Florida Clerk Admits To Stealing Exotic Dancer Fees But Blames Husband’s Home Depot Habit

fl-1504281660-ysa2cilkgm-snap-imagePalm Beach County clerk Anita Pedemey , 54, reportedly admitted to stealing the fees paid by exotic dancers.  The reason, however, was a bit novel: she reportedly told police that her husband has been “spending a lot of money at Home Depot.”  So much for the slogan “More Saving, More Doing.”  I guess his “more saving” produced her “more doing.”


Another clerk noticed that money for stripper licenses seemed missing.  The $75 license fees went into a fund but there was some $27,350 missing.  Pedemey fessed up and that “there were a lot of bills.”  She has resigned from her position and now faces grand theft, fraud and misconduct charges.  Home Depot remains uncharged.

20 thoughts on “Florida Clerk Admits To Stealing Exotic Dancer Fees But Blames Husband’s Home Depot Habit”

  1. As bizarre as this lady and her explanation are, I more concerned as to why the government believes that “exotic dancers” must be licensed and taxed.

  2. I worked for an insurance company that insured high risk businesses like titty bars. Insurance companies like that pay a lot of fees to PI’s like me, and attorneys, defending lawsuits. Their biggest liability is overzealous bouncers. I’ve found the bouncers can get uber protective of their pole dancers. So, I was always having to track down these young women to interview them on incidents that occurred years prior. These girls are semi nomadic, working circuits and using all types of names. They have their stage names, of course. Then they have their aliases they use, then they have their real names. Must be a tough licensing regimen.

    1. NIck, I appreciate your knowledge on this subject, but your reference to the institutions in question as “titty bars” seems crude. Please refer to them by their politically correct name: “ecdysiast botiques.” Thanks.

      1. Ralph, Your sensibilities are duly noted. There is a pretty good series on Netflix, Ozark. In the show is a “Gentleman’s Club” named Lickety Splits, Great name..even better than Bada Bing in The Sopranos.

    2. I’ve found the bouncers can get uber protective of their pole dancers.

      I like it that someone’s looking out for these women. Now if they’d look out for themselves….

      1. Desperate, They are a sad bunch for the most part. The “Girl working her way through college” is a myth. Well, there may be a few but I never met one.

  3. Exactly what purpose does the licensing of strippers serve for the residents and taxpayers of Florida again? Is it a matter of making sure “training requirements” are fulfilled? Is it a public safety issue? A health issue? What exactly has allowed the State to interfere in the consensual hiring practices of business people, the people they hire, and the customers they serve?

    1. Licensing strippers serves the same purpose as licensing hair braiders, dog bathers and bicycle messengers. It raises fees for the city to piss away, while reducing the income of low wage workers.

      1. I think you’re being unfair to cities that raise revenues by licensing strippers who practice in ecdysiast boutiques. The cities perform an important public service by ensuring that only qualified and registered ecdysiasts interact with the public. Patrons would look askance at unlicensed ecdysiasts, and, in any event, numerous studies conducted by city investigators have periodically determined that licensed ecdysiasts actually receive higher tips because they instill greater confidence by the public of their capabilities, so the cost is little for the tremendous social benefits such licenses bestow on their recipients.

  4. Ugly photo. It is early in the morning. I am going to puke. See ya later alligator, after while crocadile, real soon baboon.

  5. One has to wonder where was the oversight. It took 364 licenses to generate revenue she stole.

  6. “$27,350 missing”
    Not buying it.
    That’s not a Home Depot habit. That’s coke, gambling, or both.

  7. Strippers. I can’t help thinking of the old dancers, who had a little class, like Ayn Rand, the famous fan dancer. The ostrich feathers and the balloons. We watched her in my dance class.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. You’re thinking of Sally Rand. I doubt Ayn would have even thought of stripping and no one would have paid to see her do it.

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