Alabama Police Work One Month To Bust A Guy Named Yahweh With One Pound Of Pot

yahweh-820x430In Morgan City, Alabama, Jonathan Wright heard from a celestial being that should should change his name to Yahweh.  What was skipped in the conversation was a discussion about not doing drugs, or at least not out of your house yards away from a public school. Having said that, Yahweh was not exactly the deity of drug dealers.  Police found roughly one pound of marijuana after working for a whole month on the case.

Police raided the house near Hartselle Intermediate School.  They arrested Darrin Gurliaccio and Jonathan Wright on three counts of Unlawful Distribution of Marijuana.  They also found several thousand dollars and items used in marijuana resale.

Local media was much more interested in busting a guy named Yahweh than it was about police staking out a house for a month to nail two stoners with a pound of pot.

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  1. Not even funny. Drugs are killing ppl in alabama. Generaly the cops do nothing except possession that makes them 700 bucks richer in muni…indeed there is an incentive to let dealers keep dealing it’s like fractional loans-banking. Good for hartsell for clwaning up their streets….

    1. Now in my town the only reason a guy got busted with 400 pounds and 2 lbs cocaine is because he got shot ….drove to fast food narked and died. Otherwise the city and sheriff would have happily let him run. And took their cut both on the street and at possesor or o paraphenalia court….they prefer the later like it is a “break” really they just like the fine revenue..
      .had they done possession man would be in jail so they couldn’t get repeat para fines….and the network wld clam. Revenues wld go down. Hartsell should prove it is serious…

  2. “In this sensitive interview, we discuss some of the most difficult and sensitive subjects of our time, including the abuse of power, the criminalization of citizens, the ineffective war on drugs,…”

    “Annie Machon is the director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) in Germany, a former British Secret Service Intelligence Officer and the co-author of Spies, Lies, and Whistleblowers (with David Shaler).

    “In this sensitive interview, we discuss some of the most difficult and sensitive subjects of our time, including the abuse of power, the criminalization of citizens, the ineffective war on drugs, what defiled leadership is really like, why whistleblowers absolutely must be protected, and how deeply intelligence collecting activities have violated our lives and our right to privacy. We ask Annie Machon difficult questions that get to the heart of a global surveillance culture and a military industrial complex with a life of its own that appears to be so large that most of us could not fathom its tentacles and ramifications. This interview is not for the faint of heart!”

  3. If a nation is free, the free people who inhabit it are free to ingest substances.

    Causing damage to property and causing injury to others are crimes.

    Congress has power to tax for General Welfare, not Individual Welfare,

    and no tax dollars may be spent on substance abusers.

  4. Meanwhile in Kern County, CA:

    Former sheriff’s deputies sentenced to probation for conspiring to sell drugs they stole

    BY STEVEN MAYER Aug 7, 2017 9

    FRESNO — Two former Kern County sheriff’s deputies, Logan August and Derrick Penney, who conspired with another law enforcement officer to sell drugs they stole from evidence lockers, were sentenced here Monday morning to probation. They will do no prison time.

    The disgraced officers, who both admitted to besmirching the badge and betraying their fellow officers, their families and the community, had faced maximum sentences of five years.

    But in an extraordinary and tearful sentencing hearing presided over by U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence O’Neill, the two officers were spared prison time by the judge, who was clearly moved by the defendants’ remorse, their decision to voluntarily confess everything to investigators, the pain the families have already suffered, and the unwavering support the two wives have given their husbands.

    “Being the wife of a law enforcement officer is not easy,” the judge told Tiffany August and Callie Penney after asking both women to stand.

    (The judge drew the line with meth…)

    Unlike the two BPD officers who faced more serious charges, August and Penney will not see a jail cell.

    Mara and his former BPD partner, Damacio Diaz, are currently serving five-year sentences in federal prison for stealing methamphetamine and putting it back on the streets for profit.

    All four former cops have admitted to their crimes.

    (“…the judge once worked in law enforcement…”)

    1. The guys admitted theft and conspiracy for dealing drugs and they get probation? I think there are a lot of guys doing felony time for similar activities and they didn’t use a badge to do it. wtf

      1. As noted above:

        “…the judge once worked in law enforcement…”, but who knows.

        I agree. They should be held to a higher standard…

  5. First of all, I have hair envy for the guy on the left. If that’s Yahweh, what hair products does he use???

    I agree that this was a lot of effort to yield a bust for one pound of pot. However, the article mentioned that they had paraphernalia used for pot resale. I could be wrong, but I assume that this bust was for pot dealers. They just happened to only have a lb on hand when they were busted. The cops couldn’t have known, presumably, that they had already sold or smoked most of their inventory.

    I am heavily conflicted on pot legalization. This hodgepodge of state legalization laws in violation of federal drug laws leads to instances like these, where people can be arrested in one state for what would be legal and heavily taxed in another state. Well, unless they were selling without a license.

    Secondly, I have a unique perspective from living in a rural area. People in LA want to be able to buy pot, so they’ve legalized it for recreational use as well as medical use. They’ve got their dispensaries in LA, but they don’t want it grown commercially near where kids and schools are. It’s grown commercially in a few industrial areas in LA, behind high walls and armed guards. So…where do they put most of the commercial pot farms? Why, where they put the rest of the garbage, in rural areas! I just recently visited family and friends from Northern CA and Central CA, and there are pot farms and ads for hydroponics ALL OVER. The people I know hate them. One of the big fires up north was caused by a pot farm. One of my friends has 2 neighbors who grow pot commercially because there is a spring on their mountain. One grower has a vicious dog they use to deter thieves, so all the neighbors had to reinforce their fencing to avoid getting attacked. They stink and attract drug users, so my friend has to now be very careful about her grandkids. As drug usage goes up, crime goes up. And most people I know do not want to live near a drug production farm. It attracts thieves, there have been shootings, and they STINK. There are people on my street who want to farm pot and I’m angry about it. There are even problems with growing those 6 plants for personal use. I have a friend who lives in a condo. One of the residents has a license to grow pot for medicinal use. Her neighbor is a single mom with a young kid. The pot stinks to high heaven, and it goes through the air conditioning vents and even the walls to the unit next door. This mom’s unit reeks of pot, so she and her kid reek of pot. I wonder if her kid would test positive for THC if he smells like pot. Does the aroma have enough volatile oils to make someone test positive without actually smoking it? I suppose that’s a question for Darren.

