Protesters Disrupt Comey Speech At Howard University

440px-Comey-FBI-Portraitdownload-1I have been critical of the actions taken by former FBI director James Comey in leaking FBI information after he was fired by President Donald Trump. However, his appointment by Howard University as an endowed chair of public policy represented a good opportunity for both Howard and Comey. However, his first address to the university as part of the 2017-18 convocation was a disaster for both Howard and Comey as protesters shouted profanities and disrupted the event. It was the latest example of protesters shutting down free speech on campus and the university appeared unwilling or unable to enforce basic civility rules by removing and suspending the students.

The students chanted “black power” while pumping their fists in the air at the historically black college. One student led the others in chanting “I love the color of my skin” and singing “We Shall Not Be Moved.”

In the meantime, other students called on the protesters to let them hear Comey speak. Those students came to Howard for an education and correctly wanted to hear his remarks as one of the highest-ranking former Justice officials in our government – and a key historical figure in the current controversy over the Russian investigation. It was a wonderful opportunity for any student but they were denied the opportunity because these protesters did not want them to hear Comey.

For his part, Comey remained calm and reasoned, saying that “I hope you’ll listen to what I have to say. I listened to you for five minutes.”

It didn’t help.

We have to decide as educators whether we are maintaining forums for free speech and learning or whether we will yield to the power of the mob. Currently, the “heckler’s veto” reigns at many schools that lack the commitment and confidence to enforce basic rules of civility and free speech. If students want to come to a university to silence speakers and prevent others from hearing opposing views, they should be expelled as opposed to our educational mission. Howard University is a wonderful school with a proud history. It should not surrender its educational identity to the loudest and most disruptive elements of its community.





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  1. Lefties Protest Attorney General Sessions by “Taking a Knee”

    September 26, 2017

    Daniel Greenfield

    Taking a knee really is the new planking. It’s stupid and increasingly makes no sense.

    This started with millionaire anti-American NFL racists refusing to stand for the anthem. Now they’re refusing to stand for… Attorney General Sessions. Outside the place where he’s speaking. Sure it’s stupid and makes no sense. But we’re dealing with a political movement that knows absolutely nothing except how to express its latest #resistance tantrum to deal with its medicated angst.

    Georgetown University Law Center professors plan to take a knee outside of the campus auditorium where Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scheduled to speak Tuesday.

    One law student said they hope to have 100 students and faculty members participate in the peaceful protest during Sessions’ speech.

    A “peaceful” protest that doesn’t end with looted stores, torched cars and badly injured police officers would be a step up for the left.

    “To demonstrate the irony in a Trump administration official advocating for free speech on campus, some students plan to place duct tape over their mouths to represent that the administration has silenced more voices than they have emboldened. The students will then remove the duct tape to voice questions they would like to ask the attorney general over a megaphone.”

    So Georgetown law students don’t know what irony is either. How unsurprising.

    But they do know how to get down on one knee. Sort of.

    I’m not sure if those expressions are anger or discomfort from kneeling on a stone pavement.

    Narcisstic virtue signaling display of hatred for the political opposition accomplished.

    Participation trophies all around. Now it’s time to do some pro-bono work for Islamic terrorists.

  2. Comey should’ve watched this before taking a post to attempt to work with those animals. He’ll learn. He’ll learn.

  3. Did Comey get scared and hide in the curtains near the back of the stage?

    I understand the students sang “We Shall Overcome”? What precisely were they wanting to overcome? The incredible debt they’ll be unable to pay down with their degrees in Women’s Studies, Sustainable Development, and Propoganda?

    1. Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein et al. are complicit in Hillary’s crimes and all crimes of the “swamp” and shadow government because they are all the same evil, corrupt swamp creature.

      The shadow government “swamp” cannot prosecute Hillary because all roads lead to Obama and from there to most of the Western world. What was the power Bill Clinton held over Loretta Lynch when he ordered her, on a whim, to pull her jet over on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport?

      Assange cannot be given immunity and interviewed because the truth is lethal for the shadow govnemrent.

      DC – “President Donald Trump is being blocked from knowing he can pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in exchange for information vindicating Russia of hacking allegations, according to Republican California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

      Trump told reporters Sunday that he has “never heard” of a potential deal with Assange.”

      In a nutshell:

      “TO BIG TO JAIL.”

  4. Can someone explain to me what the students’ objection was to Comey? I seem to have missed that in the article.

      1. Judging from your comments and the red meat threw today for people like you, I see your not busy burning crosses or washing your sheet. You must be the most openly racist person on this site I have ever came across.

        1. I don’t think you even know what racism is. To you, it seems to simply be saying bad things about blacks, whether true or not. YOU are the one with the race problem, not me. YOU are the one incapable of facing the reality about blacks. Which is, in the year 2017 they are the ones responsible for causing their problems. Its been that way for about 30 or 40 years now.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

              1. What are you, when you’re not playing with crayons do you just sit around in your own filth and say its all the Negroes fault? I don’t have to explain myself, you have to tell the readers on this site why you always rant and rave when JT posts anything about the races. Then you are the one that is openly racists in your own words. Explain yourself on why you use the term negro. Are you spanish? I doubt it, you’re a race baiter and you love it. You’re answer alone is just what I expected from someone that has shut off their brain long ago.

                1. OH, ROTFLMAO! that you “don’t have time to explain yourself!” Nope. You simply can’t explain your self, and you can’t give answers because you haven’t really thought about any of this stuff. It is just a religious faith type thing for you, that anybody who isn’t a Negro-worshipping fool is a racist. Or if they’re Republicans they’re racists. Blah. Blah. Blah.

                  And yet. . . you can never really explain why somebody who gives Negroes hell over their ridiculous a$$ illegitimate birth rate is a raaacisst!, instead of just somebody who tells the truth about them and their sorry, trashy life choices.

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

                  1. Anytime you write you show your inner self every time. You only jump and twist every time JT posts about race issues. So be it. And you feed the beasts of your own thoughts with you.

                    1. And every time that you dip, dive, dodge and distract and refuse to answer questions or explain yourself, you reveal who you are – – – an idiot who calls people names and can’t really explain why those names fit, or what lies behind his reasoning. In other words, a typical brain-dead Democrat. No wonder you idiots are sooo intent on shutting up people like Milo and Coulter.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                2. Hi Fishy Fish McFish,

                  Let’s try a totally radically super cool and freshly clean approach. You, are a leftist. I, am not. We will not agree on anything. Those points established:

                  – If Trump and Pence are impeached what happens NEXT?

                  Your credibility is on the line so answer as such. Mine is not.


                  1. Poor Fishwings doesn’t have the time to answer questions. At least not where the answer requires intelligence or more than a few words. OTOH, he has plenty of time to toss off canards. I think maybe he has some sort of a mental problem, to where he can not form full and complete thoughts and express them. But, it makes him feel better to pretend to engage in discussions. Sooo, I guess we are kind of like extended medical staff to him. Figuratively, we empty his verbal bedpan for him and wipe his booty afterwards.

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                    1. The Flying Fish is a name-caller. Nothing more. Nothing less. And you’re right – saying negative, but true, things about blacks is all it takes for his ilk to deem you a racist. Like the 72% illegitimate birth rate is a good thing, or at worst, neutral.
                      He comes here to virtue-signal. Probably best for all just to ignore him.

      2. That’s not true at all Squeeky, every HBCU has a number of white instructors (presumably breathing) and speakers from across the spectrum who are not booed, many are in fact appreciated. I can only guess as to what their reasons were but I’m certain it wasn’t what you said. I suspect you don’t believe it yourself, it just sounded good to you.

        1. Wait. HBCU’s? How come we have those when we are supposed to be a non-segregated society? How can we have those when race is just a thing people may pick and choose from much like gender, just ask Dolezal or Bhad Bhabie. Wake up one day and feel black and go out into the world feelin your blackness as Hillary must have done when she delivered her infamous “I doan feehul no wayz tie-urd” speech in a black church. Wake up the next feeling white and straight and that’s cool too. Right? Isn’t that how you leftards operate? Intersectionality and homegirls in hoojabs and Carlos Danger and all the rest?

          1. Are you really asking “how come” we have HCBU’s? Maybe someone can explain American history to andrew who wants me to wake up? BTW, these are not segregated institutions and white people can and do attend them.

        2. Well, actually DDS said it, and I thought it sounded good. Which, if you had bothered to read what I said CAREFULLY, you would have known.

