Turley To Speak At Bar Association Conference In Spokane

download-1This afternoon I have the honor of speaking to the District conference in Washington state. The program in Spokane will feature speakers like the Honorable Chief Judge Thomas Rice of the Eastern District of Washington and the Honorable Judge Richard Tallman of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit as well as Washington Attorney General Robert Fergusan. I will be speaking on Executive Privilege and the new controversies raised by the Trump Administration from immigration to sanctuary cities to war powers.

It is no secret that I tend to grab speaking opportunities in places where I can pursue my love for hiking and backpacking. Spokane is obviously high on that list of favorite spots. It is a great and unique city that I always love to visit. It has the best of the West from great outdoor activities to great food to great people. I am staying an extra day to go hiking on a couple of great trails in the area. It is a welcomed relief when the intrigue and tensions of Washington.

I will be speaking a 11 am in the Centennial ballroom at the Spokane convention center.

6 thoughts on “Turley To Speak At Bar Association Conference In Spokane”

  1. Have fun at the Ninth Circus. Personally, I think Barnum & Bailey was a lot more interesting. I’d rather watch dancing bears than judges trying to dance their way around the law.

    1. TIN – Barnum & Bailey was fun when all three rings had different acts going. It got boring when they started doing the same act in each ring. And who could forget the opening parade. Now they don’t exist.

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