    I am all for medicinal use. But pot is already 7 times stronger than it was in the 1960s. They are well on their way to ruining it and making it another hard drug to be abused, so I have reservations for legalizing it for recreational use. It does have medicinal benefits. However, it should not be treated as an agricultural product like tomatoes. It is a drug. And commercially growing it is not really farming, it’s drug production. I don’t want it growing near residences, agricultural areas, schools – pretty much anywhere you would not want drugs produced out in the open. There are also security concerns. Pot plants growing out in the open without walls or guards are just going to attract thieves, who may stop by all the lucky neighbors and businesses nearby.

    Marijuana is also a thirsty crop. It is frustrating to see farmers’ wells be capped so they can no longer grow vegetables or orchards, as well as the war on almond farmers, and yet now we see this surge in pot farms that use a huge amount of water. Is it the pot or the tax revenue that creates the double standard?

    I am tired of rural areas being the trash cans for the cities. The cities have the votes, so we do not have the power of self determination in unincorporated areas. Anything that is desired, but “not in my backyard” ends up here. We get landfills, nuclear power plants, pedophiles, dog kennels, the projected noise of high speed rail, and anything else that stinks in rural areas and Indian reservations, it seems. People in cities want those sorts of things “far away”, and we’re the definition of far away. I was all for legalizing it for medicinal use, but the pop up of pot farms in rural areas, and all the problems they’ve caused for their neighbors have begun to sour me on the idea. I am conflicted. One again a progressive idea had negative unintended consequences.

    I think that if someone in a city votes for something, it should go in their backyard, not mine. Unincorporated areas should decide what goes into their areas.

    Here is a link to shootings on pot farms:…169950.172409.0.172564.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..22.0.0.yglWZK3H8jI

    1. Karen S – maybe the train to nowhere can go to the pot farms. They will become the new Napa Valley. A new tourist industry will arise. You can take it to tour of the various pot farms and smoke your way through them.

      1. Noooooo! Don’t give them any ideas! They already passed 2 gas taxes to help fund that monstrosity.

  6. I believe the impetus for the police making a month long investigation was the proximity of the crime scene to the school. That usually aggravates sentencing of a possession with intent to distribute charge. If that is the case in this state, it is because the legislature likely intended to crack down on illegal drug sales to children.

    1. I checked yesterday. All Americans — those on the right, left and anywhere in between — should care.

      July 26, 2017, 11:45 a.m.

      “Congressman Steve Scalise has made excellent progress in his recovery from a life-threatening gunshot wound six weeks ago. Yesterday, he was discharged from MedStar Washington Hospital Center and is now beginning a period of intensive inpatient rehabilitation. He is in good spirits and is looking forward to his return to work once he completes rehabilitation. He and his family are grateful for the care he received from the trauma team as well as the other doctors, nurses, and staff of MedStar Washington Hospital Center. The family also appreciates the outpouring of prayers and support during this time.”

        1. @ frankly:

          Just more “Leftist spew”, you know. : )

          “Good news”, as you say.

          1. We generally are a non-violent sort. Don’t believe in the death penalty or hitting our children. 🙂

      1. Elaine Magliaro, aka: anonymous, likes to saturate all threads w/ her links.

        I thought John Dingell was dead.

        1. The MSM coverage of a left wing nut killing and maiming Republicans is covered quite differently than a right wing nut killing a Democrat. And, I see the right wing nut’s former teachers are violating HIPPA in giving out confidential psychiatric info on the right wing nut.

          On the topic of left wing nut’s, I’ve been watching the Unabomber miniseries, so far it’s disappointing.

        2. You must really miss Elaine, Nick.

          Don’t like the links? Feel free to scroll on by…

            1. So it’s crystal clear to both you and the good professor, Nick.

              But keep laughin’.

        3. No, he was just brain dead like Maxine Waters. If you electroshock them, they come to life long enough to to mumble something incoherent, and then go back to their coma.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Yeah — I’d like to see you fight in a real war, Squeeks. I doubt that you’d last very long.

            1. Oh, I would be a crafty fighter! I would find some really trite and banal poetry, and read it to them over the propaganda channel, and while they were busy laughing or throwing up, then I would be upon them! Like an Assyrian Wolf! Or whatever that was in the Bible. Or was it an English Romantic Poem???

              I don’t know, but it was some kind of critter, and it just made hay out of the enemies.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

              1. What a sexist comment, Elaine. I would want Squeek alongside me in a battle. Women hatin’ on non liberal women. Camille Paglia speaks eloquently on that topic.

            1. Oh blah, blah, blah. Some BLM thug or neo-fascist antifa dork got run over. I think I shall hardly sleep tonite for the sheer horror of it. Not.

              Besides, isn’t it Antifa who teaches us that it is “OK to hit a Nazi???” By extension, I guess it is OK to run over a Nazi, too.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

            2. anonymous – does anyone remember John Dingell condemning the rioting in Fergeson? Surely he is complicit.

  7. Jeff “Henry Gibson” Sessions home state is leading his all out War on Cannabis. What a joke!

  8. It’s a testament to the evils of blindly following orders, that the retards in blue will trample the rights of any of the slaves on the plantation that dare to assert the sovereignty that the Declaration of Independence asserts that we have. Do you own your body or do the thugs in blue own your body?

  9. Which, this is exactly why President Duterte (aka Duterte Harry!) of the Phillipines is right to just start shooting down the druggies in the streets.