          Now, if somebody had asked me that question, or if I had to give my opinion, I would have said, “Because there’s a camera going” or “monkey see, monkey do.” Something like that. But I am sure the latter answer would send all the libs here into foaming paroxysms sooo I am really glad nobody asked me.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Somebody already beat you to the “monkey” reference or in that case “ape.” I was surprised to see you caught a little flak for one of your earlier references from people that have traditionally stayed silent. There may be hope yet? I’m going to confess something Squeeky in that there are moments that I find you humorous, you often have good factual information and despite sometimes being somewhat despicable in your views on race… you have moments.

            1. Thank you, Enigma! That was very nice of you! But out of all the things you mentioned, the most important was the “facts.” Because the “facts” should be one thing everybody should agree on. How we characterize those facts opens the door to our opinions and preconceptions, and it is the “facts” which should keep us grounded in some sort of reality.

              Paraphrasing Gregg Popovich earlier today, “People have to be made to feel uncomfortable, and especially black people because they’re too comfortable repeating the same old nonsense over and over.”

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

              1. That was quite the paraphrase since he said specifically that, “White people especially need to be made uncomfortable.” Now black people need to be uncomfortable as well. I would add that “facts” have causes and an honest look at causes could cause all of us to reach different conclusions.

                1. Fact are always open to interpretation. But honestly, how can anybody in good faith argue that a 72% illegitimate birth rate for a race, isn’t going to result in massive poverty and societal problems for that race?

                  Particularly when that rate was down around 20% in 1965, before The Great Society crap.

                  And how can anybody argue in good faith that slavery and Jim Crow and White Privilege and Mass Incarceration are responsible for that pathetic rate and all the ensuing problems, when the rate was only 20% or less back when Jim Crow was in full force? As a very smart black man once said:

                  “The No. 1 problem among blacks is the effects stemming from a very weak family structure. Children from fatherless homes are likelier to drop out of high school, die by suicide, have behavioral disorders, join gangs, commit crimes and end up in prison. They are also likelier to live in poverty-stricken households. But is the weak black family a legacy of slavery? In 1960, just 22 percent of black children were raised in single-parent families. Fifty years later, more than 70 percent of black children were raised in single-parent families. Here’s my question: Was the increase in single-parent black families after 1960 a legacy of slavery, or might it be a legacy of the welfare state ushered in by the War on Poverty?” (Walter Williams)

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

                    1. I actually read thru that article the other day, and was less than impressed by it. I found it to be a bunch of apologetics for bad behavior. There is nothing which logically prevents a symptom from becoming the cause of subsequent problems.

                      Logically, think of this as what is called a positive feedback loop. These kinds of feedbacks tend to promote greater instability. Sooo, as the 20% illegitimate birth rate began to grow in 1965, the stigma of illegitimacy began to wane, but not the economic ill effects of only having one earner in the family. Soon, the rate was 30%, and the crime rate begins to increase in the “community.” Good black people begin to move out. Then, it is 40%, and the extra poverty begins to affect the “community” even more. Black neighborhoods have started to become jungles. The rate increases to 50%, and now, black kids are going to schools with lots of little illegitimate heathens who have had no encouragement to learn anything. The schools begin to fail bigly, and now, even little black kids who desired an education can’t learn in the environment. Now, the rate is 60%, and such a thing as a “father” or “husband” is becoming a rarity. Then it is 72%, and you have entire schools which can not produce a single solitary black student who is proficient in math or English.

                      That is the problem. Forget all the theoretical mumbu-jumbo about mass incarceration. Simple illegitimacy explains everything. The mumbo-jumbo is there to confuse the issue, so that blacks will continue to support the Democrats – – – the very people who set them off down this horrible road in the first place.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    2. You’re conflating two issues. Black people support Democrats because Republicans are not a viable option. They suppress our votes which make them a non-starter. The Democrat Party is screwed up in many ways and keeps black people in check, allowing them a false sense of belonging. Republicans offer us nothing.
                      Your theory about the community going bad assumes facts not in evidence. Due to various factors, the black community always suffered higher crime rates. There are a number of systemc factors I started to list but I suspect you’ll accept none of them as true so I don’t want to lose the point of it being a crabs in a barrel syndrome. You do relatively well with the facts but your conclusion start with the bias that something is wrong with the people, something that apparently started in 1965 or thereabouts. If you lived the existence you condemn so heartily, I suspect you’d be open to other possibilities.
                      The schools you say are failing bigly have always had inferior funding, books and facilities. The successes they did/do have are based on the fortitude of the people you condemn. The “mumbo-jumbo” is a lot of facts you don’t accept that are real nonetheless.

                    3. enigma:

                      Sooo, your answer is, that American blacks have always had problems??? Sure. I agree. I even think that a lot of them were caused by white people, but THINGS HAPPENED. There was this big war back in the 1860s and SLAVERY ENDED. A lot of blacks moved North, into areas that had never been a home to slavery. I am sure the whites there mostly didn’t like them, either. But Blacks still got married, and went to schools, and colleges, and got jobs, and went to schools (underfunded), and little by little won more acceptance in society. In 1948, even the military integrated. Finally, in the 1960s – – – THE DAM BROKE, even in the South and most white people realized, “Hey, these colored people are human beings, too! We ought to quit treating them like crap!”, and even in the South, blacks got to vote, and ride the same elevators as white people. And play in the same sports leagues!

                      At that time, over 80% of blacks were married, and about the same percentage were children of wedlock. Things still weren’t as great for most blacks as for whites, but hey, Free at Last! Now, do I think the great bulk of blacks should have immediately gotten middle-class-y? That every thing should have been all hunky dory right then and there? No. Of course not. Not any more than Germans or Japs or Jews should have been “life back to normal” in the year 1946. It should take a little time to get to that point. But things should have started getting better for blacks, not worse. Certainly not worse.

                      But, was there now some steady progress upwards for blacks??? No. Not only that, it was like some dark shadow of grief/chaos/ignorance/savagery descended on the black community. Whereas Europeans and Japanese rebuilt their societies, and saw steady progress year after year, blacks seemed to slink back into the primeval spear-chucking jungle of their past, and even worse than their past. Past even stable little groups of hunter-gatherers. Back into the days of cave people whacking each other over the heads with clubs and fighting and grunting over the scrap of a mammoth leg bone.

                      Their marriage rates went to hell, and little black kids started coming into the world in ever larger numbers of sheer b*st*rdy, and what were once stable, if poor, black communities became cesspools, and blacks began to disrespect themselves, their women, their schools, and even the basic laws of civilization, Wherever they moved, crime and poverty moved with them. And with all that misery, here came the absurdly ridiculous meme of, “Say it loud! We’re black and proud!”

                      There was, and is, no reason for this. The only thing that happened about the same time as the Great Devolution of Blacks, was The Great Society, which for a while openly financed black women throwing black men out of the home, if only they would pop out a few b*st*rds first. It hit white America too, but it absolutely devastated black America.

                      Sooo, whine on about mass incarceration, or white privilege, or Rosewood in 1923, whatever. None of that seems to me to explain the current state of black America better than the 72% illegitimate birth rate. Which, ascent to that glorious level of b*st*rdy began in the mid 1960s, right at the same time as The Great Society. However, now, instead of whitey throwing blacks a dime to tap dance bo-jangles like on the street, blacks were now getting welfare checks to breed like drunk rabbits with nary a thought for tomorrow.

                      Here it is, in picture form:


                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    4. What an amazing misconstruing of history. A couple things you might have missed. Immediately after slavery, many states enacted the Black codes which in many cases forced black people to work for the same owners and duplicated as much as possible… slavery. Yet because of the presence of Federal troops in the South, there was also a period of Reconstruction where blacks successfully ran for political office, gaining seats in the House of Representatives and even the Senate. Then in the Compromise of 1877 after a disputed Presidential election, the South gave up an apparent victory in exchange for removal of Federal Troops. We immediately got Jim Crow and all the gains (and assimilation were erased. Yes during the World War 1, blacks (and women) got jobs in northern factories (because they mostly weren’t allowed to serve) but when the troops returned home, white men got their jobs back and black men were pretty much kicked to the curb. This was about the time we saw Northern ghettos form in those factory cities, Detroit, Chicago, New York. Something similar happened in France when the conscripted African troops and factory workers were no longer needed and we got the “banilue defavorisse” which ended up in Paris ghettos in Northeast Paris.
                      Jim Crow stayed in effect until the late 1960’s and the passage of the Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act and Fair Housing Acts (many later weakened by Congress or the Supreme Court) Earlier we saw Brown v Board of Education which integrated schools “with all deliberate speed” which in some areas of the country wasn’t until the 1970’s or later. Several large cities including Orlando where I live, Cincinnati, Tulsa, and many more just cam out from Consent Decrees monitoring their integration which was still barely happening in those cities. In the early seventies, we saw the beginning of mass incarceration which no matter where you place the blame, had the effect of removing a significant percentage of primarily black males from the population. The black women who you feel began to “breed like drunk rabbits” had the option of not breeding at all (which may have been part of the intended effect), single women according to the article and the statistics contained within, had out of wedlock babies at about the same rate, and black marriages went down considerably because of a lack of options and babies born to married parents decreased, skewing the statistics.
                      All of the things I have mentioned are “facts” and easily discoverable as to their existence and impact. I expect to be impressed with the ease in which you sweep them all away as poppycock.

