Durbin Contests Trump’s Denial of “Shithole” Comment As Press Search For Other Members [UPDATED]

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedPresident Donald Trump is denying that he referred to Haiti and African countries as “shithole countries” in a meeting with members of Congress.  Clearly someone is lying and it should not be hard to determine who.  One of the members in the meeting, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), says that Trump is lying and that he clearly made the statement.  The question now is recollection of some of the other people in the room, including Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.).

Update: Sen. Graham has now issued a statement that appears to confirm that the President said this and says that he
directly challenged the President after his comment.  Another member has said that Graham told him that President did say it.

Durbin says that the deeply disturbed words — and other such language — was used by the President. He says that the President “said these hateful things” “repeatedly.”  He refers to “vile” comments being used that shocked the members.  Some of Durbin’s comments are less compelling like his objection to the term “chain migration” as offensive to African Americans who came to the United States in chains. Trump reportedly scoffed at that comparison as “a good line.”  The issue is really the use of the “shithole” reference and Trump’s denial of using any “derogatory” language.

Allies of the President have wondered why it took 15 hours for him to deny using the offensive language. Other allies like Peter King have issued supportive statements for the President.  However, a former RNC Chairman is now calling Trump a “racist.”

The published comments have caused an international outcry as press are searching for these other members who can help establish the truth. The optics could obviously not be worse going into the Martin Luther King weekend.

The language is separate from the merits of the debate over whether the United States should shift to a policy of taking the most skilled immigrants as do many other countries.

There are a couple of curious stories following the outcry, which includes the denunciation from the United Nations.  One story says that a couple of members said that they “could not recall” whether the President said such a thing. If a President called all of Africa and Haiti a “shithole,” it would stick in the mind of most people.  Yet, despite Graham saying that he directly challenged the President on the use of the language, Sen. Cotton and Sen. Perdue has said that they simply do not recall.

Another curious story out of the White House is that the President is delighted by the controversy and was taking “a victory lap” last night when the story exploded.

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  1. The issue is not the condition of developing regions. The issue is Mr Trump’s 4th grade level of expressing himself, and 4th grade level of knowledge about the world and humanity.

    1. “The issue is not the condition of developing regions. The issue is Mr Trump’s 4th grade level of expressing himself …”
      I wouldn’t make that the issue either (since it so obviously was), I’d make it about my opponent. That gains you lots of ground (See Durbin, Dick). Btw, who’s leaking?

    2. “The issue is Mr Trump’s 4th grade level of expressing himself, and 4th grade level of knowledge about the world and humanity.”

      Yes. And bottom line: It isn’t presidential. Especially coming from an American president.

      1. Obama called Libya a s$$#show. In his interview with Matt Lauer he said he was investigating an oil spill to find out “whose a&* to kick”. He called Mitt Romney a bulls#$$#er.

        In this Rolling Stone article, it outlines some famous examples of Presidential profanity. It also mocked Mitt Romney for his straightlaced language full of gosh darns. Romney wasn’t edgy enough because he was a do-gooder who wouldn’t cuss. Obama was a hard hitter to be taken seriously because he cussed, such as when he referred to Libya as a sh-show. Trump is not Presidential when he cussed, but Obama was Presidential because he cussed, as he was to be taken more seriously, if I understand correctly.


        I will absolutely agree that when you are in a room full of political opponents picking apart everything you say to attack you, you should probably not refer to wrecked nations of the world as sh-hole countries. They’re just going to use it against you.

        So, to review, when you are discussing the issue, for example, of illegal immigration bringing problems such as cartel crime, sex trafficking, high rates of rape, pedophile trafficking, or taking money from parents to abandon little children to die in the desert, you must not cuss. That’s improper. You must describe the places where these acts take place in a more diplomatic manner. Human-rights challenged might work. I worry that the apt phrase “crime infested”, too, would be proclaimed racist. Law enforcement challenged, perhaps?

