“Your Existence is a Disturbance to Every Marginalized Person in this Country”: Protesters at UC Santa Cruz Shut Down Young Republican Meeting

download-2There was another incident of student protesters preventing a meeting or class from occurring, though this incident has a welcomed conclusion: arrests.  At the University of California, Santa Cruz,  students found out that fellow students were meeting in the library as part of the College Republicans.  That was unacceptable to them, so they put out a posting on Facebook to stop the meeting. They succeeded.  The protesters entered the room denouncing their fellow students as “fascists,” “racists” and “white supremacists.”  One student protester reportedly told a Young Republican: “Your existence is a disturbance to every marginalized person in this country.”  It was a telling comment. The very existence of a young Republicans is viewed as an offense like some type of human microaggression.

The other students and library staff tried to reason with the protesters but they were denounced by the protesters who chanted “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!”

In a scene reminiscent of the protests at the Dartmouth library, other students complained that they wanted to use to the library to study.  (At Dartmouth, a university officia actually apologized to the protesters who abused other students and stopped them from studying). Eventually, students studying in the library began to complain that they really wanted to study rather than listen to protesters. After a librarian tried to convince the protesters to respect the rights of other students,  she and her supervisor were called “white supremacists.” One protester even proceeded to run up and down the library stairs shouting about “Nazis” and “white supremacists.”

So first fellow students sought to get the protesters to leave; then a librarian; then the librarian’s supervisor, and then finally the police.

The police said that they did not want to arrest the students and asked them to leave but they insisted on being arrested.  They are now facing charges with disturbing the peace, failure to disperse, unlawful assembly and trespassing.

The school’s director of news and media relations, Scott Hernandez-Jason, said It’s unfortunate and disappointing that a few students disrupted their meeting and refused repeated requests to leave. UC Santa Cruz vigorously supports our students’ rights to peacefully and lawfully assemble.”

However, the arrests only occurred because the students insisted on being arrested and after given repeated opportunities to leave.  There is conspicuously no announcement from the university that the students would be suspended or expelled.  That should be obvious when you first seek to prevent others students from assembling or speaking as well as preventing students from studying.


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  1. The article is confusing. Who did what to whom and when. Or as the news ethics would say: who, what, where, why and when?

    1. 1.A student Republican club was having a private meeting in a library conference room. 2. A group of leftist fascist types entered the room, and tried to shut down the meeting. In addition, they began chanting and disturbing other students studying in the library. 3. A librarian lamely tried to negotiate with them for at least 30 minutes, but they refused to leave. 4. They were arrested and removed from the library.

  2. Resistance is futile.

    I can only think of one other group in recent history being asked to denounce their race.



      1. It’s a parody of “The Borg” from Star Trek, Dr. Benson. The student protesters at UCSC are supposedly “assimilating” the “human race.” Which, in turn, is supposed to insinuate that Whites are the only “other group in recent history being asked to denounce their race.”

  3. Paul, no university administration will tolerate this disruption. Go sleep on it.

      1. I wasn’t and this is news to me. Based on Turley’s report, Dartmouth handled this poorly, if not badly.

  4. So I have screwed up on this blog and I apologize for multiple postings.

    However I contend that having HRC on trial and being locked up would be healing for our nation

      1. Ken, You’re just silly. I thought you would be happy now with Hillary’s bud Puty, after all the back door checks and all. She cleaned up! Why don’t you save your poor forearms, wrists, and fingers from the agony of typing–“The Price is Right” comes on at 11:00 or so.

      2. “T rump would have to share a cell.”

        Ken, carefully document the reason why. See if you are able to do that.

        You are just upset that Trump beat Hillary, a liar, and one who sold American national security down the drain for personal profit.

        1. Sorry boiler plate boy I am not the prosecutor but I am sure you have your copy of T rump’s defense read to roll off the presses.

          1. boiler plate boy? What are you, like 7? You made the claim that President Trump would have to share a cell. While that is a big step for you to admit Clinton deserves to be behind bars for her documented crimes, your call for President Trump to receive the same punishment has not been supported by any evidence.

            So Allan’s request is reasonable. It’s called using critical-thinking skills and not simply some irrational, emotional claim unsupported by facts. So, what evidence exists that President Trump warrants being locked up?

