Pelosi Calls For Permit To Be Revoked For Rally Of Pro-Trump Prayer Group In San Francisco

220px-nancy_pelosiHouse Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has always displayed a rather fluid view of constitutional rights (though in fairness, that is not a major distinction from other politicians).  However, this week Pelosi appeared to embrace content based discrimination in the area of free speech.  Pelosi is demanding that the National Park Service reconsider a permit for what she called a “white supremacist rally” in San Francisco.  In light of the violence in Charlottesville, Pelosi insists that “The NPS should reevaluate its decision and its capacity to protect the public during such a toxic rally.” The problem is leaving it to the government to declare what groups are toxic from Pelosi’s list of constructive banned viewpoints.  I felt ill watching the torch march of neo-Nazis in Charlottesville as white supremacists yelled disgusting anti-Semitic and racist chants.  It reminded me of the Nazi rallies before World War II — before my father and so many others went off to fight fascism.  However, despite that revulsion, I remain committed to the right of everyone to speak and protest regardless of the content of their views.

The San Francisco Examiner reports that the rally by the pro-Trump group Patriot Prayer is slated for Aug. 26 at San Francisco’s Crissy Field.  The Golden Gate National Recreation Area includes parkland available to groups.  Patriot Prayer obtained proper permits.

Pelosi is suggesting that the group should be denied a permit affordable to other groups based on their beliefs.  That is the definition of government regulation of speech.  Regardless of whether counter-demonstrators are drawn to the event, the group has a right to associate and to demonstrate.  Anyone who engages in unlawful conduct on either side is subject to arrest.

As is so often case, Pelosi couched her remarks in an expressed fealty to free speech: “San Francisco takes great pride in being a city of peace which cherishes free speech and the right to public dissent.” Then comes that predictable “but” to not just qualify but nullify first amendment protections: “However, the National Park Service’s decision to permit a white supremacist rally at Crissy Field raises grave and ongoing concerns about public safety.”  What does that mean?  Does “concerns” over what might happen now justify a denial of the right to speak in public forums?

If that were the measure, no one could obtain a permit if they were widely unpopular.  This approach has virtually banned some conservative speakers from colleges (as we discussed with regard to schools like DePaul in Chicago). Pelosi’s position would allow the government to bar groups on the basis that they present a public danger due to the expectation of counter-protesters.  That would be a serious blow to free speech in this country.  As I discuss in my recent Hill column, the first amendment generally views both sides as exercising free speech regardless of the content of their views.  For that reason, the courts have largely rejected content-based government action as opposed to prosecution for specific criminal acts like property damage.

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  1. Just watched him get off the helicopter the lad has slimmed down considerably.

  2. I am sick and tired of the media trying to tell me what to say. Screw it, I’m letting the Alt Right come to our event . We have to unite Alt Right with us , we can’t let the media tell us who believes in what, this is a free speech rally ,if we condemned everyone then we would be as bad as the liberals.We can’t keep appeasing you , hell we even let BLM come up to our stage and speak last Rally. Our page is

    1. What else would you expect from the left wing extremist regressive secular left overs. Now if the event was deifying Marx, Engels, Hitler or Mussolini their International And National Socialist heros and offspring they would be up in arms calling out antifa terrorists and BLM reverse racists.

  3. And a few days later after Pelosi’s retreat from rationality we see further evidence of the imploding explosion of the left.

    No Party in control of it’s dogs would allow a loose cannon like Lindsey Graham such latitude. I’m speaking of course in his role as a Republican in Name Only and his primary allegiance to the left whose primary allegiance is to a foreign ideology.

    But the Missoujri Senator in days gone past would never had broken ranks and made such remarks – in a party that controlled its own self.

    So how are they to ev en hint at taking control again? Do Antifa BLM’ers vote? Are they registered Are they numerous enough? Only when the TV cameras are on Can ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN afford to place a camera at every polling station in every precinct? No but they can fabricate such an action and let the dogs of bore and gore hope they will show up in person.

    Would they allow such off the wall actions as Wasserman Schultz and why is Debbie Do Little getting off on supporting those who attack her own cultural background?

    Thus two areas of their splintered factions and I didn’t get to the TV antics of Lopez-Castro or whatever his name is or the hysterical out of control Poke A Haunt US rejected by every tribal council in the nation as a ‘whats the phrase’ cultural appriation reject of the White ID left.