    3. The people of this country would rather have someone who says what he means and means what he says, choosing to forego the eloquence that that so easily hoodwinks and enamors the easily conned and fooled, than to have a silver-tongued, articulate liar and manipulator, like what the people of this country endured for eight long years. Trump’s victory was a rejection of Obama, plain and simple. Perhaps, since you claim to be from across the pond, you should concentrate on improving your mostly inept and spineless leaders. Hey, while we are on the topic of concentrating on the superficial and, mostly, irrelevant, perhaps you could tell your leaders and countrymen to, for the love of God, get their teeth fixed. Most of you guys have some of the most hideous, disgusting jack-o-lantern teeth on the planet. What gives? What are you? A third rate country with no access to dental care? Get with the program. Fix your internal, not to mention, disgusting problems. Then, and only then, get back to us with your sage opinions. Yeah. I know. This is gonna take some time.

  2. Come this Sunday at a facility with tax exempt status, a person who commands status that flew in from his or her multi million dollar mansion via their private jet, will broach this subject to the loyal following and the response is surely to receive a standing ovation.

  3. Trump learned a hard lesson. Democrats can never be trusted. He believed he was developing rapport and camaraderie with them, so he let his guard down and spoke colloquially. They stabbed him in the back by running to the media to sell him out to achieve short term political gain.

    They are snakes. Good lesson to learn.

    1. Let’s see here: people who report that the POTUS, who is supposed to be a role model and consensus-builder, called countries with people of color a “shithole”, they’re the bad guys–right–not the fat racist. You say that the Fat Dotard was trying to develop “rapport and camaradie” with Democrats by talking like this? That assumes that Democrats feel the same way. That’s like a Klansman going to an NAACP meeting and using the “N” word. You are making excuses and poor ones, at that.

      Today, the Dotard also lied about which predecessor is responsible for the new Embassy in London, and used this as an excuse not to attend the formal opening. The real reason is that he is not welcome in London, whose mayor is a Muslim. There would have been no parade or the usual pomp and circumstance ceremonies because he isn’t welcome. Of course, Fatso blamed President Obama for moving the embassy, but it was actually President Bush who cut the deal to sell the old embassy and build a new one. The reason? The recommendation of British security officials, who felt that the old embassy was too vulnerable. Your fat little piggy is batting zero today.

      1. Correct. I am saying that both sides begin a negotiation because they want it to end in a deal. Developing a rapport with the other side makes it easier to get there. Once you feel comfortable with the other side, trust develops. You then use loose and informal language. That’s what I think happened here.

        Yes, you are also correct that Democrats are the bad guy for betraying that trust. They are behaving like a spoiled child who tattles on the other kid who said a bad word. But why would Democrats do that? How does it help the negotiations?

        It doesn’t. The only purpose I can see in tattling to the media is to damage the president. And the only reason to damage the president is because you realize you have failed in the negotiations. You are not going to get the terms you want. So you sabotage the deal and try to inflict political damage on the president in the process.

        As I said, the upshot is that now he knows not to trust them ever again.

  4. US has a sad history with Haiti… R and D alike

    jeremy scahill‏Verified account @jeremyscahill

    Reagan backed the brutal dictator(s) Duvalier in Haiti, Bush/CIA ran death squads and facilitated the overthrow of democratically-elected president, Clinton destabilized Haiti further and put Haitians in horrid conditions in Guantanamo. The US government has been the shithole.

  5. I suspect he probably did use the word, and am more curious as to the context.

    When you are in a diplomatic meeting, you may refer to a situation as less fortunate. When you are discussing the state of affairs after the United States has poured billions of dollars in aid, but the money went to fraud, dictators, and waste, you may refer to the result in frustrated language.

    The UN has finally admitted to causing a cholera epidemic in Haiti. Cholera is caused from contaminating drinking water with infectious feces. Another route of infection is poor hygiene when taking care of someone with cholera, so that you eat with hands that are contaminated with infectious human feces. That’s it – the entirety of the transmission chain is feces-oral. So…they are drinking feces in Haiti at significant enough frequency to have an entire outbreak.

    6% of Haitians contracted cholera due to UN infected peacekeepers who brought the disease. After the US gave $13 billion in aid after the 2010 earthquake alone, 6% of Haitians consumed food and/or water contaminated with infectious human feces.

    That is a disgrace.

    For $13 billion, you could plumb the island and create a waste disposal system. You could install functioning toilets at camps with working faucets, hot water, and soap. For God’s sake, I only included the aid from us, a single country, not the global contributions pouring in, the benefits, the galas…And all we have to show for it is 6% of the entire country consumed human feces? Plus Haiti is still one of the rape and HIV capitals of the world. The women and girls resorted to wearing jeans underneath their skirts in an attempt to slow the rapists down enough they might get help in time.

