Company Fires Bicyclist Who Flipped Off Trump

juli-briskman1Juli Briskman is out of a job.  The 50-year-old mother of two became a national hero for anti-Trump advocates when she gave President Donald Trump the middle finger as she bicycled along a road in Sterling, Virginia.  Trump was returning from a golf game when he encountered the middle fingered salute. Now, her employer government contractor Akima LLC has fired her in a move that she says is both political and arbitrary.  Briskman was a marketing and communications employee for Akima and the company clearly decided that flipping off the President was not an optimal marketing strategy for a government contractor.  Brishman only worked for the company for six months.


We have previously discussed the issue of when it is appropriate to punishment people for conduct outside of the work place. We have followed cases where people have been fired after boorish or insulting conduct once their names and employers are made known. (here and here and here and here).

I find Briskman’s profane gesture to be obnoxious and disrespectful. However, it is also political speech and was not connected to the company.  However, Briskman did not post the picture and on the following Monday went to her supervisors to warn them about the story building on the Internet.  The company promptly fired her and said that she violated the company’s social media policy by using the photo as her profile picture on Twitter and Facebook.  However, she noted that these social media sites did not mention the company, though her Linkedin page does refer to the company.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.31.42 PM says that Briskman is actually a Sunday school teacher. She is a graduate of is a graduate of Ohio State University, Johns Hopkins and Georgetown University. She also participated in the march against Trump before his inauguration and carried a sign outside with CIA building with a sign that said, “Not my President.”

Briskman raises a troubling accusation that a male colleague had posted lewd comments on Facebook that actually feature the company but was not fired. He was allowed to simply delete the post calling someone “a fucking Libtard asshole” and received a reprimand.

It is concerning that an employee can be fired for posting an image on a site not connected to or referring to a company. There is a growing fear that companies have become “little brothers” who can punish employees for their political associations and activities.   However, this is an “at-will” employment state and her notoriety had pulled the company into a national controversy.


As will come as no surprise to many on this blog, I would prefer that the company refrain from punishing political speech despite my view of Briskman as engaging in a juvenile act.  However, this is no easy case.  The Constitution’s free speech protections are directed at government action not private action.  As a government contractor, Akima did not want to be associated with someone who showed open contempt for the President of the United States.  Briskman still maintains that she is proud of her display and conduct.

Her Facebook still proudly features the picture.

Where do you think the line should be drawn?

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  1. I’d be pretty embarrassed if she was my wife or mother. Don’t do something you wouldn’t want posted in the newspaper. Or social media.

  2. Marky Mark Mark – 3 ad hominems in one comment. Must be a new record for you. You still haven’t said anything intelligent or moved the conversation forward, just insulted people. Tsk, tsk.

  3. “Company Fires Bicyclist Who Flipped Off Trump”

    Discovered, adjudicated and penalized swiftly.


    Discovered, adjudicated as guilty by Comey and exonerated due to “no intent” before the conclusion of the FBI investigation.

    I wonder if the FBI and the Clintons are corrupt.

  4. “The company promptly fired her and said that she violated the company’s social media policy by using the photo as her profile picture on Twitter and Facebook. However, she noted that these social media sites did not mention the company, though her Linkedin page does refer to the company.”

    Then she violated their company policy.

    A government contractor requires a good working relationship with the government, regardless of who is in office. Virtually all business owners work to make money, just as all employees outside of volunteers work to make money.

    In such cases, I always ask if her behavior damages the company’s profits or reputation, or is evidence of discrimination in the workplace. People have a business to run, and employee’s politics or opinions cannot interfere with work.

    In this case, it appears that there was clear company policy which she violated, so I don’t believe she has any recourse. It certainly wasn’t arbitrary. If she had flipped off Obama while she was in office, and used the photo on her social media, the result would have likely been the same.

    It was unwise of her to use this photo on her social media, as that deliberately outed herself, and her connection to her employer, and clearly broke company policy. People in certain government work are required as a condition of employment to voice their public opinions anonymously or lose their job.

    People have a constitutional right to free speech, but employers are not obligated to lose money or be forced to retain anyone who damages their business. Actions have consequences.

