Iowa Professor Under Fire Over Proposal For Exposing Her Students “White Ignorance”

University of Iowa assistant professor Jodi LinleyUniversity of Iowa Assistant Professor Jodi Linley is under fire for an article in a “peer-reviewed academic journal” in which she pledged to expose her students to “their own white ignorance.”  She says that she used her “identities as a queer, able-bodied, cisgender woman” to offer a  “teaching paradigm” that strips away white privilege.  She segregates by race and works toward “interrupting oppression” that occurs in classroom settings.

As a white professor, Linley insists that if she did not actively try to expose the white privilege” of her class  and “deconstruct whiteness,” she would be perpetuating white dominance.  She adds: “As a white assistant professor of mostly white graduate students who will become higher education leaders, I work to dismantle whiteness in my curriculum, assignments and pedagogy.”

She also segregates by race because “For white students, talking about race with an all-white group of peers … [reveals] their own white ignorance.”  She says that she rejects the notion that “neutrality and objectivity are realistic and attainable.”

Linley writes extensively on race and teaching, including her two most recent works Racism Here, Racism There, Racism Everywhere: The Racial Realities of Minoritized Peer Socialization Agents at a Historically White Institution (Journal of College Student Developmentand Teaching to deconstruct whiteness in higher education (Whiteness & Education).

Linley has been called a bigot for her teaching approach and views of her students.  The school has correctly defended her right to publish such views and to condemn threats directed at her.



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  1. It’s funny, nobody ever seems to find it necessary to deconstruct whiteness in order to explain the derivation of the Jacobian Elliptic sine function. Such talk is everywhere, on the other hand, in disciplines that are short on hard, verifiable facts and long on rhetoric ossified into dogma.

    1. Such talk is almost nowhere. The emphasis is on ethnicity, i.e., culture.

  2. How would Professor Linley feel if her privileged tenured position was deconstructed and dismantled?
    She could be replaced by a Magic 8 ball. This would represent a savings to the taxpayer.
    Also, Professor Magic 8 Ball is black … unlike Privileged Linley the Pasty Fraudulence Festival.

    Professor Magic 8 Ball would not spew insulting tedious projection-based BS about how it perceives your race but, instead, would provide straightforward answers to questions when upended, as follows:

    Signs point to yes.
    Reply hazy, try again.
    Without a doubt.
    My sources say no.
    As I see it, yes.
    You may rely on it.
    Concentrate and ask again.
    Outlook not so good.
    It is decidedly so.
    Better not tell you now.
    Very doubtful.
    Yes – definitely.
    It is certain.
    Cannot predict now.
    Most likely.
    Ask again later.
    My reply is no.
    Outlook good.
    Don’t count on it.

      1. Industrial robotics and digitization were deployed decades ago.

        Malls and “bricks and mortar” are anachronisms.

        It is only lazy, greedy, striking teachers union obstruction that keeps automation out of education.

        9th grade math only requires one teacher on one DVD nationally,

        as homework is done on a laptop in Starbucks.

  3. “Affirmative action was and continues to be a necessary means…”

    Affirmative action will never be necessary.

    Freedom, free enterprise, endeavor and merit will always be.

    Freedom will let the best man for the job do the job.

    Freedom will let the best man for matriculation do the matriculation.

    “Affirmative Action Privilege” is unconstitutional, bias and pure racism and sexism.

    “Affirmative Action Privilege” is only legitimate as mandatory “social engineering”

    as ordered by the dictatorship of the Communist Manifesto.

    “Affirmative Action Privilege” is an illegal and direct violation of the constitutional freedoms of thought, speech, religion, belief, press, assembly, etc. and the right to private property.

    Rather than fulfill its duty to support it, the “Imperial Judiciary” has assassinated the Constitution as it presides over the relentless imposition of the principles of the Communist Manifesto.

    People must adapt to the outcome of freedom.

    Freedom does not adapt to people…

    dictatorship does.

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