    We have similar dismal progress to show for all of our billions in aid to the African continent, let alone international aid.

    There is rampant fraud, waste, misuse of, and diversion of funds that flow into impoverished nations. You could build new societies with the money that goes in. Help restore aquifers.

    When 6% of the entire population you have poured your treasure in to help are consuming human waste, and many are dying, you have to chuck the entire approach and start at square one. Identify the problem, and fix it.

    My friend just returned from a trip helping people in an African country. The photos she sent me of an open air market were heartbreaking. It was Third World. The people were so incredibly nice, and she had a life changing experience. The privation was real. The lack of basic necessities at the school where she volunteered really puts our own blessings into perspective.

    The word, though vulgar, has been applied to Third Worlds frequently. If I remember correctly, Michael Douglas told Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone that his birds were his way out of this &*(&hole Columbia. So did Danny DeVito in the exact same movie.

    You can exchange the vulgar word with any number of more polite ones, and certainly the latter would have been more diplomatic when meeting with opposing politicians who are primed to be offended at everything. However, I am quite curious as to the context. Personally, if I was looking at Haiti right now, thinking of all the money and effort we have spent to help people in need, I’d be incensed and using curse words, as well. It’s 2018. No one should have been consuming human waste in the modern era.

    Or maybe he was referring to issues where massive amounts of illegal immigrants cause Third World cartel crime to come here. You will recall that a female journalist was eviscerated, while still alive, and left to die with her entrails hanging out as a warning to other journalists who criticize the cartels along the border. Or GOOGLE Tenencingo, the human sex trafficking center of the world. I can think of some choice vulgarities to apply.

    If Trump was railing about the conditions of Africa and Haiti, and these politicians made an issue out of a curse word, making it a global issue, then they just undercut the diplomatic relations with these nations, which need our help. You do not cut the legs out of your own country on the geopolitical board.

    If it makes anyone feel any better, similar vulgarities are applied to complaints of slum lords breaking the rent laws right here in the US.

    1. “Some of Durbin’s comments are less compelling like his objection to the term “chain migration” as offensive to African Americans who came to the United States in chains.”

      That’s just idiotic. Chain migration is the term. We cannot keep lobotomizing the English language. Chain is used extensively in biochemistry and other sciences, as well.

      No reasonable person would have thought chain migration referred to slavery.

    2. I have another example to add of the legitimacy of the complaint where a danger in immigrants failing to assimilate.

      In Miami, horses have been showing up killed and stripped of flesh, by the dozens. Meat has been removed, presumably for human consumption. Santeria is also suspected in some cases.

      This is the fear when a horse is stolen – that he will go to slaughter or a backyard abattoir, or get charroed.

      Consumption of horses or sacrificing them for Santeria is not part of the American culture. It is abhorrent to our values. When people fail to assimilate, in this example, you get horses stolen and hacked to death. This, too, is a situation where I would apply some choice foul language.


  6. I think that republicans have enough on their plate right now, to spend millions to find out that HRC said it first is a waste of time and money.

  7. Of course he said it and he offended entire countries. Got it. It’s his perception of these countries regarding a specific issue. Surely we should desire our President to make his point without incendiary language, but how has that worked out for us? I’m looking forward to someone asking him why he believes these are shithole countries. Perhaps someone will get around to asking the immigrants from these (whatever is the opposite of shithole) countries why they desire to leave their country and come to live in ours? I mean now that we have President Trump, surely they can find a better option than this shithole…right?

    1. Why did your ancestors desire to leave their country and come to live in one that belonged to Native Americans?

      1. Why did the forebears of Native Americans leave their homeland, come here, and displace the Clovis Indians? The Clovis were the First People. Later Tribes were the 2nd people. I think Vikings were 3rd. Then Portuguese and Spanish, but possibly some Polynesian. Dutch…French.

        1. Karen, are you going to equitably blame every civilization in history that crossed a border to conquer another? It is the nature of man and it isn’t going to change. No U.N. or world government will change the behavior of nations when the few of us on this blog can’t even resolve differences. That the folly of socialists.

