Chicago Police Issue Warrant To Arrest Northwestern Professor For Murder

Lathem_150-1An arrest warrant was issued Monday for Northwestern Prof. Wyndham Lathem, 42, in connection with the stabbing death of Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, 26, a cosmetologist from Michigan.  Police are also seeking University of Oxford employee Andrew Warren, 56.  The stabbing occurred at Lathem’s address and Cornell-Duranleau’s body showed lacerations.

Lathem has been an associate professor of microbiology-immunology at Northwestern’s Chicago campus since 2007 where he has researched the Black Death.  With the issuance of the warrant, he has been placed on administrative leave and banned from all NU campuses,

andrew warrenThe coroner found that the death was caused by multiple sharp force injuries, according to the Chicago Tribune.   Cornell-Duranleau (right) is a licensed cosmetologist. Cornell-Duranleau’s Facebook page references his work as a hairstylist with a variety of beauty salons.

Lathem was on the faculty of the Department of Microbiology-Immunology page and worked at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine. According to Heavy, he described himself as an “Associate Professor of Microbiology-Immunology at Northwestern Univ., interested in bacterial pathogen evolution and plasminogen activation during infection.”  He received his Ph.D from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2003 in microbiology and his A.B. in Biology from Vassar. He was a research technician for Rockefeller University and was a postdoctoral fellow at Washington University School of Medicine.

Lathem and Warren may have fled together in a gray 2017 Hyundai sedan.

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  1. They’ve surrendered in the Bay Area, one at the Oakland federal building and one to the San Francisco police. That someone like Lathem would fly into a murderous rage and kill his paramour seems wild. That Warren, a late-middle-aged office drone with no known association with either man would participate in such a crime seems wilder still. If Warren had no hand in killing the beautician, why would he flee with Lathem? This all makes no sense.

      1. Correction:

        It’s unclear how the three men knew one another, apart from a Facebook connection between Lathem and Cornell-Duranleau, and authorities have not disclosed any motive except to say the attack may be tied to a domestic incident.

        So we still don’t know how Lathem and Warren are connected…

      1. Hopefully, he will be arrested before he commits suicide. With the video he sent apologizing and making the reported $1,000 donation in the victim’s name might be a sign of him thinking about checking out.

        1. He’s been arrested — or “detained”, anyway. (And so what if he had committed suicide? It might have been the best outcome… Just sayin’.)

          Hey, Darren — The comments don’t seem to be posting in order, if you will. My first comment was about his arrest, but it’s buried in the older comments — or so it seems from my perspective. Thanks.

          1. Some time ago, the ordering of comments was changed to place the most recent comment on top, unlike before where the most recent displayed at the bottom. What we are seeing now is the manner for which the comments were displayed many years ago, at least since 2012 when I first started here.

            Is that what you are seeing ?

  2. California officials detain professor and clerk suspected in Chicago homicide, police say

    By Andrew deGrandpre August 5 at 3:16 AM

    “Authorities in Chicago say a prominent medical scholar from Northwestern University and a British payroll clerk employed by Oxford who are accused of savagely killing a hairstylist last week before fleeing the city have been taken into custody in California.”

  3. They should start trolloing the mississippi from memphis south…that’s where the last microbiologist bailed out. It was ruled a suicide … face it from the pix he wasn’t involved with a hair stylust. This is fake news….black plague was transmitted by lice….crass humor from the agency who gave the grants. Follow the money and research.

    1. Indeed authorities should watch for lice transmitted crap akin to lyme. But that would be beyond their pay grade. See this is a case where the feds need to get involved sooner rather than later….here we have a black plag scientist killing a louse dealer. I am not joking.

  4. If Warren had never been to the states before, had only been in town 3 days, and had no known association with Lathem, how did they identify him at all? They say he’s on security video at the high rise, but how could they match a name with the face?

    Is it conceivable they left on a holiday together about a week ago and the beautician let someone else into the apartment who then killed him? Is it possible Lathem and Warren are in a rented cabin on Lake Michigan and haven’t a clue as to what went down or is going down in Chicago?