    All wallowing in the still uncleaned pig pen of the Clinton Family Pork Belly Investment Fouondation.

    It’s no wonder they are looking for leader ship to their RINO ranks

    They have nothing on the shelf in shove it ready condition sort of one lone ‘babe’ in the woods the sultry Camel ahhhhhhhhh or something like that.

    I’m wondering if Gore is going to throw his Bore ing secular 700 send a donation Club in with Bide a wee Biden as VP once again. Can Biden do that. Hmmmm seems it’s only the top job that is restricted.

    Mean while another state falls to a 56% premium hike which leaves RINO MarcCain out of the running – in the GOP .

    Yes the cupboards are barely able to justify their existence. as the big building on Capitol Street looks for new renters or perhaps a future as Trump Tower Twenty.

    Ah yes the Pershing story. Takes two parts to tie that together. In days of yore the British Army used Islamic Mercenaries to contol Hindu Indoovia. Someone started a story that the rifle cartridges were pre greased with pig fat. Brilliant propaganda piece and it worked., Fast forward to General Patton whose famous line is “It’s not important that any one else know I’m angry it’s only important that I know.”

    One more click of the time’s not important that the news media know if the story is true it’ sonly important that the President is still leading them around by their little tweeties and they continue to lie downm, and roll over, and look stupid in front of their own cameras.l

  4. Under the guise of protecting the public from “White Supremacists,” Nancy Pelosi is banning a multi-racial prayer group from exercising its’ Constitutional rights of free speech and assembly with practically full support from the press. Regardless of your political persuasion, if this doesn’t cause you great concern, it should. Your liberties are being attacked by leftists who want to determine what you can think and say under the guise of “keeping you safe.” Chilling.

  5. The mayor and the governor should have had the state police and the national guard on standby to keep these 2 groups apart and maintain order.

    1. You have made that many comments in support of the left wing extremist losers? I thought surely more.

  6. There were some people in Charlottesville who just wanted to protest the removal of a historic statue, and the application of modern mores to historical figures. When Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists joined in, it became all about them. They wanted attention, and they got it. They came ready for violence, and they got it. Personally, I wish the media would stop giving them attention by not mentioning the name of the hate groups or the individual involved, much like some news organizations do not mention the names of mass murderers. I do not care to read or hear what they have to say.

    I support those who peacefully expressed their views for or against the removal of the statue, as well as those who peacefully protested racism in general. I abhor racism, and think the Neo Nazis and KKK are rubbish. I also think that offensive speech is not an excuse for violence. Those extremists on the Left side who came to engage in violence, aside from those who came to peacefully use good speech, are also wrong. I am not allowed to punch someone who offends me.

    Anyone who engages in violence because they do not like what someone has to say is utterly and completely wrong, and that goes for the driver of that car, if indeed his actions were deliberate. I don’t actually know at this time if it was a deliberate act or not, and am waiting for more information. But if he did, then he was wrong. And anyone who threw a punch, mace, bottle, etc because they hated what someone had to say is wrong. I hate the KKK and what they have to say, so do you know what I do? I don’t listen to them. It’s not like you can reason with them to stop being racist. All I can do is be thankful that they are the tiny fringe minority.

    1. I am also appalled at the media’s reaction to Trump’s statements. I heard most of his speech. He said that both sides engaged in violence, which was wrong. He was asked repeatedly if he supported the Neo Nazis or thought they were victims, and he said no. He stuck to his assertion that one cannot engage in violence because you don’t like what someone has to say. He also remarked that some people were just there to protest the removal of a park statue and didn’t want to have anything to do with the KKK.

      And yet, the headlines all over is that Trump supported the Neo Nazis. Pure rubbish.

      I notice that the media and FB don’t seem to be pushing the meme that Trump is anti-Semitic anymore. That makes sense, since apparently they woke up one day and realized he has a Jewish family and close ties with Netanyahu. Makes it kind of hard to be Anti-Semitic. I knew people who literally thought they were going to die in death camps because they thought Trump was anti-Semitic and was going to kill the Jews. Not metaphorically, not politically, but literally. It was insanity.

      So the anti-Semitic thing seems to have died a natural death. Good. But now they are pushing and pushing to define him as racist. He’s not. Conservatives are quite tired of being labeled as racist or various “phobes”, and are pushing back against the Liberal narrative that all white males are born racists. Trump reflects that fight against labeling.

