Give Me A “T”, An “O”, A “R”, A “T”: Hit and Run At Chiefs-Eagles Game Adds A Tort To the Live Action

images-1If the Eagles running game was not what it was hoping for, they might want to draft the network camera crew.  In the video  below, a camerman literally runs over a cheerleader. To the cheerleader’s credit, she jumps up and continues to perform despite being plowed under the cameraman.  The video would seem to confirm negligence, though the cameraman could argue comparative negligence when the cheerleader moved forward in the dance number.  Fortunately, the cheerleader reportedly is doing fine.

Battery seems a bit of a stretch absent a claim under Garrett v. Daily and
substantial certainty.

The Chiefs, now 2-0, won 27-20.

14 thoughts on “Give Me A “T”, An “O”, A “R”, A “T”: Hit and Run At Chiefs-Eagles Game Adds A Tort To the Live Action”

  1. Negligence, Comparative Negligence no one seriously hurt. How about I’m sorry and we move on?

  2. The Fortune Cookie was a great film. Walter Matthau was so sleazy. 😉 However, cameramen, cheerleaders, trainers, asst, coaches, band members, and innocent civilians have all been victims of the sideline dash or the end zone dash. It is the assumption of risk if you are on the field.

    1. Paul Schulte,…
      Matthau suffered a major heart attack during filming.
      When he returned to the set, he had lost a lot of weight.
      I never noticed it when I saw the film, but there is said to be a significant change in Matthau’s weight and appearance in different (before/ after) scenes.

      1. Tom – I did not know that. He never showed it as an actor. There was no change in his character. 100% sleaze.

    1. Ash,…
      Great movie. Archie Moore had a supporting role as “Boom-Boom’s” father.
      My favorite scene was the one where Matthau is negotiating with the defendants’ lawyers, and tells them he has an acceptable settlement figure written down on a scrap of paper.
      He drives them nuts trying to guess what that figure is.

        1. Paul Schulte,…
          I don’t remember the amount.
          I remember these high-powered lawyers going to Matthau’s shaby little office, thinking they were going to get Matthau to settle for a relatively small amount.
          But Matthau keeps conning them into going higher and higher.

          1. Tom Nash – That wasn’t it. That wasn’t it. As they kept raising the ante and the level of sweat was rising in the room. 🙂

            1. Paul Schulte,..
              Matthau was a character, had a great sense of humor.
              He was used to the tour busses passing through his neighborhood, pointing out the homes of the stars.
              Once he was out getting his mail when the tour bus stopped near his house….Matthau went up to the tour bus and said” Ladies and Gentlement, I don’t know what you’ve been told but I am NOT Walter Matthau, and this is not his house.”

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