Washington Post: Two Intercepted Calls With Russian Ambassador Kislyak Detailed Conversations With Sessions On Campaign

For an Administration that has long complained about the effort of “the deep state” to undermine President Trump, the most recent leak detailed in the Washington Post will confirm an openly hostile intent by people within the intelligence community.  The Post published accounts of how Russia’s ambassador to Washington Sergey Kislyak told his superiors in Moscow that he discussed campaign-related matters with then Sen. Jeff Sessions during the 2016 presidential race. If true, the account would conflict with Sessions earlier denials.

The leak detailed two conversations with Sessions that were intercepted by U.S. intelligence operations.  Sessions previously failed to recall meetings with Kislyak who was one of the Russians in the controversial meeting with Trump in the Oval Office the day after the termination of Comey.  Sessions has insisted that he never discussed campaign issues with the Russians.  Sessions said in March that “I never had meetings with Russian operatives or Russian intermediaries about the Trump campaign.”

An official is quoted as accusing Sessions  of misleading Congress on his dealings with the Russians.  Current and former U.S. officials said that assertion is at odds with Kislyak’s accounts of conversations during two encounters over the course of the campaign, one in April ahead of Trump’s first major foreign policy speech and another in July on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention.

The conversations do not appear to have involved Sessions directly but are merely the account of Kislyak.  Moreover, there may be a question as to whether Kislyak overstated his conversations or intentionally made the statements with the knowledge that he was being monitored.  However the article also quotes officials as saying that Kislyak has conveyed accurate accounts during these calls.

The story will likely raise new issues for Sessions, who has already recused himself from the investigation.  The Justice Department however has blasted the report as unsubstantiated.  Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores issued the following statement:

“Obviously I cannot comment on the reliability of what anonymous sources describe in a wholly uncorroborated intelligence intercept that the Washington Post has not seen and that has not been provided to me, but the Attorney General stands by his testimony from just last month before the Senate Intelligence Committee when he specifically addressed this and said that he ‘never met with or had any conversations with any Russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election.'”


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  1. Does anybody know how much money is being spent on nonsense?! Suddenly I’m reading about Sessions’ bad behavior. Are they giving cover for Trump to fire Sessions? And he should. I don’t recall Lynch ever refusing herself. Why recuse yourself at thought times? Trump needs strength from his cabinet. Sessions should resign.

    1. I know; it’s all so very complicated…Beauregard recused himself because he’s likely to be a fact witness in the matter; and lawyers are rarely ever both attorney and witness in a legal matter. Assuming you’re correct about Lynch, perhaps she was never asked to investigate or advocate in any matter in which she was likely to be a fact witness. These actions concern concepts of law; not politics, and “strength” has nothing to do with any of it.
      P.S. I took the liberty of assuming your use of “thought” was a typographical error for which you meant to use “tough” and that your use of “refusing” was a typographical error for “recusing.”

      This is to Sandi

  2. When the Russians deny they influenced the election, the Dems cry “Liar!” When the Russians claim they met with Sessions to discuss the election, the Dems cry “Behold! An honest man.”

    The Russians aren’t the problem.

  3. Comey had more reasons to go after Hilary than Meuller has to go after Trump. He gave us a litany of reasons that he could have used to have Hilary prosecuted.

    1. “Comey had more reasons to go after Hilary than Meuller ” So why didn’t Comey go after Hillary?

      “Defying Hillary means that my time hath runneth out.” __James Comey

      1. True dat Darren. Sometimes I wonder if Turkey is really our ally — that state seems to be devolving under Erdogan’s rule.

        1. Turkey is a big problem for the U.S. and a personification of “with friends like these, who needs enemies”.

          Erdogan will not permit the linking of the Rojova with the Kurds in Syria’s Northwest and this is one of the reasons it is supporting jihadist groups. The Kurds revealed today in their news that Turkey is preparing makeshift refineries in Northern Syria to support its war efforts in the country. Refineries such as these were once used to provide hard cash to ISIS by selling the petroleum in Turkey, a practice the government there permitted.

