Fish Tale: Media Misrepresents Trump’s Koi Moment With Japanese Prime Minister Abe


Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.12.09 PMMuch of the negative media directed toward President Donald Trump is clearly self-inflicted.  However, as we have previously discussed, there has been a pronounced anti-trump media bias. Indeed, former Jimmy Carter has observed that the media has treated Trump usually harshly.  An example of this bias was evident is the odd fish story that was aired this week by CNN and other outlets about Trump overfeeding the famed Koi pond at Alaska Palace in Tokyo

Various news outlets showed what appeared to be an impatient Trump just dumping a box of food in the Koi pond rather than spooning out smaller amounts.  The problem is that Trump did use the spoon on the fish and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had dumped the box out before Trump . . . but only Trump was shown doing so.

This is CNN:

Trump joined his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe in feeding fish, emptying the whole box of food into a koi pond 

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  1. What a ridiculous media story. I wish most of the media was not a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. It’s become a propaganda machine. Why is straight news so rare nowadays?

  2. This is a perfect example if the bias of the media and the intentionally negative portrayal of President Trump! Koi lovers will know he’s feeding them properly. This “gotcha” is so obvious, playing on the impression that we elected a buffoon! No, we elected a man who is getting things accomplished.

    I was watching what Congress refers to as “markup” of the tax package. A Democrat was going on and on about the things that had been taken out. I’m sorry this process is not shown in its entirety by C-span. They had lovely, long titles which meant nothing to me. And that is exactly the problem. I’m a taxpayer and know nothing of these. Are they deductions I might have qualified for? Another Congressman added some other items that had been taken out. Next came a Republican lady listing the positive effect the bill would have on middle income Americans (I don’t like using “class”), a larger paycheck. Obviously, Democrats aren’t happy. Complaining that this plan would increase the debt $1.2 Trillion (is this over the next ten years?). Minuscule compared to the previous administration. To expect no addition to the debt the first year is ludicrous. Of course, the Democrats want to add that amount to the taxes of upper income people.

    During the budget talks, I kept hearing “deficit neutral” and “how are you going to pay for it”. How can you know how much more the budget adds to debt until you know all incoming $$$? An estimate based on last year’s revenue? All revenue isn’t income tax.

    Nancy Pelosi needs to retire. I saw a clip where she seemed as close to a breakdown as I’ve ever seen. And Schumer “it’s a tax break for the rich”. Well those are the people paying 90% of tax revenue. Does he want them to pay 100%?

    1. It is amusing to hear Democrats suddenly asking how we’re going to pay for it, and worrying about a deficit. What about all of their statements previously that the debt could go as high as possible with no ill effects?

      To the hard Left, all money belongs to the government, and they deign to let us keep a bit of it.

  3. Oh Jon–thank you for keeping us informed on the “real” news. Where are your articles on Trump’s misstatements? Few and far between. And you still will not be nominated for the SCOTUS.

    1. Where are your articles on Trump’s misstatements?

      JT might be looking for a new weekend blogger. Give it go now and post what you would like to see regarding President Trump.

  4. Trump does enough to generate legitimate criticism. Now the MSM is generating its own for legitimate criticism. Now if they would each just stick to the facts.

  5. The lame stream media bashes Trump all the time to take attention away from all the real issues plaguing the DNC IMO. I thought it was hilarious that they were caught – the Internet has diminished their dominance. What I find funny is that they don’t realize the more they attack Trump the stronger his support grows – hell the “deplorables” wouldn’t have cared if he’d thrown Abe in with the koi =)

        1. When are ya going to call on Putin again mr administrator? Aren’t you the dude that asked Puti to release the hacked emails. Delete me. Ban me.

    1. I suspect the media in our time is so culturally in-bred they have no awareness of the degree to which each organization is trashing its brand. The collapse in the economy of the news business I suspect also means they’ve gone from third-rate intellects to fourth-rate in their recruiting.

  6. I thought that story seemed a little fishy.

    I hope the media doesn’t wonder why people think so much of what is reported is ‘fake news’.

    And, why the heck is fish feeding worthy of a news report? Apparently real news doesn’t create the feeding frenzy journalists/msm obviously prefer.

    1. It was stupid of the networks to even cover fish stories. But how can you say trump is treated harshly? Please. From the man that said Obama was a Kenyan Muslim, from the man who pleaded no contest to housing discrimination suit, from the man who played his own PR firm on the radio and claimed to be someone else, form the man accused by 12 (and counting) women who accused him of unwanted sexual advancements, form the man who won’t reveal his taxes while pumping a tax bill that will give him up to a billion dollars, from a man who settled a fraud suit with his trump u scam for $25 million, from a man who bought artwork of himself with the proceeds of a scam foundation bearing his name of which he never contributed his own money, from a man who incited his cult followers to Lock her up! and take care of legal fees of those who get sent to jail for violence against trump protestors, from the man who just grabs ’em by the pu$$y, from the man who had 5 deferments from military service for paid for bone spurs who harshly criticizes those who protest police brutality, from the man who shafted contractors with his casino operations, from a man who has filed bankruptcy more times than he’s been married, from a man who says there are many sides to Nazis and KKK but there is only one side of NFL player protests, from the man who says fewer guns would have led to more carnage at the TX church, from a man who has his own propaganda laden Fox News channel spewing lies and ignoring reality to pump the nonsense spewed by trump, from a man who wonders why the press gets to say what it wants, from a man who lies more times than he tells the truth and you wonder why he’s treated harshly? He and his GOP brethren spent a decade creating fake news and spurious allegations against a president whose only ‘crime’ was he knew Bill Ayers at one point and you wonder why trump is treated harshly? He has gotten away with so much and paid no price whatsoever and you say he’s treated harshly. SAD!

