Trump Calls Comey “Cowardly” As Polls Show Public Believes Comey

440px-Comey-FBI-Portraitdonald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedPresident Donald Trump lashed out at James Comey on the weekend and called him “cowardly.”  It was the latest impolitic tweet and it does not appear to be working well for Trump.  A new poll shows that the public overwhelmingly believe Comey over Trump by a twenty percent margin.  In a truly sad state of affairs if accurate, only 26 percent on the You.Gov/Huff Post poll believes the President. For the moment, Trump may view Comey as “cowardly” but the public views him credible.  The poll tracks another poll by Gallup showing the President’s popularity at 38 percent — though, as I mentioned earlier, Trump has been slightly ahead of Bill Clinton at this point in this presidency.

The polls shows 46 percent of Americans say Comey is more honest and trustworthy than the president. Twenty-six percent found Trump more trustworthy than Comey.

The tweets are not helping on the Hill either.  Republican members have been relatively quiet in defense of the President and have been openly asking him to stop with the tweets.  The message does not appear to be getting through to the Oval Office.  Trump ramped up his tweets on the weekend:

“I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. Totally illegal? Very ‘cowardly!’”

I have been critical of both Trump and Comey.  I felt that the recent hearing both helped and hurt Comey.  I do not think that it materially made the President’s case stronger in terms of any obstruction prosecution.  However, these tweets are legally and politically damaging.

What do you think?

55 thoughts on “Trump Calls Comey “Cowardly” As Polls Show Public Believes Comey”

  1. So many want Trump gone because he doesn’t act like every other President before him and yet that is what got him elected. If we wanted the same big government progressive then Clinton would be in the oval office.

  2. Thank goodness he has no track record as a
    Civil Servant.
    His record of achievement in business is the
    best criterion for any President.
    D.T will prove to be one of our finest Presidents
    Once the roadblocks are removed by the odstructionists.

  3. Trump is an unknown entity who has been elected into public office. He has no track record as a civil servant.
    One would hope that Trump would stop tweeting and act more presidential. It seems like we are watching a very bad reality show.

  4. Comey releases personal notes of his recollection of his meeting from a forth coming memoir. Trump leaks Israeli intelligence to the Russians.

    Comey is called cowardly for releasing his notes of the unprofessional meeting via a third party. Trump is cowardly for firing a professional via abuse of power by a hired thug of a body guard while the director of the FBI is on a recruiting mission instead of firing him face to face.

    The kettle is calling the pot black

    1. Henry C Proof please, that Trump leaked anything to the Russians. Most of us are tired of the ‘no proof needed because the accusation alone is the proof’ crap from those who suck up to the deep state because they do not like Mr. T.

      Look at a reply above I left with what really went down & is going on with Crooked Comey & why he was fired.


  5. A totally false article. The polls come from Puffington and The Swill. In other words, they are WORTHLESS POLLS that were created to support their predetermined leftist agenda, i.e., attack Trump. Period. End of story. SWOOOSH!

  6. Trump supporters seem to view Trump as mostly like themselves – poorly informed, mostly illiterate, not liers, but simply asserting “facts” that turn out to be false.

    1. Doglover,…,
      -In other words, “a basket of deplorables”?.
      The Democrats should reuse Hillary’s remark in future elections.
      It worked so well for her in 2016.

  7. America has to rethink the concept of the Presidency. If the head of the FBI can be held to account for mistakes and transgressions that pale in comparison to those of Trump and yet Trump because he is the President is, by too many, not held to account because he is President, then we elect royalty, not representatives.

    1. “America has to rethink the concept of the Presidency.”

      You raise an interesting point, issac, though maybe not for the reasons you intended. I’ve thought for a long time the job of President is too big for one person. A split of duties between domestic and international matters makes sense. Where the two intersect and disagreement exists, the decision should be made by a majority vote of the cabinet. This system has roots in antiquity with Roman Consuls (Praetors) and that empire seemed to be able to hold it together for a 1000 years or so. Not too shabby.

  8. If ever there was someone guilty of cowardice it is Trump. If Trump has any balls, he will release his tax returns.

    1. Ahh give it up Issac. The IRS has the returns. You can bet your house that if anything in them could hurt
      Mr. T the leaks would have been a tsunami.

      So where were all the special councils & such when 0 & Holder were running Fast & Furious? The IRS targeting only conservative groups to keep them down before an election? Hilldabeast & Billy Goat pay to play ‘foundation’? Lying about the Benghazi attack?

      Nothing like truckloads of duplicity & covering up the real corruption to make life interesting eh?

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