    No country is ever going to solve the drug and gang problem by arresting dealers, and taking them to court, and them letting them out in a few years, and then arresting them again, ad nauseum. Dealers need to be killed, period. And quickly. Then, a few years later, addicts need to be killed.

    That is the only sensible way to handle the problem. This one year of effort for a pound of pot, is no different than the FBI spending three or four years, or more, and millions of dollars to catch a John Gotti type. Big whoopee! But, the Mob goes on.

    Meanwhile, the cops, the FBI, the lawyers, the judges, the prison administrators, the guards, etc., all make a nice living off the government or the proceeds of the criminality, while ordinary Americans lose their kids to drugs, violence, and the stupidity of it all. It would be like trying to arrest a guy in the Wehrmacht in WWII, or one of the Nips, and give them a trial. That whole due process thing just doesn’t work when you have large numbers of organized criminals. Or even large number of unorganized criminals.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky,
      It’s not the job of government to get involved in ANYTHING, unless it has to
      do with protecting my sovereign rights. That is IF one believes in the principles that this country was founded upon.

    2. Squeeky – I just watched the the documentary Cocaine Cowboys and the number of deaths the dealers were responsible for was unbelievable.

      1. I’d believe it. The whole drug thing is nothing but death and destruction. Sorry, but civilized life in a technological society isn’t going to work with stoned out and f*cked up dope fiends. Do you really want your surgeon to be a meth head, or your next door neighbor to be some guy who keeps losing his job because he shoots up heroin???

        Sheeesh, but this whole “rights” thing can be taken too far, and end up destroying civilization.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

      2. Paul:

        I’m not sure the dealers are responsible for them. It’s pretty indirect, like holding Ford Motor Company responsible for some guy running a stop sign in a Focus and smashing into you. Oh they’re responsible for selling the stuff but the actor commits the act; the seller merely sells the means.

        1. mespo – in this the Cocaine Queen was directly responsible for 200 deaths, not including two husbands.

      3. Pauly,

        Legalize it, and the cartels would be out of business, and the violence would associated with it would too.
        Did you not learn anything about prohibition whenever Prohibition was responsible for the rise of gangsters and the Mafia…which J. EDNA Hoover said didn’t exist?

        Your position, like that of the Squeeky one, is woefully out of date and reason. You both should be embarrassed to put your ignorance on public display.

        1. billmcwilliams – I have seen the damage alcohol and drug addiction have done. I have seen the problems with even recreational pot use in my class room. I do support legalized marijuana for medical uses but not for recreation. I am fine with alcohol as long as people keep under the legal limit and smokers are hazardous to my health.

    3. The most destructive and costly [in every way] addiction in our country is alcoholism. Would you have all the alcoholics killed?

      1. JRprince – addictions of all types are hard to get over and very destructive. Would you have all addicts killed? Actually one of the hardest addictions to get over is cigarette smoking. It is tougher to stop smoking then to stop taking heroin. Now, if you are of age, both cigarette smoking and the drinking of alcohol are legal. So is gambling in some states. But gambling is very addictive. Sex can be addictive. So, JR, what is your vice?

        1. Pauly,

          Why do you always try to change the subject in order to hide your inability to deal with the illogic of your blatherings? It’s unbecoming and certainly not the thing to do. This is 2017, not 1817.

          1. billmcwilliams – why are you butting in where you are not invited? Very rude.

      2. Alcohol is legal, and alcohol is not causing the deaths of large numbers of non-users, outside of DWI victims. I would support a death penalty for those causing deaths while either DWI or DUI, with a standard reasonably higher than .008.

        Further, alcohol isn’t destroying whole countries the way drugs are.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Squeaker

          Your attempts to sound cute are as boring as your ignorance. Drug LAWS are the cause of most of the problems. Alcohol and cigarettes are almost as dangerous as your uninformed – or intentionally ignorant views.

          1. That is your OPINION, Bill, and one that is probably influenced by your own Dope Fiendery. Or is it Dope Fiendness???

            But, yeah the problem with this:


            is the Law. Not the “this.” Have you ever thought about a career in Rocket Science??? If not, then you are doing at least one thing right!

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

    4. Prohibition leads to cops raping citizens over a plant that’s killed less people than aspirin. Ain’t it grand.

      comment I read about a woman that is suing Po Po for raping her after suspecting that she had MJ.
      She did. About enough for one joint.

      Most police stops are for the purpose of trying to escalate a minor infraction into a DUI or drug bust.

      1. Hallelujah! You are for reducing the size of government! Here’s the problem, and it’s kind of like Soylent Green. A city like Ferguson, for example, has a huge black population, and the blacks are sooo busy making b*st*rd kids, and taking drugs, and engaging in mayhem, that they can’t or won’t produce respectable incomes. Part if it isn’t their fault, because seriously, who wants to hire a bunch of ignorant blacks with bad attitudes? It’s easier to just hire Hispanics. Plus, the black guys who do make decent money are selling drugs, and that is not taxable.

        Sooo, the city is left with all the costs of the black populations, like fixing vandalism, cleaning up after them, providing social services for them, policing them, protecting the decent people from them, and wasting tons of money trying to teach the little moneys in school. All this without a good source of revenue, because if they raise money on the productive white folks, and the few productive blacks, then those people will just move out to the suburbs and say, “Screw it!”

        Sooo, where to get the money to pay for the blacks, without killing the White Golden Goose??? AHA! They just start “consuming” the poor blacks to pay for all the problems caused by poor blacks! That is why they write stupid tickets, and try to turn traffic stops into DWI’s and DUI’s and driving without insurance, and on suspended licenses.

        It’s a numbers game, and my guess is, that over time they will not get enough blood from the black turnips for the system to work, but like Little Black Sambo, (or was it Baloo the Bear???) they got a Tiger by the Tail, and they can’t let go.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

    5. Hey Lynette. Have you heard from Charlie lately? Which Beatles’ lyrics did Charlie distort into the fatwa “death to drug dealers?” Does this mean that The Manson Family doesn’t do drugs anymore? Or that you did too many? How will Charlie continue misinterpreting Beatles’ lyrics without the drugs, Lynette? Is it a mere coincidence that you want to dispense with the rule of law in favor of murder? You’re already out of the closet as an avowed RaHoWan. Why not admit your membership in The Manson Family, as well, Lynette?

