ABC News Retracts Flynn Bombshell Story

download-6.jpgDuring the frenzy yesterday over the Flynn plea deal, ABC dropped a bombshell report that Michael Flynn told Special Counsel Bob Mueller that he was prepared to testify that it was Trump who told him to contact the Russians.  ABC News later not only retracted that statement but corrected it with information supporting Trump’s account and contacts with Russians.  With the story today of an FBI special agent removed from the Russian investigation due to anti-Trump tweets, the “clarification” by ABC plays into the narrative by Trump supporters that the Russian investigation is politically motivated.

Here is the ABC “clarification”:

During a live Special Report, ABC News reported that a confidant of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said Flynn was prepared to testify that then-candidate Donald Trump instructed him to contact Russian officials during the campaign.

That source later clarified that during the campaign, Trump assigned Flynn and a small circle of other senior advisers to find ways to repair relations with Russia and other hot spots.

It was shortly after the election, that President-elect Trump directed Flynn to contact Russian officials on topics that included working jointly against ISIS.

As I mentioned in my column yesterday, the meetings described in the Flynn plea were notably directed at pressing foreign conflicts and United Nations votes.  Trump had an interest in repairing relations with Russia and striking a new path in foreign policy.  He stated that on the campaign trail.  The ABC report and Flynn account seems to support that account as the motivation of the meetings to address issues including ISIS, Israel, and sanctions against Russia.

Such accounts can raise issues relation to the Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) barring unauthorized citizens who negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.  However, the interpretation of that Act as it relates to the incoming National Security Adviser is uncertain. More importantly the Act is widely and correctly viewed as unconstitutional and should be eliminated by Congress.

The ironic element of the ABC correction is that it highlights a developing picture of these meetings as tracking Trump’s public statements.  Trump openly called for a closer relationship with Russia (which Hillary Clinton once called for) and promised to be an ardent advocate for Israel.  Moreover, as I mentioned on NPR this morning, these meetings are a curious part of a conspiracy when they were discussed openly in meetings at Mar-a-Lago.  While the discussions do raise serious questions over the denials of any contacts with Russians, it seems to follow a pattern of pursing the very policy changes that Trump pledged to pursue on the campaign trail.

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  1. We can look forward to the possible occasion of Mueller’s team asking McConnell under oath if Trump asked him to curtail the Russian investigation. (Shareblue)

    The Kremlin capitalizes on the divisions and instability in the U.S. caused by income inequality.
    Repub. Sen. Grassley, in talking about the Trump tax plan, which is a giveaway to the rich, opined that “…the people who are spending every penny they have on booze, women or movies, don’t deserve” the same tax breaks as people with disposable incomes. Grassley is unfamiliar with the way the median American family income of $50,000- $60,000 is spent. He needs to be retired from Wash. D.C.

      1. “Trump’s Cabinet Choices Reflect Deep Koch Influence” (High Country News)
        “The Koch’s spending $650 mil. to finance the takeover of Time, People and Fortune” (The Guardian)

        1. The reports I have read is that the Koch group is helping finance the takeover, but they are not the leaders nor will they be controlling the content.

          Would it be a bad thing if the Koch’s influenced Time. What is bad about diversity. It wouldn’t be to your liking. They are definitely not communists and they do understand economic principles.

          1. Well the news is supposed to be the news not propaganda; if you need propaganda, try Fox or continue reading the idiotic comments provided by your like minded posters. May I suggest some light reading of PCS or Mesblo.

            1. Ynot, What does Fox have to do with Koch and Time? You are a low information individual so everything you present is based on predigested information. I don’t think you are able to deal with anything more complex.

              There are two ways for this type of billionaire to invest (ie a Koch or a Soros). One is personally and another is through a corporate investment division which very frequently has no (or less) political implications because more money than their own is involved which so happens to be the case in the purchase of Time.

              Meredith Corp., the owner of Better Homes & Gardens and Allrecipes, is the purchaser and they have stated that Koch’s investment is passive without involvement in editorial content or development of the magazines. That at least is what is stated in most of the news such as the Washington Post, Bloomberg etc.