  5. I’m just surprised this Hilbot SWJ wasn’t wearing a “p@ssy hat”!! Any of us who live in “right to fire” states realize we can be fired for any reason and as a contractor she may have endangered their future profits.

    She should expand her Sunday school teaching – hell, maybe the DNC can hire her!

    1. However, if, as the story implies, a similarly-situated male coworker was treated differently, she has a Title VII gender discrimination claim, all day. Even right-to-work states have to comply with federal law.

  6. I agree that the woman should be fired for giving the finger. I was on the freeway the other day and when my car broke down, I flagged a driver down and asked for a “tow.” Instead, he gave me the finger. I don’t get no respect at all.

    1. When you were a kid playing in the sandbox, did cats cover you up? (Thanks, Rodney, wherever you are !)

  7. Where do you draw the line on Trump’s actions and vile comments about women, disabled people, foreigners and anyone who dares to disagree with him?
    Why is this woman’s gesture unacceptable but Trump can insult at will anyone he feels like?

    1. He didn’t make any vile comments.

      Virtue-signallers gotta virtue signal.

    2. Why is this woman’s gesture unacceptable but Trump can insult at will anyone he feels like?

      I elected a President, not a father-figure. I’ll measure him by the constitution. If you want to discuss how you believe he’s violated his oath of office then bring it. Be prepared to compare and contrast his fidelity to the rule of law and separation of powers with previous administrations.

      1. Haha. Rich, but, but, Obama! And he’s Kenyan, and black!

        This is to “didn’t get the Hillary memo” olly

        1. Marky Mark Mark – still working from the DNC script I see. Need to move on and have thoughts of your own. Don’t go down with a sinking ship, this is the time to jump overboard. No self-respecting Democrat can tolerate what Hillary did to buy the party nomination. And now the top people are all Clinton bots? Really? And you can tolerate that?

    3. Because T rump said he could shoot someone and his diehard blowhards would still get down with him.

      1. I find it both sad and interesting how libs don’t get hyperbole. I would, personally, be embarrassed to exhibit such ignorance in public. But I guess Ken is thicker-skinned than I.

    4. Hi Nick:

      “Why is this woman’s gesture unacceptable but Trump can insult at will anyone he feels like?” The issue isn’t whether any of us agree or disagree with her giving the finger to Trump or Trump calling anyone a name. Or Elizabeth Warren using the same names previously.

      The issue is the employer and consequences. Briskman has a Constitutionally protected right to give the finger to the President, her boss’s boss. Her boss has the right to fire her for damaging his company’s reputation, and possibly impacting the renewal of government contracts.

      Trump has the Constitutionally protected right, as does Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and Ashley Judd, to call anyone any name they like. Trump’s boss, and Hillary’s boss, are the voters. Trump’s voters decided that him bragging about being fawned over by groupies, in private, and calling people names, did not impact his employment. They decided that Hillary’s dishonest and likely illegal acts…did. Ashley Judd’s “boss” are her audience and ticket buyers. If they find her hypocritical and strangely selective in her rage, or that her acting talent outweighs her faults, then they will vote with their dollars accordingly.

  8. What happened? It’s mind-boggling. Irrefutably unconstitutional “Affirmative Action Privilege” could not save this poor girl as women achieve by artifice rather than merit, the American birthrate continues in a “death spiral” and America’s population is imported. Incoherent priorities: Women get to vote while American babies are vanishing. If women don’t perpetuate and grow the population, who will? in 100 years, there won’t be an American left in America. Whose idea was this, anyway?

  9. I only wish I lived closer to Virginia, so I could publicly flip him off every time he comes and goes to his golf resort. It’s not enough that I flip off my TV every time his image comes on.

    The company was wrong to fire her. They did it to punish her for the content of her speech. She was riding her bicycle as a private citizen, expressing an opinion held by the majority of Americans about the Dotard in Chief. Her employer was not implicated at all, nor did she intend for it to be when she made the gesture. The photograph came to light because someone with fatso’s motorcade took the picture. She didn’t take the picture, and didn’t intend for her gesture to be publicized, much less connected to her employment. However, the company knows how vindictive the fat Dotard is, and that’s why they fired her.