  5. I’m confused. Why is this news for the blog? Because it’s Chicago?

    1. Agreed. This is TMZ-level stuff. I think Mespo brought up summer vacation on another thread…..perhaps this is the blog’s version of a trashy beach novel.

      1. I disagree this isn’t tmz stuff….this could be national security “stuff”….do you know what the black plague is/did? And research on it would take lice….and watching “guneia pigs” would take victims….oh like what a hair dresser could do. This is way beyond tmz….at least while it remains unsolved.

    2. FFS, JT went to Northwestern Law School. He often posts stories about his alma mater.

  6. Northwestern seems to be flushing itself down the toilet. And I think all you people are homophobic assuming this is a gay related homicide.

    Just a reminder of what sort of comment would have been written numerous times here @ the Turley blog 5 years ago.

  7. It’s difficult to imagine a sequence of events for this. This fellow Warren is a subaltern employee of a residential college at Oxford. How did he ever meet Latham and what was he doing in Chicago? If this was the result of some meth-fueled rage, is it conceivable that such a thing could be a co-operative venture? Why would one flee with the other if he hadn’t had a hand in killing the beautician?

  8. For full disclosure

    Irrelevant your honor. Why not add, I’m also a professor, white, male, heterosexual, have had my hair done by a gay man, etc? None of which would have helped make this story actually newsworthy, by the way.

  9. Well, now, the good professor was in his own home expressing his personal views about cosmetology in his own unique fashion. We should be careful not to throw shade on his ultra-valuable expressions, They’re of great import to the future of mankind.

  10. Meapo – there may have been sexual assault and the DA will add it later,

  11. Just put out an APB for two old fruitcakes, on the run, in a gray, 2017, Hyundai sedan, sporting a rainbow.

  12. I received a haircut once that made me feel like killing the hairstylist, but I’m not emotional enough to actually do something like that. This was either a complete overreaction to bad service, or a lovers’ quarrel. These gay guys can get really overwrought emotionally.

    1. Very insightful. I thank you and the world thanks you for that little nugget.

        1. Very good, combining both the sound of the word with something that is used for thrusting.

    2. Ah, Squeeky, you’ve stolen my thunder. You are indeed correct that this is a homosexual-based crime, though, of course, nobody wants to talk about this dark side of homosexuality. Two psychologists who have analyzed homosexuals for many years had this to say:

      Dr. Edmund Bergler, the most well known of the psychoanalytic experts on homosexuality in the 1950s, wrote: “Homosexuals are essentially disagreeable people . . . (displaying) a mixture of superciliousness, false aggression, and whimpering . . . subservient when confronted with a strong person, merciless when in power, and unscrupulous about trampling on a weaker person.”

      Or, as described by Dr. Charles Socarides, considered one of the leading more contemporary psychoanalytic authorities on the subject: “Homosexuality . . . is filled with aggression, destruction, and self-defeat, and is a masquerade of life . . . (involving) only destruction, mutual defeat, and exploitation of the partner and the self.”

      “Take a walk on the wild side . . . ” –Lou Reed

      1. True. Most of the homos I have known have an innate b&tchiness and rage thing going. Personally, I think the whole thing is kind of like mental retardation or autism. It is “normal” in the sense that occurs regularly, but not at all any more “normal” than retardation. Some human beings just come out of the oven screwed up. I am also of the opinion that for male homos, there is a big overlap with OCD.

        There is something mentally wrong when these idiots have tons of promiscuous sex while running the risk that 1 in 5 of their hookups has HIV. Is it like a Sekrit Death Wish or something? One day science will figure out what is wrong with them, and maybe it can be medically cured.

        Currently, it is “cured” all the time by people who just get disgusted by it, and just stop doing the perverted stuff. I read somewhere there are more ex-gays than gays. De Blasio is married to one. You might enjoy this one hour descent into madness film, about gay men who intentionally chase the HIV bug. Once you start watching, you can’t stop. It is fascinating:

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Squeeky–

          You really, truly believe that ex-gays, as you put it, exist? Seriously? You think that something as hard-wired, as sexual attraction to the same sex, is something that you can get over, like the cold or a flu? Impossible. No such thing exists. There are no ex-gays–only those homosexuals , who, for whatever reason, have learned to control those impulses and not act upon them. That’s a big difference from being, what you consider, ex-gay.