    1. You love rights being violated it seems. I bet you would have cheered the rounding up of Jews by the Nazi police….. I really don’t see much difference. Both are cases of government claiming to own people and their bodies, and that they have no rights…

  10. Of course if you are in the pot business then you have to weigh. i.e. Ya Weigh. Or Yahweh is the Alabama spelling.

    1. It is reported that he has a brother who goes by the name Eyeweh.
      You weigh, I weigh, we all weight together.
      One pound of pot is good for the whole day.

  11. IMHO 1 Timothy 4:1-3 is about God’s green herb:
    1 Timothy 4 (KJV) Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
    2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
    3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
    The word “meats” in verse 1 Timothy 4: 3 links back to the word “meat” in Genesis 1:29.  And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
    Can you think of one herb/meat created by YeHoVah that people have been commanded to abstain from besides the cannabis sativa plant. Hemp for food (hemp seeds are a super food) and cannabis for medicine. (THC oil kills cancer)
    Also, after the Fall in Genesis 3:18 Adam is commanded to eat the herb of the field. After the flood in Genesis 9:3 God describes His beloved herb as being green.
    I know it seems like a stretch but it looks like 1 Timothy 4:1-2 is describing folks like our Attorney General Jeff Sessions. If these billion dollar industries were returned to the people we could grow our own hemp for food and cannabis for medicine – the globalist’s nightmare.

    1. Most people aren’t smoking pot for medicinal purposes any more than some dude is taking Xanax because of anxiety problems. They smoke pot and take drugs because they’re dope fiends and like to get high.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. My wife has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectol cancer. She has never smoked cannabis before and she’s not a drinker. None of us have taken opioids. But, since being diagnosed and doing radiation – the only thing that helps her with her pain is smoking cannabis. She is also taking the Rick Simpson THC oil which she thinks is starting to shrink the tumor. We are hoping and praying for a full recovery since we have a house full of kids and a grand daughter. We’d all be lost without her.

        1. Sad for your wife, and hope she gets better. But, does that obviate what I said, that MOST people don’t smoke pot for medicinal purposes??? Because MOST pot smokers don’t have Stage 3 cancer. I would bet about 99% of them don’t have it, and are simply Dope Fiends trying to get high. Or low, whichever.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

            1. Henpmeister – I have been on two cancer support teams and am a cancer survivor myself. I can be exhausting. Best wishes.

        2. Hempmeister – so sorry to hear about your wife. I hope she recovers and is with you for a good long while.

          I like your name, as hemp is one of my favorite plants. It’s uses are myriad, and it cannot be abused. You could smoke it all day and never get high. For high rainfall areas, this would make a wonderful crop. We really should grow it here in the US, although there are issues with differentiating it from pot.

          I support medical marijuana, but have issues with production. See my comment above.

          1. Oh, you may want to try a different delivery system than smoking. It can irritate the lungs, and smoke of any kind often is carcinogenic. I would not be surprised if they discover that smoking pot causes lung cancer or lung damage. Right now the jury is out on carcinogenic properties, but it has been shown to cause respiratory problems. She may want to explore other delivery systems.


  12. Is it just me or is there some major event in the news that Turley has failed to post on? Can’t wait to read his response and of course… the comments.

    1. I’m curious to see how the usual suspects here are going to pretzel themselves trying to blame it all on the Clintons…

      1. They will blame in on; the Clinton’s, Obama, Black Lives Matter, Sharia Law, and for good measure Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch. I heard one Fox News commentator suggest that the only 500 nuts in the whole country came to Charlottesville and this was an aberration as opposed to something far more prevalent than talked about in proper company. The “usual suspects” may be as reluctant as Trump to call out the Klan, Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists. We will see?

        1. What about the folks the crazy right was fighting with? Takes two to tango.

          And what about all the urban rioting. IIRC, a dangerous thug was shot by police, and the folks rioted and looted. Any opinion on that?

          1. goodbeavis – do you want me to comment on the police shooting or the rioting? If the shooting is justified, I support it. I never support rioting.

          2. Two to tango? Not necessarily when only one side comes with weapons and an attitude of violence. A police chief who chooses to not “interfere” doesn’t help matters any.

                1. Oh. I thought you had finally woke up. Anyway, let’s try with you. Do you agree that even White Supremacists and KKKer’s have a right to hold a rally free from violence?

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

                  PS: I bet this is the most fun you have had since Poor Old Trayvon Martin got gunned down while he was trying kill George Zimmerman! I can just see you buzzing around in High Dudgeon.

          3. It actually doesn’t take two to tango. The groups involved have quite a history of lynching and killing innocent victims as they did again in Charlottesville.

        2. Gee, but in this country, even white supremacists, the KKK, and American Nazis have the same free speech rights as all Americans. The Antifa neo-fascists and BLM decided to violently bust up the rally, and prevent someone else from having their free speech rights, sooo I don’t feel sorry at all for one of them getting run over.

          But, let’s hear from you! Do you agree that in America, even the KKK ought to be able to hold a rally free from violent protesters? Or, do you disagree?

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

            1. Gee, we get some name-calling, but as usual, no logical response. Same question to you, you supposedly, “non-fascist” person:

              Do you agree that in America, even the KKK ought to be able to hold a rally free from violent protesters? Or, do you disagree?

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

                  1. You are “happy” because a young woman, mother of a 13 year old, was run down why a white supremacist while peaceably protesting? WTF is wrong with you?

                    1. She was a neo-Nazi. I don’t typically cry when neo-Nazis bite the dust. Instead, I think I shall order some Sesame Chicken in celebration!