              I realize that you are limited in your abilities so I will add that doesn’t preclude the Koch’s or Soros from having influence in these magazines the future. I suggest you pay more attention to details and stop thinking you are smarter than some of the people you refer to as idiots. They aren’t idiots, but sometimes you act as if you are.

          2. Allan
            Koch’s “understand economic principles”, IMO, not so much because they don’t take action to address (1) the warnings in the Picketty research (2) the evidence that refutes trickle down and (3) a failure to admit that (and, to stop funding) ALEC because it is antithetical to free enterprise (and, democracy).
            A few American examples that would make Adam Smith turn over in his grave, Epipen pricing, corporations loading up with debt to avoid takeover, policies to elongate patent protections,…

            1. Linda, I know it is difficult for you to follow the subject matter, but we were talking about the purchase of a magazine and not the particulars of Koch’s beliefs.

              As far as your isolated statements go a parrot can repeat words. There are ideas behind the words and that is what you seem to lack knowledge of.

      1. I wonder what the reliability problem is that concerns you? Drudge doesn’t provide the news. It merely provides the address of different news stories. Drudge is a gateway to many news sources including the Washington Post and the New York Times. Both of those news sources have very significant reliability problems due to bias.

    1. It’s almost creepy how Obama follows President Trump around, trying to undermine everything he does. It’s almost like he doesn’t accept the results of the election. Or doesn’t realize that elections have consequences. Or simply does not respect our country.

  2. Recall how everyone in the press was shocked when, during the campaign, Trump used the moniker ‘FAKE NEWS’….. after a year of him being proven correct, I find it comical that the mainstream media is still allowing this to happen…. these people are truly slow learners.

    1. Appreciate this clip. Contrary to what was said in the clip, there might actually be some significant implications here — the behavior of law enforcement.

      2 calls were made by Flynn in December to the Russian Ambassador.

      The calls were recorded. The F.B.I. had transcripts of the calls. Flynn knew the F.B.I. had such transcripts. And there was nothing wrong with the two calls — although one might be inclined to recognize that these kinds of discussions involve sensitive upcoming diplomatic matters and be careful when making statements about them to others.

      Why was the F.B.I. asking Flynn questions about these matters at all. It couldn’t have been a sincere attempt at gaining information. They already had the transcripts. They knew there was nothing wrong with the two calls, so the calls were not a basis for an investigation.

      What they did was to quiz Flynn on his precise recollection of the conversations and nailed him for lying when his recollections deviated from the transcripts.
      That’s a pretty strange basis for legal proceedings.

      The message I got from Mueller and the F.B.I. is loud and clear. If the F.B.I. ever needs my help, my response should be no comment.

    2. My experience In dealing with internal affairs investigations is that often the allegation of wrongdoing is not the impetus for an employee being eventually sacked, it is the lying about the matter that caused the demise of their employment.

      Often, the employee will make a mistake, or minor misbehavior that can be either dismissed as unimportant or receive a letter in their personnel file. But what does the employee in is to cover up the matter. Where if they had assumed responsibility for their action it would end but they instead transformed a mistake into misconduct by covering it up or making a lie. A lie made during an investigation is the progenitor of being labeled a Brady Cop which not only will haunt the credibility of the employee during testimony in court, but departments do not want Brady Cops as employees for obvious reasons.

      As to the false statements made to the FBI which resulted in this guilty plea an associate of mine who worked in an interagency drug taskforce told me “never talk to the FBI”. He noted many defendants had little evidence available to levy ordinary drug charges against them but it was relatively easy to have an FBI special agent talk to them and jack them up for lying during the interview, making an easy federal prosecution for a felony. But, if they instead made a lie to a state or county investigator it was simply a misdemeanor offense for making a false statement to a law enforcement officer.

      1. “never talk to the FBI”.

        Well I think unfortunately this is sound advice. But why does the F.B.I. want to create an atmosphere where this is the case? They don’t look good. Their job is made harder. We are less safe. Everybody loses.

        1. stevej re “But why does the F.B.I. want to create an atmosphere where this is the case?” The rank and file agents do not set the environment and have no control. It comes from the top. I wonder how often they are instructed to stand down. or fired and gagged like Sibel Edmonds

  3. Jared needs to go

    Who Is Jared Kushner: Trump Loyalist or ‘Deep State’ Kissinger Protege?

