Pelosi Declines to Criticize China After The Dalai Lama Removed Her “Negativity”

The news yesterday included images of the Dalai Lama blessing Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at his temple in Dharmsala, India.  Pelosi gave a rather rambling statement but denied to criticize China because the Dalai Lama had removed her negativity.  My only thought however is why the public continues to pay for these congressional junkets where members go to exotic locations on the public dime.  The trip was attended by both Republican and Democratic members.

After her blessing, Pelosi said “What we see here today in support of the Tibetan people, we have said, what we say here, we have said to the top leadership in … the Chinese government.”  Pelosi however declined to discuss  the “brutal tactics of the Chinese government,” because “His Holiness prayed for me that I would rid myself of my negative attitude about dwelling on the negative too much.”

That will not however stop her and her colleagues from being jetted around on their “fact-finding” mission to Asia . . .  known to most citizens as a paid vacation.


34 thoughts on “Pelosi Declines to Criticize China After The Dalai Lama Removed Her “Negativity””

  1. Wow! And all within such a short period of time. The only way to break that record would be to elect Clinton. She would have been inaugurated with those credentials.

  2. Stupid comment by Pelosi. That said she far better then our corrupt nazi leader who for months said he would label China a currency manipulator…..but then sold out the USA for his own and Ivanka’s trademarks being approved in China. Is trump the most corrupt president ever? Certainly seems to be. We are positive he is the biggest lair ever in the oval office (a difficult accomplishment among the many previous liars). trump should be impeached and jailed as the traitor he is.

  3. Well, it’s finally official:

    Contrary to popular belief, Botox does, in fact, migrate when injected in the body and appears to affect normal brain function.

    Thanks, Nancy, for your valiant contribution to medical science. Hey, at least no lab rats were harmed during this experiment.

  4. Wonder if lama explained to pelosi what the WORD meant. After all it is her favorite…word. Remember that speech….about her devoted catholic feelings. Such trash.

  5. “My only thought however is why the public continues to pay for these congressional junkets where members go to exotic locations on the public dime.”

    This is known as a bargain. Our freedom is much more secure when Congress is out of the country than when it is “doing the public’s business”. And don’t worry about the former Speaker’s negativity, which will return in force when she is back in DC.

  6. Why should they ride off into the sunset when they’ve got such a great gig going on? Pelosi has been on the gravy train for 30 years. Same with McCain and so many others. Oh, but they are dedicated public servants working so hard on behalf of the American people. (choking on that one). This was a big message from Trump’s campaign — replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment and returning control of our government to the people. Will he succeed? Probably not…but he sure is taking on the corporate media that he calls a ‘special interest group no different than any lobbyist or financial entity’ and he’s exposing their blatant political agenda that they try to pass off as ‘journalism.’ I’m loving every minute of it.

  7. “…why the public continues to pay for these congressional junkets where members go to exotic locations on the public dime.”

    Dharmsala – nyet. Mar-a-lago – dah.

    1. Hey at least Trump is not taking a salary….and he’s not taking yearly lavish family vacations on Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii where the secret service entourage stay in hotel rooms on Waikiki Beach for three weeks every year.

  8. Yer bet, you’re right. Most of these hacks don’t know when it’s time to ride off into the sunset.

  9. We will see if the Dalai Lama has truly removed Pelosi’s negativity once she returns to Washington.

  10. This isn’t her first time to find facts in Tibet where we have a heavy vested national interest. She’ sucking the cow for all it’s worth on her last two year our. Just think after this she’s got a congressional retirement and a personal wealth of 80 million dolllars to rely on poor thing Not bad for a Congressional salary with nothing but legalized insider trading to help her along. A nice ending for the former pin up model. Miss Lube Job of 1953 .

  11. Rarely are these ‘fact-finding missions’ about finding facts as you can see from the statement by our beloved Senator from CA, Nancy Pelosi.

      1. Olly – I stand corrected. 🙂 I am not from CA so I can only suppose what the intelligentsia of that great state elected to what office.

        1. I have lived there, and ‘California’ and ‘intelligentsia’ are oxymorons. The rest of the state are a different kind of moron.

  12. It’s only a problem for a voter if those Jet-setting Members of Congress are on the opposite side of their own political beliefs. Otherwise, for expensive incidents involving their favorite pols, they try the “look, flying squirrel” tactic by blabbing off about some other, unrelated event.

    it’s called accountability and integrity folks. But as long as pols give some of you crumbs and circuses in exchange for your blind support and lemming like devotion, eventually you are forgotten or cast aside when you are no longer useful. Hopefully in the end you will understand how very little they actually care about an individual voter. Why? It’s very simple actually. Take the congresswoman and how she values her most devoted sycophant:

  13. Vastly less expensive than the Department of Defense, for which the books are not auditable.

      1. This is part of the big stuff–politicians who serve themselves rather than doing what is best for the country.

        Poor use of taxpayer money, corporatist voting, supporting worldwide intervention (wars) for a multitude of self-serving reasons…the rot, the gangrene will destroy our country from within just as surely as war from without.

  14. Why do people keep voting for this woman? I think every trip should cost House members 1/2 of their expenses. Did the State Department approve this trip? How many of her family went with her? They should pay 200% of their costs. Cut the two houses of Congress budgets in half. What do they think we’ve had to do while they have a free for all with 20 trillion of our money!

    1. I know, I was so shocked the people of Arizona voted in McCain again….,
      Hasn’t anyone heard of retirement?
      Is the power too tempting and the egos so great?

      1. Is McCain a Republican? (just checking because it’s never really clear) This is his last term. Same for Pelosi.

        1. Tangy Bob – I think McCain wants to die in office, so if he is alive at the end of this term, he will run again.

      2. Ter ber – I did not vote for the post of Senator from Arizona. McCain is not my fault. I even called his Washington office and asked him not to run.

    2. And perhaps Trump should pay 200% for all his weekend golf trips. Not like he can’t afford it.

    3. They don’t. She runs unopposed (by all means do your research and see for yourself, it isn’t a secret). She was ‘installed’, and yes, she is insufferable. I loathe the bubble head.

  15. The quote included in the text is so Nan. Increasingly unhinged. She can hold it together briefly but then syntax and speech just falls apart. Well, 77….. I cannot wait for her to b gone. And I guess then we get yet another Willie cast off GF.

    1. San Francisco…
      -I feel sorry for her interpreters .
      It’s difficult enough to translate “Pelosi-speak” into English, but those unfortunate translators overseas have to translate twice.

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