Worst Phishing Email Ever

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

I received this week a true gem of a phishing e-mail. I have to admit however that I was a bit disappointed in its transparency.

Usually the notion of the Confidence Man of the past involves lavishing praise on his mark. Since the 1990s when a flim-flam attempted to scam a person they often provide respect by extending the courtesies of a learned barrister representing wealthy Nigerian politicians or royalty. But it seems cynicism finally overcame this fraud and it consumed him.

But then again, this onerous email might act as a filter to winnow out the intelligent from the truly gullible who are more easily victimized.

My mail client shunted the scam email into the Spam folder and thus cut out the image. The americanknucklehead.com URL at the top of the message body was for the BECU Logo (Boeing Employees Credit Union). A false-link went to a password grabbing page in a terribly constructed attempt to appear as the credit union’s official site. (as viewed through a sandboxed browser)

Pathetic, but at least it was worth a laugh or two.

By Darren Smith

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16 thoughts on “Worst Phishing Email Ever”

  1. (music–)
    And how was I to know…
    She was with the Russians too?

    Donda dun da dunt dunt dadda dun de dun de dun

  2. Apparently I was one of the lucky customers to be awarded a free $200 gift card from Amazon.

  3. Not exactly it was the former USSR Russians scamming the Progressives who still think the Soviet Politbureau exists. and continues to support it.

  4. This is the same tactic with different wording but the same bait the hook scam that has been used for a number of years. The street version is I need to sell my Rolex for enough to get a bus ticket home as I lost my ass gambling. The Rolex could be bought in a nearby store for about $3 to $5. Stupid is as stupid does.

  5. When my grandmother first started showing signs of Alzheimers, she became the victim of every traveling salesman in the area. They sold her multiple copies of encyclopedias, among other things. They would just keep coming back.

    I despise those who prey upon others, but most especially those who victimize the elderly, disabled, or the ill. Just wrong.

    Since around 1/3 people over the age of 75 have Alzheimers or some other form of dementia, there is a vast pool of victims who cannot see through such ruses. They are especially vulnerable in the early years, when they have not yet been diagnosed and still handle their own funds.

    1. Awesome vid, Squeeks! Never seen that before. I noticed there were a couple of white trash thugs in the video, otherwise I would have suspected it was heavily edited.

  6. It was either the Russians or the Chinese.

    Personally, I do not open any email where I do not recognize the sender and even then I carefully look at the header.

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