                      Sheeesh, you idiot, Ilsa Koch was a mother to two sons! Did that excuse her actions???

                      Plus, what is wrong with YOU to the point you can’t answer the question I asked???

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                  2. SFGR, the attacks on you more than prove your point.
                    i get tired of people constantly drawing the line by insisting that you listen to them and accept their spew but they themsleves have their own brand of spew.

                    1. Thank you, Roscoe! I think the Latent Nazism in some of these people is obvious when they can’t bring themselves to admit that in America, even White Supremacists and KKKer’s have the same Free Speech rights as everybody else. And that anybody who takes baseball bats to their rallies to bust it up, are nothing but Neo-Fascists themselves.

                      J H Kunstler has a good article today on that point:


                      Just hit the Smoke and Fire link at the site. I can’t link directly to it from here, because the spam filter doesn’t like the secondary name on the blog, “clusterf–knation”.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    2. Roscoe, Lynette is coughing up flimsy excuses for murder while attempting to hide behind The First Amendment. That is spew, Roscoe. The right to assemble is not a right to murder. The homicide offender in this case was in no way whatsoever facing the imminent threat of lethal force being deployed against him. So the homicide offense is not justifiable on the principle of self-defense. Meanwhile, Lynette remains busy trying to instigate RaHoWa in America; and you’re covering for her, Roscoe. Renounce Manson Family Values. Renounce.

                    3. Diane – we will have to see what argument the defense attorney makes. We know you are not an attorney and never played one on TV so I am not sure you have especial expertise on defense strategies.

                  3. The reason that someone ingests a substance is quite frankly no one’s damn business, and certainly not a criteria to determine if ingesting substances is an innate inalienable right or not. Which it most certainly is.

                    1. Which is only true in Libertarian LaLa Land, where nothing your neighbors do ever come back to haunt you. Sorry, but if your neighbors choose to be Heroin Addicts, they are going to stay in their own yard and do it. They will steal your stuff, and have to be supported by your tax dollars, and when homeless, while poop in your yard, and cause property values to go down, and have kids they can’t support, and need medical care they can’t pay for, and need food stamps, and eventually need free needles, and a gov’t supplied home, with utilities so that they can be drug addicts some more! Plus, they can still vote for Democrats if they are still alive.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                1. Obviously, you are incapable of answering the question, as to whether KKKers should be able to hold a rally free from violence. I must assume then, that you are a neo-fascist, a “new-Nazi”. Have you bought your Brown Shirt, and hobnail boots yet? I think maybe Amazon is having a sale on them.

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

                  1. These losers weren’t just holding a rally, THEY were protesting the decision by a duly-elected city council, to remove a statute of Robert E. Lee.

                    1. Let’s see if you can answer the question. So far, neither Ken nor Enigmaindemocrat can. Do even KKKers have a right to hold a rally and exercise their free speech rights, free from violence?

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                      PS: Yeah, it is a “trick” question. Because if you say “yes”, then that puts the Antifa and BLM thugs into the role of being neo-fascist brown shirters. Which, I suspect is why nobody has answered the question yet.

                  2. Lynette, did Charlie teach you that murder is free speech? Which Beatles’ lyrics did Charlie shamelessly misinterpret as stating that those who protest against murderous terror are supposedly neo-nazis depriving klansmen of their First-Amendment rights? When will The Manson Family stop inciting murder as a defense against criticism, Lynette?

          1. Look at the footage. Your buddies were violent. They beat black people even before they killed the lady.

          2. The flaw in America is the pure racism of the unconstitutional artificial status of “Affirmative Action Privilege.”

            Were the American Founders “…white supremacists, the KKK, and American Nazis…?”

            “…free white person,…may…become a citizen…”

            The American Founders ratified it three times:

            Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795 and 1802

            “Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof…”

            The American Founders wrote it in the Preamble:

            “…to ourselves and our posterity,…”

            What was their “original intent?”

          3. Let me get this straight Squeeky, the calm, non-violent Klan and Nazis that brought shields, sticks, and guns (and were told to do so) were set upon by the wicked people that violated their rights. The one part I’m certain about is that you don’t feel sorry for the woman that was not just run over… she was murdered. That speaks volumes. BTW, the KKK were violent protesters.

            1. When people take this sort of stuff to the streets, then this is what you get. If Heather disagreed with the people at the rally, then her answer is to go to her own rally, where a bunch of SJWs can hug each other or whatever, and engage in hate speech about how mean White People are. But, if you want to join in with the people trying to get out there and stir it up with the other side, then I have no sympathy for her.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

              1. That’s a tad rough, Sqeaks. Her naïveté notwithstanding, she’s allowed to be out there with the other dolts screaming “we own the streets.” I sympathize with folks trying to do what they think is right. No call to run her down like a dog in the street.

                1. I am not happy that she is dead, but I am not crying either. I do feel sorry for her little dog.

                  LEGALLY, Scotus has recognized the right to protest, but I think they are wrong. The language says that people have the right to peacefully assemble, and petition the government for redress.

                  When you expand that “right” to the generalized “right to protest”, then this is what you get. A bunch of mob violence.

                  If BLM comes to town, then I hate them, and think they are delusional racists. But I would never go to one of their rallies or speeches and try to disrupt it. Because they have a right to rally, and what I would be doing is more trying to interfere with their Free Speech rights, then I would be advancing my own Free Speech rights.
                  Not to mention that BLM is well known for being a violent gang of thugs, so I would have to pack weaponry of some kind. I would not expect to fall off in there and start singing Dixie, while waving a Rebel Flag, and not get some violence.

                  This girl was 32 years old, and presumably not a complete imbecile. She chose to “confront” people in the company of a bunch of Antifas, BLMs, and SJWs. She has surely seen the news and knows that violence is a likely result. She assumed the risk, and was clearly in the wrong, trying to shut down the White Supremacist’s free speech rights, so she knew what she was risking. On the top of that, it was a dumb undertaking and one only to satisfy her narcissistic needs to virtue signal.