                    5. “. Finally, in the 1960s – – – THE DAM BROKE, even in the South and most white people realized, “Hey, these colored people are human beings, too! We ought to quit treating them like crap!”, and even in the South, blacks got to vote, and ride the same elevators as white people. And play in the same sports leagues!”

                      I don’t know your age Squeeky, but I observed a quite different 60’s. I remember the March to Selma attempting to get the vote where MLK and John Lewis were attacked on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, I remember the day MLK was assassinated and the riots afterward. Segregation in the South was no longer the law of the land but still existed. The Fair Housing Act begat HOA bylaws preventing sales to black people. George Wallace ran for President and did amazingly well given his platform, a predecessor to a more recent candidate. Where exactly (pick a city) was this Eden you describe and I’ll bet history will prove you wrong.

                    6. Squeeky & Enigma:
                      Thanks for an edifying discussion. It’s the kind of frank, no-holds-barred discussion the country should be having not kneeling down in group virtue-signaling at football games. It’s what gets things done. On the topic, I’m more Jesse Jackson than anything else. “Nobody’s going to do anything for us but us,” is a little hyperbolic given the trillions spent on welfare and affirmative action but the sentiment of self-reliance is still there. And that has been the key to success in this country since the founding. Blacks certainly have lots of challenges, some external like discrimination and some internal as Squeeky points put like illegitimacy, but so do most other ethnic groups. The issue is one of assuming responsibility for one’s own success. On your journey, you can whine about the wide rivers or build bridges. It’s always your choice. And asking society to fundamentally change its political and economic structure to accommodate your plight is simply a pipe dream despite what they tell you in the papers.

                    7. I probably wouldn’t use Jesse as the best example but he was right about a number of things. His goals, in my opinion, were a different version of “trickle down” with him getting his first but he did help others.
                      I would disagree with you that there doesn’t need to be a fundamental change in America;s political and economic structure. My argument is as much class based as race-based but there’s an intersectionality where many are impacted both ways and the intent doesn’t matter. The system is rigged in favor of the rich. Our Electoral system, given the gerrymandering and redistricting, and suppression is about control and power and money. Even the current battle about Health Care is really about tax cuts for the wealthy.
                      I’m as much for pulling oneself up by one’s own bootstraps as anyone but I don’t need anyone standing on them making it harder. I don’t want handouts I want fairness.

                    8. Fairness is in the eye of the beholder and always seems to favor the speaker. Asking for a system that doesn’t favor the powerful is asking for what never was and what never will be. Even socialists have their “more equal” comrades.

                    9. But for the legal system things might be worse I’ll grant you. Things still aren’t fair. There are Unconstitutional Districts still being used because it would be “too much trouble” to change them before the next election.

                    10. I’d say giving preference to black students over more qualified Asian and white students in college admissions isn’t fair either. Should they take a knee, too?

                    11. They probably should… given we all have to fight for the small piece of the pie allotted. And the premise that black students are being admitted over more qualified white students is faulty.
                      I happen to do very well on standardized tests and until I did a stint for the Princeton Review which tutors students, I didn’t understand the biases. Also in many communities, there’s a difference in resources and facilities.

                    12. enigma:

                      It ain’t 1960 no more. It ain’t 1965 no more. It ain’t right after World War I no more. That is your problem. Your mind is stuck in the past. The current year is 2017, and this year I feel certain those wonderful black women will pump out another 72+% of their kids out-of-wedlock, smack dab into a one-earner family, and probably a low earning one at that.

                      And you make the ridiculous, and frankly, racially offensive excuse that it’s because all the black men folks is in jail! Well, if there is time to spread your legs and get knocked up, then there is time enough to get married first. And plus, exactly why are sooo many black men in jail??? Uhhh, because they sell drugs for a living because that is easier than going to work, and because they commit other crimes.

                      And, let’s see, the number of black men in jail is about a million, which is 4.7% of black men. That means that over 95% of black men ain’t in jail, and thus available for marriage. Yet, 72+% of black kids are illegitimate. Sorry, but the whole “mass incarceration” excuse is lame, pathetic, laughable, and not borne out by the numbers.

                      And, back on past history, lots of people in the world have overcome adversity. German and Japs had their nations gutted, and yet within 20 years had rebuilt them. Jews were killed by the millions, yet within 20 years had a functioning country, that had fought and won several wars. What is wrong with black people??? Someone once told you that you had to use a separate toilet and ride a separate elevator, and 50 years later you are still stumbling around whining how you just can’t make it in America. . . Laughable and pathetic.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    13. That was as dismissive as I expected. There has not been a year ever in this country where there hasn’t been a systemic effort to disenfranchise black people. And your saying mass incarceration isn’t real, makes you eligible for the 1st Annual Sean Spicer/Sarah Huckabee Sanders Big Lie of the Year Award. Republican in Congress acknowledges it although they’re satisfied that an 18:1 sentencing disparity is so much better than the previous 100:1 that no more need be done. No fear though, Jeff Sessions on his own will get you much closer to the numbers you are comfortable with. Studies have shown that drug use is approximately equivalent among the races. Guess who gets arrested and imprisoned far more? I’ll stand by my earlier statement that you often bring facts to the table. I am not under the illusion that you accept any not aligned with your worldview.

                    14. By the way, you didn’t name any city, state or region where things were great after the 60’s as you claimed earlier. You have the whole nation to choose from but if you pick Alaska or Hawaii I reserve the right to substitute Aleuts, Eskimos or Pacific Islanders 🙂

                    15. In your mythology where “the dam broke” and things got all better for black people in the 60’s after most white people got enlightened. Please name one town, city, county, state, or region where you believe this to be true?

                      ” Finally, in the 1960s – – – THE DAM BROKE, even in the South and most white people realized, “Hey, these colored people are human beings, too! We ought to quit treating them like crap!”, and even in the South, blacks got to vote, and ride the same elevators as white people. And play in the same sports leagues!”

      1. My then they are truly stupid. Their parents ought to ask for their money back. I mean, Comey as evidence of police brutaility given the lengths he went to in order to ensure high crimes and all the rest committed by Dianne never amounted to much more than drunken binges in the woods and a tell all book? Geez.

  5. Maybe we can have a faint hope that the unruly Negroes at Howard represent a Frankenstein monster that is finally starting to get out of its masters’ (The Democratic Party) control.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Civil discourse everywhere has taken a nosedive under Trump’s approval of hatemongering. Yes, both sides.

      1. Actually, this sort of thing has been very widespread since at least 2015. As far as shutting down speakers on college campuses goes, the culprits have been exclusively on the left, as far as I’m aware. If you have any meaningful examples to the contrary, as your cryptic “both sides” comment seems to indicate, I’m sure that all of us would be interested to hear about them.

      2. The Israelite slaves were polite enough to leave Egypt before the ink was dry on their release papers.

        They had a great leader, Moses.

        The only “hate” is that of covetous freed slaves who can’t find their way home.

        They just hate the idea of leaving all the money and comfort that is America.

        1. This makes no sense. There are no freed slaves in America. The last surviving freed slaves have been dead for at least fifty or sixty years. Also the transatlantic slave trade was abolished effective Jan 1, 1808. So the last african born slaves have been dead a lot longer than that. This is their home and it always has been. No American can claim any personal experience with slavery (which, btw, means that they should get over being triggered by things like cotton plants.)

          For what it’s worth, the Israelites spent a lot of time complaining and wishing they were back in Egypt (see e.g. Ex. 16:3), as actual readers of the bible will be aware.

    2. I hope so. Nancy My-Dad- Was-A-Mafia-Star Pelosi got hers recently. Now Comey. If and when Hillary gets the same treatment I’ll know things are looking good for the impending Jim Jones moment all things left of center result in. Not a damned thing the left touches ever results in anything other than total disaster.