          1. You think that something as hard-wired, as sexual attraction to the same sex, i

            You’ve confused contemporary intellectual fashion for actual insight into human behavior.

            1. DSS says Squeaky has actual insight into human behavior??? Well, no . . . She didn’t actually say that.

          2. I think many are “born that way”, but that it is not hard-wired in. Maybe it is only “soft-wired in.” One of the problems is, that you can not really tell from the outside, who is gay, or for sure, what being “gay” is. I have given this example before. You walk into a Men’s Room, and there one guy on his knees, who is orally servicing a guy who is standing in front of him. Which of the following things can you say with certainty:

            a) Both men are gay;
            b) Neither man is gay;
            c) The guy on his knees is gay;
            4) The standing guy is gay; or
            5) Nobody knows for sure who is gay.

            IMO, Number 5 is the correct answer. Because you really don’t know what the motivation for these guys is. Standing dude may just be horny and wants sexual release. Kneeling dude may be a prostitute who has a girl friend but does this sort of thing for extra money. Both men may be in prison, and neither is gay, but they need “release.” Both may simply be bi-curious. Who knows???

            Even allowing for self-identification is lacking in consistency.

            With lesbians, being a LUG (Lesbian until graduation) or a “hasbian” is quite common. For example, De Blasio’s wife. One study showed that 85% of self-identifying lesbians were having sex with men during the same time they were having sex with women. IIRC, there was a study where maybe 53% of self identifying gay men had been married to women, and had children.

            You might want to read this:


            Further, consider people who have various fetishes. Do you think that Oswald, who has a shoe fetish, was born hard-wired to need stilletto heels to have an org*sm? Or that, Peabody, who has his fetish, needs what is implied for his? Or that Francis was born hard-wired to need a good spanking to achieve sexual bliss? Or that Bob, who has been married for 40 years, now only has sex with internet porn, not his wife is hard-wired that way.

            That is why I think there is some component of whatever causes OCD with a lot of these people.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Squeaky, will you allow gay men to say for themselves that they are gay? Or is your confusion conclusive on the question?

              1. I don’t have any control over how gay men use their mouths, either what comes out or what goes in. I am not at all sure that “self-identification” does anything except circumvent any science on the matter. If someone is autistic, then there are tests for it, the same with mental retardation. I mean, you don’t get to self-identify as retarded, and then go get benefits.

                With homosexuality, all you really have is behavior, and the behavior is not a 100% sure thing. You don’t really think all those girls in LezzFest 2017 are really lesbians, do you???

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

            2. Squeaky, are there any repressed OCD patients? Are there any repressed developmentally-challenged patients? Are repressed homosexuals actually repressed OCD patients or repressed developmentally-challenged patients? Is repression the only “cure” your confusion will admit? If so, then repress your confusion.

            3. Squeaky, your cluelessness cannot possibly be genuine. Nor will it any longer prove strategic.

        2. Squeaky says the microbiology-immunology professor is mentally retarded??? Well, no . . . She didn’t actually say that.

        3. Squeaky, when was the last time mental-retardation or autism were “cured”–medically or otherwise?

          P.S. Physician, heal thyself.

          1. Well, it hasn’t. And it may not be possible for homosexuals either. Since we are not sure what homosexuality is, or how it occurs, then it seems premature to me to talk about curing it on a large scale basis. However, neither autism nor retardation have that wonderful incentive called an “org*sm” to help change the behavior!

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Squeaky, if nobody knows what homosexuality is, then how is it that you know that homosexuality is mental retardation, OCD and Sado-Masochism?

              If homosexual self-identification obviates scientific research on the subject, then how else should science identify test subjects for research experiments on homosexuality?

              Are you sure that homosexual behavior, itself, is not a scientific test for homosexual behavior, itself? Because the test subjects occasionally deny it. And if the test subjects admit it, then you deny it. From the scientific point of view, Squeaky, your antinomy altogether defines homosexuality out of existence. Whence you have no complaint. And yet you’re complaining. Why? Because you enjoy using your pretense of cluelessness to advocate political repression of homosexuality.

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