The Fault Is Not In The Stars: Protester Stops Controversial Julius Caesar Performance in Central Park

ht_protest_dc_061717_12x5_1600Laura Loomer from the conservative website The Rebel ran on to the stage on Friday of the controversial production of Julius Caesar in Central Park. The show has been criticized for its characters modeled on President Donald Trump and others.  Trump, as Caesar, is killed in the show to the delight of the crowd.  Many find the show to be distasteful and hateful.  However, for those of us who have actively criticized liberals who shutdown conservative speakers on campuses and other public events, this is an equally objectionable effort to stop free speech. Indeed, it seeks to prevent both artistic and political expression.

Loomer was filmed by fellow blogger  Jack Posobiec as she screamed “Goebbels would be proud” at the audience.  It is reminiscent of some of the scenes we have criticized on campus of protesters interrupting speakers like Milo Yiannopolous

Loomer posted the video under the heading “Julius Caesar Meets Laura Loomer.”

Brutus_sees_Caesar's_ghostI find nothing redeeming in Loomer’s action.  One cannot oppose such efforts to prevent speaker in one public event while celebrating it another.  Loomer and Posobiec might be well to have stayed for one particular line:

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”


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  1. One of my favorite never Trump republicans has differentiated between Trump voters and Trump supporters. Ignore the supporters – no matter what Trump does, their loyalty is assured and it’s not worth arguing with them. But the voters are another matter. They voted for Trump for any number of reasons but are not overly-identified and enmeshed with him so they can respond with reason to what he is doing. And it’s here in the latter group that he is likely starting to lose support.

      1. He’s losing support overall or his strong support in polls. I’m guessing that it’s not coming from those whose identities have all but merged with his, IOW supporters.

  2. Conservatives defend the interruption yet cried when some words were spoken to Pence after a performance. And Trump also called for a safe space.

    Consistency is overwhelming.

    1. I don’t know who cried about the disrespect shown to the Vice President by the cast of Hamilton and I don’t know of anyone calling for them to be jailed. It is perfectly reasonable to find even speech you defend to be offensive.

      If you see my post on this protest, IMO as long as she did not stop the performance or touch anyone, she was just a temporary disruption.

      On the other hand, if we go back to the Travis the chimp cartoon, there were demonstrations calling for the publisher to be jailed.

  3. One side descending to the level of the other. It’s a free speech gang bang.

  4. However, for those of us who have actively criticized liberals who shutdown conservative speakers on campuses and other public events, this is an equally objectionable effort to stop free speech. Indeed, it seeks to prevent both artistic and political expression

    Isn’t that cute? What do you fancy should be done to get the horse back in the barn?

    1. 👏 BRAVO👏 You sure know how to trigger folks. Trying to control my JAZZ hands and all. Hope you are doing the MELLOW thing. That sure would have moved you up the leader board.

      Well said. Free speech my petunia. This is not one sided, granted maybe more to one than an other. This is about bad taste, hate, rude and disgusting words and deeds. Now how do we get this back in the box?

      I think this is so a non event compared to what we’ll face in years to come that we should fear.

      Blame parents for stopping parenting first. Blame Zuckerberg, Gates and others for the spit in your face insult banter with complete anonymity. They stream live rape and murder with impunity. Now with the internet everyone is a Rocky Balboa without fearing a jab or having to duck and weave.

      A diluted FCC that now deems it permissible for even O’Reilley to say “that’s BS and you know it”. Like the kids he mentors won’t get his code. So now it’s ok to say or print “F’U”. Really?

      This went to the very top for the first time I believe ever. The marriage act. Supreme Court voted it in. I opposed it. Guess what? They won I lost. Congratulations move on right? Wrong. Then what does MY President do….he bathes the entire White House in 🌈 RAINBOW 🌈 colors. That was one huge Presidential proverbial FU stick in my eye and everyone elses who lost. Really Mr. President. You don’t think voters remembered that at the polls.

      We have a huge cesspool that maybe to big for Servpro of any size.

      I am increasing reluctant to repeat this quote but as of yet have found none better.

      I think it says it best…

      The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.

      Eric Schmidt

    1. And those depicting and cheering on the assassination of a sitting president are what?

      1. They are privileged, rich, white, NYC liberals angry that their Trump assassination fantasy was interrupted for 15 seconds.

        1. “…privileged, rich, white, NYC liberals…”

          Thought you were talking about Trump.

  5. (music to tune of Birmingham)

    Birmingham! Birmingham!
    Greatest city in Ala Bam!
    Clear across this great big land…
    there ain’t no place like Birmingham.

