Road Rage Leads To California Pile Up As Police Searched For Motorcyclist

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There is an interesting possible criminal law and torts case out of Santa Clarita, California where a motorcyclist kicked a car on the 14 Freeway and triggered a series of accidents.  The motorcyclist is seen speeding from the scene of the accident.

It is not clear in the videotape below what started the feud. However, the motorcyclist is seen pulling along side of the car and kicking the door. It is not clear whether the driver was startled and lost control or intentionally swerved. In either case, the car swerved right and then left.  It then hit the center divider and catches fire. It then careened back into traffic and collided with a pickup truck, which flipped over.

The motorcyclist needs to be arrested.  He left the scene of an accident and obviously engaged in reckless driving.  He could also be sued for negligence.  That could force a fight over causation and whether the car swerved intentionally as a superseding or contributing act.

Here is the videotape:



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  1. I find it ironic that people believe motorcycle drivers rarely provoke drivers, I noticed in the California city I drive in the high rate of Bike riders provoking other drivers, even brake checking large SUV’s. I have been harassed unprovoked by bike riders and witnessed many other incidents all caught on dash cams.Now this happens more often between Harely Davidson Riders and higher end luxury vehicles. Quite often I am harassed by unsafe, un-signaled, lane changes, brake checks, continuously riding beside me in my blind spot, cut off and braked checked. The only thing different than the many other times I had no issues….the car I was driving. I have witnessed near misses that yes clearly could have killed or seriously injure the bike rider, who subsequently pursued the vehicle in a fit of road rage.Some leading to accidents luckily so far none as severe as this, though the rider many times was the most severely injured in the end!

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