      Trump is not racist or anti-Semitic. He gets into petty quarrels and his Twitter feed is reactive rather than effective. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of Trump. But the concerted push to declare him racist is libel. It’s this weaponization of the media against conservatives. And enough people just listen to what the mainstream media says that they sincerely believe this. That’s how you get people like the ones I knew who actually thought the first sitting President with a Jewish first family was not only anti-Semitic but was going to murder them.

      Perhaps the white supremacists wouldn’t support Trump if the mainstream media would quit calling him a white supremacist. If, instead, they remarked on his Jewish family and his close friendship with Netanyahu, the racists would move on. But I guess they read the mainstream media and believe it the same as millions of other people.

      1. How could it be wrong. the antifa terroists engaged the national socialst prone slave owner party kluxers. Like there is a difference? Pelso got both her factions to duke it out and the press fell for it. Of course being the Pelosi Propaganda Pucky Hocks what else would you expect?

    2. I didn’t realize the left wing fascist socialist believers in a non existent democracy losers had shrunk to the point they are now rated a tiny fringe majority. It’s hard to see that far to the distant extremes of the left wing radical base.

  7. I just saw an interview with the organizer of the Prayer rally. Turns out he’s not even white. He also said that of the 8 planned speakers, only one is white. The others are black and Hispanic.

    Anyone see the tendency toward a new McCarthyism here?

    1. ti317 – did you expect Nancy Pelosi to actually look at the program? I am not sure she can read anymore.

      1. It’s not even that she would act any differently if she knew. This is the most frightening aspect of what has been happening the past few years. All that has to be done is to label a person or group as racist or whatever the boogeyman of the month is and they lose all rights and humanity. Anything done or said to them is justified because they are unworthy.

        What happens when I don’t agree with the prevailing orthodoxy? Will I be labeled, silenced and exterminated?

        1. ti317 – I do know that if we lose the next revolution, I will be one of the first against the wall to be shot. It is madness.

          1. Good News Paul. You are safe. The next revolution hasn’t even started. We are currently in the counter revolutionary phase against the remnants of the third revolution.

            1. The Revolutionary War For Independence
            2. The Civil War
            3. The Progressive Revolution

            2a. conducted a failed counter revolution and the remnants of that one became 3.
            3a the Constitutional Republic supporters counter revolution agains 3.

            3 is119 years old started with Woodrow Wilson breaking his oath of office compounded by FDR/LBJ etc
            3a. was put together and implemented in 2016 but started with Napolitano, Janet’s phrase about military being the greatest danger theier then government or administration faced.

    2. Only from the source of all National and International Socialism. So what else is not new?

  8. Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, Bush (aka the Shrub) all have their faults, but Trump makes them all look like saviors. Think about it, Trump makes the Shrub look good. We have a mindless racist, bigot, fool, who can’t keep his fish mouth shut, for a President; thanks to that segment of our society that represents America’s shame.

    1. So your basically called of us that voted for him these same names ? You do realize a very large portion of Americans and immigrants voted for him ? These comments that you spout need your clarification and evidence of your generalities.

    2. Since when did a Canuck become ‘we’ you are not part of ‘we’ you are part of another whatever.

  9. How did we get from “Trump supporter” to “white supremacist”? 63 million people voted for Trump. Are all 63 million white supremicists now?

    1. I think his support has probably grown closer to 100 million by now……… I can only speak for myself, but I’m willing to accept an ” anti-anarchist’ moniker.

      1. 100 million huh? As if… Flip the switch, Pravda Faux News has gone off the rails if this was today’s catechism.

        this is to “didn’t get the memo” legal

    2. Not all. Most are ignorant dupes. A lot are racists. A lot are bigots. Some are nazis. Most are of very limited intelligence. Put it all together and viola, America’s shame. There are probably many who regret even listening to this huckster, and that group is growing fast. The sooner Trump is gone, the better for America. However, America is strong enough to have this buffoon to teach us a lesson about our dysfunctional oligarchy.

            1. No that was Isaacbaconwhich and I didn’t see your name in any of the comments.

              1. WTF is wrong with you dude. You seem to be able to make generalizations with no proof. And just like a politian double speak. You do know what double speak is. …. right !?

