Will There’s A Will, There’s A Wray: Trump Selects Former AAG and Christie Lawyer For FBI Director

136px-US-FBI-ShadedSeal_svgDonald Trump has made his selection for the replacement of former Director James Comey.  He notably did not select an FBI career person but did go with a former Assistant Attorney General. He is Christopher Wray.

His resume is strikingly similar to another prior FBI Director: James Comey.  The White House clearly wanted to show that it was picking a professional with impeccable credentials and independent judgment.  It succeeded and showed that it was still possible to repair some of the damage from the Comey debacle.

President Trump of course used Twitter to announce the selection.  We discussed today the controversy over Kellyanne Conway dismissing the importance of Trump’s tweets.

I will be nominating Christopher A. Wray, a man of impeccable credentials, to be the new Director of the FBI. Details to follow.

Wray experience is obviously more on the legal side than the field side of law enforcement.  That may rub a few agents the wrong way but of course Comey had the same type of background. Indeed, if King & Spaulding is looking for an excellent replacement the head of their government investigations group, there is a recent FBI director who would fit the bill.

Wray has a stellar background.  He is a partner at King & Spaulding where he heads the Special Matters and Government Investigations Practice Group.  That gives him both prosecution and defense experience on government investigation since he was the former Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division.  He was previously confirmed as AAG by unanimous vote of the Senate.  He is also the recipient of the Edmund J. Randolph Award, the Department’s highest award for public service and leadership.  He has held an assortment of prosecutorial positions including a stint as assistant U.S. Attorney in the Northern District of Georgia.

His most controversial client may have been Chris Christie (who might have recommended Wray to Trump).  Wray represented Christie in connection with investigations relating to the George Washington Bridge toll lane closings.  However, there is no reason to cast aspersions on Wray for such a case. He is one of the best attorneys in the field and there were not allegations of anything improper in his representation of Christie.

He served as a law clerk to Judge J. Michael Luttig of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit from 1992 to 1993.

Mr. Wray graduated, cum laude, from Yale University in 1989 and received his law degree in 1992 from Yale Law School, where he served as Executive Editor of the Yale Law Journal.

Wray is a solid choice for the FBI and should put many at ease in the Bureau given the rising concern that Trump was looking for someone with a political background.  In a change from a pattern of poorly executed announcements and moves by the White House staff, this one showed both good timing and an absence of leaks.  The nomination will take some attention from the Comey hearing and quiet critics who charge that Trump was looking for a political patsy.   Wray is no patsy.  He is the type of lawyer who is likely to work well with Rod Rosenstein, a change from the obviously uncomfortable relationship Rosenstein had with Comey.

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  1. He’s a twit. He’s a tweet. He’s a twitter all the way.
    From his first lingerie to his last dying day.

    Oh. I am not talking about Trump. I am talking about the journalist here.

  2. You’re a sucker is you think for one second that Trump would pick ANYONE for the FBI head who he did not know in advance with 100% certainty was going to help exonerate him. Christie and Trump are pals. Wray was Christie’s attorney. Attorney client privilege allows Christie to ask Wray if he would fix the FBI investigation to favor Trump. Otherwise he would never be nominated. The fix is in and anyone who doubts it is a sap. During the Bridgegate proceedings, the defendants’ lawyers were looking for Chris Christie’s cell phone, which would have had text messages and emails from the time when the lane closures were occurring. But for some time, the lawyers could not find the cell phone, with them alleging that Christie’s lawyers were hiding it.
    “President Nixon’s tapes were not immune from a subpoena,” Michael Baldassare, attorney for defendant Bill Baroni, said at the time, according to WYNC. “Neither is Governor Christie’s phone.”
    Christie said at the time that he had no idea where the phone was.
    “I haven’t had it for two-plus years, but it’s in the hands of the government as far as I know,” Christie said. “I don’t know exactly who physically has it. But I turned it over in response to requests from the government, as I said I would.”
    Then, in July 2016, the missing cell phone was found to be in the possession of Christopher Wray, according to NJ.com!!! According to NJ.com, the phone was first turned over to the Chris Christie administration’s law firm, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. The firm then returned the phone to Wray, who reportedly still has it to this day.

    Maybe Christie knows something about Wray that could get Wray in trouble. In return Wray will help Christie’s pal Trump get away with treason.

    1. sap and sucker

      What label do you have for the individual that overlooks the elephant in the room? Namely everyone inside and outside of the political establishment that will have Wray under the microscope.

      1. Do you really think Trump fired Comey, suffered all the condemnation for doing so, pissed off Comey who is going to try to get him impeached, just to select someone else just as committed to pursuing the investigation wherever it leads, who will put the screws to Flynn to get him to flip like Comey would have? No way! Trump shopped and shopped for the perfect replacement who would take his side. There was no rush, no one was clamoring for him to make a pick right away. He could have taken as long as he needed to find someone who would say to him, “I’m on your side 100%. I will help you however I can.” And that’s why he chose Wray.

        1. Come on Peter, think. There’s 3 groups of people to consider, well 4 if you consider those completely apathetic to politics. But the 3 are; Anti-Trump, Pro-Trump and Anti-Clinton. Both of the Anti’s are laser-focused on this President and what he is doing/not doing. You can start calling him No Way Wray because there is no way this President will escape the eagle-eyes of those hoping he fails (some how) and those that don’t trust any President.

          Yes, that elephant in the room.

          1. The Republican House of Representative must issue articles of impeachment which they will not do unless the evidence is overwhelming and even then maybe not. All Trump needs is someone on the inside to give him enough help to avoid impeachment, just an edge.

            1. What you are trying to setup is some possible reason why this entire investigation proves to be absolutely nothing. In reality, there is too much of the deep state inside to allow Wray or anyone else for that matter to bury this. Nothing will really mean nothing.

              Quite frankly, there is more evidence for the existence of God than what exists in this investigation. Oddly, it is quite likely the very same people that deny the existence of God believe Donald Trump to be guilty and impeachable. Shocker!

              1. Well there you are right. Those who say they know the answer, the rules, the “command”-ments are the ones who always are ready to kill or oppress everyone else who has a different answer or a different set of rules and command-ments. The bottom line is that no one knows the answers to the cosmic questions, why are we here, where were we before we were born, where will we go after we die, what started the universe, is there a purpose to it all, etc. etc. Humans as a species of animals, which is what we are, just aren’t smart enough yet if we ever will be, to know those answers. Just like dogs as a species are not smart enough to understand why or how the TV works, or even be aware of what government is or what science is or a million other concepts or things that they don’t even have the capacity to be able to think about. That’s how humans are about the universal questions. But human nature is such that we can’t live with an unanswered question, so in the absence of really knowing the answers, we make up a story. There have been hundreds, maybe thousands of different stories made up throughout history to explain the questions we really don’t know the answers to. Most of those stories we now see as primitive, even silly superstitions. But the stories in the bible are no different than the ancient Greeks, Romans, Vikings or Egyptians stories that we now realize were just primitive superstitions created because they had no understanding of the real scientific causes of everything they saw happening around them in nature. And the more certain someone is of a particular made-up answer and story, the more specific and the more detailed their story and their rules, the more scary they are. No one knows. And I can live with those unanswered questions. Humanity and the Earth would be far better off if we all realized that for now at least, no one knows. Period.

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