    1. Autumn said, “So I have screwed up on this blog and I apologize for multiple postings.”

      No you haven’t, Autumn. Trust me; I’m a world-renowned expert on blawg screw-ups. Ask anyone. And don’t apologize for multiple postings. I’m not about to follow suit on that count, either. Lighten up, Autumn. Wait till you make a genuine mistake. Then apologize for that, if you’d like. Or not.

        1. Your welcome Autumn. Your position on Bernie Sanders and your citation of Thomas Franks make me hesitate for head-scratching before I disagree with you about this, that, or the other thing.

  5. whatever,, I posted a response which didn’t take. But you are no dummy – indies are independents – those of us who are Demexiters,never Dems,etc. The folks who voted for Bernie, jill or chose not to vote

    Hey why don’t you read Thomas Frank’s book on how how the Demoncats moved to being a neo llib / neo con party



          1. TSFS is technically correct. The rich are making the rich richer–same as it ever was.

    1. Autumn, before I read Thomas Frank’s book (whatever the title is), could you clue me in as to whether Frank finds fault with Bill Clinton on the charge of neoliberalism? I seem to remember some evidence about “the era of big government” that might warrant that charge.

      1. Never mind, Autumn. I see your answer now. I missed it the first time through. “Listen Liberal” by Thomas Frank. Thanks for the tip, Autumn.

      2. L4D – Bill was the one who ushered in NAFTA – something Bush I wanted but couldn’t accomplish. Also gave China most favored nation trading status despite all the human rights concerns. also repeal of Glass Steagall.

        Thomas Frank is an amazing scholar who also happen to write well – he also took down the Republican Pary in “What’s Wrong with Kansas”

        You can also pick up interviews on YouTube. He’s a good speaker and so calm and measured (must be a mid-west thang?) talking about subject which make me shake with rage and scream =)


        1. Autumn, I read “What’s Wrong with Kansas”. Also, my number two son, The Lummox, used to live in Chicago and he would save up copies of The Reader with Frank’s columns in them and bring home with him at the holidays. I’ll have to send The Lummox to the library or a book store to get “Listen Liberal.”

  6. Paul, as I stated previously, the emphasis is on peacefully and lawfully. The spokesman is not the disciplinarian who is the Dean of Students.

    Irrespective of the university’s actions, those miscreants are now in big trouble with the legal system. They are unlikely to be able to continue their college career for some time to come.

    1. David Benson – they will be bonded out immediately and returned to school to continue their mayhem. Clearly the school did not think the students were breaking the law until they forced the issue, it was a hands-off the students approach. So, yes, I would say they condoned their actions. Evidently what the students did to the Young Republicans was considered peaceful. It appears refusing to obey the police and refusing to leave the library are the major concerns.

      I doubt this will even get to court where an honest judge will preside over them, maybe even a jury of their peers. They will plead out, pay the fine and return to school. Nothing will change. And the Dean of Students is not going to break a sweat over this.

      1. Don’t know precisely about California but here in Washington state the Dean of Students has no choice.

        You have a fever dream.

        1. David Benson – you forget who is in charge of the University of California system.

            1. David Benson – legal schmegal. With Janet in charge, the University will do what she says.

                1. David Benson – Janet was governor and AG here, she delegates. She came up through the research department of Lewis and Roca who is a major Democratic contributor in this state. My understanding is she is a hell of a legal researcher but a lazy writer. Her payoff was to be appointed USAG of Arizona, which she didn’t screw up but was not outstanding. Then AG, then Gov, then Homeland Sec, then the University of California.

      2. No, Paul, that behavior was not peaceful.

        Stop making assumptions about that which you do not know.

  7. From Turley’s OP, “However, the arrests only occurred because the students insisted on being arrested after given repeated opportunities to leave. There is conspicuously no announcement from the university that the students would be expelled. That should be obvious when you first seek to prevent others students from assembling or speaking as well as preventing students from studying.”

    So it’s not enough that the students were arrested (which Turley has been calling for); the students ought to have been arrested before they, themselves, insisted upon being arrested. Likewise, that the students were belatedly arrested is not enough; the university ought immediately to have announced summary expulsion of the students (which Turley has also been calling for–except that he also found fault with the vague language adopted by the University of Wisconsin’s recently announced policy).

    Clearly Turley is worse than Goldilocks, since nothing–not even the jailing of student protesters– will ever be ‘just right’ for Turley. It is thoroughly predictable that Turley will soon bemoan the deplorable conditions under which the arrested students were held in police custody. Because, perpetual dissatisfaction with everything under the law is the distilled essence of Professor Jonathan Turley, Esquire.