                  I think I will instead choose to feel sorry for the little puppy who was born without front legs, and is not yet old enough for wheels. I saw that on youtube.

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

                  1. Lynette, your argument literally holds the murder victim responsible for her own murder while excusing her murderer on the grounds that he was merely exercising his right to assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievance in the very act of murdering the very woman whom you hold responsible for her own murder.

                    You cannot possibly be anyone else other than the original Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, attempted assassin of President Gerald R. Ford, charter member of The Manson Family, apostle of a false Messiah, instigator of RaHoWa in America and shameless misinterpreter of the lyrics to Beatles’ songs.

                    1. Diane – how do you know Charlie Manson is not a Messiah, and I think Charlie just was a few years early interpreting the Beatle’s lyrics. Look at the Helter Skelter we have had since then.

      1. Ken: “Blog is complicit and more often than not out right racist.”


      2. I wouldn’t go as far as saying the blog is out right racist. I think Turley knows his base and doesn;t want to say anything to offend them much like Trump. I think he provides a space where racists feel very comfortable saying racist things and then of course, denying their racism.

          1. A Rasmussen poll showings black people are the most racist. What was Fox News busy? I would agree with you that black people are likely more “race conscious.” In general, they are more readily identifiable and more likely to elicit a race based response to their actions and presence.

            1. They also believe other African Americans are the most racist group too so whom am I to argue with them? Btw Rasmussen was the most accurate poll in the last two election cycles but if you want to fight the facts have at it.

              1. If so, explain to me this unintelligible division in the black community over so-called Shadism? I understand that some A-As consider other members of the race who are darker complected to be somehow inferior. If true, that is blatant intraracial racism. I read about it here:

                And I have heard it, albeit infrequently, mentioned in the black community.

                1. Mespo, both you and Enigma already know the answer to the question you posed to him. House slaves were treated better than field slaves; and female house slaves were more likely to be impregnated by their owners and masters. When did resentment of a privileged position become evidence of racism against one’s own race?

                    1. Diane – this is a broad-brush statement and I am not going to take your word for it.

              2. There are Black-separatists and Black-nationalists. They have a thing or two in common with segregationists. But a belief in racial superiority or racial supremacy is not one of them.

            2. Enigma, the poll shows only that the majority population believe that Whites are victims of racism perpetrated against them by Blacks

              1. They watch Fox News where “reverse racism” is beaten into their brains. I’d like to hear from any of you your personal experiences with reverse racism?

                1. enigma – I have been turned down for jobs because I was the wrong race, sex and age. I have had students hurl racial slurs at me claiming that I am the racist, even though my grading could not be fairer and is race neutral. I was assaulted by two blacks in college. I only held that against them, not blacks as a group. Does that answer your question?

                  1. Not really, I’m not denying your experiences. Some I don’t see as discrimination, others I would need more information. Discrimination (as opposed to racism) requires an element of power and control. I can hate you (I don’t) and be unable to discriminate against you. In the classroom, the students who blamed you and hurled insults did not discriminate against you, they were unable to. The assault I don’t think I can label as discrimination (while it may have been racist) without having some additional element of which I’m unaware.
                    The failure to be hired for a job because of being the wrong “race, sex, and age” is possibly discriminatory. The specific circumstances would have to be explored. The number of hypotheticals grows exponentially from here so if you’d like to provide details I could provide my opinion.

                    1. enigma – racism does not require power. Discrimination requires power. Other than that I don’t want to get into my back history. 🙂

                    2. I think we agreed that discrimination requires power. I would take that to a place you might not in that most people who perceive they’ve faced “reverse racism” have not. Still looking for examples from someone.

                2. Enigma, half the people I worked with for more than 25 years were Black. Almost half of my neighbors for almost 20 years now have been Black. I have no personal experience of reverse racism to report to you.

                  P. S. I’ve never invited any of my neighbors nor any of my co-workers over for dinner, nor vice-versa.

      3. Ken:
        By your participation here and under your contorted logic, that would make you racist, too! It’s fun name calling and finding fault, right? Now conversation, that’s hard work most Leftists aren’t up too.

        1. Mespo, since when did resentment of a privileged position become evidence of racism against any race?

    2. Yes, enigmainblackcom, I was thinking the same thing. I also wonder what the purpose was for this post: criticism of the local media, criticism of the police, criticism of a guy who is using the name “Yahweh”, diversion of attention away from the failures of Tangerine Man,or just what? Certainly in the overall scheme of things, the subject of today’s post isn’t high priority.

      Maybe JT just can’t bring himself to criticize Tangerine Man, especially when his failures are so blatant that there is bipartisan criticism. Hummmm…res ipsa loquitur.

      1. I don’t begrudge Turley talking about any and everything he chooses. Talk about Yahweh if he wants. It’s telling that he actually wrote about Charlottesville in The Hill yet unlike as far as I can tell everything else he publishes there, he didn’t here. I suspect why, I wonder what he’d say?

      1. This woman was NOT a neo-fascist. She was a young mother, peacefully standing against white supremacists, many of whom didn’t even live in the community, but who thought they had a right to take to the streets to protest a decision by a local elected body to remove remnants of the Civil War that many found offensive. It was a majority vote by a duly-elected local governmental unit. She was mowed down by a car driven by a 20 year-old apparent misfit from Ohio. Why was he there, anyway? How did the decision by a town in Virginia to remove a statute affect his life in Ohio? These white supremacists came to start a riot, which is why they were wearing helmets, and carried shields and weapons. They were not there merely to
        express their free speech. They were there to start trouble.

        Your posts establish that you are a hateful, racist, xenophobe who is against anyone who isn’t white, Christian and straight. Again: WTF is wrong with you?

        1. What a fascist twerp you are! Let’s see, you said, “. . .but who thought they had a right to take to the streets to protest a decision by a local elected body. . .”.

          Yeah. They “thought” they had that “right” because of a little thingy called the FIRST AMENDMENT.