  6. The pants hanging half-mast is a prison thing. Young men in prison who walk around with their pants hanging down in the rear are signaling that they are prostitutes. It’s a way of trying to look sexy and enticing and show what’s being offered. Similar to a woman wearing a low-cut blouse to flaunt her cleavage. In the black subculture, prison styles often make it to the street, although I don’t know that all the people who mindlessly adopt the style understand it’s significance. I saw a PBS show on prison life and some of the older lifers were pointing out the “punks” with their pants down and which ones were sexier and what they charged for their “services.” A similar prison fashion is not wearing shoelaces, as they are not allowed in prison because they could be used to commit suicide or strangle someone else. So you see these black guys walking around wearing Timberland boots with no laces.

    1. Black males are raised by women and are psychologically more female than male. They are emotional, talk too much, and just as women show cleavage to get attention, black males show cleavage to get attention.

        1. I went to school with, and worked with, plenty of black males. My observations are based on my experience. Not every black male is psychologically a girly man, but most are. They’re far more interested in their clothes and hair and social lives than with getting the job done. Just like women. And they talk so damned much, even their music is called “rap.” Jeeeezus! I’ll hire Hispanic males any day, but Africans, forget it!

          1. I went to school with, and worked with, plenty of black males. My observations are based on my experience.

            No, your ‘experience’ has been folded, spindled, and mutilated to conform to your prejudices.

            1. Another Jewish SJW in coddled in the safe suburbs. So why don’t you move to a black neighborhood, where one of these “men” will shoot you in the head because he fancies your tennis shoes or jacket or hair net? Or maybe he’ll get all emotional and kill you because he thought you looked at him the wrong way. I was detailed to New Orleans following Katrina and the men clearing rubble and wielding hammers and saws were all Hispanic. Where were the black “men” of the Chocolate City? Getting their hair done and stealing shoes. Total worthless losers.

  7. I don’t understand why Comey would put up with that. It seems to me that he should show some self-respect and just walk out. It’s not just the protestors, but the failure of the administration to have them removed or undertake any efforts to restore order. Comey certainly doesn’t need to be at Howard. He could get an adjunct position at Georgetown Law in a heartbeat, and have students who are interested in learning.

  8. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone but, Oh, hey, by the way, there was a mass shooting at a church in Tennessee yesterday morning.

    Ho hum, the shooter wasn’t white, the woman killed wasn’t black, and the hero of the day used his 2nd amendment right properly. Nothing to report here, now back to your regularly scheduled misplaced outrage.

    1. A young white coward walks into a church in Charleston and shoots black parishioners. It’s non-stop 24/7 news coverage to the point where we even remember the A-hole’s name (unfortunately). An African immigrant walks into a church in Tennessee and shoots white parishioners and there is barely a whisper in the press. Sorry folks, you’re not allowed to know about it because it doesn’t fit the liberal media narrative. Not that we need any more evidence, but just another example of why people don’t trust or respect the “news” media.

      1. TIN,
        It’s not just the media that cannot be trusted or respected. Even when people are made aware of these stories they refuse to acknowledge anything that contradicts the narrative they’ve come to believe in. It’s what makes enigma and issac so loathsome. They’ve proven time and again they are not centered on equality or natural rights but rather on a regressive form of justice that harms innocents for some perverted utilitarian end.

        1. Olly,

          I cut Enigma a bit of slack because he’s Afro and therefore it’s understandable that he would be defensive and embarrassed by the never ending shortcomings of his brethren. If I were one of them, I don’t know what I would do. I hope I would simply conduct myself with dignity and not make excuses for the inexcusable. But Isaac and DSS are just tired old clown acts. But at least we can thank the airhead SJWs for giving us Trump.

  9. People that scream that this is their First Amendment Right has a distorted reading of that right. It doesn’t mean they have a right to be rude or disrupt an organized speech. Waiting for their turn to speak is “The price they pay for living in a civilized society.” Just like the 16th Amendment.

  10. Howard University is a wonderful school with a proud history.

    No, it’s a mediocre school and some units thereof have been quite troubled. (I’m recalling a controversy ca. 1985 where obstreperous students were able to secure the dismissal of the law dean consequent to his attempts to improve the academic rigor of the school; what that dean was confronting was that the frequency with which Howard Law graduates were passing the bar on their first attempt was a single-digit percentage).

  11. The irony of this all is that while demanding equality these idiots place themselves even further apart. The athletes taking a knee and locking arms didn’t stop the game, obstruct the sport, or infringe on anyone’s rights; they simply made a point and exposed what a fool we have for a President. These fools are demeaning themselves, their cause, and adding substance to the arguments of the white supremacists, nazis, and other filth out there.

    1. issac – I am sure that more men played with their families, mowed the lawn, raked leaves, etc. because of this protest. People are voting with their feet and their remotes. That costs the NFL money. Goodell and the players are not going to win this. The owners are going to hurt because they get a percentage of the concessions. Now those figures may not have floated up to the top yet, but when they do, all hell is going to break loose.

      The protests have hurt the movie business, the Emmy awards, etc. It all comes back to bite you.

      1. Alejandro Villanueva, Pittsburgh Steelers O lineman, and USAA TV ad star, stood hand over heart, in NFL guidebook fashion, while his teammates skulked in the tunnel. VIllanueva’s jersey sales skyrocket to 6th highest, and talk radio and vloggers are urging everyone to drive sales higher. I believe this whole brouhaha shows how many people in the US lack critical thinking skills. Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée is suing the Patriots and the NFL because Hernandez’s autopsy revealed evidence of CTE. That is potentially a much bigger issue. But I agree, Paul, some owners see a problem because they could potentially go bankrupt. What they don’t need is another players strike. Could it get that far? How stupid are the players? Right now, this is all virtue signaling. Take a knee and lock arms over tweets by the President?! Six and seven figure crybabies, who don’t understand where their priorities should be.

          1. Mother of his child. JT has since posted an entry on the family’s involvement as well, of which I was not aware until this morning. The lawsuit is unlikely to go anywhere, but it keeps the issue of CTE in the public eye. Hernandez was a thug who only played for the Pats for 3 seasons, so it will be hard to pin the causation of CTE on his time with the team rather than HS exposure and his penchant for fighting.

            1. Hopefully, Odin Lloyd’s family will end up with whatever payout Hernandez’s family gets, in any case.

              1. You get no argument from me. I don’t understand why any woman would willingly have a kid with Hernandez, but stupid people are everywhere.

      2. Paul

        Who better to pay for our freedom of speech than the ridiculously overpaid? Billionaires and millionaires get there because of the freedoms of America. It is more than fitting that their contributions should reflect their winnings and these freedoms. Somehow this all makes sense. What goes unnoticed is that our Shepherd is creating chaos in order to get the sheep to offer up some of their own for a BBQ and no one can smell the aroma because of the stench coming out of Trump’s mouth.

        1. What goes unnoticed is that first amendment protections do not apply to private employment situations. It only protects people from being punished by the government for their speech. NFL players are employees. Players have rule books full of rules and regulations they are expected to follow or they will be fined, disciplined, let go, etc. On game day, as an employee, Kaepernick does not have a right to say what he wants or wear what he wants or behave the way he wants. He can do what he wants on his own time. For some reason the NFL banned all kinds of other displays of support (or opposition) by players for other causes, yet allowed Kaepernick to begin and continue his personal protest of cops and support of Black Lives Matter – in uniform, on the field, on game day, on company time. Why is it that NFL teams have books full of rules but choose not to enforce this one? IMO this could have — and should have been handled and shut down on day 1 instead of being allowed to continue like this.

          To say that players ‘have a right to speech’ as an employee is like saying it’s okay for your airline pilot to announce how he personally feels about climate change and your carbon footprint before each flight — “and with that being said, ladies and gentlemen, you now know my personal beliefs about climate change since I just shoved it in your face and down your throats while you are my paying passengers, and with that, we will now prepare for takeoff, enjoy your flight.” That pilot would be warned once, and then fired if he did it again. That same option was available to the NFL teams who employ these players and yet they chose otherwise. I completely agree with Trump on this.

          1. Football and basketball are primarily black sports, so the owners will tolerate more because their players and most of their fans won’t object.

          2. Agree. I’d further note that given the billions taxpayers have been forced to spend on the NFL (the Ravens stadium in Baltimore required $270M from the people of Maryland, the Saints in New Orleans are sales tax exempt and each year enjoy all sorts of fiscal bennies from city and state coffers), we the people have a say in how players behave. Think about it.

