“Don’t Let Strippers In Your House”: Indiana Man Shares Lesson After 16 Guns Are Stolen From Home

largeIndiana homeowner Billy Swaggerty has a simple piece of advice for his fellow citizens after sixteen guns were stolen from his home: “don’t let strippers into your home.”  To clarify matters for Swaggerty, he did not know the woman was a stripper when he agreed to let her into his home on a cold night.  He now accuses the woman of returning to steal his collection of guns.

Swaggerty said that the woman knocked on his door and asked if he had a spare room.  He said that he allowed her to use the spare bedroom over the objections of his wife. That room contained safes with the guns.  Swaggerty says that the woman had a husband in jail at the time and believes that they returned to steal the guns.  The haul included three .22 rifles, two shotguns, numerous pistols,  a SKS, a AK 74 and an AR 15 “I just got for Christmas.”  The total worth is alleged to be around $10,000.

Of course, the lesson could just as well be “always listen to your wife when it comes to mysterious woman looking for a spare room”

Kokomo Police are still seeking any information at (765) 456-7322.

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  1. Does anyone know if the woman in the picture is Margaretha Geertruida Zelle (a.k.a. Mata Hari)?

  2. “Swaggerty said that the woman knocked on his door and asked if he had a spare room. He said that he allowed her to use the spare bedroom over the objections of his wife. That room contained safes with the guns. Swaggerty says that the woman had a husband in jail at the time and believes that they returned to steal the guns.”

    What is this? A telenovela?

    First, why cast aspersions on exotic dancers? Don’t let anyone, male or female, into your home unattended if you don’t know them well.

    Secondly, is his story that a strange woman knocked on his door and asked to spend the night, so he put her into a room filled with valuables that could also double as a weapon to kill them in their beds? And…he’s really sticking with that story? What would be slightly less strange would be he recognized the woman from somewhere and let her spend the night. He’d probably tell his wife she was a waitress at a diner and not the stripper he spent his paycheck on.

    I suspect he’s full of baloney.

    1. Oh, and clearly he hadn’t bolted down his safe/s. A safe large enough to hold shotguns and AR-15s would be so heavy it would require multiple people and a heavy duty dolly to move it. Otherwise, I suppose the “safe” could be a glass gun cabinet.

      1. Within the original news article, one can read this gem.

        “I had probably three .22 rifles, two shotguns, numerous pistols, I had an SKS which is .762 millimeter, I had an AK 74 which is a .554 millimeter and I had an AR 15 which I just got for Christmas which is a .556 millimeter,” said Swaggerty, who estimated his guns were worth $10,000.

        It’s 7.62 mm, 5.54 mm and 5.56 mm. It shows the ignorance of many reporters about firearms. Of course, the obligatory anti-gun quotes are contained within the article, and even slightly inferring that this victim is part of the problem.

        1. Do reporters not even GOOGLE nowadays? Would a 0.762 mm be shooting needles? Less than a mm is teeny tiny! The reporters have it hard, because some are measured in inches (.22) and some in mm.

          Public Service Announcement – if you have a safe, bolt it to the floor, whether you store jewelry, guns, or cash in it. A good safe is expensive, but a fireproof one in CA can help you salvage at least something if your home is lost to a wildfire.

          This reminds me of a story in a mining town about how documents with information on old mines in the area, including ancient Spanish mines, were borrowed many years ago and then refused to be returned. The documents were kept in a safe, and the house burned down. That safe lay, face up, in a field for years. When the thief died, his heirs finally opened the infamous safe – to find all of the contents inside waterlogged and turned to moldy pulp. Whatever was in that safe will never be known. They do make waterproof safes, too, which can be a consideration if you live in a flood zone.

          1. It is surprising considering how many reporters rely on the internet to generate content and as a substitute to actually going outside to find news or that they wouldn’t at least go there to verify technical information. The smallest caliber I heard of was the 2.34 mm for the novelty Swiss Mini-Gun, so .762 mm would be certainly needle like.

            The firearm incompetence extends to even foley artists in TV/Film who dub hammer cocking and safety releasing noises whenever a gun is drawn and pointed at someone on screen when such guns do not have these features, viz. Glock pistols.

        2. hilarious. reveals the disconnect between the average joe and the editorial news room where nobody knows which end of the tube the round emerges from

  3. Pretty sure you’re suppose to keep the safe doors locked…..not just closed.

  4. I wonder if the effing moron (not my words) trump called the gun owner about “his loss” and consoled him in a more considerate manner then he treats gold star families? and if then John Kelly lied about the effing morons (once again – not my words) call?…….and then went on a 15 minute, party before country, lie about a prior speech about other gun owner losses? Sadly, Kelly now rates at less then 1% on the integrity meter.

    And to think later this weekend, fake patriots will whine like babies about others disrespecting flag whilst giving the coward trump (which foot had bone spurs? ehh! who cares since if he faked the whole thing) a pass on again disrespecting gold star families.

    1. JT has proved without doubt that he will deflect and defuse anything about this moron in the people’s house.

      1. You and Bill W. leave no doubt about how utterly bereft the Left is of integrity or credibility. You know damn well conservatives will do the arduous task of keeping a check on the administrative state you progressives call master, to keep your sorry a$$ free to maintain your willful ignorance. When you pitiful excuses for citizens break free of those chains and recognize true risks to our national security, then what you say may actually have value.

        “President Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

        President Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

        President Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

        President Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you.””

        And so he (Obama) did, and of course he (Medvedev) and Putin were more than happy to “stand with” Obama and the Clinton Foundation.


          1. Fishwings – was hoping you were incorrect. But your post seems proven out by subsequent inept replies. Please accept my apologies for not immediately posting my agreement.

