Video: Dump Truck Takes Out Highway Sign In Houston

1o2k34ok2There was an incredible videotape taken in Houston, Texas as a dump truck took out a highway signal on Interstate 610.  The truck was moving with a raised bed and struck the sign, as shown below.

It is not clear why the driver was running with the back raised but the eyewitness attempted to drive along the side to beep his horn and warn the driver.  Obviously it was to no avail.

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  1. Back to the dump truck – actually quite easy to do – hydraulic dump – leave the pump engaged and turning – lift valve in off and sometimes the valve will leak and let hydraulic oil past it and raise the bed – say it some years back – hit a freeway overpass and tore the bed off the truck and dropped the bed on the freeway right under the overpass – driver was standing there scratching his head while trying to explain things to the state patrol –

  2. As long as we are ot, a recent study indicates that regular use of marijuana is correlated with hypertension.

  3. This is Prof. Turley’s blog. He can write about whatever he wants, and he can not write about whatever he wants. And we can comment about what he writes about and about what he doesn’t write about.

    He’s not writing about the pardon of Sheriff Joe. I wonder why that is. Possibly because he’s too busy looking for a material to do another post on Comey or Hillary. When there is negative news about Comey or Hillary, Turley seems to get his stories posted here in a New York minute.

    Or perhaps the letters “p-a-r-d-o-n” on his keyboard are not working properly.

    Of course this is all speculation. Maybe a story about the pardon of Sheriff Joe is forthcoming.

    I wonder if this is the first time anyone has been pardoned for criminal contempt of court. I would bet it is if I were going to bet. But I don’t bet. Not even on the horses, like PariMutual of Omaha.

    Sheriff Joe admitted that he violated the court order. The only question to be decided was his intent in doing so. Pardoning someone for criminal contempt of court is . . . . . . , well, contemptuous. Trump has probably angered most federal judges. And lots of other people. No one else in the U.S. who intentionally violates a federal court order ever gets a pass. NFL receivers get a pass, but not in federal court.

  4. With all the stuff worth blogging about and Turley posts this pablum? So, what about Trump pardoning the racist profiler sheriff? C’mon, has Trump been lowered to the level of an idiot truck driver? They are both idiots but one is President.

    1. Among all the issues our Canadian Rain Man has, his humorlessness is one of the more troubling. Always beware of humorless people, they are often dangerous..ALWAYS boring.

      1. When people whine like little girls about JT’s choice of topics I usually tell them to start their own blog if they don’t like this one. However, that’s not a possibility for Rain Man. Even his family wouldn’t read it and as we know, he is friendless.

    2. Agree. I wonder if JT will comment on Arpaio pardon and the just realeased wapo piece about Trump asking Sessions to drop the case. Now we have more understanding of why Trump has been so pissed at Sessions.

      If you ever wondered what it would be like to be governed by the mafia, wonder no more.

      1. Liberal thread hijack: “TAKE THIS BLOG TO TRUMP HATEVILLE OR I’LL KILL MYSELF!”

    3. The Donald is already lower than an absent minded truck driver.

      Much lower than those knights of the road.

  5. That is what you call a Trump Duck. Or Duck When You See Trump and Quack Like You See A Hack.

  6. For those who may not always check Jonathan’s Twitter feed:

    Jonathan Turley
    “The truly sad part is that they use free speech to convince others to diminish it.”…

    “We do not need the First Amendment to protect against popular speech. Pelosi and others seek to convince a free people to surrender a core freedom by focusing on how free speech is being used by unpopular groups. They might just succeed in bringing about a new era of censorship. Voices calling for speech limits play to the fears of a society that can come to view free speech as an abstraction or even an irritation. The truly sad part is that they use free speech to convince others to diminish it.” – Jonathan Turley

    Right on the mark.

      1. That’s what Dalmatian dogs say when they are getting dressed in the morning.

  7. What’s dumber? The dumb (dump truck driver or the driver of the vehicle with the video camera, who did not pull over and park before the “accident?”

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  9. That’s a very busy highway, pretty light traffic from my experience. It’s about to be flooded.

  10. He was bent, he was bent…
    He was bent all the way.
    From his first turn off Broadway …
    To his last dying day!