            If in the past year I just paid a hefty wad of revenue over to the state in which I reside and part of that was diverted toward an NFL team, why do I not then have the right to demand that team either a) adhere to standards of conduct or b) give me my money back.

            In terms of a), yeah that’s a pipe dream. In this year alone the NFL arrest records are rife with drug charges, violent offenses, and all the other mayhem we’ve come to expect from docile and thoughtful social justice activists. In that regard perhaps these men who play a kid’s game are finally coming into adulthood. I avidly look forward to learning which players are transgendered since apparently in 2017 that is mark of the most highly evolved members of our species. Colin K, is there a woman inside you waiting to come out?

            In terms of b) yeah right. Revenue taken isn’t revenue returned. Government is the most perfected thief.

            I’d venture that the $270M Maryland spent on a stadium in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor was wasted money. How often is M&T Bank Stadium used? Did you know the site used to include a factory shuttered since the Great Depression? How come Maryland couldn’t turn that site into a new factory? Or business park? Factories and business parks are used 24/7 and employ people around the clock whereas stadiums employ temps for about 12 hours a game. Baltimore made a decision to subject its people to the temporal notion of stadium instead of employment. Why? Ask the DNC. They’ve run Baltimore since 1967.

            The 2015 Baltimore riots cost at least $20M. Just for context. And because all of this is connected.

            1. Well, as a practical matter what jobs are most of the black residents of Baltimore qualified for? They are not very educated, and have crappy attitudes toward work. About the only thing most of them are fit for is manual type labor, and fast food service. And barely that.

              Did you see this story:


              Sooo, if there was a factory, all the good high-paying jobs would go to white people and asians. I guess the blacks could sweep the floors and clean the toilets. And all the new employees wouldn’t want to live in Baltimore proper, or send their kids to school there. Sooo, all a factory would do is add more people to the reasonably civilized suburbs.

              I hate it that that’s the reality, but it is.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

    2. You’re a MORON. You talk about how the Kneelers have demeaned themselves and hurt their “Glorious Cause” and then say that they exposed Trump as a fool??? Looks to me like, using your own words, Trump exposed them. . .

      You are such a MORON and sooo sick with your Munchausens by Proxy Syndrome stuff that you are unable to form cogent thoughts.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Trump has absolutely exposed them. Ask yourself: why would some self-respecting fan pay nearly a week’s salary to buy tickets to a game only to be subjected to disrespectful, contemptuous, in-your-face displays of personal political beliefs that push anti-American, anti-cop, anti-law enforcement, anti-military, anti-Trump agendas in your face week after week? They won’t.

          1. The act itself — refusing to stand for the anthem is what is ‘divisive.’ Trump shared his opinion about it – as he also has a ‘right’ to do.

            1. TBob – is anyone talking about Harvey, Irma, Maria? Are they talking about Hillary? Etc. No, they are all talking about the NFL. Trump completely changed the subject. 🙂 He won this round.

              1. Paul Schulte,
                -Earlier today, Rep. Al Green of Texas said he would try to force a vote on impeachment next week, citing Trumps comments about the NFL/ national athem issue.
                So Trump may lose the next round, if Rep. Green can convince enough of his fellow House members that Trump’s tweets are “High Crimes and Misdeamors”.😄😂

                1. Wasn’t Al Green a famous singer from years gone by? A shame some dim bulb Dem shares his name.

                  If Trump’s comments are somehow a high crime or misdemeanor – and I’d love to know how they are – then we are doomed. We will have established precedent that places the House of Reps at an advantage over the Executive Branch and that violates checks and balances.

                  Speaking of impeachment: let’s say Trump and Pence are impeached. What happens next? To date nobody wants to answer this very simple question.

      2. Even Jerry Jones took the knee. Colin Kaepernick won this round. People don’t like it when the POTUS calls football players “sons of bitches”. He sounded ugly and crude.

        1. Agree about Trump’s use of SOBs being wrong. But I agree with Trump on the point he was making.

        2. Agreed, frankly:

          “Ugly and crude, ” to be sure.

          “Today’s most compelling political voices in football are not wealthy white owners in bad suits urging Congress and state lawmakers to pass laws that further fill their pockets. They are black men in football uniforms who are demanding, right there in front of God and Jerry Jones and everyone, that football fans ― and Americans ― confront racial injustices that persist outside their sport but still affect them, too.

          “America ― particularly the conservative, male-dominated subset of America to which the NFL most directly sells itself ― has never been comfortable with the idea of that conversation, much less with any action to actually remedy the problems players like Kaepernick and Malcolm Jenkins and hundreds of others have identified, and so the response has been to cry that football is now “too political” to enjoy.

          “The players have not committed the sin of introducing politics into football. Their sin is to be black men talking about politics when the NFL wants them to shut up and entertain.

          “Ask these critics where, other than football, they’d rather have these conversations, or by what means, other than kneeling, they’d rather the players raise their concerns. The athletes have certainly tried. Earlier this year, Jenkins and four others visited Congress to push lawmakers on policing reforms. Other players have held town halls with local law enforcement and community groups. Kaepernick, who kicked all of this off, has donated nearly $1 million to charity.

          “They get no credit for this even from those who wish they’d take action instead of a knee, because the truth isn’t that those who rail against them believe that football is the wrong forum for political action. It’s that they’d rather not think about these problems at all.”

          1. We might also note that all of the cities where these ‘policing reforms’ are so badly needed are in fact run by Democrats – as they have been for decades. And each of these cities has been run into the ground by those very same Democrats. So yes, let’s connect those dots as well.

          2. And yes, I believe that football is the wrong forum for political action. These players are employees on company time and do not have a ‘right’ to express their personal political beliefs. If they did, why does the NFL ban almost all other ’causes’ and not this Black Lives Matter ’cause’?

          3. If Black men want to change “unjust” things in the black community, then quit knocking up black whores without marrying them. That’s where the current problems in the black community come from. Blacks themselves – – – a 72% illegitimate birth rate.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

        3. I was disgusted when I saw Jerry Jones and his entire team go down on their knees. If I was a cop, or a vet, I would be even more disgusted and offended.

          1. Not willing to serve yourself but you are there when needed. Keyboard warrior at your beckoning, have you tried the new Doritos yet?

              1. Yea, protesting is as American as apple pie. Your concern for flag protocol is a smoke screen for the bigger issue of deadly force being imposed by LEOs with impugnity and your lack of concern there.

                1. I posted this study below earlier. Did you read the Harvard study that found there were NO RACIAL DIFFERENCES in the use of deadly force in police shootings? This study is just one piece of actual evidence that debunks the false narrative being pushed by people like yourself….and BLM….and Democrats…..and the NFL.


                2. I don’t know where you work, but tomorrow, why don’t you try to spend some of your work day protesting police brutality and see what your employer has to say about it. It is the same situation with the ’employees’ ie, ‘players’ of the various football teams. Your freedom of speech protections do not go with you into private employment situations. It does not apply. The NFL team owners have a lot of discretion as to what they may require of their players and when they may be fired. Anything you hear otherwise is complete rubbish.

          2. Probably one of the better things Jones has ever done….. Standing with his players does not mean he is anti-cop or anti-vet.

                1. One can oppose Trump’s rhetoric or policies and still show respect to the flag. Opposition to Trump should not become synonymous with disrespecting the flag or the anthem which are symbols of freedom and liberty that are bigger than one man occupying an office.

                    1. I saw they are planning next week to fly a blimp over the stadium scrolling the message: “We Hate America” – plus Jerry Jones said he won’t forget to raise a clenched fist next time he takes a knee.

            1. “This paper explores racial differences in police use of force. On non-lethal uses of force, blacks and Hispanics are more than fifty percent more likely to experience some form of force in interactions with police. Adding controls that account for important context and civilian behavior reduces, but cannot fully explain, these disparities.

              On the most extreme use of force – officer-involved shootings – we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account. We argue that the patterns in the data are consistent with a model in which police officers are utility maximizers, a fraction of which have a preference for discrimination, who incur relatively high expected costs of officer-involved shootings.”


              *Note the finding — “we find NO RACIAL DIFFERENCES…”

        4. Jerry Jones is a mega wealthy team owner. His players could publicly spit on the flag and burn the Bible. He wouldn’t care, so long as the gullible fans keep forking over their money.

            1. TBob – I think Jones and Trump have a rivalry going on from years back. Any chance to stick a knife in his back would bring a smile to Jones’ face.

      3. Squeeky would be the first to say it would be just fine by her, that a white man kneeled because of the injustice of black cops shooting white people.

