TSA Officer Charged With Stealing Cash From Woman At Orlando Airport

os-alexander-johnson-tsa-agent-arrested-20170623We have yet another Transportation Security Administration employee arrested for stealing at a security check point in an airport.  Alexander Shae Johnson, 22, did not allegedly waste time in engaging in theft. He has only been with the TSA for a few months.  Now he may be on his way to prison.


A woman noticed that cash was missing from her bag after going through screening at Orlando International Airport.  She then noticed a bulge in the shirt pocket of Johnson’s shirt.  He reportedly insisted that the money was his but a videotape was used to confirm the theft.

He was fired and is now facing trial. 

Usually sentencing is enhanced or “aggravated” by the use of official positions or power for the commission of a crime.

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  1. I do not think that he needs to do time in prison. He needs to do community service in North Korea.

  2. I am not sure that TSA has foiled a terrorist in all of their history, but they sure can raise your BP.

    1. The purpose of the TSA is not to foil terrorism. It is to make you afraid, very afraid. The state is your master, get in the line, don’t talk, and be afraid, very afraid. They will protect you.

    1. With all the trouble and wasted money this ridiculous episode has cost, I am hopeful the tide is turning. Now to chase down all the attempted deceivers and put them on trial.

  3. Theft covers all salary ranges though I suspect it is more frequent at lower pay levels, less at higher levels but with more money taken in each incident. All are the result of stupidity.

    One case back in the 1990’s we had involved a server lab manager at a software company who stole RAM out of workstations in the offices. Of course, who would notice performance degradation and lower memory posting–certainly not computer engineers he foolishly assumed.

    Anyway, he got caught in the act, sacked and arrested. At the time, RAM was still pricey for computers, so the aggregation of all his thefts put him into a higher degree of theft. (In WA thefts that are part of the same “scheme, plan or design” can either be prosecuted as separate offenses or combined into a higher level of theft based on total value, save for firearms thefts)

    Needless to say he destroyed a career paying in today’s dollars $102,000.00 per year for several hundred dollars of hardware. And, certainly nobody would hire him thereafter.

  4. This kind of stuff is pretty common for the TSA. Here is a story from 5 years ago, and apparently it has not stopped:

    According to the TSA, 381 TSA officers have been fired for theft between 2003 and 2012, including 11 so far in this year.

    The agency disputes that theft is a widespread problem, however, saying the number of officers fired “represents less than one-half of one percent of officers that have been employed” by TSA.


    There is a kewl video.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. Basically he’s a fool who threw away a federal job that could have led to greater opportunities. An entry level TSA officer is admittedly a boring job, and doesn’t pay all that much, but it’s a part of the Dept of Homeland Security, so there are plenty of opportunities for advancement if he were willing to train and keep his nose clean. Now he’s just one more black guy going to prison….

  6. I don’t mind this article, it’s fine. But I’d rather read about the fact that the USA today announced we now have 800 foreign military bases.

    Breeding democracy around the world, a couple dozen wars at time…It’s for the children….

    1. Do you have a cite? I’m curious as to how they arrived at that number. I suspect they count every installation as a separate base, so that each of the small compounds in Afghanistan, for example, is counted as a separate base. In addition, the count could include Marine/Navy bases as separate, even though they share the same geographic footprint. Last, not all military installations are military bases, in the conventional sense. Hospitals and medical facilities might be included as well.

      If you could cite to a source, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

      1. I can comment on Joseph Jones’s assertion.
        You will find pertinent data that support his figures at the Global Research web page at globalresearch.org in the article “The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases.”. Among detailed data, it provides this information (and I am paraphrasing): There are 737 US military bases in 63 foreign countries, and US military personnel present in 156 foreign countries. The US military personnel deployed worldwide is 255,065 persons. Surely there is some fuzzy fluctuation in this number. These numbers do not include military bases on US soil. The article provides detailed breakdowns to further clarify the data.

      2. Wonderer,….
        If you read a few dozen articles, you might find an answer to your question.
        Virtually none of the articles that I’ve read ( at least 30-40) on the “800 American foreign military bases” provide any answers as to the type, size, purpose, etc. of the 800 “bases”.
        The questions you asked are obviously worth raising, and there are no answers to be found in the vast majority of articles.
        I remember one article did mention that only 30 of the foreign bases had 1,000 or more American military personnel.
        It also mentioned that small detachments protecting foreign embassies are categorized as “foreign bases”.
        My guess would be there are 200+ embassy/consulate “bases”
        It also cited a 12 ×12 foot shed in Canada it said was considered a foreign American military base.
        Detachments assigned for humanitarian missions in non-combat areas are also listed as foreign bases.
        I’ll try to dig up the one article I have found that “looked under the hood” and gave some real answers about the size/nature/etc. of the foreign bases.
        Most of the material written on the subject is not worth a rat’s ass in answering these basic and obvious questions.
        Time allowing, I’ll try to sift through the garbage dump of articles to find the one that actually bothered to provide some of these relevant details, and provide the source.

    2. JJ no it’s about the various industries making money at tax payer expense.

    3. We have 800 military bases on foreign lands? Jeso. Lets make a blog article about this. Ike warned us about the Military Industrial Complex. He gave the warning on his last day in office.
      Where you at on this issue Trump? Trump: Do you read this blog?

  7. A bulge in his shirt? What would’ve happened if she would’ve claimed that there was a bulge somewhere else?

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