  11. Maybe the truck was stolen? O/W I can’t imagine why the driver was oblivious to many warnings.

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    1. I know this may seem ironic, but pseudo-“patriot” is, in fact, a Zionist agent, who has been captured, hypnotized, programmed, and then ordered by his Zionist handlers to post totally inane, mindless, and brain-dead messages attacking Zionism, so that anyone who would attack Zionism is immediately thought to be totally inane, mindless, and brain-dead. That’s how clever and devious these all powerful, all-knowing, and all-seeing Zionists are, who control everything that we see, hear, and feel, and indeed, control our very thoughts!

  12. He was in bed, with Fred, the night before. Kept thinking of things up.

  13. I can see how a driver could have gotten into the cab and not known the bed was up–or maybe he was on something. Maybe there should be a warning light on the dashboard whenever the bed is up and the engine is started, something bright and flashing that can’t be ignored. It was fortunate that no one was hurt or killed–the truck driver lost control and crashed and could have hit anither vehicle. Also, what if he hit the overpass he was approaching instead if the sign? It would have been much worse.

    1. SFGR, is he a stoner because he drives a dump truck, or does he drive a dump truck because he is a stoner?
      There are plenty of sober people who make more egregious errors that have greater ramifications on a daily basis than people who alter the state of their minds.
      Just sayin.
      I could think of several hundred examples if you are interested.
      Happy Saturday, regardless.

      1. Squeeky Predicts!

        I predict that one day scientists will discover that the effect on the brain from repeated marijuana use is similar to effect from repeated concussions. Here is an interesting article from Huffpo, which I thought the name of the site was pretty synchronicity-ish. They discuss the characteristics of stoners:

        We have long suspected that some regular pot smokers have “amotivational syndrome,”as demonstrated by their indifference and lack of motivation to excel at work or school or to pursue personal interests. New research reveals that there are biological roots to this stereotype. Some chronic marijuana users produce less dopamine, a “feel good” chemical in the brain that drives motivation.

        Although this aspect of the stoner stereotype is backed by science, the research is limited. In the study, all participants began using marijuana during adolescence and had experienced symptoms of psychosis while high on the drug. In addition, evidence suggests the changes in the brain that hinder motivation are likely reversible.

        The Distracted Dreamer

        Absent-minded, forgetful and inattentive, the stereotypical stoner struggles with thinking clearly and making decisions. Indeed, research shows chronic marijuana use takes a toll on the user’s ability to form and recall memories for days or weeks after stopping use of the drug. In animal studies, the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, alters the way information is processed in the part of the brain responsible for forming memories and learning new information. In essence, the brain ages prematurely.

        The Paranoid Psychotic

        Heavy marijuana users may become distrustful or anxious over time. This is because one type of learning is actually increased by marijuana use: learned fear, or what is more commonly described among marijuana users as paranoia.

        In animal studies, rats given a marijuana-like drug were fear-stricken when presented with stimuli that wouldn’t ordinarily trigger fear. Their response was out of proportion to the actual threat, which helps explain why chronic marijuana users may become convinced that others are judging them or conspiring against them and feel constantly on guard.

        The Clumsy Clod

        Clumsy thinking and behavior is characteristic of the stereotypical stoner. THC disrupts coordination, balance and reaction time and also impairs judgment and decision-making, making it dangerous to drive under the influence of marijuana. A driver high on marijuana has double the risk of being in an accident. The risk is higher if both marijuana and alcohol are used.

        The Sloppy Slacker

        According to the stereotype, stoners are apathetic and lacking the ambition to set and achieve goals. This may be true for some, particularly those who start young or use every day. Marijuana use is tied to academic problems, lower achievement and incomes, and overall reduced satisfaction with life. A 10-year study of college freshman tied marijuana use to skipping classes, lower grades, dropping out of college and being unemployed after college. An estimated 9 percent of users become addicted to marijuana. Among daily users, that rate increases to 25 to 50 percent. Of course, there are also many pot smokers who lead corporations, have families and live productive lives.

        Which, if you read this description of being punch drunk, aka Dementia pugilistica:

        The condition, which occurs in athletes having suffered repetitive blows to the head, manifests as dementia, or declining mental ability, problems with memory, dizzy spells or lack of balance to the point of not being able to walk under one’s own power for a short time and or Parkinsonism, or tremors and lack of coordination. It can also cause speech problems and an unsteady gait. Patients with DP may be prone to inappropriate or explosive behavior and may display pathological jealousy or paranoia.

        Sooo, yeah I know you don’t believe me, or my prediction. But just file it away under “Pending”, and I am pretty confidant that one day I will be vindicated!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

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