    Had a wife. Had a family.
    Earned my living in Alabam.
    Moved to New York to sing a song.
    Got kicked in the groin.

    1. Never heard that one Jack. I even live in LA too. (LA is anywhere south of Montgomery). Most folks here know that. Like telling folks I’m from Jersey and they ask what exit?

  6. I think there is a great deal of difference between a conservative speaker giving a presentation at a college and a public play that advocates assassinating the American President. What would have been the response if conservatives put on a play about lynching Obama? This has gone too far. Where does one draw the line between art/freedom of speech and advocating murder of an elected president?

      1. Examples please? Ones that were tax payer funded and had a mass crowd cheering.

        1. I keep reading the same comment by bettykath, but nowhere has anyone responded to the same question you posed with any answers. As you say, show us taxpayer funded and mass crowd cheering — night after night.

          On the issue of free political speech, ask Dinesh D’Souza what happens when you take on the Progressives as he did with “2016: Obama’s America” (was that ever a prescient piece of cinema that no one has really paid attention to). And, by the way, where is that poor schmuck who made the video the Clinton and Rice so conveniently pointed to as the reason for Benghazi?

          1. To those not familiar w/ the cookie cutter SJW bettykath. She used to comment and respond in the old days when this place was run by mean liberals. She is now a kamikaze. She is one and done. Not worthy of a response unless it’s ridicule.

            1. Bettykath’s pretty much the bottom of the barrel, here. That takes an unusual talent for the suck.

              1. OTOH, she is one of the few people around who still openly opines that Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were victims. Sooo, it is always interesting to me when she posts, because who knows what kind of stuff will come out. I expect her to squarely come out one of these days arguing that self-defense is a right that only blacks have, and not whites.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

        2. Jim 22,.,,
          I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for examples from BettyKath.
          There were isolated instances of Obama hung in effigy, not “many lynchings” as BettyKath claims.
          At least some of those were investigated by local police and/or the Secret Service.
          None were depicted on stage to approving audiences.
          There would have been an overwhelming negative public reaction had a “lynching production” of Obama been performed.
          And calls for hate crime prosecution from people like BettyKath.
          There’s no similar “hate crime” view of the Julius Ceasar play , or the stunt that Kathy Griffin pulled.
          But a lot of half-baked excuses from apologists who use the “many lynchings of Obama” canard.

      2. Please reference plays or actresses like Kathy Giffords lynching Obama in public.

    1. The line has been clearly drawn: you are not allowed to incite IMMINENT violence. You are allowed to advocate violence. Freedom comes with risks.

      1. I thought advocating violence/assasination/be-heading of any American President was a felony.

            1. The choice you’re making is how much freedom you’re willing to allow. If you want to maximize freedom of speech, you won’t see the distinction between advocacy and threatening as splitting hairs. If you’re more inclined to place limitations on freedom of speech in the interest of order or safety or whatever, then you won’t care much for distinctions like that. That’s your choice. There’s no objectively right or wrong answer to the question of how much freedom we should have. Brandenburg v. Ohio can be overturned. Nothing is written in stone. But it’s a fact that, under current law, there is NO “great deal of difference between a conservative speaker giving a presentation at a college and a public play that advocates assassinating the American President.”

              1. I am all for freedom and recognize that we cannot have freedom and safety. Your comment makes a great deal of sense, good explanation.

      1. I would object to the portrayal of an assassination of any president, regardless of party affiliation. This would include Hillary if she had been elected.

      2. Yep, I would have objected. Why was that not highlighted in the news????

  7. Just as a test, what if someone did a remake of A Clockwork Orange and had the thugs rape and sodomize a Michelle Obama look-a-like? I think Rachel Maddow’s head would explode.

    1. I don’t think so. She would recognize it as an expression of free speech, as vile as it would be.

    1. Good luck with that. The blue states pay more in taxes than red states. And red states take more of that money in benefits than blue states. So, if the blue states could find a way to connect and support themselves, the red staters might be in some trouble.

      1. Well, do you know how come??? Because the southern Red States have a disproportionate amount of Blacks.

        That means those states have a higher ratio of poor, and a higher ratio of welfare recipients. As a citizen of the fine state of Louisiana (and Texas), I would certainly encourage the large scale migration of Blacks to the Blue States!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  8. “Indeed, it seeks to prevent both artistic and political expression.”

    Perhaps not, she jumped on stage at the moment of the assassination, becoming part of the performance, to be a bystander defending the “president”. At this point, one might argue what she did is performance art.

  9. You are now seeing the beginning sparks of the counter-revolution. It’s as old a story as history itself. Events will escalate unless the two sides’ extremists call it off and a synthesis begins or the society tears itself apart. Karl Marx wasn’t right about everything but he was right about this.

