Good Samaritan Intervenes To Protect Woman In Argument With Boyfriend On Thanksgiving . . . Boyfriend Then Throws Good Samaritan Off Bridge

1513234477158A Connecticut man is recovering after he was thrown off a bridge on Thanksgiving after he intervened to protect a woman in an argument with her boyfriend.  The victim and his friend told Gregory Rottjer (left) to “chill out” and allegedly Rottjer and his friend Matthew Dorso became enraged.  Rottjer then threw the Good Samaritan off the Derby-Shelton Bridge — a 45 foot plunge that almost killed him.  What is unbelievable is that the woman, Jennifer Hannum, was also charged in the case in resisting one of the officers who came to find her boyfriend.


The Connecticut Post reports that the three fled the bridge but one of them dropped a cellphone at the scene.

 WFSB-TV reports that there are videotapes of the attack and that Rottjer allegedly admitted to police “I did it. I threw him over the bridge.”

Rottjer was charged with criminal attempt at murder, first-degree assault, and first-degree reckless endangerment.  Dorso was charged with third-degree assault and Hannum was charged with interfering with an officer.

Both Hannum and Dorso were released pending hearings but Rottjer is being held on $250,000 bail.

This is clearly a new plot twist on Luke 10:25-37.


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  1. Learned a new word just now, “neurodiverse”. This may apply to several of the regular commenters here…

    1. David Benson – if, and I say if, one agrees with the paradigm, then yes I am neurodiverse. I had to look it up. 😉 However, I do not agree with the paradigm. When I was young, I was lazy, crazy or stupid, not neurodiverse. They did not have a name for what I had and they had no idea how to treat it or deal with it. I didn’t know I had it until my 40s.

      Each of the groups in the spectrum of neurodiverse has to be treated differently and the persons treated differently. This is like saying all patients in the hospital are sick, so we treat them all the same way.

        1. David Benson – 3 hots and a cot are not going to work for you if you have ADHD. Do you have any idea how fast the mind of a person with ADHD works? Synapses are firing at lightning speed. Connections are made to connections to connections to connections, etc. And their answer is from way out of left field. They went from A to F while even your best A students only went from A to B,

          And autism comes from severe to light. Each to be dealt with on its own. And each separate from ADHD.

          I am surprised they didn’t throw alcoholism and narcotics addiction into the new “rainbow” system?

    2. The term “neurodiversity” is not what Benson thinks it means–if he even has a coherent thought about what it means at all. The term basically normalizes behavior and mental conditions that would otherwise be considered to be outside the norm, in particular, autism and ADHD. However, the term has been expanded and embraced by Leftists to normalize all sorts of mental conditions outside those mentioned. Of course, proponents of “neurodiversity” in all its forms argue that it’s not a political philosophy, but the root word “diversity”–a favorite of Leftists–within the term should make it clear that this isn’t true since the Leftists have co-opted the word “diversity.”

      But Leftist or “liberalism” is not normal and, in fact, is a mental disorder, as is evident in the video below:

  2. And now for some legal news you won’t hear about from Jon Turley. It concerns the corrupt and vile Ninth Circuit. But since this involves a federal judge, a coverup campaign is certainly underway. The corrupt judicial community protects their own to the extent that they can.

    Law360, New York (December 14, 2017, 8:17 PM EST) — The Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit on Thursday ordered a judicial misconduct inquiry into U.S. Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski over media reports the judge showed female clerks pornography and committed other acts of sexual misconduct.

    Thursday’s order by Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Sidney R. Thomas comes in direct response to a Dec. 8 story in The Washington Post in which at least six women accused the well-known jurist of lewd behavior, including ogling a female extern and talking about a female judge stripping. Two former clerks also alleged in the story that Judge Kozinski showed them pornographic images in chambers.

    “In the past, when incidents of alleged misconduct have been reported in an accredited media publication, we have identified a complaint and initiated an inquiry,” Chief Judge Thomas wrote in the two-page order. “Therefore, consistent with our past practice … and in the interest of the effective and expeditious administration of the business of the courts, a complaint is hereby identified against Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski.”

    The order requests that U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts transfer the complaint to the judicial council of another circuit in light of the “exceptional circumstances,” and in order “to ensure confidence in the impartiality of the proceedings.”

    Judge Kozinski previously faced a misconduct inquiry in 2009 after a server of pornographic information he intended to keep privately became publicly available, and another later that year after he was accused of disabling the appeals court’s electronic sensors in order to be able to download porn.

    –Editing by Pamela Wilkinson.

  3. The parable of the Good Samaritan is foundational in the thought of Ivan Illich. See David Cayley’s wonderful book, “The Rivers North Of the Future”. I suspect that the parable, implicitly or explicitly, motivated a Devil’s Lake track runner to carry an injured Fargo runner over the finish line. An amazing storey.

  4. God bless him for intervening. What is his condition? Is he expected to recover fully or did he receive permanent injuries?

    Battered women often protect their abuser at the expense of their own health and others’, even children. I hope she realizes this is toxic, that could have been her at the bottom of that bridge, and you protect people who help you over those who hurt you. She needs to get out before she puts children at the mercy of this maniac. Now she knows he’s capable of murdering an innocent man. Her response should be clear.

  5. The penalty should be to throw the defendant off the same bridge, at the same spot, at the same time of day. No life vest. Handcuffed. Cold water like say in January. The crowd can drop rocks on him if he surfaces.

    1. Liberty Second – sounds very 11th century. Since we already know that he is guilty, just cut his head off.

    2. Probably also likes Sharia law. Punishment, not torture, is what is called for in a civilized society based upon the rule of law. But, I understand. It was an irrational act and the feelings are certainly justified, but not reliably to be acted upon.

    1. God bless the helpers. I recently read a story where bystanders foiled the kidnapping of two girls by a stranger. Volunteer trailer brigades raced to evacuate strangers’ horses during these fires. People helped each other escape.

      Bad people do bad things, but that shouldn’t triumph over doing the right thing.

    1. Sometimes seems that way. Some insist that what goes around comes around. i prefer to believe God acts in mysterious ways & there is reason. We may or may not ever understand it but there is a reason . That’s what allows me to accept what I don’t ordinarily consider acceptable. Doesn’t mean I don’t question why, but I can accept that there is some greater plan.

      1. Yes. The bigger plan was to see if the Good Samaritan’s, years at camp, learning to swim, paid off.

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