apparel is typically keystoned–where the wholesale price has been doubled–it is quite simple to approximate the purchasing price for these monstrosities. Yet, are the buyers, respinsible for this potential debacle, crazy, or, are they crazy like foxes? While we scratch our heads at what we perceive as the foolhardy decision to purchase and carry such a high-priced and odd item, Nordstrom’s is garnering a massive amount of press over this one product, whether it ever–ever–sells one of these things or not. It’s crucial to note that this story, about soil-encrusted jeans, sold at Nordstom’s, is everywhere–on television and in print. Lots and lots of invaluable and irreplaceable free press, especially in a climate where retail, in the form of brick and mortar guys, is failing, and, failing fast. Everyone’s talking about Nordstrom’s. Even JT. One must ask–who is the fool, anyway, and is there really such a thing as bad press? I suppose we could ask United about that one, but in this case, Nordstrom’s–whether it ever sells a pair of these crappy pants–is on everyone’s lips. And, yes, that’s a win in retail.

      Remember, this is the same company that made sure, to announce to the world, that it would no longer carry anything produced by Ivanka Trump’s lifestyle brand, despite successfully carrying it for years, blaming the decision on, allegedly, poor sales. Poor performance. Yes, Nordstrom’s. I predict that these $425 jeans, with caked horse manure, will fly off of your shelves. Good to know that Ivanka’s line needed to go in order to be replaced by “fresher” items which will truly sell.

      1. Somewhere in a Chinese factory they’re are workers saying,
        “What the Hell is wrong with these people”?

  7. Ass-inine

    I’ll bet politicians were the first to pre-order these jeans. So many of them stumble over each other to profess how they come from the humblest working class family of all. They can now have their personal assistants pick these up while they are having their high tea.

    I think I’ll pass on the Feedlot Worker jeans.

  8. Thorstein Veblen had some ideas on this, but it looks like he never dreamed of pre-soiled jeans. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of his Theory of the Leisure Class (1899):

    Dress as an Expression of the Pecuniary Culture

    So far, then, we have, as the great and dominant norm of dress, the broad principle of conspicuous waste. Subsidiary to this principle, and as a corollary under it, we get as a second norm the principle of conspicuous leisure. In dress construction this norm works out in the shape of diverse contrivances going to show that the wearer does not and, as far as it may conveniently be shown, cannot engage in productive labour. Beyond these two principles there is a third of scarcely less constraining force, which will occur to anyone who reflects at all on the subject. Dress must not only be conspicuously expensive and inconvenient, it must at the same time be up to date.

    No explanation at all satisfactory has hitherto been offered of the phenomenon of changing fashions. The imperative requirement of dressing in the latest accredited manner, as well as the fact this accredited fashion constantly changes from season to season, is sufficiently familiar to everyone, but the theory of this flux and change has not been worked out. We may of course say, with perfect consistency and truthfulness, that this principle of novelty is another corollary under the law of conspicuous waste.

    Obviously, if each garment is permitted to serve for but a brief term, and if none of the last season’s apparel is carried over and made further use of during the present season, the wasteful expenditure on dress is greatly increased. This is good as far as it goes, but it is negative only. Pretty much all that this consideration warrants us in saying is that the norm of conspicuous waste exercises a controlling surveillance in all matters of dress, so that any change in the fashions must confirm to the requirement of wastefulness; it leaves unanswered the question as to the motive for making and accepting a change in the prevailing styles, and it also fails to explain why conformity to a given style at a given time is so imperatively necessary as we know it to be.

    Here is a link to the entire book, for those with Insomnia:

    H.L.Mencken did a great review of Thorstein’s book, but I could not immediately find it.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

      1. Thorstein Veblen was one of the geniuses of economics

        He wasn’t. His academic background was in philosophy, and, he published monographs, more in keeping with non-quantitative disciplines. His books are commonly classed as economic literature, but the subject matter is more of a historical-sociological bent. I don’t think he did any theoretical modeling, or assemble data collections. He antedated the era of statistical analysis.