    “Beyond the question of Jared’s omnipresence is his apparent knack for political survival. Although Trump tends to go through officials as rapidly as tweets, Jared has managed thus far to ride out the storm. Yet firing Jared – husband of Trump’s daughter, Ivanka – would be more than your average political decision, which is probably why Trump should never have dabbled in nepotism to begin with. Or perhaps Jared Kushner remains in his top-level position not because he is the son-in-law of Donald Trump, or because he is so politically astute (thus far it would seem he is not), but precisely because some high-ranking people in the establishment want him there.

    Whatever the case may be, it is notable that while Trump’s main allies – guys like Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus (all of whom were loathed by the establishment folks, incidentally) – fell to the wayside one after another, Kushner is one of the only top officials left over from the original Trump lineup. And his popularity among the establishment elite appears untarnished.

    Reminiscent of the day when Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize without ever negotiating a single peace deal, Time magazine recently named Jared Kushner among its ‘100 Most Influential People’. And it was none other than Henry Kissinger, 94, the fiercely criticized former US statesman, who penned the blurb that accompanied Jared’s honorable mention.”

    1. “Sue ’em…Sue”em…Sue ’em”. Is there any bar lower for the Trump presidency?

      1. Linda, How does one resolve a problem? Use the communist method of killing one’s enemy or the American Constitutional method of taking another to court. Apparently, you prefer the former.

        1. The American President should have more important areas of focus. ABC took corrective action. Which reporter has Fox suspended without pay for a month?

          1. The media is playing its tune for the one watching, you. That is why they spend so much time filling the airways up with junk. Trump is smart and uses the media to promote his ides since he can’t rely on support from his own party. He is winning.

            If you note the mainstream media has been doing this crap for a long time, but now that they are being observed they act as if they are doing their job. They had no choice.

            Go, President Trump. You are doing a great job. Don’t worry Mr. President about the mindless people that don’t have the slightest idea about the economy or foreign affairs.

            1. If Trump is smart why is his vocabulary so limited? And, why does his cabinet appointee refuse to correct reporting that claims he called Trump, a moron?
              And, why does Trump send out tweets that are harmful to his own self?

              1. “If Trump is smart why… ”

                Instead of taxing your mind, just think.

                ‘Trump could never win the Presidency’. He is now President. ‘If Trump is elected the economy will go into free fall.’ The economy is doing great.

                Apparently, Trump knows a lot more than you.

              2. Linda asks: ‘If Trump is so smart’….

                I’m not going to answer that directly, instead I’m going to pull a ‘whataboutism’ on you and ask: if Hillary is so smart…with her unlimited vocabulary and resources….how the hell did she lose to Donald Trump?

                Answer: Hillary is not that smart. Hillary is incompetent. Hillary is ill. Hillary is overrated. Hillary has bad judgment. Hillary has blood clots in her head. Hillary falls. Hillary faints. Hillary passes out and gets concussions. Hillary wears double-vision glasses for her concussed brain. Hillary is corrupt. Etc, etc, etc.

                PS And no, it wasn’t the Russians, sweetheart. Trump won because he is smarter than Hillary. And as hard as that is for you to swallow, it is the truth.

          2. ABC suspended the guy for four weeks without pay (chump change) during the Holidays. Some ‘corrective action.’ He should have been fired. This is a pattern for Brian Ross, not a one-time mistake.

          3. You bring up Fox here. Why? We are talking about corrective action taken by ABC that amounts to giving their reporter unpaid time off during the holidays.

          4. Brian Ross has blown “major stories” in 2001 (Saddam behind Anthrax attacks); 2006 (Abramoff prosecuting Hastert); 2007 (Waterboarding story); 2010 (Toyota Prius defect footage); 2012 (Tea Party Aurora Shooting); 2017 (Trump Collusion)

            In any other industry he’d be canned by now. (James Hasson)

  4. Are there consequences for a politician’s lawyer who tells a lie (not in a legal setting), which is described in the following hypothetical situation?
    To shield his client, a lawyer takes credit for authorship of a legally damaging public statement that the audience had every reason to believe was the politician’s. Has the legal system codified as justifiable, a path of duplicitousness by an officer of the court that covers this hypothetical ?

    1. Linda – does this cover the Attorney General of the US, because I do not think the statute of limitations is up on Holder?