    1. It’s not enough that I flip off my TV every time his image comes on.

      That doesn’t surprise me in the least. The mere fact you are triggered by his image is all anyone needs to know regarding your value to a legal blog.

      1. To pretend this is a legal blog is really nuts, and anybody thinking that it is needs to read what JT has sowed.

        1. To pretend this is a legal blog is really nuts

          I’m not surprised you don’t consider it as such. That would require a concern for the law and your commentary routinely avoids that distinction.

        2. You cannot process his posts on the law and you add nothing to the comment boxes other than juvenalia.

    2. You need to have a youtube channel. I’ll donate! You’ll be a star. Maybe not in the way you intend, but that seems to be the way it works for most.

    3. Natacha – you are fat-shaming the President again. It is getting old and tired. You need a new meme from the DNC.

      1. Oh, come on, Paul. Didn’t you notice Natacha’s use of a different word, “Dotard”, in her last comment?
        From N.Korea, not the DNC, but won’t you give her at least some credit for slipping in a different word?

        1. Tom Nash – I saw that, but it was not worthy of mention. 😉 A minor blip on the radar, so to speak.

      2. The President fat-shamed women like Rosie O’Donnell. I agree that fat-shaming is a cheap shot, unless the target is someone who trades in cheap shots consistently, like the Dotard. How many names has he called people, including other Republicans? The list is long, but I do agree in principle with you, Paul.

        1. Natacha – and how many cheap shots have the liberals taken at him every day? Yesterday’s koi fish episode fake news was typical. If they can’t find something wrong, they will make it up. There is a steady drumbeat of abuse by the press and social media against the President. Still, you fat-shame him with every comment.

          1. “Liberals” don’t need to make up bad things about the Dotard. On average, he lies 5 times per day. He has insulted women, minorities, war heroes, widows of military personnel killed in the line of duty, other Republicans, other heads of state, and anyone else who crosses him. He is not being abused. He is the abuser. He is not an admirable person. He does not deserve to occupy the White House. These are the reasons for the “steady drumbeat” of opposition, and it’s not going away until he goes away.

            1. Natacha – Trump won the Electoral College, your candidate (whomever that was) did not. POWs are not war heroes, they are POWs. McCain’s time as a POW is suspect and he is as much a Republican as Bernie is a Democrat. The other incident about a supposed hero is suspect since they took the ph call in the car and the Congresswoman immediately politicized it. The poor wife was between a rock and a hard place. Who does she support? The Congresswoman (who is a family friend) or the President? After a couple of weeks, she decides to support the Congresswoman. I am sure a lot of pressure was put on her.

              At this point, I am not sure the press or you could honestly report what was happening. All of your news is based on MSM reports which are notoriously fake. The front page editor of the NYT has admitted that she has to find one negative Trump story a day to put on the front page. The Grey Lady has not walked that back. They are upset they got caught though.

              1. More posts like this please. This type of material reveals the moral and ethical underpinnings of the haters who tea-bag trump no matter what. Were you bullied in junior high school, is that it? You couldn’t carry McCain’s used rubbers. Thanks for reinforcing my sense of self-superiority, yet again.

                This is to “I just wish rush would talk to me” crazy Georgie

                1. Marky Mark Mark – that was actually my comment you responded to, not George’s. And I know McCain a hell of a lot longer than you have. I have lived in Arizona longer than he has. McCain is actually a Manchurian Candidate (if you don’t understand the reference, check out the movie). He was a good conservative while Goldwater was alive, but when Goldwater died he became his true RINO self. He is a RINO for 4 years and then a conservative for the two years to get re-elected.

                  You know there is something wrong when a Republican is the darling of the liberal press. He was a semi-conservative to get elected President, and the liberal press turned on him and savaged him. Now that he is not a Presidential candidate again, and is part of the Resistance, the press loves him again. Remember, he is the one who ended up with the Russian dossier. That story has yet to be told.