                1. Might you be able to find someone to translate that into Standard American English? I only speak English most versions, some Greek, Some Thai and Spanish.

      1. I am not an ignorant dupe, but a well educated, highly informed person who is not a racist. I am though, highly biased against those who make generalities to marginalize millions of us.

      2. I always love to read posts from trolls who can’t spell, saying others are of limited intelligence. A viola is a stringed musical instrument, by the way.

      3. What does a foreigner have to do with America. Oh yes…word is you are a frozen north foreigner but the term American does not allow your half baked opinions outside your own country. Besides even in Canada they would be termed stupid.

  10. This all kind of has a parallel on how the left attacks the 2nd amendment. Waite for a tragedy and then bring in laws to “help protect” the citizens. I guess the liberals got the message from the Community Organizer, “Don’t let a crisis go to waist!”.

    1. I think that was Michelle Antinettes line considering the dowdy dresses. For Obeyme you need Toxic Waste. .

  11. Pelosi is mentally and physically unable to represent the people of America. Even “old mares” are put to pasture!

      1. Not only ‘ain’t what she used to be’ but ‘aint what she never was.’ Doctor Doctor Gimme the News She’s got a bad case of the Botox Blues!


    “…declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void.”

    Alexander Hamilton –

    “[A] limited Constitution … can be preserved in practice no other way than through the medium of courts of justice, whose duty it must be to declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void. Without this, all the reservations of particular rights or privileges would amount to nothing … To deny this would be to affirm … that men acting by virtue of powers may do not only what their powers do not authorize, but what they forbid.”

    1st Amendment

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    1. The first lines are Hamilton’s opinion in one of the Federal or Anti Federal papers. It’s neither the national mission statement (Declaration of Independence) or the national social contract aka Law “The Constitution.) It may well be something written for that rather bad play which would have been more successful had they presented Pump Boys and Dinettes.

  13. The alt right needs to get smart. They need to hold their rallies in venues where the police will protect them, not abandon them like what happens in Dem controlled cities, like Charlottesville, SF, Chicago, etc. The mayor of Charlotteville tried to revoke the permit. The ACLU stood up for the alt right and their 1st Amendment privileges. So, the mayor told the police to stand down and the attacks came from the alt left. These are the facts.

    1. The police have been ordered to stand down and to allow left-wing riots and mayhem.

      In Berkley, the taxpayer funded police allowed the wilful destruction of taxpayer funded facilities.

    2. Except Alt right and Alt left are just terms for the left and right wing of The Left and now you are factual.

  14. Here we are repeating history. Will we stop it? They are targeting the Blacks, the disabled, the LGBT, the poor. Re-listen to Trump’s campaign rhetoric. He told us who his targets are. He praises those who are carrying out the violence he supported during his campaign. They are already coming for the Hispanics the Blacks. What happened in Charlottesville is a reason/excuse for marshal law and better control of everyone by the state. Maybe Pelosi is right. Those who have a history of creating violence at their rallies should not be allowed the permits to rally.

    “Only one thing could have stopped our movement – if our adversaries had understood its principle and from the first day smashed with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement.” – Adolph Hitler

    1. The violence is being fueled by the Soros funded alt left. They are also rewriting history by taking away all symbols of the Civil War in the South. A new civil war is underway. it is the MSM/Alt left/Deep State against people who understand and respect the Constitution of the US. There will be much more blood.

      1. Nick – the death toll of the War of Northern Aggression will be nothing compared to the next Civil War.

        1. California, Brexit, Catalonia, Scotland, Bangladesh, Pakistan, West Virginia and every nation in the former USSR have all availed themselves of their natural and god-given freedom of and right to secession.

          Legal and constitutional secession by the CSA definitively concluded the matter of secession and sovereignty.

          Everything that “Crazy Abe” and his successors did was unconstitutional, including the unconstitutional “Reconstruction Amendments” which were corruptly and improperly ratified under the duress of post-war military occupation. The secession of the CSA concluded the issue and precluded all adversarial and hostile acts by the United States.

          Slavery should have been eliminated voluntarily by free market actions such as boycotts and divestiture.

          Wait. “Crazy Abe” Lincoln killed Americans to help America.

          That dudn’t make any sense, especially given “Crazy Abe’s” explicit opinion.