            1. Bill W, please note that you will be attacked on this site if facts get in the way of some of these peoples opinions. There is a group think at work with some and not all here.

              1. Fishwings and Bill W. – in the last several comments the two of you have not moved the conversation forward or actually offered an opinion that was worth responding to. All you have done is is waste my bandwidth. If you find the deck stacked against you, then I suggest you leave. Find one that appreciates your wit and charm and constant kissing of each other’s backsides.

                1. That my friend is the problem, if somebody does not move the conversation in the way you and others want…….Shut the hell up…As for kissing back sides, this site is ripe with only what you and others will talk about. You want a echo chamber? That is not the American way, even JT would want open discussions.

        1. as conservatives set a budget that will significantly benefit only the uber wealthy………that will do little to nothing to increase economic activity…………will add thousands in annual costs for retirees……….whilst adding massively to the debt……. and some loser thinks those traitors to average Americans are a check on the administrative state? ROFL! Tom Marino? Greg Pruitt? Tom price’s insider trading and wasteful flights (only fired when the liberal media reported it). I could go on for days and list almost every conservative that is only beholden to rich and intolerant haters (or what you call masters)

          as for true risks to the USA. somehow a foreign adversary attacking our electoral process doesn’t raise any concern? or merit any reply? virtually the effing morons entire administration LIED on national security disclosures? whilst trying to give rewards to Russia with nothing in return for Americans? the effing moron you pray to is arguably the worst negotiator on the planet – even the north korean maniac seems sane compared to the effing moron we have making us less safe every day.

          4 Americans died in Niger. party before country conservatives spent years and tens of millions of dollars pursuing the talking points of Benghazi. Those same party before country conservatives are silent now about Niger. Let’s see if they ever speak up and truly investigate what appears to be the effing moron’s intelligence nightmare.

      2. this moron in the people’s house.

        You might post something now an again which would indicate you weren’t a special ed student.

    2. I wonder if the effing moron (not my words) trump called the gun owner

      When you’ve sobered up, you might re-read the post and understand what the topic is.

    3. FYI, here’s the only recording of a Trump call to a Gold Star family that I’m aware of. It’s not the one the opinion shapers you listen to have told you to be angry about, but it’s probably not substantially different.

      I suspect the president tried to personalize each call in some way, as he did this one. And he probably refined his remarks as he did more of them. So the fourth one is probably slightly more “polished” than the first. But that’s not really what matters. The act of offering condolences is what is important.

  5. As I’ve said here previously, I worked for an insurance company that insured titty bars. I’ve met and interviewed many strippers, usually involving how the bouncer removed a patron. I never met the young woman working her way through college. Some of these pole dancers have criminal records, usually shoplifting, DUI..that genre. As others of said, I think we need a Paul Harvey, “The rest of the story” on this one.

    1. There was a Forensic Files case some years back of a pole dancer murdered in New Jersey (in 2003, I think). She actually was a college student (community college or baccalaureate college, not sure).

      One of Robert Stacy McCain’s feature posts was on a bizarre Vanderbilt University student making money on the side as a porn actress with the screen name “Belle Knox”. I think she was a doctor’s kid from Spokane. Stacy McCain adjudged the woman a ruined head case.

        1. My recollection is the young woman in New Jersey was quite embarrassed about it, kept the information from various intimates, and made her excuses to the friends she did know. I take it that sort of thing is still quite status-lowering for young women.

      1. “One of Robert Stacy McCain’s feature posts was on a bizarre Vanderbilt University student making money on the side as a porn actress with the screen name “Belle Knox”.”

        If you google, i think you will find that Belle Knox actually attended Duke.

    2. Hi Nick,

      I am not going to “out” my sister by posting her name (or my full name, for that matter), but my poor sister is one who worked her way through college as a stripper. She now has her name on a bunch of gene patents.

      My psychopathic narcissist of a mother (enabled by my wuss of a father) sabotaged my sister’s national merit scholarship, which UWEC was offering her (the parents, focusing on my mother’s twisted need for admiration from their friends, wanted sis to go to UW Madison). So mom nagged and controlled, sister acquiesced, and went to Madison, whereupon (once the scholarship to Eau Clare was gone, gone, gone), parents both told her that unless she broke up with her boyfriend, they would cut her off.

      Sis ended up stripping to put herself through college.

      Due to a combination of a bad roll of the genetic dice plus severe anxiety from the daily traumatic stress caused by being raised by a toxic psychopathic narcissist with an enabling spouse, my sister ended up with a postpartum psychosis. Bye bye career as a biochemist.

      But my own sis was one of those who worked her way through college as a stripper.

      1. Andrea, Thanks much for sharing that heartbreaking story. Chris Rock does a bit about fathers/daughters. He says for dads, it’s a pass/fail grade. If she ends up on the pole, you get a fail grade. If she doesn’t work the pole, you pass. Sounds like your mom gets an ‘F’ and your dad a “fail.” You and your sis deserved much better.

    1. You don’t ‘hate to admit it’ or you wouldn’t have said it. It’s not the least bit pithy in this circumstance.

  6. I need a place to stay. Can I stay in your spare room? Would you like to pork when your wife is away? I am a looker, not a hooker.
    Jeso. This dumb itShay needs a spare brain.

  7. This sort of thing is not what I would expect to see happen in Kokomo. Times certainly have changed since the 1980s.

  8. I do hope they are not using your photo as an e-fit for the suspect. They are going to be searching in the wrong century. BTW, those safes are usually bolted to the floor and very heavy to begin with. That stripper wasn’t a weight lifter was she?

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