      1. I take it no one’s told you that text walls without paragraph breaks or punctuation make you look like you’re having a manic episode.

      2. Lloyd,
        “But how can you say trump is treated harshly?”

        Reread my post. I did not say he was treated harshly.

        It is petty and unfair, but in the end it only makes the msm look bad. So, you could say they treated themselves harshly. I am no Trump fan; I did not vote for him. I am tired of the media being petty and unfair and focusing on the unimportant (fish feeding?! really?).

        Cult followers? What an odd ad hominem considering the total lack of criticism from those supporting Obama. You should be ticked at Obama–he deigned to prosecute those banksters.

    2. day in & day out they march in step let’s report the worst side of everything that DJT is attached to they have totally lost it They bully and call us out for defending ourselves we pray & they say can’t do it so lame Constitution is FREEDOM OF RELIGION not freedom from religion I can believe what I want where I want and I’m not taking this any longer You are trying to dissolve us from the face of the earth new flash not happening we are getting stronger not being the wall flower in a corner afraid to speak afraid we might offend NOT we are united we are strong & we will fight for OUR freedom

  7. It may be that the rest of the media saw how successful Fox “news” was at attracting a large low information audience by using pejorative attacks, fabrications, argumentative tones, making mountains out of molehills, making false assumptions, using emotional outbursts, and misrepresenting the opposition. So the other news outlets have adopted that model.

    TV “news” today is like being in a pub with flashing neon lights, mirrors, lots of noise, and inebriated people asserting falsehoods with great confidence. To get more accurate news, read a wide array of international reporting using a Facebook feed, without the flashing lights, flowing hair, or argumentative tones. You can skip right over the fabrications, pejorative attacks, etc.

    1. It may be that the rest of the media saw how successful Fox “news” was at attracting a large low information audience

      Emphasis on large. It’s a model that offsets the other media outlets. The net effective is the audience has learned to question all news sources, including FoxNews. This fish story concocted to make President Trump look bad is an excellent example of what the MSM gets wrong. You don’t have to be a Trump supporter to ask does this story seem credible? Given the understanding that these types of events are scripted right down to the order of who does what, it is not likely any President would make such a mistake. If anything, President Trump baited the MSM like he did the koi. And they gobbled it up.

  8. 95% of all news coverage of President Trump is negative. Their job is to bring him down, not be supportive. They are part of the Resistance.

    1. I know. Right-wing media treated Obama with the upmost respect. I can’t believe CNN is accusing Trump of being born in Kenya, too. Crazy times.

      1. Dave137 – the right-wing press treated Obama with the same deference that he gave them.

      2. Dave, grow up. If your friend throws mud do you get to throw mud? The point isn’t that Obama was treated well or bad, This article says nothing about Obama. It is a simple story about one incident when the news media clearly did not show the full picture and instead selectively showed Trump in a bad light, most likely on purpose. Does Trump do many things to warrant bad publicity? Absolutely. So be truthful all the time, not some of the time.

  9. On another note, seeing the word Koi Pond made me think of KOI8-R.

    Nevertheless this must be out of Character for the president. I blame the Russians.

  10. President Trump must have had such a success at his summit in Japan, the fish feeding was the only criticism the media could derive. Congratulations to Messrs. Trump and Abe.

      1. “authentic” – for better or worse – a description no one would ever apply to Crooked HRC

        Oh, she’s authentic alright. Hannibal Lecter comes to mind.

  11. Trump got the ball rolling and the media keeps picking it up. For the other side read the Washington Times or Fox News once in a while. When Trump sticks his foot in his mouth, they report that he is attacking this or that problem. This is not news.

  12. Those fish will vote for Trump.

    The overfed American parasites – welfare recipients, “entitlement” and “Affirmative Action Privilege” beneficiaries, and public workers – will vote for democrats.

    1. “Those fish will vote for Trump.”

      So does this prove Trump’s incompetence in foolishly sharing valuable resources with those who cannot vote, or does this prove the warm, generous nature of Trump who believes in sharing the abundance, even, with non-voting fish?

      Or is it possible Trump is cooing up (so to speak) a business deal that involves fat fish? Hmmmm ….

      1. Stop carping about this. Trump was examining the fish as part of his search for the scales of justice.

    2. George, as will the entitled Hollywood, hi tech elites, corporados, war monger lobbyists, etc.

  13. Trump doesn’t care about his portrayal by the media. He fires back with a “mean tweet” and goes about his business.

    Obama, and especially Clinton, ruled by poll. They’d have been cowered into inaction by media treatment similar to Trumps.

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