        2. The Indians weren’t the first people here either–they migrated from someplace else. The cradle of civilization is the Tigris-Euphrates River valley. Humans spread out from there all over the globe. The Americas were among the last places populated, and people got here from Europe, Asia and Africa via a land bridge to the north, and by other means, including boats. Native Inuit people in Alaska are genetically similar to Polynesian people–they even look alike. People have always had wanderlust. but none of this excuses the Fat Dotard.

          1. What an elegant response… up until the last line. So how is your description of Trump not the same as his description of other countries? Are you no better?

            1. The point was that since the dawn of humanity, people have moved about, spread out, explored, tried different things, and that’s good. Their desire to move elsewhere and try for a different life doesn’t make their place of origin a “shithole”.

              Christopher Columbus came here from Spain, and it wasn’t a shithole. Same for Leif Eriksson and Cortez.

              1. No, it’s not their desire to explore new places that makes their place of origin a vulgar word. That refers to the wreckage the UN left behind in Haiti, with 6% of the population eating and drinking food and water contaminated with human feces. Or it’s the history of the Tonton Macoute chopping off people’s heads and making their mothers march through the streets with them. Or it’s the cartels down south cooking men, women, and children alive in makeshift ovens to terrorize people into submission. Or it’s Tenencingo, where a shocking proportion of women are trafficked. It’s the trafficking capital of the world. Or it’s the border towns where a female journalist was hung by her entrails, before she died as a warning to journalists against criticizing cartels. Such vulgar, frustrated language refers to serious problems around the world that we do not want finding fertile ground here. Already, we have domestic terrorist illegal alien gangs like MS-13.


                Some of the most violent criminals at large today are illegal aliens. Yet in cities where the crime these aliens commit is highest, the police cannot use the most obvious tool to apprehend them: their immigration status. In Los Angeles, for example, dozens of members of a ruthless Salvadoran prison gang have sneaked back into town after having been deported for such crimes as murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and drug trafficking. Police officers know who they are and know that their mere presence in the country is a felony. Yet should a cop arrest an illegal gangbanger for felonious reentry, it is he who will be treated as a criminal, for violating the LAPD’s rule against enforcing immigration law.
                The LAPD’s ban on immigration enforcement mirrors bans in immigrant-saturated cities around the country, from New York and Chicago to San Diego, Austin, and Houston. These “sanctuary policies” generally prohibit city employees, including the cops, from reporting immigration violations to federal authorities.
                Such laws testify to the sheer political power of immigrant lobbies, a power so irresistible that police officials shrink from even mentioning the illegal-alien crime wave. “We can’t even talk about it,” says a frustrated LAPD captain. “People are afraid of a backlash from Hispanics.” Another LAPD commander in a predominantly Hispanic, gang-infested district sighs: “I would get a firestorm of criticism if I talked about [enforcing the immigration law against illegals].” Neither captain would speak for attribution.

                Illegal aliens are big drivers for the Latino gangs in the West, bringing their issues with them. This is exactly why we have immigration laws and requirements that at the bare minimum should exclude criminals. We do have crime in the US. Some of it is caused by illegal immigration. We want to reduce that aspect, and prevent more of it from occurring. You can put that in whatever language is the most effective.

                Honestly, when did the American media and politicians become such Pollyannas that cursing about completely wrecked countries becomes an international incident? No, Trump should not be unguarded for a moment in front of Democrats, no, it is not racist to call a country a vulgar word, and no this should not have become an international incident.

                1. This was more for Natacha but ummm no, the Spain Columbus sailed from was a total ****hole. The Inquisition. Life-span of probably about 48 or so. On top of that, Columbus returned fron over here and was then arrested and subjected to human rights abuses.

      2. That some Mongolian tribes migrated here first (so far as we know, anyway) doesn’t mean that the U.S. “belongs” to them and that they acquired some possessory interest that precludes later migrating Mongolians or Europeans from settling here, up until the time that people sophisticated enough to form a government with laws regulating immigration was established.

        1. I’ve heard that before. Only it was said this way: Possession is nine-tenths of the law. I’ve also heard this gem: We stole it fair and square. You can’t have it back. Get your own. It’s the law.