      1. “What about…ism” again, courtesy of Schulte. On Meet the Press, an AEI spokesperson just used the same tactic to deflect from Trump. Makes one wonder why conservatives are so married to a method used frequently by Russians against its opponents.

        1. Linda – you are deflecting from my question. Focus on the subject matter and answer my question?

      1. Any moron can post on Twitter. What type of expert is Wittes and what is his proof? Then you can tell us what the twit means.

          1. In other words, you are using the man’s credentials to prove he is not a moron. That is fine.

            Trump is President “…not a moron”.

            It seems your type of proof only proves the lack of validity of your comment and makes your comment sound silly.

        1. And editor in chief of Lawfare blog. Started reading that law blog when my daughter took a class from one of their legal contributors.

        2. In the time it that it took Allan to comment, he might have found this, by doing a quick search:

          (Swarthmoremom knows that Wittes is well-known to those who spend time on legal blogs.)

          But it’s so much easier to be snarky.

          “In a post on Lawfare on January 28, 2017 reacting to Executive Order 13769, Wittes characterized the Trump administration as “malevolence tempered by incompetence.” This description received widespread attention and re-use…” -from the Wiki posting

          1. Anonymous, read the responses. I said, “Any moron can post on Twitter.” And now it is apparent that any moron can post on this blog.

  5. Any sane person left out there who doesn’t believe the Left Is unhinged, duplicitous and unrelentingly infuriated that Trump derailed Hillary’s hijacking of the culture? Boy, we did we dodge a bullet with this election. I guess Bismarck was right when he said that “special Providence” watches over little children, drunks and the USA.

    1. See Eichenwald’s comment above.
      Attempts to take back impulsive statements and acts and to deflect so he won’t be caught sounds like a 5- year-old or an adult who is unhinged.

            1. At this point is seems like the proof is on the POTUS to prove he is fit. Joe Scarborough claims Trump has alzheimers as early morning raging is a symptom. Why not a check up? The others guys had them and released the results. Even if the hardcore base such as yourself thinks his behavior is normal many don’t.

              1. You made the statement swarth, therefore the burden of proof is on you. What proof do you have? Trump’s doctor said he was in great health and he looks that way. So far he has proven that he is smart. He beat crooked Hillary, didn’t he? That is evidence. The GDP is above 3. That is evidence as well as is the decrease in the U 6.

                Joe P. Scarborough, my next door neighbor thinks you are a psycho that is going to kill people. Why not a psych evaluation? Other people have had them.

                1. His old doctor looked as quacked as T rump. Send the goof to da naval hospital for a real exam.

                  1. You want to send “the goof to da naval hospital”. Maybe you need to go to a mental institution.

                    1. That’s a bit unfair, Allan.
                      I think “Special Ed.” classes would benefit Ken and his ability to communicate.
                      I don’t think he needs a shrink, just some remedial courses in grammer, etc.

              2. MSDNC’s shills are a joke – hell, I bet even the Russians and Chinese leaders are envious of their ignorant audience who believe their propaganda.

                They are still whacking away at Bernie — anything to deflect from the broken Dim party.

          1. You are making an empty statement. You don’t like POTUS. That is your choice, but to date, with all your bellyaching, you haven’t provided an argument to prove this type of comment.

            Anyone can say the same thing about you. ‘swarthmoremom is unhinged’. Does that make it so? Of course not because most people look for some rational argument based on legitimate fact. To be as repetitious as you are without such an argument makes you irrational.

          2. swm – and I heard from reliable sources that your house was a target for a nuclear attack.

          3. If Hillary won and was in the Oval Office, we could also say what everyone knows: Hillary Clinton has catastrophically bad judgment. And she randomly faints, falls, passes out, breaks bones and gets concussions, wears double vision glasses and takes Coumadin because she has blood clots in her head.

            Yeah, I’ll take Trump.

            1. Didn’t you hear what Orrin Hatch said?

              “During his nearly 41 years in office, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch has seen seven presidents in the White House. Donald Trump, he said Wednesday, is “one of the best I’ve served under.”

              “He’s not afraid to make decisions,” Hatch said during an interview broadcast by MSNBC. “He’s not afraid to take on the big mouths around here.”