                  As for John’s used condoms, I doubt he can still get it up. 🙂

                  1. We’ve been over this before, Paul. The American Conservative Uniion has been tracking his voting record for 35 years. There was no phase shift in his voting record after Goldwater left Congress or after Goldwater died. The phase shift occurred after his dogfight with George W. Bush, when he went from favoring the ACUs position about 85% of the time to favoring it 73% of the time. During the Obama years, his score from the ACU averaged 81%, higher than during the Bush Administration. He somewhat more tractable for party whips in years he’s facing a primary opponent, but his mean when he isn’t still approaches 80%. The RINO discourse is stupid generally. It’s particularly stupid applied to someone who has been the Republican presidential nominee.

                    More salient problems with McCain include his abrasiveness and perversity (see the recent Obamacare votes, and his serial amnesty pushes) and the reality that Arizona is Cindy’s home; it has never been his.

                    1. AAWG – he wanted to build the wall when he was running for Senator and now he does not. He does not support the President. BTW, Bernie was the Democratic candidate for President and might have gotten it if now screwed over by Hillary. However, he was always an Independent. Everyone in Arizona knows McCain is a RINO. It is not a secret. McCain votes wrong on the issues I care most about. That is what is important to me and that is what killed Jeff Flake’s political career.

                    2. Look at two of the biggest items favored by those groups you likely disagree with; the wall and ending Obamacare. How many times did he vote to end Obamacare while Obama was President? 7 times or more? When the real vote came how did he vote?

                      There are important votes and meaningless votes. I wouldn’t place much faith in ACU statistics. I don’t place much faith in the Republicans. You don’t appear to be libertarian-leaning or even a true conservative so I guess everything depends upon where you place the center line.

                    3. YNOT – when a “conservative” from Arizona is the darling of the liberal press, you know there is both smoke and fire. As I said before, he just is not supporting the key issues that concern me. Neither is Flake. Now Flake will soon be gone, will McCain?

                    4. “PCS does not accept facts”

                      YNOT, I am sure your agreement with DSS troubles him greatly and made him make sure that he posted what he thought he posted. I think your agreement is generally a metric telling one that what one posted is most likely wrong.

                  1. Allan, It SHOULD BE if it’s the truth.
                    So either Natacha can cite the source from the NY Times that claims an average of five lies per day, or she made it up.
                    I think we can look forward to her citation that shows that the NY Times actually made that claim.
                    No one is expecting a list of all the “5 lies per day”….just some evidence that the New York Times ever even made that claim.

                    1. Tom, I’m more interested in what she thinks constitutes a lie that tallies on average 5 per day.

                1. Natacha – since the NYT has admitted it is on a campaign to bring down the President, why should we believe anything it writes about the President? It is all fake news as far as I am concerned in the NYT.

            2. To Natacha, Hillary Clinton did not deserve to occupy the White House…that’s why she lost to Donald Trump. She couldn’t even manipulate, lie and cheat her way into the White House with a little help from her friends in the media and Hollywood. The DNC does not deserve to manage or run anything — except themselves further into the ground. Polls say that Trump would win the election against Hillary again if it was held today.

              1. Stay focused and repeat after me: “Hillary Clinton is a private citizen.” Now you won’t appear so rabid around normal people. You’re welcome.

                This is to t-hot bob

                1. Marky Mark Mark – Hillary is still on her “I blame everybody but me for my loss tour” and she has joined the Resistance. She gets SS protection. She is not a private citizen. I am sure that a large part of the Democratic Party would like her to shut up and go away and be a private citizen, but she isn’t. Why are Clinton bots in charge of the DNC again? Does that sound like someone who has a long-term plan?

                2. I see you’ve bought into the latest Dem talking point that the 2016 election is over and we should move on and just let Hillary be a private citizen. So I’ve got some Q’s for you Mark. Why did Hillary’s pal Tony Podesta suddenly step down as CEO of his company last week? Why is Donna Brazile throwing Hillary under the bus now? Why is Nancy Pelosi suddenly saying that the Dems should back off talk of impeaching Trump? Do you remember in the second debate when Trump said to Hillary, “If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.”? Do you think that has or has not happened yet?