    1. Must be the counter counter revolution. The first revolution was against Bannon Trump and it is ongoing.

            1. Four of five polls show Trump with a 64 percent disapproval rating. Many of his voters are not pleased with the expanding war in the Mideast or TRUMPCARE.

                1. INot the case….. Many polls taken on the Sunday before the election had him losing by 2 to 3 points which turned out to be within the margin of error and accurate.There is no use rehashing the election. Trump won the electoral college but has lost a considerable amount of ground since then and most of that has been self inflicted through his tweeting.

                    1. I can produce the polls from the weekend before the election as I have in the past but going back over this again is a waste of time. Clinton went down in most polls after Comey ran his mouth and the race tightened.I

                    2. trump was actually winning by 1 point on the last CNN WAPO tracking poll.

                1. I applaud Trump for his reversal on immigration and for his remarks about Trumpcare being cruel.

    2. Well mespo, if it comes down to a shootout, you know who I’m betting big bucks on as winner.

  10. Will I went to an “Alice Cooper” concert. All you need is love. Then came the hanging scene. What a show.

  11. Two historical figures, Trump and Caesar. There is no similarity. Trump is no Caesar, not even close. The play is a failure from the get go for even visiting a comparison. ‘A Face in the Crowd’, would be a better illustration of Trump.

    1. True, but there is a great deal to compare between the fall of the Roman Empire and America today.

      1. There is? How much of our labor force consists of agricultural slaves? Are peasants bound to the land? Are we in the midst of a 400 year long demographic implosion? Are we staffing our military with foreign mercenaries?

  12. You protest outside the performance, you don’t rush the stage. You pressure sponsors which has already had a positive effect.

    1. Well, she didn’t burn anything down or harm anyone. To continue the “play” while two men are fighting for their lives, is in poor taste in my opinion. A person doesn’t have to be from either party to see that, they just have to be human with empathy.

      1. Empathy and civility are in short supply, sadly so. Have you not see the #HuntRepublicans hashtag? And the hate that continues to be spewed on FB from people who should know better.

        1. Yes and I reported it. My guess is the pond scum who started it will be praised by the left. It’s disgusting.

        2. Have you read any right wing websites lately or the comments section of papers of record? The right’s vile language and hatred is pretty intense, too. This is not a one-sided problem. Everyone needs to tone it down and it should start with the President.

          1. “Right Wing” as in Alex Jones et al.? No, I find them vile as well. I’m more center-leaning right. I can’t tolerate the extremists on either side.

  13. As for the protestor running on stage, as long as she didn’t attempt to stop the performance, Or physically touch anyone, I’m good with her expressing her displeasure. Make your point, be taken away by the police, and move on.
    I was initially against the performance, given the coverage but I listened to an interview on NPR with the director of the play and he framed it as a cautionary tale of what happens when we overreact to a leader and resort to assassination.
    That may be true but seeing how fragile minds on the left have been reacting, if I was in charge of this production, ai would certainly consider suspending performances for a while.

    1. Videos I’ve seen show the audience cheering gleefully when Ceaser/Trump is killed. Looks more like a liberal catharsis acheived through assassination porn than a “cautionary tale.”

      Not saying that wasn’t the director’s intention, but it certainly wasn’t the result.

  14. In the old days if the audience didn’t like the show they threw fruit or vegetables.

  15. So no applause for the German who perhaps ran on stage to yell “stop this insanity”, while Hitler was raving?
    As far as I know Milo and Ann Coulter were not acting out or calling for the death of anyone.

    1. I applaud the young woman. I don’t understand why she was arrested honestly.

    2. Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec

      I just saw a Manhattan crowd roar with applause as President Trump was stabbed again and again on stage. Blood-chilling.

      1. The very description is “blood chilling.” I’m curious as to whether the actors have a moral compass. I’m guess not.

        1. Liberals are like isis that’s why obama was so happy after the decaoitation of an American that he could not wait to celebrate with golf

  16. I sort of like it..they were not violent and they actually had a message. It’s a pretty mild protest compared to shooting the other guys second baseman.
    Those who are sitting cheering this theater on, are certainly wide open for criticism..I’m okay with it. It’s theater after all.

    1. It seems to have disappeared. It’s a good read, too. I read it but couldn’t get it to show up for comment.

      1. It’s odd that it disappeared. Did he censor himself or was he censored? I wasn’t able to read the rest of the article. I do find the connection between the two parties bizarre and was interested in his thoughts.

        Thank you for verifying that I hadn’t seen things! LOL

        1. It’s embedded in another article on the subject. I think it was a duplicate but with a different caption.

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