            2. Da bern is old but not demented. Hills could take da blood thinners for da clots. What could T rump take? A cocktail of anti psychos with some aricept. Da stress is makin him worse.

              1. ‘Da bern’ is an old socialist who honeymooned in the USSR and whose wife is under FBI investigation. The blood thinners Hillary takes are also used as rat poison, so in addition to all of her other ailments, Hillary has rat poison muddling up her brain. Trump thrives in a stress-filled, high-intensity environment. He is loving every minute of this.

                1. Polly wants a cracker.
                  What about…ism.

                  They are all the same. Give the gal a cracker and we can all go home.

              1. You know the point (that Hillary is a mess) is being made because this Resistance to Trump campaign has been going on for over a year now with the argument being that Hillary should have won and Hillary would have been the better president, right? So, as long as The Resistance keeps making the argument that Hillary is ‘all that’, I will continue making the counter argument that you call ‘whataboutism.’

                1. TBob, re “The Resistance keeps making the argument that Hillary is ‘all that’” She IS “all that” — albeit all that sane people refused to vote for =)

                  Elizabeth Lee Beck, one of the attorneys involved in the DNC Fraud lawsuit recently said she voted for Trump. She is about as Left as they come — and had had a run in with him back in 2011 when she asked for a break so she could pump breast milk which apparently he felt was disgusting.

                  – so no, he has no shame = 0

      1. Eichenwald is a DNC tool – trashed Bernibots – denied rigging of primaries. Probably reports to Nastyyahoo

        1. And you comrade? Whose tool are you? Putin has better operatives; I guess this blog does not get the best Russia has to offer.

  6. I’ve read the plea deal on Flynn. It looks awfully lame. He clearly did not go to the FBI meeting to concoct an elaborate hoax. In fact, he didn’t have to go to the meeting at all. And once there he could have simply said no comment. Part of the FBI meeting involved a diplomatic issue. Flynn was obviously reluctant to be candid about 2 legitimate meetings with the Russian ambassador involving some sensitive diplomatic issues.

    Under the letter of the law, Flynn may have been in violation. The fact that Flynn was unwilling to spend a significant amount of his life savings and years of his life defending himself from this apparatus doesn’t tell us much as to his actual guilt.

    But regardless, I do not consider law enforcement to be acting in good faith with regard to a charge of lying to the FBI under such circumstances.

    1. What is that sort of slimy stuff dripping off the face of the entire left and their propaganda machine? Raw egg or something even more unspeakable?

      How’s it feel to be ambushed again and again and again and again

      No Nancy it isn’t Botox.

  7. Huffpo identified today the 6 ways that the GOP budget helps the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor. The kids and grandkids of the people who voted Republican will end up living in the Koch/Mercer/Walton colony. They won’t like kneeling to their overlords.

    1. Stay on topic lefty. We’re talking about how the left screwed themselves and got suckered into this colusion big nothing. And you want to change the subject to how the left’s failed program was supposed to have worked. Machine Part Linda your programmer is definitely not on your side. Maybe a plant or maybe he or she just likes toying with the progressively regressive liberal left losers.

      1. Back when Keith was more honest — or even then was he doing what his corporate masters wanted?

          1. No masters — seeking freedom from Deep State entities which imperil national (citizens) interests

            1. “…seeking freedom from Deep State entities which imperil national (citizens) interests”

              Can’t argue with that. We’re in serious trouble; deep, deep trouble.

              (Thanks for the Keith O clip.)

              1. A – you’re welcome. I fear more for my niece, nephews and their generation (all below 18) if we can’t save our republic.

    1. And to think little Katy Tur of MSNBC dated and lived with him for a couple of years in her twenties. My my, the things these women are willing to do in order to get ahead in ‘the business.’

    2. That’s the real Nancy.. kinda like when the reporter caught Tammy Faye with her makeup off and found out it was Jimmy Hoffa.