                3. BTW, thanks for the new name suggestion. I’m flattered that you find me ‘hot’ 😉

          2. Paul, A gold fish seems to have more brains than the media or some of the people posting on this blog.

          3. Paul Schulte,..
            Rosie O’Donnell’s feud with Trump goes back over 10 years.
            O’Donnell got on TV and slammed Trump over his role in a “Miss USA” contest (a decision by Trump to allow the winner to keep her crown despite drug use issues).
            Prior to that, she interfered in her nephew Filmore’s election for president of his kindergarten class in an episode of “South Park”.
            The South Park episode did not portray her in a favorable light.

            1. Paul C. Schulte,..
              – PS. I’ve noticed that Trump was never inclined to “take the high road” when somebody publicly insults him.😉

        2. Personally, I’d rather have an overweight president that loves my country, than a skinny one that despises it. But, Natacha, if you’re all about appearances then go be you.

          1. You think the Dotard “loves my country? Then why did he use the phony excuse of an alleged bone spur to avoid military service? Why has no member of the Chump family ever served in the military? This is part of his pr, and it is pure bull. It literally sickens me to see military people forced to salute the Dotard.

            1. You lie. I have no time or patience for liars. You’re probably fat, too.

              1. No, she is not lying. What she asserted can be supported by referring to the abundant evidence. Use the search engine of your choice, research the claims, and then you can apologise for being such a blowhard and boor. Your resort to ad hominem is just an indication of your inability to argue the point and a tacit admission of your own failure to do so and to keep your temper in check. Sad!

                1. Susangalea, Calling Foxtrot names? That is crazy and only a lunatic would do that. Look up the selective service and the rules and take note how many people didn’t serve for various reasons including Presidents, Senators, and Congressmen. Maybe you should petition for a draft of all children at 18.Then all would serve including women. Maybe you want to put women with 40% less muscle mass on the front lines carrying tremendous loads on their backs.

                1. Ken – how do you know he was lying about the bone spur? I have bone spur that kept me out of the service, still have it. But I had to bring x-rays from my doctor and then the draft physical people took x-rays to confirm it. They were very apologetic that I was not going to be drafted immediately, but would be 1-Y. The guy was practically crying.

            2. Natacha – I know that draft physicals are not in your wheelhouse, however, to get a 1-Y for a bone spur it has to show up on x-rays, which they will take, gratis. So, there must have been a bone spur.

            3. Really “Natacha”? Obama never served and totally disrespected the military. W “served” by not appearing, Slick Willy never served. I think the last prez who served was Carter. How could Trump be any worse?

              Why don’t you sit down and watch as Obama addresses currently serving people, vets, etc at Fort Lee and watch the contempt he shows for their concerns?

              1. W “served” by not appearing, S

                He was on active duty for two years and then drilled for another 3 years. He was discharged in 1973. The complaints concerned whether he had drilled sufficiently during his last year in the Guard. He provided the microfiche images of his bloody pay stubs 13 years ago woman.

                You’d think progtrash would stop lying about this at long last but nooooo.

              2. Autumn,…
                Reagan and Bush 41 were both in the military.
                Reagan was stateside, Bush 41 was nearly killed as a combat pilot in the Pacific.
                Since 1992, Bush 43 ( National Guard) in the only president who was in the military.

                1. Every president who held office from 1945 to 1993 had a service record and two were military professionals. (Lyndon Johnson had a parody record, but everyone else served in actuality. Truman successfully contested a disqualification and Nixon elected to forego conscientious objector status. Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Bush the Elder were combat veterans). By contrast, only 1 president who served between 1893 and 1933 had a service record (TR).

                2. Regan was not in the military–he was making propaganda films in Hollywood. He couldn’t tie the shoelaces of the likes of Jimmy Steward who really served and faced combat, and many others. Bush 41 was a pilot of an Avenger aircraft which had a crew of three. His aircraft was hit and he managed to fly the crippled aircraft close to a rescuing submarine before bailing out, leaving his two crew members (Delaney and White) behind. Bush 43, by any definition, was AWOL. In wartime, that is called ‘desertion.’ Anyone else would have been cashiered, but his father had ‘connections’ and so he skated free. All these were our future Commanders-in-Chief!

