“How Will Your Quest End?” Two Women Escape Jail Only To Get Trapped In Escape Room

download-1download-2Kelsie Laine Marie Mast, 23, and Samantha Faye Toope, 20, should have probably stopped with one escape.  The two prisoners escaped from jail in Edmonton, but later visited an escape room called “SideQuests Adventures.”  They never made it out of the escape room before police arrived and took them back to their first room at the Edmonton Institution for Women.  The business slogan is “How Will Your Quest End?” The answer for these two offenders is badly.

The two women are violent offenders with weapons violations on their record.  They jumped the east fence of the Edmonton Institution for Women to escape.

The women told employees that they were from out of town and checked out one of the rooms.  However, while they toured the facility, a police officer went to the front desk to and asked if they saw two women in the area.  The business pointed the officer to one of the escape rooms and, after the arrival of backup, the women were arrested.


8 thoughts on ““How Will Your Quest End?” Two Women Escape Jail Only To Get Trapped In Escape Room”

    1. Jay S – it is the new ‘in’ thing. You are locked in a room with maybe 3 other people and you have to solve a series of clues to get yourselves out, assuming you do. Some small companies use it for team building because it requires you work as a team to solve the puzzle to finally open the door and escape.

      1. Back before I retired and was working, being locked in a room with colleagues, and desiring to escape, was called a “staff meeting.”

        1. Jay S – in this you have a chance to escape. Staff meetings are punishment.

  1. Oh, the irony, the irony. 😉 They are never going to live this down in jail.

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