    1. The university has procedures for disciplinary actions. The Dean of Students will start those.

      Turley is wrong and you should have read my earlier comments before spouting off. Shame on you.

          1. I’m not challenging your expertise, Mr. Benson. I added a sentence to my ‘spouting off’ because I read all of the posts on the thread including yours before I spouted off. Moreover, your expertise prompted the additional sentence with which I spouted off.

              1. Fine then, Dr. Benson. Would you mind telling me about what, exactly, I am wrong? I’m fully prepared to stand corrected.

                  1. Dr. Benson, the sentence I added to my spouting off on the issue of University disciplinary requirements was directed at Turley’s perpetual dissatisfaction, as I call it. I was not endorsing summary expulsion of student protesters. Besides, that sentence was added to my spouting off because of your expert comments on the subject of University disciplinary requirements. Since I found fault with Turley’s complaint against UCSC, I formally refuse to accept Turley’s error as my own.

                    1. Alright then. I’m sorry for upsetting you, Dr. Benson. And sorry for the misunderstanding as well. But I won’t back-off from the Turley’s-worse-than-Goldilocks routine until the moderator formally requests that I should.

  8. Alright, “indie” is an independent. So sad for you that you don’t watch the videos because I specifically choose folks from across the political spectrum. I suppose you prefer Rachel Mad-Cow and her ilk.

    So indies are folks (anti war / anti globalist corporations eroding states rights ) who either voted for Jill Stein, did not vote or in some cases voted for Trump because they were sick of the DNC. Thomas Frank wrote an amazing book “LIsten Liberal” which fully outlined the horrid neo lib / neo con path the Dems have been on since Clinton. I highly recommend it.

    Anyhow, just to irritate you here is yet another video:

    1. Clinton, both of them, are DINOs.

      And no, I still don’t do your videos. You have to write reasonably coherent English if you desire me to follow…

    2. Theire were Kremlin trolls on the U Tuber that claimed to be indies but were Putie and T rump
      Puppeteers. Da con was exposed.

      1. Ken – personally, I think both YouTube and Twitter are covering up the Russian supporters of Hillary. Doesn’t fit into their playbook. I think an independent audit is necessary of both sites.

    3. Autumn,..
      I don’t think most people share Mr. Benson’s aversion to videos.
      But in your comments directed to him, you could try posting links with pictures and shiny objects to hold his interest.

      1. I was amused by Mr. Benson’s instruction to Autumn to write in “reasonably coherent English”. I can rarely decipher anything he posts – it’s often so cryptic I wonder why he even bothers.

        1. I can rarely decipher anything he posts – it’s often so cryptic I wonder why he even bothers.

          Cryptic would give him far more credit than he deserves. More likely he’s simply accumulating Frequent Posting Miles for JT’s upcoming top 10.

    4. Comrade, you are a godawfulbore. And, where do you get off speaking for indies or whomever? So ignorant, all the time, give yourself a rest.

      1. No, it’s my posts and videoes that give you souless Correct the record Soros peeps a conniption. Loser and liars all of you!!

        BTW: its the Indies who will finish off the Demoncratic party.

  9. The university exists primarily for learning which includes the exchanging of ideas, through methods designed for those purposes. Obstructing others from learning and/or exchanging ideas is a form of trespass. The library is even more specific regarding its functions and therefore the degree of trespass in this occasion is more specific and extreme. That the students who obstructed the others from their rights to study and in quiet, were arrested is the appropriate response by society. They should be charged and punished accordingly by the courts. Unfortunately the courts cannot expel them. It is up to the university to do that. This would be a benchmark proper move by the university to retake institutions of learning from these obnoxious sorts. Unfortunately there are, most likely, millions of dollars marshaled to support a myriad of lawsuits that would follow. Tough call for UCSC.

    1. The Dean of Students will start the disciplinary procedures about which the students have previously been informed, although they may well have forgotten about such matters. There are no attorneys involved in the hearings, at least around here.

      The result is likely to be suspension although I don’t know the rules at USCS.

      1. David Benson – since the administration seems to be supporting the students, I find it hard to believe there will be suspension hearings. However, they might shut down the Republican Club as an attractive nuisance.

        1. The administration is certainly not supporting the miscreants. Only in your fevered imagination. Learn to read with care.