  8. Everything is so out of wack. Flynn should not have lied. After reading what he lied about I just kept wondering why he even did so. What is described is: 1. Flynn talking about deescalating the situation with Russia. To my way of thinking this is one of the few sane things anyone in the Trump administration has ever done. Of course this sanity has been quickly renounced and neocons/neoliberals are back planning for War as members of the Trump administration. The swamp loves a war and Trump has put the swampy war mongers in charge of just about everything 2. Next, Flynn worked to smooth the way for keeping Israel unaccountable for illegal and reprehensible actions. I wish this govt. would quit doing this, however, that is SOP for USGinc. It’s what any neocon/neoliberal would do. 3. Finally, Flynn failed to register as a foreign agent. This is an illegal action.

    What I find significant is how “liberals” have come to want sweet, sweet war with Russia, just like the neocons. They share the neocon agenda, coming even to love GWB! They are enraged that someone attempted to de-escalate the potential for war. Perhaps they are just angry that Clinton couldn’t initiate a crazed and insane war? I really don’t know why an early attempt to avoid war with Russia upsets them.

    This nation is in a strange place. It’s very weird to hope for and cheer on a war with Russia. The media wants that war for their master. They will say anything to get it. I truly wish people would start thinking about what they are hoping for and what such a war would mean for so many people in the world. As to Russia gate, it still appears there is nothing there, there. Perhaps it will turn up, but so far no evidence points to it.

    As others have pointed out, there is plenty of evidence of collusion with Russian state actors on the part of Clinton and friends. Other than this, I’ve seen no evidence yet presented. We live in interesting times.

    1. I’d argue that the Russians got EXACTLY what they wanted. From their perspective, it didn’t matter which candidate won the 2016 election. They wanted to sow seeds of uncertainty and discord into our process and what do we see today, a rabid media hellbent on sowing seeds of uncertainty and discord.

      1. It’s funny how everybody talks as if Russians are the only party that might want to “sow seeds of uncertainty and discord into our process.” I can think of dozens and dozens of other people and/or entities — governmental, political, and/or private entities — that might seek to benefit from sowing seeds of uncertainty and discord into a process. But from Day One, based upon the thinnest of evidence — not even as convincing as the “evidence” that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction” — people have bought into the notion that the Russians are responsible.
        There’s an equal or greater probability that Russians have been cast as the villains in an elaborate bit of fiction dreamt up in the bowels of the DNC.

        1. Spot on WB. We go to vote – press a button and leave w/o a receipt – just hoping it went to our candidate. And many people had to wait for hours to vote — number of polls decreased and the infirm and working class had to leave. Or in closed primary states some people had their party affiliation changed. Or how about the uncounted votes in CA or more than 100,000 voters dropped from rolls in Brooklyn, etc

          1. WB, I echo what Autumn said. And here is a clip of the Obama state dept. saying they have no problem with the Trump team’s contact with Russia or any other entity. How embarrassing!


            AWW, I would not say that Russia wants a war or a bellicose USGinc. running around fomenting all sorts of regime changes, coups, wars and terrorist alliances. As WB said, there are plenty of other actors, within this govt. itself and the political establishment in general who derive far greater “benefit” (at the rest of people’s expense) from sowing chaos than Russia every will.

            1. The Russian ambassador to the U.S. called to give testimony in an obstruction/collusion case would be interesting. I presume taking the fifth would be a non-issue due to diplomatic immunity.

              1. They don’t need testimony from the Russian ambassador. What he said is on tape. Nothing illegal happened except for the illegality of unmasking Mike Flynn’s name by the Obama administration.

                The whole idea of the left at this point is to throw sh-t on the wall and see if they can find some that stick. So far what has been found are a lot of illegal actions from the Obama administration, and from Hillary. We could probably reduce our crime problem just by locking those people up.

    2. Jill re “We live in interesting times” Arguably it’s the same as it always was – just that some of us are woke af

    3. Where do you people come up with this stuff? I mean, really; how can an adult function in modern society while carrying all this type of wackiness around in their head?

      This is to “no conspiracy too far” Jill

      1. Marky Mark Mark – you carry wackiness around in your head all the time, so you have the answer for us all to your own question.

        1. Loser never has anything to say but 3rd grade retorts; I pity anyone who encounters you on a daily basis. Your mail order bride, does she speak English?

          1. YNOT – my bride was born in this country and works for a major banking institution. Although, her brother got a mail-order bride. He and his wife of 50 years are very happily married.