  9. Oh, come on! Spend the day with me trimming my horses, riding, throwing hay, and cleaning the corals and you’ll earn this look.

    One of my pet peeves is when people are too fussy to get dirty or go outside. “Don’t be afraid to get dirty” is similar to “carpe diem” and just grabbing life by the horns. This your one life. Do you want to cheat and only look like you’re tough and rugged, or do you want to be the real thing? I finished trimming my friend’s pony the other day and realized I’d knelt in a pee spot. Do you think any of these Millennials of Safe Space Land could cope?

    Honestly, this line of jeans is a marketing God send to Wranglers, Duluth, and all the real working jeans out there. (And, honestly, none of these Millennial’s rumps are going to look good in any jean, anyway, without being active.)

  10. Mr. Benson, when Mr. Trump announced his Presidential run I thought he was kidding. He knew something most of us hadn’t thought of. With the numbers out of work four more years, maybe eight, with another hopeful Socialist, would jeopardize the country we grew up in. The opportunities we had would not be there for our children. He saw the forgotten people, the hard workers getting their hands dirty, needed someone who understood the work they did. Those people came to rallies by the thousands. And they made lots of us look more deeply into the condition of the greatest country the world has ever known. As John F. Kennedy said,”Let’s get started”. And we are getting started to bring this country back to the people who own it with their vote. I’ve seen more of his Presidency than I did in eight years of Obama. I think we will get a wall (we’re losing our children to drugs and the violence they bring), tax reform (because it’s the right thing to do), immigration control (look at Germany and Sweden). He has just finished Executive Orders wiping out Obama’s illegal Executive Orders. He replaced Scalia with a like-minded scholar. Democrats want him impeached, what a joke! Why don’t they work with him, that’s what they are paid for. Believe me, in 2018, these ridiculous calls for impeachment (Maxine) might get a conclusion they weren’t planning on.

    1. I feel sorry for you. What he does is the opposite of what he says. Fortunately, he is incompetent.

    2. Sandi, one endearing trait before the election really stuck a chord with me.
      It was reported that in many of the dinner parties he was invited to in the last decades, he would sometimes go to the kitchen and talk to the staff.
      ‘The real people’ that keep this country functioning.

  11. So what is the “dirt” really composed of? Probably some creepy chemical concoction from China that will give you ass cancer in 10 years. If you want some dirty old jeans, buy some from Goodwill for $5 and then come over to my house and do some gardening. These are for rich college students who want to look they “they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty,” as the expression goes, but they’re lazy little twits, lounging around sipping a Starbucks latte while a Mexican is on his knees weeding the vegetable garden.

  12. Sorry DBB you are a leftist. Not allowed to think but thanks Collective for giving us the most stupid idea yet from the politbureau.

    But the rest of you think about senses. five of them they all work together. You see muddy jeans and can muddy Tshirts be far behind? First thing you know you are thinking I do not want to get near that POS and maybe the management will toss them out since the only empty table is next to mine. Wow what does that dirt bag smelll like. The next thing is every one near the empty table moves their tables further away.

    Do you wait to smell or ‘*’ forbid get too close and what kind of germs might..and so forth.

    You project who you are and how you want to be perceived. Wear baggies doesn’t mean surfing anymore means gangbanger, wear three hair colors and rings hanging from the snot or snout locker means ‘oh no one of those pinocchios looking for a cultural war.

    Sight normally begins it all so don’t blame us when the waitress starts banging on the managers office door and refusing to take your order. After all who would want to look like a low life dirt bag except…a low life dirt bag. .

  13. Looks like a typical city worker who has been sitting down with the other seven watching one guy dig a hole looking for a water leak.

  14. Oh, thank God. I get so tired of messing up my own clothing, it’s quite tedious being a slob. I’m hoping they’ll come out with a line of t-shirts with fake yellow armpit stains.

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