          1. David Benson – the following are direct quotes from the article.

            “So after fellow students sought to get the protesters to leave; then a librarian and then finally the police. The police sought to get the students to leave but they insisted on being arrested. They are now facing charges with disturbing the peace, failure to disperse, unlawful assembly and trespassing.

            The school’s director of news and media relations, Scott Hernandez-Jason, said It’s unfortunate and disappointing that a few students disrupted their meeting and refused repeated requests to leave. UC Santa Cruz vigorously supports our students’ rights to peacefully and lawfully assemble.”

            David, as I have said before, they demanded to be arrested and it is clear from the statement of the director of news and media relations, that the school supports their actions. It appears the police had a hands-off policy and were following it. Whether the library staff called police or students is still unclear.

            1. The director of news is not the university administration.

              It is highly probable that the library staff called the police, although that is my inference.

              Nonetheless, there is nothing in the report to support your assertion that the administration supported the miscreants.

              Read my replies to earlier comments.

              1. David Benson – I have read all of your replies, as I always do and director speaks for the University. Sorry, you are just dead wrong on this one.

                    1. David Benson – yes you are. Must be living in the warm womb of academia that does it. 😉

                  1. Nope.

                    What do you think they hire a press secretary to do if not speak for the institution?

    2. Isaac said, “The university exists primarily for learning . . . Obstructing others from learning and/or exchanging ideas is a form of trespass.”

      I agree, Isaac. What’s worse is begrudging other people their very existence. That’s the ultimate xenophobia with a little bit of misanthropy on the side.

      1. Late

        It’s not begrudging other people their very existence that is at issue here. It is the manner in which these ‘holier than thous’ expressed it. They become the fascists of which they speak. I begrudge those that exhibit stupidity and bigotry, such as Trump and many others. However, I don’t impede others with my ranting and raving. You can tune in or out on this blog. I size up people before entertaining a conversation. Some are ‘pearls before swine’. Some are rabidly obtuse. Some are the choir. But most really don’t care. Therein lies the famous rub.

        1. Isaac said, “I begrudge those that exhibit stupidity and bigotry, such as Trump and many others.”

          Isaac, my remark about existential grudges was drawn from Turley’s OP on this thread. One of the student protesters at UCSC said that the existence of the Young Republicans was a disturbance to all marginalized people. I knew that your grudge was strictly intellectual and not at all existential.

          Meanwhile, you keep forcing me to agree with you, Isaac. Sanctimony is not, never was and probably never will be the exclusive flaw of any one demographic slice of humankind. My own children have accused me of being sanctimonious on multiple occasions. Of course, I take that as proof that I raised them right. And therein also lies the rub. One can never count oneself out of the man-is-rotten-sermon without immediately becoming a rotten too on the count of sanctimony.

  10. This scenario is getting so tiresome. Glad the students were arrested although it’s a damn shame THEY had to insist upon it – I guess they are building up “creds” amongst their insane peers. Times are tough for ordinary students who are actually attending school to learn and get their degrees.

  11. Back in my university days, we didn’t have these problems. There were 4 category groups that students identified with:

    Geeks, Greasers, Jocks & Hippies…..And hybrid combinations.

      1. From Turley’s OP, “After a librarian tried to convince the protesters to respect the rights of other students, she and her supervisors were called ‘white supremacists.'”

        She and her surpervisors . . .

  12. Let me see if I’ve got this right: a crowd of students disrupts a meeting of their peers, rattles on about Nazis and white supremacists, and interferes with others who are in the library to get some work done. They refuse to leave, insist on being arrested, yet the university’s director of media relations feels he has to remind us that “UC Santa Cruz vigorously supports our students’ rights to peacefully and lawfully assemble.” The inmates are running the asylum.

      1. Agreed. Also, the rights at issue are those of all of the students–not just the miscreants.

      2. The protests were peaceful in that no furniture was broken and no College Republican was assaulted, and lawful because the students could have walked away if they agreed to leave when asked. But trying to shut down the meeting of a student club with simple chants is not simple dissent, it’s an example of the “heckler’s veto.” There’s nothing peaceful about it.

    1. I read “vigorously supports our students’ rights to peacefully and lawfully assemble” as being in defense of the Republican group’s rights, not the protesters. Are you all sure he was referring to the protesters’ rights?