                  1. Reagan joined the Army Reserves in 1937, and became an officer in the cavalry.
                    He went on active duty in early-to-mid 1942, about 6 months after Pearl Harbor.
                    He briefly was assigned to a base in Northern California, then was transferred to Culver City, where he narrated and/or appeared in army training films.
                    He was discharged as a Captain in late 1945.
                    Bush 41 joined the Navy immediately after completing high school in 1942.
                    He became the youngest pilot in the Navy, and flew 58 combat mission.
                    A few months before he bailed out when his plane was hit, he had to ditch his TBF Avenger in the ocean.
                    He and both crew members survived.
                    After his plane was hit in Sept. 1944, Bush flew the crippled TBF several miles away from the island he had bombed….the Jaoanese commander on that island typically killed ( and ate portions of) downed pilots, so Bush risked flying a burning airplane away from the island.
                    As an exoerienced carrier pilot who had previously ditched in the ocean, he was probably capable of doing that again if he felt that was an option.
                    Because of the structure of the aircraft and the positions of the pilot and crew, the crew had to bail out from a different area of the plane.
                    Bush said he gave the order to bail over the intercom, but he received no resopnse.
                    Given that his cockpit was filling with smoke, and that he had no way of knowing if the crew was alive, or if they had already jumped, Bush bailed out of the plane.
                    There were reports that one of his crew had also jumped, but his parachute did not open.
                    Bush himself wondered if he could have done more to save the two crewmen; under the circumstances, he probably did about all that he could have done.
                    His account, and the Navy’s account, of what happened on that mission seem far more credible than other accounts that surfaced decades later.

              3. Again the Kellyanne Pivot. Catch the Dotard doing some despicable, and, as Fox News has taught its disciples, pivot to HRC or some other Democrat. So here, we have the Fat Dotard avoiding military service due to an alleged bone spur, yet he has the cojones to insult John McCain. Does anyone really believe that Dotard’s daddy couldn’t get a doctor to come up with something to excuse him? How come the “bone spur” doesn’t prevent him from playing so much golf?

                1. Natacha – the bone spur does not bother his golfing because he uses a cart, you twit. All most all courses require the use of carts to speed up play. Only professional golfers walk the course. You don’t play golf, do you?

                  1. Paul, Natacha is not an honest broker. She sees only bad and when it is good she sees it as bad so it is always a no win with a dishonest broker since there is never useful information.

                    I seldom read what she says and when I do read it, it is only for fun.

            4. Why has no member of the Chump family ever served in the military?

              You’ve obtained and reviewed the service records of every male member of the family since they came over on the boat? How did you obtain the service records of living persons?

              About 12% of the male population born after 1953 have a history of military service. It’s a voluntary vocational decision, Natacha. Most people’s children do not serve in the military.

              Fred Trump was born in 1905, Natacha. He was too young for WWi service, He was categorically exempt from WWii service during the period running from 1940 to 1943 because he had dependent children. He was excused after 1943 because he was over the age limit.

              As for the intervening generation, Donald Trump’s business with the Selective Service System was above board, if unimpressive. He had a student deferment for 4 years (these were common), a I-Y deferment for 18 months (these were common), and was then subject to the draft lottery at the end of 1969. His number 356. No one subject to the lottery with a number higher than 95 was summoned for an examination. His brother Robert could have availed himself of a student deferment from 1966 to the end of 1969. I’m locating a date of birth of 26 August 1948 for Robert Trump. The lottery number associated with that date of birth was 245, so he was also effectively exempt. As for Frederick Trump, Jr., he was subject to conscription during a run of years (1956 to 1964) when there was very little military activity abroad and wherein an unusually high number of draft registrants were disqualified (39% cumulatively over the period running from 1950 to 1964 and between 44% and 53% during the calendar years 1961, 1962, 1963, and 1964).

            5. DSS provided what I believe is a very accurate answer to your question. What was your rank Natacha? Weren’t you in the armed services? No? Maybe you shouldn’t be permitted to vote.