          To wit,

          “If all earthly power were given me,” said Lincoln in a speech delivered in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, 1854, “I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.” “…he asked whether freed blacks should be made “politically and socially our equals?” “My own feelings will not admit of this,” he said, “and [even] if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not … We can not, then, make them equals.”

          It does, indeed, appear that someone did eventually change “Crazy Abe’s” mind.

        1. He was a kapo during the war, as was his father.
          He’s a vigorous financier of all sorts of agitprop outfits and astroturf. (Including the BLM rent-a-crowd in Ferguson, Mo.). He does not conceal what he’s up to.

      2. “The violence is being fueled by the Soros funded alt left.”

        That is to ignore the actions of OBAMA who recruited and assembled an army of moles as “deep state” “holdovers” who are perpetrating an illegal and anti-constitutional coup d’etat in America, using leaks and “stings” and plots by the “Comey-Mueller Gang” of Clinton donors and left-wing zealots disguised as “Special Prosecutors” – and they are special alright; they are actively defrauding the legal system, conducting an “Investigation of Nothing” (no Russian hack” was proved by The Nation) and subverting the duly elected government of the United States, AKA treason.

        America is being “fundamentally transformed.”

        The question is: When will America wake up to this attack on its Constitution, its sovereignty and its existence?

        1. When will America wake up to this attack on its Constitution, its sovereignty and its existence?

          Well, we can look at the period of time from the end of the Seven Years War (1763) to when the colonists had finally had enough and moved towards independence as a benchmark. Look at all the events that took place in that 13 year period of time, look at the list of grievances in the Declaration itself; how far are we as a culture away from that sea change? The colonies were at the stage of accepting the vision laid out in the DoI; but sadly, today’s culture seems to be fighting against those principles.

          The other thing that I believe will be a significant factor is the difference between the 150 years of salutary neglect realized by the American colonies leading up to the DoI and our roughly 100 years of progressivism’s influence leading up to today. While the 18th century Americans were conditioned for independence, our 21st century culture has been conditioned for dependence.

          So to answer your original question: not in our lifetime.

          1. One more thing: do you know what you call people that willingly or unwillingly lose their natural, unalienable rights? SLAVES. What direction are we headed in again?

        2. Please discuss further this “Deep State” organization which you have so cleverly uncovered.

          This is to conspiracies-r-us georgie

        3. Last November when we took 40% of the vote the largest bloc and very few were registered beyond self governing independent. Did you miss the beginning of the counter revolution?

      3. Please elaborate on this “Deep State” organization which you have so cleverly uncovered.

        This is to Inspector Clouseau on the job nicky

        1. Have you been stationed overseas with no internet capability for the last year? It was and is a term invented by the media to describe politcial appointees left as sleeper agents in the Executive Branch by Obama and and also known as the Fourth Branch of Government.

    2. Can’t believe I forgot the Muslims that Trump is trying to get rid of. Don’t remember if they were #1 or #2 on his list but they were pretty high and were #1 with is Ex. Ord. keep them out of the country, even those who already had visas.

      1. that was Obama’s list frojm Obamas State Department you lost again.

    3. No BK, your party is leveraging it. Fostering it, using it as effectively as possible. Divide and conquer. Your party started this resurgence. It will take the blame when it’s all documented. Just like your party can’t hang the blame for the Iraq debacle, as they willingly signed on.

    4. Bettykath – I am frustrated that so many people hold the same opinion that you do. “They” are not coming for Hispanics and Blacks. That makes zero sense. Do you honestly believe that?

      We are enforcing immigration law more, with a priority on criminals. Sanctuary cities protect repeat felons. And open borders allow them to re-enter when they are kicked out. That is how a 20 times deported (that’s literal, not an exaggeration) criminal went on a raping spree, including the rape of a 65 year old woman just before raping another woman. Wanting all immigration to go through legal channels is not racist.