      1. FFS – I would have taken it that way if they had immediately arrested the protesters when they refused to leave the library. However, the ‘hand-off’ approach makes me think they are supporting the protesters.

      2. He also lamented how it was ‘unfortunate and disappointing that a few students disrupted their meeting and refused repeated requests to leave.’ That description fits the disruptors. The College Republicans were not protesting, they were meeting as a recognized student group whose rights don’t need to be “vigorously” supported.

        1. The median wage for security guards is about $13 an hour. Employer contributions to Social Security and unemployment compensation would add an increment of 7.3%. Employer contributions to pension and insurance programs are running in this country at about $4.75 per man-hour. That amounts to costs of $18.60 an hour. It’s the Bay Area, so let’s add a generous premium and suggest $27.70 an hour. So, you fancy the University deployed north of 28,000 man-hours to providing security for Richard Spencer?

          While we’re at it, there are currently 2,200+ sworn police officers in San Francisco, 1,100 in San Jose, 700+ in Oakland, 170 in Berkeley, 85 in Alameda, 85 in Palo Alto, 110 or so in San Mateo, and 90 in Santa Cruz itself, for a total of 4,600 officers. The number of security guards in this country exceeds the number of sworn officers by about 40%.

          Quite an organizational feat to assemble 28,000 man-hours of security service labor from the available pool of manpower in the Bay Area.

          1. $500,000 divided by $18.60 equals 26,882 man-hours. $500,000 divided by $27.70 equals 18,050 man-hours. $13 at time-and-a-half is $19.50. $13 at double-time (Sundays or Holidays) is $26. Plus $4.75 per man-hour for pension and insurance contributions only on the base-pay rate equals $24.25 and

            1. [Not that button; the other button] . . . and $30.75, respectively. How long was Richard Spencer at the University anyway? Was it on a Sunday or a Holiday?

              If the available security-service labor pool is 6,356, and if we guess time-and-a-half at $24, then $500,000 divided by $24.25 equals 20,618 man-hours, divided by 4 hours per man equals 5,155 security guards or 81% of the available labor pool. If each security guard worked hours, then you’d only need 2,577 of them or 40% of the labor pool.

              What was the audience size for Spencer’s speech at the University? Other than the 2,500 to 5,000 or so security guards, that is? What would the ratio of security guards to counter-protesters have been? Where did they all park? Were the security guards bussed in? Did the University pay for the security guards’ travel expenses and parking fees? What about barricade rentals? And groundskeeper fees for barricade installation and removal? Are we all just bored off our rockers while Mueller mulls?

              What if it’s all just another racket?

              1. If each security guard worked 8 hours . . . blah, blah, blah.

                Mull faster, Bobby.

                1. Except for your penchant for sheer pig-headed perversity, I have no clue why you’d attempt to defend her rubbish.

                  1. I’ll warrant that my aforementioned penchant ought to suffice. As for cluelessness . . . see below.

            2. I neglected to deflate for the posited wage premium. My error. It’s 19,000 man-hours. Your not going to get there from here, Diane. 19,000 man-hours is a year’s work for 10 security guards.

                1. There is nothing in the link which explains how the posited security bill could possibly be the true figure.

                    1. Swarthmoremom, the linked article strongly suggests that Spencer is attracting at least a few followers overly prone to violence. Whether the violent acts of those three young men might be blamed on Spencer’s speech depends upon learning more about whatever Spencer said at the University of Florida. However, based upon what you’ve already shown us about Spencer, I must conclude that he’s playing a very dangerous game with the public peace.

                    2. Swathmoremom’s link was to the twitter feed of an odious denizen of the gaystapo.

                      That aside, what appears to have happened is that two sets of political sectaries got into a fight.


                      The outcome was that a dose of lead went into a piece of masonry. Supposedly, the shooting party has a felony conviction in his history. It’s a reasonable wager they’ve overcharged the 3 and the attempted murder count will be removed in the plea bargain (at least from the bill against the two others in the car).

                      It doesn’t surprise me that Spencer attracts these types like flies to sh**. The thing is, Spencer is this decade’s Fred Phelps. He’s inconsequential in and of himself, but useful for media attempting to sell advertising space and push a political narrative.

                    3. TSFS said, “Swathmoremom’s link was to the twitter feed of an odious denizen of the gaystapo.”

                      Not the first link, the second link or the third link.