          Sooo, is that your answer to my question???

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Lynette, the right to assemble is not a right to murder. Try to distinguish between Charlie’s apocalyptic race-war vision versus The Constitution of the United States of America, Lynette. One cannot claim protection from The First Amendment to commit murder. Charles Manson, himself, is living proof of that fact, Lynette.

            1. Diane – attacking Squeeky is not going to come to a good end. She has access to Lexis-Nexis, do you? She is an excellent researcher. And she has a long memory.

        2. Natacha – a car driven into a crowd is a deadly weapon. Your perpetrator teamed armed as well. Also, the police had said they wouldn’t be able to defend the site. So, if I were one of the participants I would’ve brought some kind of self-defense device.

        3. “Affirmative Action Privilege”

          Can we get rid of that unconstitutional racism now?

          Oh no. Parasites can’t make it without their “free stuff.”

          That’s what everyone strives for; to be an artificial citizen, right?

      2. Hear, hear!

        The State Committee for Television and Radio


        the Ministry of Propaganda and Indoctrination,

        AKA, the Main Stream Media,

        would have America believe that people

        holding a peaceful, permitted rally

        attacked themselves and withheld

        police protection from themselves.

        And that the President must oppose

        freedom of speech and assembly and

        only one, not all, radical groups.

        1. George, you’re wallowing, again. Why do you harbor so much self-pity, George? Have you ever attended The Passion Play of Oberammergau, George?

        1. No, that is probably just what she was, though. The White Supremacists had a right to have a rally, and then Antifa and BLM and the SJW’s show up to “protest.” If the chick had a lick of sense, she would have been at home taking care of her kid, and not out there trying to mix it up on the streets.

          Do you agree that even White Supremacists and KKKer’s have a right to hold a rally without violence?

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Even they have the right, when their goal is to cause violence, they should face great consequences. When they are publicly identified for what they are, ostracized.

            1. The White Folks just went to have a rally. But knowing the Left’s Brown Shirt propensity to violence, they went with some protection. It was the Antifa and BLM Thugz who went to cause violence. It is what they do. They violently shut down people they disagree with, like the true neo-fascists they are.

              So, by all means, call out Antifa and BLM, and ostracize them.

              Plus, thank you for answering the question that yes they have the right! You are the only Lefty here who has the cojones to do so, yet! Kudos to you!

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

              1. The “white folks just went to have a rally.” You should become a speechwriter for Trump but Stephen Miller already has that covered. That’s why those “white folk” continue to thrive, because they can count on you to minimize them, normalize them, defend them even if you haven’t already joined them. BTW, unemployment among those “white folk” who have been identified is rising sharply. While you don’t feel sorry for the dead woman you say “probably” is part of some group. I’m sure your have empathy for those poor Neo-Nazis and Klansman who will have a harder time supporting their families.

                1. Be careful what you gloat over. Today the social pressure may tilt toward firing whites who speak their minds, but the right wingers are learning from you guys how to fight the battle. Don’t be surprised when blacks are on the receiving end one day. To the extent that blacks are even gainfully employed, and not sucking off the welfare teat.

                  And let’s face it, whites are better workers than blacks. So I would bet some of the people will be hired by companies who find excuses to can the blacks working for them and hire the new crop of whites. Whatever, the white folks will find new work, and what race hatred they possess will only be intensified.

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

                  1. Did you just suggest that “one day” black people might face job discrimination? Been reading those Texas history books again huh?. And “whites are better workers than blacks.” Even in this refuge for racist views maybe somebody will call you out on yours. I doubt it… but remain hopeful. For those poor displaced “white folk.,” I suggest they try the White House. They’re hiring and giving top level positions to people with similar backgrounds.

                    1. Are you kidding??? Blacks are already facing job discrimination, and stuff like this is only going to make it worse. My goodness, but why do you think 11 million illegal Mexicans and Hispanics are working, while black unemployment is usually off the charts??? How about all those Chinese and Indians who sneak into the country? Most of them are working.

                      What I suggested is that one day getting people fired for their extracurricular activities is going to hit black folks. I mean, who really wants a BLM Thug working for them.

                      And yes, white folks do make better employees overall. Sorry but that’s just the facts. Most white folks don’t walk around with a chip on their shoulder, and a bad attitude. Not to mention generally being better at math and English. I wish you would take a good hard look at what is going on in the black community, and drop the “Whitey done it” nonsense. Your people, as a race, are going down the tubes what with all the victimology and excusing of trashy and destructive behavior.

                      Did you read about the Baltimore school system that has a high graduation rate, and hardly anybody proficient in math or English:


                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    2. Of course I was being sarcastic about job discrimination against blacks. I guess my saying so means I’m whining and therefore you can discount it. Serious question, do you consider yourself part of the alt-right? You’d fit right in.

                    3. No, I don’t consider myself Alt-Right. I am sort of a hybrid between alt-right and alt left. It depends on the issue, I just try to figure out what the best way to go is, and sometimes that is Left. Other times Right. Sometimes in a whole new direction.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    4. Being a little bit Alt-Right is like being a little bit pregnant. You don’t care about a murdered woman because you classified her as “probably” being something you can dismiss. You classify the rest of us as well in whatever hierarchy fits your need at the moment. If only I could think of a word to describe that ??? Fear not though, you’ve plenty of company. Like minds abound.

                    5. enigma – you are becoming like Spike Lee. He is a great director, however he has huge chips on both his shoulders. And it shows in his work, at least his later work. It is starting to show in your work on this blog. Please don’t let thing affect you. You have to rise above the moment.

                      I currently read everything you write, even though I may not comment on it or agree with with it. Your have a reasoned argument for your comment. Please don’t lose that reasoning. I do not want to add you to the list of commenters I pass over without reading.