          The Kurds actually have at least the appearance of relationships with the Syrian Government, and if at the end of the civil war a federal state is permitted as a concession Turkey declared in the past it would not accept this if Syrian Kurdistan is allowed autonomy, proclaiming that the region will accommodate PKK rebels an operating base. If an open conflict occurs between Turkey and postbellum Syria it could bring in the Russians and that will be very bad.


          1. Maybe Turkey will assassinate an Archduke Ferdinand.

            Turkey committed the Armenian Genocide. It waited until WWII was essentially won before belatedly joining the Allies. They joined Germany in WWI for basically no other reason than that it opposed Russia, which was snapping up crumbling Ottoman Empire land. Boy, that’s a friend you always want on your left or at your back in a battle.

            Now Turkey is allying with ISIS against the Kurds. Are they going for one genocide a century?

            The efforts for a Kurdish homeland reminds me on some level of the formation of the Jewish homeland, except the Jews were persecuted for a few thousand more years. It seems like nothing can bring forth animosity like trying to help the survivors of genocide find a place to live in peace and safety. (See the Kurdish genocide at the hands of monsters like “Chemical Ali” that took place from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. Around a million Kurds “disappeared.” http://uk.gov.krd/genocide/pages/page.aspx?lngnr=12&pnr=37) Since the Kurds are still targeted by various groups, including ISIS, can we really say the genocide ever ended?

  4. I dont give a rats ass if Trump and Putin had Skype sessions every night.


    65 Million Americans voted for him.

  5. Many people — including most of those commenting, here — have no idea how things really work in this country.

    1. Your comment coming from someone with the handle anonymous says it all.
      The richness of the irony especially with this thread in particular is at 11.

    2. “Things really work in this country” under the new American paradigm:


      We are not supposed to notice that these untouchables are not required to succeed on merit and that they have been given an advantage by government.

      Whatever is necessary to favor minorities is the nature of “affirmative action privilege.”

      They said they wanted free-dom but they really wanted “free stuff.”

      The American Thesis: Abolish freedom and impose dictatorship.

      The inmates have taken over the asylum.

    3. Anon,

      Search the name Berry Seal, 2 shots in the back of the head suicide AKA who was Gary Webb, Iran Contra, Mena Ark & the Bush/Clinton Drug Deal connection.

      Those corrupt in Govt, Govt Black ops/Budgets have to have somewhere to laundry billions in corrupt money.

      Roger Wheeler’s Tulsa company Telex had the records of where those illegal funds came from & who the went to & somebody didn’t like the arrangement is my best guess.

      I know this because in the 80’s the Oil Equipment company I worked for then I seen had all their transaction records with the corresponding Telex account numbers worldwide with their customers.

      And Mueller Just happened to be around, Yeah Right, & I got stupid tattooed on my forehead.

  6. And the Warren Report told America that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy.

    The elephant in the room is the criminal conspiracy that the Obama holdover leakers and the WAPO are engaged in?

    Obama, Hillary and their holdovers are conspiring to subvert the U.S. government.

    Where are the police?

    Oh, and speaking of the Clinton Body Count, what happened recently to the young WSJ journalist in Manhattan who had written cogently against Obamacare? Oops. He’s dead and the police don’t believe there was any “foul play.” How’s that Seth Rich investigation going, found the killer yet? And the MSM informs us continuously of the nefarious actions of Vladimir Putin. It can’t happen here. It could never happen here, right?

  7. This is and what Trump does to anybody in business or politics, throw them under the bus to save his own ***.

  8. I’m puzzled by the line, the most recent leak detailed in the Washington Post will confirm an openly hostile intent by people within the intelligence community.

    They are handing Sessions to Trump on a silver platter. Where’s the hostile intent?

    1. Who is handing what? Thre is no identified source. It’s the same old unknown sources .. that have yet to produce anything.