            6. Yes I absolutely believe that Donald Trump loves his country. It literally sickens me that you actually believe a fraud like Barack Hussein Obama gave a flying-you-know-what about the military, the Deplorable American people…or anyone but himself…and his heroes: Fidel, Che and Hugo.

              1. I rule against you, again. President Barack HUSSEIN Obama cared about me. Moreover, he was the greatest Prsident of the United States and Commandef in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States since Harry Truman. Additionally, prior to his marriage I’m certain that he had “access” to white women. How does that fit you?

                This is to t-hot bob

                1. Marky Mark Mark – you didn’t read Obama’s autobiography ghostwritten by Bill Ayers. He had plenty of access to white women and in fact, dated them almost exclusively until he decided that (or it was decided for him) he was going to run for President. Then he needed to marry a black woman or he would lose the black vote. So, Obama married a black woman (? see latest photos) joined a black liberation theology church and did the whole black thing. While he served on boards with Bill Ayers (bomber terrorist) while his political career was being crafted for him.

                  1. You’ve kind of gone the full Jack Cashill with this comment. Not wise.

                    1. DSS – who or what is Jack Cashill? And why should I care? BTW, I would rather spend my time responding to Marky Mark Mark’s comments than your responses to them. 😉 Marky Mark Mark is my especial project. Until he stops using ad hominem attacks in all of his comments, I am going to respond to all of them regardless of who they are meant for.

                2. Oh gullible Mark, I’m glad you felt cared about by BHO instead of manipulated and defrauded. I don’t care who Barry dated, though it seems he only dated white women before he married Michelle. Moreover, I’m pretty sure he chose a black woman to be his wife because it suited his political aims. Imagine if he was a biracial man married to a white woman with biracial, but mostly white children….not nearly as ‘historical’ or compelling to voters, is it? So what you do is find and marry the right black woman because you know that without a beautiful black family all you really have going for you is that you are a biracial community organizer with a peculiar name and upbringing…and that you used to lead a Choom Gang.

                3. Another Q for you Mark. Who in the military thinks a great Commander in Chief would knowingly trade five top Taliban generals for a deserter named Bowe Bergdal –and have a Rose Garden ceremony hailing the known traitor as a hero? Who would do that? Your hero, BHO.

            7. Trump has achieved business success in his life as a CEO for the past 40+ years and the military today knows their Commander in Chief has their back unlike the fraud BHO. I’d like to know how many in the military were sickened as they were forced to salute the fraud-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama for the past eight years….you know, the president whose only real world work experience included serving 5 minutes in the Senate, being a community organizer, and being leader of the Choom Gang.

        3. The President fat-shamed women like Rosie O’Donnell. I

          He picked from her generous array of pathologies.

          1. Dignified people don’t start pissing contests. (yes, this was intentional). He can’t call anyone else fat or ugly because he’s both.

              1. susangalea – Rosie O’Donnell has started more pi**ssing matches than most men I know. I am not so sure she didn’t start it. 😉

              2. Rosie O’Donnell proved impossible to work with. Neither Trump nor Barbara Walters wanted anything more to do with her. Come to think of it, the array of people with whom she has had bad relations is quite surprising. (It starts with her father).

              3. Susangalea, “Agreed.”

                Yet you called Foxtrot a “blowhard and boor”. You are a hypocrite.

            1. Dignified people don’t start pissing contests.

              So, from now on you’ll be holding your peace?

    4. Da lady in old Virginny can celebrate tonight. T rump
      Got thumped. Da new gov should give her a job.

      1. You weren’t paying that much attention then Ken. Clinton took the state in the general election. No way a year later they became enlightened. But do keep trying.

  10. A Sunday School teacher who flips off POTUS? Charming. What church? Our Lady of Moral Relativism?

      1. Hilarious isn’t it? Trump would need to have a moral compass to be able to locate even moral relativism. Not that he’d know what it meant. His immorality will see him impeached. Good

        1. Maybe so, good luck with that. Clinton’s immorality was and is so obvious she needn’t worry about impeachment; indictment maybe, but never impeachment.

          More popcorn please.

        2. Please don’t talk about a “moral compass” if you actually support someone like Hillary.

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