                    6. I really shouldn’t even respond to Squeeky. If I don’t, who here will? When she makes statements about “whites being better workers than blacks” and they go unchallenged. Do they become part of the accepted wisdom here?
                      I’d like to think I do have a reasoned argument for the things I say. Based usually on information that I can point to although some will challenge the sources which I do vet as much as possible. I can’t really apologize for sometimes pointing out racism when no one else will. My question would be, why does no one else? Racism to some of us is more real than others. To some it’s an abstract thing they read about and discuss. Others have personal experience with it. I asked elsewhere for white people with “personal experiences” with reverse racism to tell their stories. I’d love to hear them.

                    7. @mespo

                      alt-alt will work. So will ctrl-alt-del sometimes. I do try to think outside the box. Which, leads me to be pretty pessimistic about the future of the country. There is nothing wrong with us that a Pinochet-type leader and some good Right Wing Death Squads couldn’t fix, but that is at least 75 years off, if ever. I think I will be dead by then.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    8. Many European keyboards have an [Alt-Gr] key. (Alt Graph) which is used for graphics and typographic ligatures. Maybe the far left needs to ban [Alt Gr] because ligatures are often used in lynching.

                    9. Don’t be so paesimistic, squeeky. The asshats always peter out after some time has elapsed. Something about sore knuckles or attention-deficit disorder or having to grow up. Went through in the 60s. About every 50 years or so half the population goes crazy and then they have kids and move to the suburbs and get mortgages. Cycle of stupid kinda thing.

                    10. @darren

                      You say it in jest, but you never know how batty some of these people are.


                      Except that the cycle may not repeat this time. Marriages are down in numbers, kids are down in numbers, the whole celibacy thing is in full swing. I suspect we may end up like Japan, that is shedding population while the Descendants of Samurais sit around reading Rapeman Manga Mags, and playing with themselves.

                      Not to mention the whole affordability thing with the student loans, which in my alt-left opinion, ought to all be forgiven, and never again allowed to surface unless they are bankruptable period. Which will guarantee they are small in number and amount.

                      I think the Left has already killed the Nation, but we just don’t know it yet. It could be fixed, but it won’t happen. It would be too brutal.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    11. Enigma, the original Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme is still alive and well at the age of 69 somewhere in upstate New York. It’s entirely possible that you are arguing with the attempted assassin of President Gerald R. Ford and charter member of The Manson Family, herself. As you can see, Lynette is still trying to instigate an apocalyptic race war in America. Likewise, Lynette’s arguments are hardly less warped than her dementor’s misinterpretations of the lyrics to Beatles’ songs on The White Album. Besides which Squeeky Fromm Girl Reporter steadfastly refuses to deny her identity as the original Lynnette “Squeaky” Fromme. Her posts on this blog remain nothing but Manson Family Values through and through. FUBAR, Lynette! FUBAR!

                    12. @diane

                      Blah.Blah. Blah. I don’t think we will have an apocalyptic race war any time soon. I think it will be more of an ongoing Narco-war sort of thing like they have in Mexico, and some Central American countries. With a near permanent underclass of ignorant savage blacks who will make life miserable for everybody around them, including the decent Black people who want to get ahead in life. Background violence and crime will be far higher than it should be, but life will go on. Until it doesn’t.

                      Because of their large numbers and large percentage in the black population (25%-50%), white people will have little choice but to assume every black they meet is one of the feral ones, until proven otherwise. Which, is already happening. Even so-called liberal whites know better than to send their kids to predominantly black schools, or venture into, or live in the majority black areas of town. For example, Chicago. Which the whites are pretty left-leaning but they mostly stay out of the Chicongo part of town. Or San Francisco, where even the lefty-type whites know the darker areas to avoid.

                      I think this will lead to a negative feedback loop, where life will simply become more segregated again. Any relative peace could be shattered if there is a major disaster like a super volcano going off, an asteroid strike, a pandemic, a nuclear war, or a massive and sustained financial collapse, where the white folks can no longer financially support the savages. Then, you may see a race war, but it will be one in which about half of the blacks will join up with the whites to finally rid themselves of the loser part of their race. That’s the happy scenario. The less happy scenario is that we get our own Hitler, who will start taking out the trash in a major way.

                      Even if there is not a race war, per se, any major disruption in the food supply, or the power grid, or the gasoline supply, is going to leave a bunch of hungry savages, and they are armed, and they have been taught to hate white people. I doubt they are going to discriminate between white Democrats and white Republicans. I think the fear of this happening is what is psychologically behind the current “Zombie” craze. Somewhere in our collective unconscious, we know there is a horde of destructive savage creatures waiting to destroy us all. We may not consciously deal with it, but a part of us knows it is there.

                      I suggest you read Taleeb Starkes’ book, The Uncivil War. Even if you don’t like it, you will be supporting a black writer. As a practical matter, in case the SHTF, stockpile food, guns, and ammo. Have a bugout plan if you live in the big city areas, that have huge underclass black populations, like Baltimore, or Chicago. Don’t forget to provide for your pets, and have plenty of supplies set aside for them, too. And pet carriers.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

              2. Lynette, criticism is the only permissible remedy for hateful speech. If you can’t handle the criticism, then don’t dish it out, Lynette. You’re blaming the murder victim for her own murder while apologizing for the murder offender, Lynette. Because you are persistently attempting to instigate RaHoWa in America just like your dementor, Charles Manson, taught you to do all those many years ago, Lynette. Renounce, Lynette. Renounce.

    3. VA was so tragic. I don’t know if it was attempted mass murder or terrorism but I heard it was awful. What a mess.

  13. Poor writing by Turley. I could not comprehend the story without going to the link.

          1. A latent Bedlamite is someone who cruises the news in search stories from Bedlam without ever becoming the subject of such stories.

            1. Diane and mespo – Don’t knock Vegamite until you you’ve tried it.

      1. Diane – I have this vision of a single fish basket being passed among the crowd as people eat from it and pass it on. Other than the sanitary problems, there is the timing issue. How long would it take a single basket to make itself through the crowd?

          1. So that’s what that song was about. A veiled reference to cod liver oil. Whod’ve thunk it?

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