  8. All the millions of dollars collected for Haiti relief donated through the Clinton Foundation

    Perhaps its time that Bill and Hillary Clinton give that money to Haiti so they can dig themselves out of the shithole they live in

    Rather then line the pockets of the Clinton’s 💰💰💰

      1. Sure. Here you go:


        Here from Hillary Clinton’s emails, we discover that she pushed a narrative that the US aid to Haiti was successful, while her own daughter wrote to her that it was a dismal failure.

        As for the Clinton Foundation itself, there are some very serious allegations made of wrongdoing in their Haitian relief efforts, among others. The only hope of investigating the Foundation is with anyone other than a Democrat in office. So I do hope that they investigate their affairs thoroughly, pun intended.

        You will recall that Haitians picketed Clinton’s campaign and Bill Clinton due to these allegations during her Presidential run. Much of the money went to cronies who built hotels and parks instead of directly helping earthquake survivors. Jobs programs were failures. They awarded Haiti contracts, sometimes without competing bids, to big Foundation donors, many of which enriched them more than they helped Haiti. Bill Clinton was the UN rep for Haitian aid, and HRC was SOS who directed aid. Contracts went to big Clinton donors. The trailers that were supposed to be hurricane proof were falling apart and moldy. The New York Times discovered that a school that Clinton claimed to have built actually only received a grant to plant trees.

        It’s rife with stories and lies such as these. This is how a country pours billions of dollars in aid to Haiti, and there is still a cholera outbreak.

        The allegations of quid pro quo, and misuse of State funds are significant enough that they should be investigated, by someone other than a Democratic donor in a non-politicized government agency.

  9. FFS, this is not news. People who hate Trump will continue to hate him no matter what he says or does.

    Others will be happy for the good things he’s accomplished for the good of the country, and not worry about whether he comports himself as an Eagle Scout or not.

  10. I’m a little bummed that President Trump is denying it. Like bam bam wrote, acknowledgement is a good thing. I really wish someone could explain how it is also racist to call it out. He could have said this about a couple of European countries as well and I would have been fine with that too.

    1. As a private citizen maybe, but as President of the United States, absolutely not!
      We have many troops in Africa whose job just got a lot more dangerous. Plus Diplomatically it is unwise to vent your personal animus and finally, our standing in the world slips after an outburst like this, which means out leadership is weakened and the USA will have less and less influence over outcomes in the world because we will have abdicated our moral authority. Plus you may not have been to Europe lately, they are much more technologically advanced when it comes to the internet and public transportation among other things, We are being left behind.

          1. Ken – the WSJ is liberal as hell except for the editorials. You have an alleged report which is as reliable as Obama’s birth certificate.

            1. My my my da times have changed. Conservatives used to care about morals and cheating and lyin presidents like Bill Clinton. Now dat da orange porn star
              Lover is in office they say da paper ain’t properly conservative if they run a breakin hot story about his cheatin filthy dirty lifestyle of da rich and famous.

            2. Are you sayin da hush money ain’t illegal? Guess if it were paid to a bunch a Russian hookers it would it be? Cohen goin to Mueller’s outfit. More will follow.

              1. Ken – as long as what they did was not illegal, then money and an NDA is very common. What world did you grow up in? BTW, a lot of community colleges offer ESL classes that would help with your spelling and grammar.

      1. Concerned about our standing in the world? Concerned about our power and influence in the world? How do you believe that the daily–DAILY–assaults, on our President, which never cease, even momentarily, affect our standing in the world? How do you think that the insidious and non-stop attacks, which never take a breath, impact our power and influence in the world? The atmosphere is insane, and those that think that the current climate is healthy or beneficial, with regard to our standing, power or influence, in the world, is clueless. Half of the country consists of petulant, belligerent and irrational five year olds, having a perpetual temper hissyfit and tantrum, because it didn’t get its way. Its candidate didn’t win the election. Well, time to get over it, but, as with most babies, appropriateness of behavior is beyond the scope. The truth is that the daily assaults, on every move, made by this President, is weakening our place in the world. Weakening our standing. Of course, as any good lib, you will never acknowledge that. Carry on.

        1. The constant stream of verbal attacks on President Clinton and President Obama didn’t hurt US standing in the world. They were both admired and respected around the world. The steady stream of attacks on Mr Trump are the only thing that gives the US any credibility in the world today.