  12. Milo Yiannopolous yields center-stage to Chelsea Manning without a fight during Berkeley’s Free Speech Week, which The Berkeley Patriots had officially cancelled on Saturday, Sept. 23rd, and Atturley Joneral Torney changes the subject to somebody heckling Comey as though Atturley Joneral Torney had never had a word to say about Berkeley Free Speech Week.

    1. It’s JT’s blog, so he gets to pick the subjects of discussion. You are free to start your own blog if you would like to discuss different topics.

      1. TIN says Turley gets to name the tune to which TIN dances. Jay calls TIN’s dance free speech. They’re both right, of course. And yet, they’re both fallacious as well.

        You see, the question is not whether Turley has a right to choose the topic of his blawg. The question is whether TIN or Jay can defend Turley’s choice of topic from criticism. I’m guessing they can’t.

        And here’s why not: Neither TIN nor JAY perceived the joke that Turley played on them with his choice of blawg topics about the world coming to an end on the same day The Berkeley Patriots cancelled free speech week. Such is the end of all mechanical rabbit chases. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

        Pay no attention to that man in the booth.

        1. Late4Dinner – it is JT’s sandbox, we only get to play in it. Always remember that. We are all here on sufferance. We can be banned at a moment’s notice.

  13. Those who engage in these “silence him” demonstrations are appalling. If you want to protest him do it outside or do it silently so that those who wish to hear the man speak can. Both the speaker and his audience have rights also.

    As to the claim that COMEY has a negative history with the black community, I doubt that motivated most of the screamers. I’d be willing to be they didn’t know. For them, He was white and that’s all that mattered.

    Until we learn to listen to each other nothing will change.

  14. I swear I see some of these same names ignoring the 1st Amendment rights of NFL Players? As far as Comey, the FBI has a long history with Black America, infiltrating its churches and non-violent organizations. J Edgar Hoover tried to get MLK to kill himself. In Groveland, FL, a Sheriff transporting two prisoners for retrial, pulled over and shot both of them, killing one and seriously wounding another he thought dead. The FBI suppressed evidence that would have convicted the Sheriff. He stayed in office another 21 years and yes killed other black prisoners.

    I grew up watching THE FBI starring Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. and was a huge fan until I learned a little history. Maybe those that opposed him weren’t fans of the show.

    1. Why does Turley think he has a say in determining the educational mission and public speaker policy of Howard University?

      Well . . . He doesn’t. He just likes to pretend to the contrary because it allows him to ignore the non-event that failed to take place at Berkeley this week.

      1. Late4Dinner – I think JT has an especial interest in Comey starting when Comey failed to ask for an indictment of Hillary the first time making up a law that did not exist. It is kind of like following Rep. Weiner, who as we now know will be going to prison for 21 months, then 2 years of supervised probation. It is a waiting game. However, that is my opinion and you would have to ask him for sure.

          1. Richard Painter took David Brock’s place at CREW.
            There was a column here by JT in early July about Painter’s accusation of treason leveled at Trump.
            I skimmed the New York Times article and I didn’t see that he advanced his case for treason, nor did he make a case that “no reasonable prosecutor” would view Hillary’s mishandling of classified material as criminal.
            Painter is a “fitting” replacement for Brock.

            1. “Stop taking Richard Painter seriously, given,his outlandish statements and treason accusations”. —
              Legal Insurrection, July 10, 2017

              1. Do you think it is illegal for Jared Kushner and other members of the Trump team to use private email accounts?

                1. Frankly,
                  They are not prohibited from using private email accounts; if they mishandled classified material on their private email accounts, I think it is illegal.

          2. Painter is a HuffPo shill, why would anyone pay attention to that duplicitous creep. As a former ethics lawyer, he really should not be engaged in hand waving WRT an email account while ignoring the fact that it was the unsecured server at Clinton’s house and her mishandling of classified info that was the problem. Does the name Marina Santos ring any bells? Bleach Bit? It’s only been a year, how could the left have forgotten?

              1. You are right, Tom, biggest mistake Bernie made, going too easy on her. At that point, I knew he wasn’t prepared to do what was necessary to try to win the primary (despite the obvious rigging).

    2. the FBI has a long history with Black America, infiltrating its churches and non-violent organizations.

      The FBI also extensively infiltrated the Klan.

      J Edgar Hoover tried to get MLK to kill himself. In Groveland, FL, a Sheriff transporting two prisoners for retrial, pulled over and shot both of them, killing one and seriously wounding another he thought dead.

      Thanks for the recitation of urban legends. It’s been an education.

      What the FBI actually did was make recordings of MLK Jr.’s assignations and play them over the phone for Coretta’s edification.

      1. DSS – they used to play MLK’s assignations at dinner parties. I guess that was before Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door, so you got your kicks where you could. 😉

        1. I doubt anonymous letters were of much interest to King in 1961.

          What’s vaguely amusing is that you fancy Hoover’s petty and ineffectual harassment of King (occurring when James Comey was a toddler) is relevant here.

          1. I was using examples that couldn’t be disputed. The FBI hasn’t been the friend of any black leader or organization ever. I could give more recent examples, only to hear they’re “fake news.”

            1. I was using examples that couldn’t be disputed. The FBI hasn’t been the friend of any black leader or organization ever.

              Enigma, it’s a component of the federal police. Being ‘a friend’ of any ‘black leader or organization’ is not its job. There are a raft of federal investigatory and patrol services with specialized books. The FBI’s job is to investigate offenses in the interstices left over. That J. Edgar Hoover squandered the agency’s manpower in service to Hoover’s fixations is regrettable. There’s hardly one person on the agency’s payroll who was employed there at the time of Hoover’s death in 1971 and pretty much no one actually implicated in bugging King. (King had two Communist Party members in his inner circle, so there was some legitimate interest on the party of the FBI re what contacts he might have with foreigners).

              Thousands of people work for the FBI and the agency has a history extending back over a century, There’s bound to be things in its past its press agents would rather not acknowledge (see Randy Weaver, who lost two members of his immediate family and a personal friend to an FBI sniper who was never disciplined).

              As for King, he had his own problems and was a problem for others. Hoover catalogued some of the problems, which made King vulnerable. King either surmised he was immune to exposure or was extraordinarily reckless, as his conduct continued until the night before his death. He and his party were nearly arrested en bloc in Norway in 1964 over all the prostitutes they hired when he went to pick up his Nobel Prize. The one person in his entourage not implicated was Bayard Rustin, who had to talk the cops into letting the matter slide.

              1. I don’t/didn’t expect the FBI to literally be the friend of any organization or individual. Given their history with the black community, I offered up one reason why an ex-director might not be a welcome speaker.
                Yes, King was a philanderer but that’s hardly a reason to try to literally kill him. The FBI then saw it as their role to break-up black organizations. In a Sessions led FBI, it isn’t out of the question today that he would target a BLM which I assert IS the non-violent response and you don’t want worse.
                As part of COINTELPRO, the FBI infiltrated most black organizations including student organizations and would have found their way to Howard University. I don’t know, why the recent protest against Comey took place, I can think of reasons.

                1. enigma – although I agree with you in the main, I think you are dead wrong about the BLM, they are violent. The FBI rightly bugged the Civil Rights movement because it was infiltrated by the Communists. I am sure you have watched Eyes on the Prize. One of the interviewees admits as much.

                  1. We can agree to disagree about BLM. There is certainly a campaign to paint them in that light. There was a similar campaign against the NAACP and pretty much every group ever that advocated for people of color.
                    As for the Civil Rights Movement being infiltrated by communists. Many black leaders flirted with communism/socialism because something different held more hope that that status quo. Most were ultimately disillusioned. The book by Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man, stemmed from his disappointment with the Communist Party and the false hope they offered. I’m bemused at the resurgence in popularity of Socialism with college students and Bernie Sanders but everything comes back around I guess.
                    Regarding being infiltrated by Communists, do you see anything at all in the contacts and communications between Russian oligarchs and the Kremlin and Manafort, Flynn, Page, Kushner and others?

                    1. enigma – I see the Trump minions as anything but communists. However, I think Kushner may be a socialist in disguise. 😉

                    2. The difference between NAACP and BLM is that we have the latter on tape advocating violence. Furthermore, next time BLM or any similar outfits hold a protest, take a look at the fine print on those mass produced signs they are all carrying. There you will find a phone number with a Manhattan area code. Or sometimes a Chicago number. Google the number or call it. Who do you think picks up?

                    3. I don’t know how it is there, typically the Interstates are policed by State Troopers. Here are the findings of what the Ferguson Police Dept and the findings were that they targeted black people.

