UCF Student Arrested After Allegedly Changing An “F” Grade To A “B” Grade in an Engineering Course

WPTV_SAMI_ADEL_AMMAR_1495718636984_60169645_ver1.0_640_480If Sami Adel Ammar, 22, is a criminal hacker, you have to hand it to him: he was modest.  Ammar is a student at the University of Central Florida and is accused of going into the computer system to change his “F” grade to a “B.”   While the B is a modest grade, the F was a stand out and the professor noticed when it went missing on his grade roster.

The UCF engineering professor was alerted to the change when he was curiously thanked by the university grading program for approving his grade roster.  The problem is that he had previously filed the grades and received an earlier thank you from the program.  He decided to check the roster and found that one of the Fs was now a B.  He could not change the grade back and then he saw Ammar’s name.  Ammar stood out because he had only finished a single assignment all semester and that assignment was not even for a grade. In other words, he was an actual zero.

The police also learned that UCF employees had seen two unfamiliar individuals in the staff rooms 306 and 307. The IP address used to make the change was located in room 306.  After reviewing security tapes, they identified Samuel Williams and Ammar.

The effort to change a single grade could not result in serious jail time for Ammar.

22 thoughts on “UCF Student Arrested After Allegedly Changing An “F” Grade To A “B” Grade in an Engineering Course”

  1. FBI should keep a sharp eye on this b@stard. If he’s capable of this level of computer hacking, what ELSE is he capable of? Remember the WannaCry virus of late? I understand Kim Jong-un is looking for a few bad men …

  2. In my opinion, this fellow should be treated the same as anyone else who did this. No better and no worse.

  3. Any chance of anyone taking this serious?

    Is he here on a student visa? Then maybe that allocation is better severed if given to a more deserving and honest student.

    Is there more to this student, his activities and is there a darker side?

    No small feat to do this. If he is not performing, then where is he spending all his time and energies?

    Maybe he needs to be in a data base and deported.

    How’s that pilot license coming along?

    1. All good thoughts but you will get some weenie scream about “you can’t do that because he’s this religion or that color”. Toss him out of the school and if there’s reason to investigate him further, do so.

  4. I did feel some sympathy for him until I read that he only completed one assignment all semester. He should have just dropped the course. If he had completed all of his assignments, but choaked on the final exam, then he might merit some leniency. But even so, this should be handled by the school authorities as an administrative matter. How is it that college faculty are empowered to investigate and administer punishment for sexual assaults, which are serious felonies, but then defer grade tampering to the police? Completely nonsensical. I hope that this student isn’t being treated more harshly because of his Muslim name.

    1. I hope that this student isn’t being treated more harshly because of his Muslim name.

      Instead of seeing a student who clearly violated the rules, you allowed your empathy to cloud your reason. Your post is characteristic of why this country has a breakdown in the rule of law.

  5. This reminds me of a science fiction story “Placement Test,” by Keith Laumer, that I read decades ago. In that story, a student likewise changes his grade on a test, by devious computer means. However, it turned out that the authorities were actually looking for students who would doctor the results, as such students were the ones with the smarts and ambition to succeed no matter what ….

    But that’s probably not what happened here !

  6. There’s no need to charge him with a crime. A clearly stupid kid making a stupid kid mistake. Kick him out of school and revoke any credits he’s already taken and paid for. That will be enough punishment. There’s no harm to society as a whole that demands we pay for his incarceration.

  7. Sorry to make an obvious comparison but it has to be done….

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