Can You Guess What This Person Was Arrested For?

If you guessed biting the fishing line and stealing the bait of a fisherman, you are a criminal savant.  Alexandria Turner, 22, was charged with being the large catch that got away . . . but only briefly.


Not surprisingly, police say that Turner was intoxicated when she swam over to a fishing line and cursed at a fisherman.  She allegedly bit off the line and swam off with the lure.

I have always found it a bit unnerving in Florida when there is fishing off of beaches.  I have never seen quite as common as I have in Florida.  It clearly upsets many swimmers. However, this was off the St. John’s County Pier at 6 p.m. according to Action News Jax.

Police will often try to get suspects to take the bait in interrogation but this is one of the first where the interrogation is on the taking of the bait.


13 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Arrested For?”

  1. What is wrong with fishing at a beach? Only the bitches will complain.

  2. Fishing and swimming don’t mix. It really does not require explanation about how awful getting a hook in your foot can be. Lines break, hooks fall to the sand bed, and later bare feet tread. Bad. Or casting a line could hurt someone.

    So there’s something to the issue of the fishing/swimming wars. However, you don’t swim where people are fishing. That’s just common sense. You could bully them into packing up and leaving, and there are still going to be hooks around. Swimmers spoil the fishing, anyway.

    She did a really stupid thing and was plain rude. I’m surprised the line didn’t cut her cheek. If the fisherman was impolite to her, then the universal adage holds true not to engage with strangers. Just…swim away. Wrecking his line, spoiling his fishing, and taking his lure was really not a mature or civil way to deal with a disagreement.

    I’m surprised the police were involved, unless it was over her drunken disturbance in general.

  3. I have always cringed at seeing the tawdry “Can You Guess What This Person Was Arrested For?” columns. It seems beneath a person of Professor Turleys’ standing, to hold up for mirth and mockery the misfortunes and mistakes of others.

  4. Ha, ha, ha, what a loser. It’s so funny when emotionally disturbed people are held up for ridicule. In the mug shot, it appears she’s been crying. That makes it even funnier. People like this were born and bred for the amusement of the elite. Thanks, Prof. Turley.

  5. I use Jax Beach on a regular basis. I used to frequent the beaches in LA and still sometimes visit when in town. LA’s beaches are no longer beaches but some sort of theme park. There is a freeway of people moving in both directions divided by a white line, no traffic cops and citations yet. You can’t or can surf or swim here and there, no dogs allowed, simply not a beach anymore. Jax Beach is somewhat the opposite. There is always room, if you don’t feel safe swimming next to someone fishing you move a few yards in either direction, dogs are there in the morning and evening-there are the pigs that don’t pick up but hardly a problem, surfers take care to miss swimmers, etc. It is as a beach should be. This sweetheart had no reason to protest other than simply being drunk. Here’s hoping Jax Beach stays the way it is.

  6. Hmmm. Sooo, maybe she wasn’t just being belligerent. OK, so thinking like a lawyer, here is how I think this could have went down. . . in an Irish Poem!

    Bait, and Switch???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a drunk, at a pier. . .
    And what happened at first wasn’t clear.
    Someone cast a “spoon”,
    And this darn silly loon—
    Thought the flash was a cold can of beer!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    NOTE: Okay, for the non-fishers, a spoon is a metal bait that works by reflecting light in such a way that a fish thinks it is the sun shining off another fish’s scales, and goes after it. You can read up on it, here:

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