North Carolina Man Out Swims Police Drone and Shark In Over Three Hour Ocean Escape Attempt

kingsbury-arrest-pictureIf there was a police recognition for effort, Zachary Kingsbury, 20,  would be given a free pass this week after his arrest for possession of controlled substances.  After being stopped by police, Kingsbury jumped into the ocean at Surf City, North Carolina and swam so long and so far that the police drone ran out of power.  In his swim for freedom, Kingsbury came dangerously close to a shark who was less interested in the fugitive and more interested in the food in the water.  Unlike Michael Phelps, this shark was real and Kingsbury swam away the victor.

Cfakepathswim212_20170831_181339When police stopped Kingsbury’s car, they noticed a controlled substance inside and asked one of the men, Kingsbury, to step out of the car.  He bolted for the beach. That was around 4:15 PM.  Police deployed a drone but the battery eventually ran out.  They called in the Coast Guard.  It was not until 7:45 pm that Kingsbury finally swam ashore on a beach. He swam at least a mile out into the ocean.

Kingsbury was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing an officer, possession of drug paraphernalia–methamphetamine–and possession of marijuana of up to a half an ounce.

Check out the shark in this video shadowing Kingsbury in his swim for freedom:

13 thoughts on “North Carolina Man Out Swims Police Drone and Shark In Over Three Hour Ocean Escape Attempt”

  1. He also had a warrant out for his arrest in the state of Washington, according to local news.

  2. Michael Phelps smokes dope, wins gold medals, and is lauded by the public. This guy smokes dope and meth – he should only get the bronze.

  3. I give him points for the swim and wearing out the battery in the drone. 🙂 I think he has done his time.

    1. How in this instance are the police “thugs”? And, specifically, what crimes did the police commit? If your grievance is with the fact that this man was arrested for allegedly possessing controlled substances then your recourse is convincing the legislature to change the law.

  4. Over here, over there, we will hit the dusty trail…
    As the cops come marching in.
    Well its high, high hee…
    Field artilary
    Drop all you bottles and run.
    If a nun should appear..
    Say Sister have a beer ..
    In the cellar of old Saint Louiee!

  5. I knew it! Meth! No wonder he had sooo much energy! And sooo little good sense. Anyway, he deserves an Irish Poem for making it out alive!

    All Tweakened Long???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    Alas, for the meth head in “tweak!”
    They do stupid things in a pique!
    Like running from narks,
    And swimming with sharks- – –
    This thing could have ended with “SHRIEEEEEK!”

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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