                      TSFS also said, “That aside, what appears to have happened is that two sets of political sectaries got into a fight.”

                      One political sect was armed with a baton (according to the Fox News link that TSFS provided). The other political sect had a gun and used it (according to all four of the links that Swarthmoremom and TSFS provided).

                      TSFS further said, “Spencer is . . . inconsequential in and of himself, but useful for media attempting to . . . push a political narrative.”

                      Swarthmoremom’s original point was that Spencer’s political narrative led to the violent consequence that TSFS would have us dismiss as inconsequential, because “. . . a dose of lead went into a piece of masonry,” and because the shooter was charged with something more consequential than property damage, and because the media reported the incident the way the police described it to them.

                      That’s so unfair and unbalanced that nothing less than TSFS’s highly equivocal paraphrasing can restore the balance and fairness to the MSM’s false political narrative. And the lack of proper accounting for the alleged $500,000 security tab proves it. Or not.

              1. 19,000 man-hours is one 8-hour shift for 2,375 security guards. Pick a number between 10 and 2,375, then factor in the perversely defensive miscellany mentioned above.

            1. Swarthmoremom, the link clears things up a lot. Also, I couldn’t help noticing the following sentence:

              His [Spencer’s] message to students, he said, will be an adopted mantra from Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher: “Become who you are.”

              Few things drive me straight up the wall more so than people who read sincerity into Nietzsche’s writing when well nigh everything Freidrich wrote was so obviously dripping with sarcasm. Worse yet, the only instances of sincerity that I can detect in Nietzsche are his staunch opposition to anti-Semitism and nationalism, in general, plus German nationalism, in particular.

              Assuming that Richard Spencer is intelligent enough to read Nietzsche correctly, one might conclude that Spencer is cynically exploiting the naïvete of his anti-Semitic, White-nationalist followers.

              1. I am familiar with the elite prep school Spencer attended in Dallas. He later attended to Duke University so you may very well be right.

                1. Well I’ll be. That makes you the second person on the blawg who knew Spenser from school in Dallas. Or else it makes me the blawg hound with fewest cards in her deck.

                  1. I don’t know him. I only know of him. One of my children has a friend whose brother went to St. Mark’s with him.

                    1. Swarthmoremom, I’m sorry for my misinterpretation of your comment. My deck is not full.

            2. Swathmoremom, it doesn’t matter what rubbish the innumerate reporter published nor what lies the college press agent told. It’s blatant nonsense, as demonstrated.

  13. Stereotyping by the left is just as wrong as stereotyping by the right. Intolerance by the left is just as wrong as intolerance by the right. These leftist students do not see their own erroneous behavior.

    1. David Schexnaydre, you’re on to something with your observation. Intolerant people have a hard time seeing their own erroneous behavior from the viewpoint of the people whom they refuse to tolerate.

  14. Ah yes. At my freshman class orientation at a big 10 university was addressed by the chancellor. His speech reminded us that we were an institute of scholars and that respect, decorum and objective observation was expected and required.

    Because of this thought it best not to have beer in our dorm rooms.

    It was simple times.

    1. I think we got the same kind of orientation lecture.
      We took the “no beer/ decorum part” to mean that only wine or mixed drinks were acceptable in our dorm rooms.😉
      Simpler times.

      1. We weren’t supposed to drink beer in our dorm room. I don’t recall ever being told that we couldn’t drink beer in someone else’s dorm room.

        We were encouraged to engage in free enterprise, and we did. My roommate and I had a refrigerator and sold beer for 25 cents a bottle on the honor system. Drop a quarter into the can, take a beer. Of course our profits were always “liquidated.”

  15. I assume that the university’s deciplinary procedures will now be invoked. Probably there will not be much publicity for that.

  16. I recall a story of an engineering dean ca. 1969 who encountered a student protest which included occupying the engineering building. He looks around the room and tells them, “If you’re still here in five minutes, you won’t be here tomorrow”. They cleared out.

    The problem here is that the administration is weak. To some extent, they’re that way by default, to some extent because these sorts of protests are disproportionately drawn from the sources of their diversity pokemon points, and to some extent because the ‘protesters’ are actually an extension of the administration and the worst elements on the faculty. The trustees ought to clean house. Of course, they will do nothing.

      1. Only in your imagination. Go obtain some mental health counseling.

        What’s amusing about you is that you fancy a well-balanced person engages in continuous artifice and evasion, strikes attitudes, and condescends to everyone.

