Police Seek Georgia Couple In Videotaped Assault on Restaurant Owner and Daughter

downloadbaxley26n-1-webBaxley, Georgia was the scene of a deeply disturbing confrontation between two customers and a restaurant owner. Qwik Chik owner Jeanette Norris is shown being repeatedly punched by a woman whose male companion then slugged her teenage daughter.  The suspects were identified by police as Nathaniel and Latasha Smith (right).

Reportedly, the Smith’s were upset with how their order was handled at the restaurant.  Nathaniel Smith ordered chicken and then complained that his chicken was cold and he didn’t receive enough fries. Norris said that she refunded his money but an argument ensued. Norris called the police and told the couple that they were on their way.

After a verbal confrontation, Latasha Smith is shown pummeling Norris.  Then Nathaniel Smith is shown delivering a powerful blow to the face of her teenage daughter.

The attack occurred around 3 p.m. Thursday.  The sucker punch to the daughter is particularly scary, though she jumps up to try to help her mother.  Two women immediately came forward to call police and comfort the daughter.

Both women had to be treated at the hospital and the owner is scheduled to have surgery for her nose.  In the meantime, the Smiths are at large and facing  warrants for aggravated battery and cruelty to children. 




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    1. Squeeky, have a look at the color of the skin of the people who comforted the teenage girl who had been punched. Have a look at the color of the skin of the woman who called police on her cell phone. They were Black too. You mention the skin color of the perpetrators and call them savages, yet you are strangely silent as to skin color of the Black individuals who comforted the victims and called law enforcement. Shame on you.

      As I have repeated ad nauseum over the past almost three years, the psychopath junkie armed robber puke who shot my firstborn child through the head was a white guy. I have never heard of anyone referring to the animal who shot my kid through the head as a “white savage.” What these animals in this news story did to these poor victims was far less than what was done to my kid, and yet throughout the internet people keep referencing their skin color. Nobody (other than me) has ever made reference to the skin color of the guy who shot my kid.

      Let’s stop referring to people by their skin color, OK?

  1. As LBJ said when he signed the Deal “we’ll have the ‘n’s voting Democrat for the next 50 years.” He actually said that to someone. The Democrats have done no favors for the black citizens of our country.

    1. People always forget that it was the republicans who freed the slaves and the republicans fought against the democrats for decades to preserve the rights of the black citizens of the United States.

  2. Too bad the daughter didn’t have a gun. It could have been a real “teachable moment.”

  3. The video has 5/1/2010 on it. I saw the video a long time ago. Guess this is just red meat for the racists here.

    1. The New York Post ran the story on June 21, 2017. So it happened about a month ago. The 2010 date on the video recorder was not programmed correctly, but the incident happened about 4 weeks ago. And there’s nothing “racist” about the facts. The facts speak for themselves. The fact that two blacks were buying fried chicken, that they resorted to physical violence over a simple disagreement, that the female was named Latasha, that the adult male punched a female in the face, and that they drove off in a Cadillac are the facts. If those facts are stereotypes; well, the perps are responsible for behaving in that manner, not the people who read and comment on it.

    2. Bull shit. Quit being an idiot. It just happened a month or so ago. I guess you’re trying to create red meat to be a racist.

  4. Instead of enjoying chicken and fries in the slammer for two or three years they’ll allege some racial slur was said and walk. Remember BLM.

    1. I doubt that Georgia prisons serve chicken & fries. Probably a plate of grits and a styrofoam cup of Kool-Aid.

  5. Is it just me or does it look like they are already getting too many fries? This is over the top. When I get service like this, I just don’t go back.

    1. Paul S., Haha, you’re right. The last thing that fat guy needs is extra fries!

  6. The people all wiped their arses with Hillary toilet paper in the restrooms of the restaurant.

  7. Life has become very cheap to mankind.
    I wonder if it has anything to do with the lie we are just another species of animals off the evolutionary tree,
    Instead of the Truth we were made in the Image of God?

  8. This was just horrifying to watch. It is frustrating how low the bar is for some people to resort to violence. I feel so bad for the mother and her child. In retrospect, it was not a good idea for her to go outside and tell them the police were on the way. Clearly, some people are dirtbags and dangerous, and if they’ve already crossed the threshold for you to call the cops, don’t walk out and talk to them again. It’s not like they’re suddenly going to find reason and manners. It’s not her fault; this is just a reminder for all of us from Captain Hindsight.

    In situations like this where we see the worst of humanity, it’s heartwarming to witness the good in people, too. It was nice to see the kindness of strangers when those two ladies walked up and hugged the teen. And then there were the other bystanders calling the cops, as well as the employees.

    That poor lady and her kid. If her daughter doesn’t have whiplash from her neck snapping back like that from the blow, I’d be surprised. What kind of gutless sorry excuse for a man hits a girl?

    I don’t think these criminal masterminds are going to be on the lam for long. We’ll have two more healthy people on a time out from society, cooling their heels in a cage because they refuse to be decent. Or BLM will argue they’ll be political prisoners. I’ll bet their chicken is going to be served cold in prison.

  9. This is the typical criminal case in which our “legal” system is ill equipped to administer genuine justice. Because the video caught a clear image of the two criminals, someone will eventually give their names up. The criminals will inevitably already have criminal records and the prosecution will agree to given them probation, characterizing the brutal acts as “simple assault.”

    In my old neighborhood we had much more effective and just ways of dealing with such criminals. A complaint would be made to the neighborhood leader. A search would go out to find the criminals. And then they would be beaten to a pulp, with smashed ribs, dislocated shoulders, and cracked jawbones. They would be lucky to be released from a hospital after 5 days of treatment and surgery. I can recall only one such instance where this form of justice was required. The word seems to get around rather quickly, and the mere notion that such a retribution was certain to happen serves as a powerful deterrent against such criminal activities.

  10. Indefensible: Its definition applies both to the victims and their assailants.

    1. I wonder if you would be a little more specific regarding what you believe is ‘indefensible’ in the behavior of the victims?

      1. The victims served cold and greasy chicken and fries. Lol! An unforgivable sin!

        1. Fried chicken & fries are always greasy. Hot or cold. The complaint was that the chicken wasn’t hot enough and they didn’t get enough fries. So the store owner gave them their money back. That should have been the end of it. They could have taken their money and gone to Popeyes. The physical attack was just gratuitous violence.

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