            I treat Marky Mark Mark the way I do because of the way he ends his comments. When he stops insulting people, I will stop taking him to task for his misdeeds and leave it to others, like yourself.

          2. “Your mail order bride, does she speak English?”

            What a racist type of statement.

  9. The big story should be that Mueller’s prime witness just pleaded guilty to lying. Seems like a special counsel should have higher standards when trying to bring down a sitting president. It also seems like a prosecutorial tactic that should be illegal. A prosecutor or special counsel should be allowed to strike plea deals with anyone concerning any crime, of course — but if that person pleads guilty to lying, it should disqualify further use of that person as a witness or informant. As Mueller uses the tactic, it’s a recipe for charging and/or convicting innocent people.

  10. This is an example of why I rely on The Weekly World News, “The World’s only Reliable News”, and The Onion for accurate reporting.
    A few days ago, The Onion had an article about Flynn meeting with Trump, tilting a large flower on his lapel toward Trump and asking him the speak clearly.😊
    “So What’d I miss?” was the title of the Onion article.

      1. ),
        Weekly World News stopped the print edition years ago.
        The do still have an online site where they publish ” the world’s most reliable news”.
        I remember an interview with the WW News editor years ago….I think Tom Snyder had him on his late-late night talk show.
        The guy was hilarious.

  11. So they dropped their bombshell, allowed the narrative to permeate coverage, and then quietly slithered off the way an arsonist does after he/she has just set a building on fire. Isn’t it about time we found out who in ABC’s newsrooms have been raping female employees?

    1. Better to find out who paid the arsonist, to use your analogy. One doesn’t have to be a bloodhound to detect the scent of a Clinton Connection — or a Clapper, Brennan, Comey Connection — especially with Comey tweeting out Bible verse concerning “justice” to coincide with the announcement of Flynn’s guilty plea.
      Yesterday was all an awfully transparent bit of Kabuki Theatre.

      1. Haha. So Pravda Faux News is still distracting you people with more Clinton nonsense, huh? Nice.

        This is to “the Clintons stole my crayon sharpener” willie

        1. Marky Mark Mark – even the MSM is reporting this news if you call it news. You need to keep up with what is happening in the world. It will make you a complete person.

    2. What makes you think it women being raped and not doing the raping? Hillary for example should have taught you better than that.

        1. Andrew W.,
          That same reporter was forced to retract his “news” that the Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter was a member of the Tea Party.
          In 2012, I think.

            1. Andrew W.,
              – At the very least, I think it’s evidence of what passes for journalism at a number of established, mainstream media outlets.
              I wouldn’t accuse them all of this, when it may “only” be a large majority 😏of MSM outlets that are sloppy and “tilted” in their reporting.

          1. Citation for this claim?

            This is to “I love to make sh** up just for fun” tommie

            1. Mark M.,..
              – For starters, you might look at the title of this column by JT.
              And maybe read it as well.
              You mighy read my comment which includes the Brian Ross/ Aurora “Tea Party” connection.
              Reuters was continuing to trumpet the “Brian Ross/ Flynn was directed during the campaign to contact the Russians” headlines and story for hours after ABC was backing away from it.
              This is “out there” for you to see and read, or have someone read it to you if you are too lazy to do this yourself.
              When Khazr Khan claimed that he was prevented from leaving the U.S. and travel to Canada for a speaking engagement, this was a “big news/ big headline story for days.
              When that story turned out to be bullsh**, OK, the MSM made a minor note of questioning his claim.
              I saw articles about him within the past week or so where he is continuing his partisan Gold Star- based campaigning.
              I saw absolutely no negative fallout from his “I can’t leave America for Canada” lie, but I think that is relevent to his credibility.
              As is his claim that “I am a private person” while appearing in numerous TV interviews to continue his DNC attack ad.
              Again, these examples I’m giving are “out there” if you bother to read, and if you have some degree of reading comprehension.
              Without wasting too much more time, or straining your capacity to read and comprehend, I’ll mention the use of “informed sources say” or “senior official said” basis for articles that draw conclusions…..that’s a handy tool, when the “unnamed sources” can’t be questioned on their claims.

            2. Marky Mark Mark – it is alright to ask for a cite, but then to declare the commenter is making things up is beyond the pale. It is only good form to allow them time to respond. Have you no shame!!!!

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