      Your comment should be BOHICA I am not going to turn around and bend over. I read the entire article. It confirmed zip zero nada goose egg.

      BOHIICA stands for Bend Over Here It Comes Again. Thats when you should be checking e vaseline for sand especially considering the only source is WaPo.

      1. I never said anything about facts. Perceptions are quite enough, thank you. Something along the order of 60 to 64 percent of the population either believe this stuff out of hand or are influenced by it, negatively in this case, toward Sessions. That works perfectly for Trump who would love to find a way to throw the man overboard without incurring a nasty reputation for political purges and sending damaged goods to the labor camps.

        To that end the Session’s leaks are a gift from above to Trump, and that doesn’t square with the authors, the intelligence community, having “an openly hostile intent” toward his administration. I may indeed be missing something, so I ask the question.

  9. Trump’s “dilemma is just another example of him cloyed in the sticky reality of governing.” — Isobel Thompson. Trump’s unfit for office when anything interferes with governance by tweet.

    If the allegations are true, it’s obvious Sessions was protecting the president when he fibbed under oath before the Senate. Note the lack of integrity of the business class and their widgets when illegality protects Trump, the guy they all voted for.

    Next we’ll see a presidential tweet that the Russian ambassador’s chats with Sessions were private communications. He and those who support him are a bunch of Donna Braziles.


    1. Prove Sessions fibbed under oath.

      You can’t at least not based upon anything written on this blog.

      Your lack of proof demonstrates low intellect.

      1. Typical. When the facts are against you, attack the messenger. Effective, you think?

        This is to Logic 101 allan

        1. Mark M. ” he fibbed under oath ”

          Now prove it. That is the basis of the law. Prove it or file it. I guess you only know how to do the latter.

            1. Are you accusing Steve Groen of being a third grader? Based upon what he has written you might be right, however, he is the one that used the word fibbed. Mark M. the chargé d’affaires of filing was defending Groen’s statement about fibbing.

              1. Haha, don’t follow the shiny bead under the couch. I didn’t even read whatever anyone said, except for your ad hominem attack upon the messenger. I don’t give a rat’s ass if you ever become a sentient human being, I just like to poke at you through the cage.

                This is to woebegone allan

      1. TBob – no wonder he didn’t want to appear before Congress. How embarrassing. 😉

    1. Did you know that Sessions has also lawyered up? Yeah, so Trump’s AG recuses himself. His fired FBI director leaks to the press in order to trigger the appointment of a Special Counsel. AG Sessions then hires himself a lawyer to defend against a Special Counsel who was appointed because he recused himself and lost control of his own DOJ. Trump has every right to be furious with his AG and to request Sessions’ resignation.

      1. Sessions waa following the ethics procedures at the Department of Justice. It’s nice to find a official that follows the rules. What a concept.

    2. OMG!

      One can only hope!

      “Crazy Abe” Lincoln ripped up the Constitution and killed everybody he didn’t like.

      Could “Team Trump” really be THAT cunning and strong?

      Could anti-American, redistributionist globalists in America really be in jeopardy?

      Maybe there is a God.

  10. “Its not fried chicken daddy, its Shake N Bake.”
    “No its not sonny boy. Its Jeff Sessions.”

      1. Right. No sex with THAT woman – but my son Danny’s mother – yes, Ginnifer Flowers, yes. Hillary? no way.
        Other women too? Epstein’s “assistants”? Only the ones of legal age. The “Energizer” on our street?
        maybe. were there others? dunno. Roger’s noze powder messed with my memory.

        1. Billmcwilliams, do you think Bill Clinton is getting it on with Huma Abedin or do you think Hillary refuses to share? 🙂

  11. Quoting the Post…..

    The intelligence on Sessions, by contrast, is based on Kislyak’s accounts and not corroborated by other sources.

      1. It sounds like the WAPO is engaging in criminal leaking, treason and conspiring to subvert the government of the United States.

    1. Being parroted by Morning Joke makes it doubly imperative check the sand for vaseline.

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