  17. “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

    1. George, scaring the children won’t help matters much. They’ve already heard Trump nattering on about fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen.

      1. The “poor” kids are in Marine Boot Camp and Army Basic Training.

        They don’t talk back there.

        “State,” AKA communist redistributionist universities, must be completely privatized.

        1. But George, what about The Land Acts of 1784 and 1787 setting aside one square mile of every Township for the express purpose of education? Was that merely for the purpose raising federal revenue from private universities?

          1. Diane, if you are talking about land-grant universities I believe they entered the picture one century later. I think you are referring to the acts having to do with the northwest lands and their future incorporation into the US as states.

  18. In my day, these students would have been arrested and expelled. Today they are supported by the administration and faculty. I wonder what would happen if the right used the same tactics as the left? Would they get the same support?

    1. I wonder what would happen if the right used the same tactics as the left? Would they get the same support?

      To ask that question is to answer it. You don’t think David Benson has any integrity at all, do you?

    2. But they were not supported. Finally the police were called. Which was the correct response.

      1. David Benson – the police were finally called when the students demanded to be arrested and would not leave. It pitted snowflake against snowflake. Think of the guilt that librarian is carrying today knowing that he/she is the snowflake that ratted them out. They probably brought in a crisis grieving team for the librarians after the snowflakes were arrested and removed from the library.

        1. …the students demanded to be arrested…
          A word to the wise; demanding to be arrested is almost a guarantee of a ride to the hoosegow. Police officers will be more than happy to arrest someone with an attitude like that.

        2. Paul, the police were called when the miscreants failed to behave in a manner suitable for a library. Learn to read with comprehension.

          1. David, really? You can’t watch that video and see how these tantrum throwing children are being catered to? That whole interaction should have lasted about a minute. These kids are having a meeting, you are interrupting it. Leave now or I will get someone to escort you out. That’s all that really needed to be said. Instead this idiot librarian tried to coddle them and come up with solutions and that is the bigger problem.

            1. The vast majority of library employees are ill-suited to the task of disciplinarian. This hopeless woman is bog standard. An institution employing 35 or 40 people on staff will have about 6 who’d have had the cojones to look them over and say ‘git now or campus security will be frog-marching you out’. She probably agreed with them too. Salaried librarians are about 85% Democratic, 10% libertarian.

      2. The operative word Mr. Benson is “Finally”. Those students disturbed the peace of others for way too long. Arrest, removal of scholarships and suspension should be the worry of all who engage in actions that prevent others from legal peacefull assembling. We should not have to call the police to enforce the rights of others rather we should expect students to behave appropriately.

    3. When I was in school in the 1980’s, it didn’t occur to us to make asses of ourselves. We just went to class, got our work done and went home. It’s bewildering why many students today can’t grasp these concepts. I suppose future employability is not their primary focus.

      1. Darren, Maybe it’s a function of watered down degrees offered by the college. I too went during the 80’s and most people I knew didn’t have enough time to waste on being a snowflake.

      2. Darren, when Reagan was Governor of CA in the mid-70s, student demonstrators at U.C. were warned by bullhorn that anyone remaining after they were told to disperse by university police or administrators would be cited and their student financial aid would be cut-off. No state grants, loans, work-study, nothing. That cleared out the idealists pretty quickly! Only a handful of trust fund kids remained to carry on the cause.

    4. Paul, I’ve been thinking this for a while now. Why aren’t conservative groups breaking up black history classes or democrat gatherings?

      1. “Why aren’t conservative groups breaking up black history classes or democrat gatherings?”

        I would venture to say it’s because they don’t participate in whining and go about their obligations. Just a guess. ???

        1. True, but it would be an interesting test to see how the administration handles a disruptive conservative.

        1. I don’t do your videos. You have to explain your position if you want me to pay attention.

          Anyway, what is an indie? Be precise and stick to words in the dictionary.

          1. Don’t be smug just to duck an obvious issue. I know it’s tough, but sometimes you have to abandon a losing argument. Your movement is being thrown in the trash heap of history around the world, better wake up.

        2. Indies come in all flavors. Neo Nazis and Antifa are independents. The neo nazi independents do favor the TRUMP brand. Doubt Antifa votes. The indies around where I live tend to be greens. They would never vote for the war mongering earth burning Trump or his band of Goldman Sachs globalists

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