                      No, they aren’t. That’s not a long haul Interstate, it’s an intrametropolitan beltway. In any case, the complaints concerned the tickets returnable in the Ferguson municipal court, so it wouldn’t matter who signed the bloody ticket.

                      The ‘findings’ were the WaPoo’s spin-doctoring of Eric Holder’s spin-doctoring. You’re forgetting the ‘findings’ were issued consequent to the Justice Department’s inability to find any excuse for prosecuting Darren Wilson or anyone else. That’s face-saving, not a serious assessment, and the argument as stated – the residents of Ferguson are ‘oppressed’ by a highway speed trap = is comical.

                      The ‘targeted’ blacks cannot be bothered to vote the municipal government out of office, even though blacks have been a majority in Ferguson for nearly 20 years. What gives? What gives is that the ‘targeting’ is fictional.

                    4. Wait a minute. If the residents of Ferguson were victimized by highway speed traps, that implies that they were driving vehicles. To drive a vehicle one must have a photo ID. I thought photo ID’s were racist.

                      Hasn’t Ferguson (like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, and Charlottesville) been a one party city hall for quite some time? Interesting how all these one party towns have such unique problems with racism isn’t it, while places like Charleston SC (where a white lunatic shot up a black church) don’t descend into riots and street violence.

                    5. So all of those statistics were made up? You say the tickets were on the highway, do you suspect all the people arrested for walking were on the loop circling the city?

                      You probably never lose an argument given you get to deny anything the other person says. If you have some alternative statistics I’d be happy to consider them.

                2. Given their history with the black community, I offered up one reason why an ex-director might not be a welcome speaker.

                  They have no ‘history’ with ‘the black community’ and Comey’s a government lawyer who never worked for the Bureau until about 4 years ago.

                  Yes, King was a philanderer but that’s hardly a reason to try to literally kill him.

                  Tell it to James Earl Ray, not to anyone employed at the FBI.

                  The FBI then saw it as their role to break-up black organizations.

                  Which did they attempt to ‘break up’? The National Baptist Convention? The National Urban League? Tuskeegee Institute. (SNCC and the Black Panther Party dissolved and CORE turned into a hustle for the Innes family, but the characters in question needed no help from the FBI to behave like meatheads).

                  In a Sessions led FBI, it isn’t out of the question today that he would target a BLM which I assert IS the non-violent response and you don’t want worse.

                  Let go of my leg. BLM is violent, it’s sorosphere rent-a-crowd, and its whole political program could not be stupider. If the FBI did contrive to ‘break it up’, that’s not going to injure anyone not on the payroll.

                  As part of COINTELPRO, the FBI infiltrated most black organizations including student organizations and would have found their way to Howard University. I don’t know, why the recent protest against Comey took place, I can think of reasons.

                  No, you can think of contrived excuses.

                    1. I read the whole article looking for the acts of violence which apparently include blocking roadways and other acts of non-violent protest. The shootings in Dallas were denounced by BLM and were not advocated by or carried out by the organization. They are also condemned for drawing large crowds following events they choose to protest. Some people allegedly threw bottles and what were described as Molotov cocktails yet I saw no damage one might expect to see. The article wouldn’t pass for an unbiased news report. With evidence such as this, who would you charge and for what crime?
                      Of interest is recent reporting that Russia in its social media campaign tried both to elevate Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein AND promote false information about Black Lives Matter.

                    2. enigma – we do not know that BLM is not the bad actor in the riots and violence. This is like AntiFa has three layers. The first layer does the damage, the second layer covers for them and the third layer is clueless.

                    3. Not knowing is not nearly the same thing as the claims being made. They are a small, highly decentralized grassroots organization who is being attacked for bringing a message a lot of people don’t want to be heard.
                      On a somewhat related front, have you read the press releases from police unions after several of the shootings BLM rails against. Their statements often are total fabrications as shown when the evidence finally comes out. I’ve never seen them criticized for that, except by people like me of course.

                    4. enigma – I want to know why BLM isn’t preaching their message in Chicago, trying to save the lives of black youth?

                    5. I Googled “Black Lives Matter Chicago” and found indeed they are preaching their message there, trying to save the lives of black youth. The problem seems to be that they are preaching THEIR message and not the one others would have them preach.
                      They didn’t form to be all things to all people. They do what they do.

                    6. enigma – this is interesting because according to a US District judge in Baton Rouge, they are just a loose social organization which cannot be sued. Therefore, they do not have standing to sue.

                      Still, their attack was on the police department. They are doing nothing about the black-on-black crime, which is the real problem.

                    7. The second article did. But this is you dictating what problem they should be addressing. I see it as a diversion to keep from addressing the issue they are focused on.

                    8. enigma – since black-on-black crime kills more blacks than cops, IMHO they need to change their focus.

                    9. Who do you think kills most white people? White on white crime. You may think they need to change their focus. When there are more examples of actual justice when clearly unjustified shootings take place, perhaps their focus will change. I’m 6’6″ and closer than I’d like to 300 lbs. My son in 6’3″ and approx. 220. Our existence is enough to cause some people to “have fear for their lives.” If that’s all a policeman ever has to say to justify shooting someone, why shouldn’t that be a concern? I suspect they have the ability to be focused on more than one thing at a time and be concerned about both which by the way they’ve demonstrated.

                    10. enigma – I would make sure my car was in good repair, always check the tail-lights before you leave the house and drive slightly under the speed limit. I have never been pulled over for being white, but I have had students pulled over for driving while brown or black. None of them got a ticket or ended in jail or shot.

                      BTW, you need to lose about 60 pounds. 🙂

                    11. That’s ridiculous. No one fears you because you are fat, tall, and black – unless you are presenting yourself in an intimidating manner. Is that what you are doing? To try and elicit trouble?

                    12. If you look at many of the people that made police officers “fear for their life” while sleeping on their couches and going in the opposite direction. I don’t think my docile behavior will save me.

                    13. Give me examples of these random people that were just sleeping their day away on a couch when a random cop showed up and killed them. I want names, locations, etc. If you can’t provide then consider your strawman burned.

                      Again, nobody is afraid of you because you are fat, tall, and black.

                    14. You’re going to order me and insult me too. I can’t help it if you’re unknowledgeable. I’ve been posting here a good while and not posted a thing I couldn’t support. You look it up yourself.

                    15. So you have no examples to back up your claim. Got it. So very typical of the left. Throw out rhetorical molatovs and when called upon to produce supporting facts you try and deflect to other topics. Let’s deflect then shall we?

                      Do you support impeachment of Trump?

                    16. I have examples, you don’t! Google it if you really want to know. I’ll bet some others here, not living in a bubble are already aware. I have no obligation to provide rude and obnoxious people anything.
                      As far as Impeachment, while he has already demonstrated incompetence, insensitivity, and a lot of other things, there is not yet enough evidence to support Impeachment and I’m not asking for it.
                      I’m sure that evidence exists, particular regarding Obstruction of Justice and I suspect financial crimes will soon come to light. I think he will be Impeached, hopefully soon just not yet.

                    17. Yes Google it! You’re the one living in a bubble, try getting out a little bit.
                      Are you asking about the process where the House of Representatives Impeaches the President and the Senate votes or who takes over afterwards? That would normally be Pence who could be facing charges of his own before it’s done. Do you require the whole line of succession?
                      Now if it turns out that Trump actually colluded with Russia, we could enter new territory of a contested election. The Supreme Court would be the ultimate arbiter.
                      There is reason to fear a Pence Presidency even more that Trump’s because he’d be more competent at getting his agenda implemented. All we have to worry about with Trump is Nuclear War and the end of the world.

                    18. Thank you for proving my point. I knew from the get go that a) you leftists were all about impeaching both Trump and Pence and b) that you deep down believe impeachment puts Hillary in the White House. Yes, you people are that frigging stupid.

                    19. You probably didn’t score well in, “Reading with comprehension” did you? I’m not “all about” Impeaching Trump, I just expect it. You asked what happens next and I suggested a couple possibilities. You are so brave calling people names on the Internet. As we say in the South, bless your heart.

                    20. I’ll tell you the same things I’ve stated here to your face if it makes you feel better.

                      And yes, you stated that impeachment opens the door to a Hillary presidency. I always knew the left thought this was so and you articulated it. In reality you’d end up with President Paul Ryan and Vice President Orrin Hatch – who knew a bunch of liberals were closet Ryan and Hatch supporters.