      We’ve created this strange game – we have immigration laws, and ICE, and a border, but if you manage to cross it and get about 100 miles across the border you’re “safe” and will have pro bono attorneys to represent you, organizations to support you, benefits, programs, and all sorts of other lures which declare to the world that immigration laws are not enforced. Come on in. That’s how heavily pregnant women die giving birth in the desert when they don’t make it to the border. That’s how unaccompanied minors are sold into sex slavery or die in the badlands trying to cross. That’s how drug running and human sex trafficking flourish across the border. That’s how good and hardworking people circumvent the health screenings or get information on our laws that they would have obtained had they come legally. I do not in any way blame the illegal immigrants for breaking our laws. We essentially told them this was OK when we create policies that protect illegal immigrants. In fact, CA seems to be creating a serf class or Untouchable Caste that will do certain jobs for less pay, less benefits, and less protections than citizens. Californians vote for all of these pay raises and other employee benefits, but when it comes time to remodel their house, mow their yard, clean their house, or watch their kids, they go to the serf class, the illegal immigrants, and they pay them none of those benefits. And they vote to ensure that this underpaid class of people exist to do their dirty work for less than they would pay a citizen. It’s shameful.

      Are we morally required to develop every square inch of land, exhaust our water and other resources, and use up all of our open space? Are we morally required to have no standards on who or how many can come? Should MS-13, other gangs, rapists, and the cartels be just as welcome as the good hardworking people trying to escape them? Because I think that’s a really bad idea, and it’s absurd to claim that immigration reform is racist.

    5. Now there is a fair statement from one of the alt-socialist leaders of the alt-Marxist Leninist international socialist mocvement AKA the National Socialists and Pelosillyni is still talking about her own party having never looked further to the right than McConnell and McCain aka RINOs

  15. As with their unconstitutional “Hate Crime” laws, Democrats are emboldened now to inflame their equality zealots by using censorship under the pretext that it “protects” the public.

  16. 1. Pelosi is displaying the smarm and mediocrity that we’ve come to expect from her

    2. And from other Democratic pols.

    3. And from the social and occupation nexus from which Democratic pols are drawn (e.g. educational apparatchicks).

  17. The Neo-nazis and White supremacists who have been befriended by Trump and the extreme right, continue their assault on the common good by filling a people’s park with their hateful messages.
    There’s no end to their freeloading. They expect tax dollars to protect their speech of exclusion.
    Why don’t they find a private hunting reserve of the oligarchs and commandeer it? The rest of us can pool our money and give them free booze and ammo so that they can drunkenly target shoot at each other. Cheney can give them directions on gun use.

    1. The Neo-nazis and White supremacists who have been befriended by Trump a

      They haven’t, but it is evident you have a need for your fictions.

      1. David Duke said Trump is a friend to the movement. It took Trump two days after Charlottesville, to craft a Neo-Nazi condemnation (which included excusing caveats for their attacks). Trump’s wife and Jewish daughter announced their repudiations immediately. On the third day, after the Third Reich-promoting rally, Trump backtracked his prior criticism.
        Colbert summarized those days last night and included Trump footage.

        1. You need to think for yourself and get away from the MSM for a bit. There’s no clarity to be found there. But if you enjoy the warm feeling of having your narrow mindedness rewarded, you are indeed doing it the correct way. Stay in your echo chamber. Ride your train to fascism and its logical conclusion.

          1. You need to think for yourself

            That’s the last thing that will ever happen between Linda’s ears. It’s taxing to recycle them talking points.

            1. and besides The Collective, once programmed, is not allowed to make changes or engage in the thinking that would require by The Party.

      2. It’s the description of the national socialist faction of the left and that part is not fiction.

    2. The left-wing, anti-American, insurrectionist subversives and the parasitic beneficiaries of biased and unconstitutional “Affirmative Action Privilege” continue their assault on the U.S. Constitution to forcibly impose the central planning, redistribution of wealth and social engineering mandated by he Communist Manifesto.

      The Constitution has been befriended by President Donald J. Trump.

      Can you guess who the enemies of the United States of America are?

    3. Based on the compilation of this video, Trump has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, CBS and Bloomberg TV disavowing David Duke, the KKK, and other so called white supremacists. I’m sure you saw at least one of them, so I will safely assume you’re a dishonest liar when you say he has befriended them.

      Did you smear Obama as a racist in 2008 after Esquire reported that three out of four white supremacists it contacted said they preferred Obama over McCain? No, you didn’t. You probably didn’t even know it. The media didn’t spend two years dishonestly trying to portray Obama as a racist the way they’ve done with Trump.

  18. One might say that “Pelosi is an ugly dog.” But that would impugn dogs. We need to remove her photo from the blog. It did help in one fashion. I put the computer down on the ground next to the rat hole in the wall and the rat came out and ran out the front door. He could not stand looking at her.

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