                    21. I won’t scroll back but I said a Trump Impeachment gets you, Pence, Pence may have problems of his own in which the line of succession comes into play. IF there were evidence of Russian collusion the election could be contested and we’d be in new territory. I never mentioned Hillary at all.

                      I don’t see any likely mechanism where she would be suddenly handed the Presidency. Which of any of the things I said is incorrect?

                    22. enigma – what is your point? Almost no prosecutor is going to a third trial after two hung juries. It is a waste of taxpayer money. I am very sorry about the little girl. The family will be compensated by the city, of course, but that will not make up for their loss.

                      We had an incident here where we loaned out our SWAT team to another city for a raid and during the raid, which happened to be at the wrong address, they threw in a flash-bang and it landed in the crib of an infant doing serious damage to the child. The award was way over our insurance coverage and it took our town 3 years to pay the family off the additional damages. I don’t think there was a person in town I knew who didn’t think they deserved it. We no longer loan out our SWAT team.

                    23. My point to Andrew was that black people can get shot and killed asleep on their couch and there is no penalty. I’m not upset about there not being a third trial. It’s the exception, in this case, there was a trial at all. Most times it doesn’t get that far.

                    24. And this is BLM violence because what? You can’t (well I suppose you can) just blame everything on BLM. You might consider the pattern of oppressive policing as documented in the Justice Department report.

                    25. You might consider the pattern of oppressive policing as documented in the Justice Department report.

                      The complaint was that the local police issued too many tickets. There are about 90 municipalities in greater St. Louis. The main beltway runs through about 12 of them, so there are large numbers of tickets issued on the expressway returnable in Ferguson municipal court which might be issued to anyone using the beltway.

                      ‘Oppressive policing’ is a florid way of saying ‘Ferguson’s a speed trap’. All this oppression has had zero effect on municipal elections, for some reason.


                    26. I’m sorry, was that an example of BLM violence. BTW, when people average 3 violations per family member per Ferguson household, they tend to lose their licenses and their voter ID so it’s a win, win, for some. Now there’s also the problem they seemed to have of being unable to coalesce behind a single candidate and diluting their vote but that’s America.

                    27. when people average 3 violations per family member per Ferguson household,

                      You’re using the population of Ferguson as a denominator. The ‘violations’ are speeding tickets. The speeding tickets are issued to anyone using the beltway, not just the people living in the 12 municipalities through which the beltway runs.

                    28. I don’t know how it is there, typically the Interstates are policed by State Troopers. Here are the findings of what the Ferguson Police Dept and the findings were that they targeted black people. This includes charges of various walking crimes. My recollection is that the actual residents were given an average of three citations including infants and the infirm. Because these statistics are so damning, I’ll set that aside and live with these as I’m in the middle of writing a blog post.


    3. and was a huge fan until I learned a little history.

      Imagine the day when you learn more than a little history, you might find some objectivity. This kind of post might work well on your blog, but you come off as just another race hustler here.

          1. Just not your truth which isn;t really truth at all. Give me an example of something untrue I’ve said? Not something where you’ve drawn a different conclusion but something untrue.

    4. Apparently strong assertive educated black men like enigma bother you immensely. CV. Why is that.

      1. He appears to be black in his picture. He claims to be black. Why do you think he’s not black? BTW I agree that he is a race hustler.

        1. You are an idiot. Nothing about about Enigma implies that unless you are so uncomfortable with your own biases that you are projecting.

    5. Nobody is imposing the heckler’s veto on NFL players. Though Coach Mike Tomlin tried to bring Villanueva to heel:

      “Like I said, I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team.” (Sorry Coach, that sort of unanimity only really happens in N. Korean elections)

      Not sure what your excursus on Hoover really has to do with Comey.

    6. I swear I see some of these same names ignoring the 1st Amendment rights of NFL Players?

      In fairness, though, your point is well taken. The comment section on this blog is full of what I call “free speech relativists”.

        1. Not really. The First Amendment applies only to the government, not private employers. “CONGRESS shall make no laws restricting the freedom of speech…” The NFL is a private employer and the team owners could retrict these protests if they chose to. Or not. They clearly aren’t willing to restrict the protests, which is their right. I’m too cynical to think the owners are acting out of conscience or principle, however. It will come down to the marketplace. If advertisers and fans turn against them, we’ll see some dialing back of the protests. IMHO.

          1. Garbage. The NFL cannot hide behind the First Amendment and the fact that you do not know why is indicative of your ignorance.

            Do you see the accountants at NFL corporate engaging in protests on company time? No. Why? They’d be fired. Were there other NFL employees that asked to deviate from uniform requirements under freedom of speech? Yes. What did NFL tell them? No.

            And that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

            Take for instance the Christian baker that wishes to decline business from a gay couple asking for a wedding cake. The courts have ruled they cannot. They must make that cake even though they are a purely private enterprise.

            Contrast with the syndicate that is the NFL. Yes, syndicate. The NFL has extorted tax dollars and other concessions from municipal and state governments in order to have venues constructed in which they can earn money playing a little kid’s game. To say they then cannot decline demands from customers to march out on that field like the employees they are and stand proudly – even if they have to fake it – while opening ceremonies are conducted is foolish.

            We paid for them. We continue to pay for them. If we the paying customers say they must perform then the NFL players must perform.

            If they disagree, then they can carry through on their perpetual threats to pack up their teams and move to other cities.

          2. Question TIN, does the NFL or any employer have the right to impose speech? If you worked for me, could I make a condition of your employment that you raise a Black power fist to start each work day? Could I make you wear a shirt supporting my political party while at work.

            1. Enigma Yes, I believe so. If it’s a private employer. The employee has the option to quit if he/she doesn’t like it. I’ve seen some really goofy uniforms that I would quit before I put on. The worst was at a Hot Dog on a Stick concession at a mall. It looked like a combination of a clown suit and a hot dog. But the poor employee had to wear it, if he wanted to work there. And yes, they can require you to say stupid things, but again, the employee has the option of walking away from the job.

          3. I don’t think the market place will do much to dial back the protests. That toothpaste is already out of the tube. No matter how many advertisers quietly back away from the NFL, the owners will not be able to enforce a dialing back of protests without being called “racists” or “bigots” (words that are still kryptonite, for some reason, despite being so overworked in recent years that they are now without any actual semantic content.) So the owners won’t do that.

            It would be helpful if we had a president with the emotional maturity to calm everybody down rather than inflaming already toxic situations. I wish Obama was still in the white house or even W. (never thought i would hear myself say that.) Trumpy is the wrong president for these trying times. I think he would suck in any era, but he is particularly ill-suited to the challenges the US is facing right now.

            1. Obama? Are you kidding? This kind of division, us vs them, raging irrational hate is his stock in trade. He is LOVING this! He spent 8 years stirring this up. This is his legacy.

            2. Not true. Have courts not required Christian bakeries to bake wedding cakes for marraiges they disagree with?

              Moreoever, can we honestly say the NFL is truly a private enterprise? How many state and local governments have spend nine-figure amounts to build stadiums for the NFL? How many state and local regimes exempt their sales tax when it comes to their NFL teams? How many local governments pay their NFL stipents each year? Seems to me all that money represents a stake in the equity of NFL teams. Therefore, do the people not have a say in what kind of behavior does or does not happen in stadiums they were taxed to construct?

      1. enigma – I am so ashamed of you. I had thought better of you. Well, there goes our friendship. 🙂

    7. You need to grow up. Got it? no? Then get it! You are a slave and you don’t even understand who is your slave master. The only thing enigmatic about you is your sheer ignorance.

  15. They have to raid other people’s events, people who have actually earned something in their lives that merit a group of people listening to them. Why don’t these protesters set up their own event and see how many want to attend, listen to them and take time out of their day to support them? I suspect very few.

  16. Alexander Hamilton –

    “The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to change and corrupt the national spirit; to complicate and confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all-important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.”

    The safety of a republic, according to Hamilton, depended

    “essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment, on a uniformity of principles and habits, on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias and prejudice, and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education and family.”

    Abraham Lincoln:

    “If all earthly power were given me,” said Lincoln in a speech delivered in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, 1854, “I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.” After acknowledging that this plan’s “sudden execution is impossible,” he asked whether freed blacks should be made “politically and socially our equals?” “My own feelings will not admit of this,” he said, “and [even] if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not … We can not, then, make them equals.”5

    Albert Einstein (misattributed but close enough for governmental work) –

    “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

    Proverb –

    “Oil and water don’t mix.”

  17. I think the funniest is You’re not our homie. Add layers to the whole racist culture that surrounds BLM, Howard, Comey, etc.

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