          1. Of course, criticisms were levelled against Clinton and Obama. The nature of the office; however, nothing–and I do mean, nothing–even remotely compares to the vicious, daily assaults on Trump. The media bent over backwards, for any myriad of reasons, to be deferential to Clinton and Obama. If you deny that, you are either a liar or blind. I cannot recall any other President facing the daily, brutal attacks that are levelled against our current President. Criticism is normal. Expected. The persistent and vicious attacks, which have no reprieve, however, against Trump, serve to weaken our role and status in the world. Don’t be so clueless. You need to be insightful enough to comprehend that nugget.

                  1. Nepotism and treason? You lose all credibility when you make blatantly false claims. You may think it makes him look bad, but it only disparages you.

                    1. You will learn that this being, so engulfed with prejudice, has no iota of credibility. None. Blatant lies and false accusations, abound. Quite typical. A pervading theme in all of this person’s comments, where silence and sugarcoating, in the face of widespread suffering and misery, is preferable to an honest description of what is occuring, especially if that person–making such claims–has the audacity to be white, has ancestors from Germany or isn’t black. Stating, honestly, the miserable state of affairs, in mostly black countries, is always going to be viewed as racist by this person, regardless. Must be sad to live in that person’s head, where hate and prejudice rule life.

                    2. Good to see you’re not arguing the “uninformed.” If only there were some obvious cases of nepotism we could point to? Perhaps you don’t know what the word means? As for the treason, it’s playing out in the Special Counsel investigation. Maybe they don’t charge him with it and settle for money laundering, fraud, and financial crimes. Still, he would be criticized for all the appearances of treason, and of course the lies about Russia.

                    3. Be careful, E. You’re likely to fall into a DEEP depression once you realize the conspiracy charges are false and only created to cover up Hillary’s crimes.

          2. CPB – re: “They were both admired and respected around the world. ” Only by folks who didn’t have to live with them and were taken in by their “presidential” charade.

  11. The whole “back to Africa” thing never really caught on. With reason. And according to Pelosi we dare not send Salvadorans and others here on TPS because their countries are so poor and unsafe… Etc. I feel sorry for the D, for all Trump’s faults, they are struggling for traction..

    1. How does this excuse this vulgar racist rant filled with vile generalizations about countries belonging to people of color? This is not some fat CEO blowing of steam in a bar after work, this is the President of the United States, in the Oval Office! Americans deserve better than that.

      1. Americans deserve better than that.

        No we don’t. What we deserve is this shithole progressive, administrative state we allowed to be created. What we deserved was the likes of Hillary Clinton as President to finish off this republic once and for all. Fortunately enough of us rejected the suicidal path we were on. We deserve President Trump, warts and all.

      2. littlewitch – go to the National Archives and track down the LBJ tapes. He was as racist as they come. Listen to the tapes and get the flavor of his language.

        1. Great people are able to rise above their own prejudices and do what is right. Understandably, you will struggle to grasp that concept.

          1. YNOT – neither you or I will ever be great, but I never blackmailed Congressmen, whipped out my dong for reporters to show them how big it was or micro-managed bombing attacks on North Vietnam. I am satisfied with my life and accomplishments, I hope you are. 😉

      3. At least Trump has been willing to meet with both Democrats and Republicans to try to move the ball forward to solve the problems — something Obama rarely did. This was a closed-door meeting where Trump’s private language was leaked to the press. How does leaking this to the press help forward the DACA/immigration reform negotiation process? It doesn’t. Democrats chose to create a media sh*t storm of Trump bashing because they actually believe they have a ‘blue wave’ coming that will flip the House and get Trump impeached. What’s clear to me is that for Democrats it’s not about making a good-faith effort toward solving problems, it is about regaining power at all costs.

        1. Durbin got caught with his pants down, by leftist standards, for being caught on video having a civil discussion with Trump. He is paying his leftist penance.

          Besides, ˈ

          an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place

    2. Lincoln and Henry Clay belonged to an organization – I don’t recall the name, it was something along the lines of the African Colonization Society – that was exploring how to resettle the newly freed slaves to Liberia. Lincoln publicly proclaimed many times that he didn’t believe the African race could cut it in America, and that their descendants would always be a burden on the white population. He initially proposed shipping them to Liberia, but given the expense, began considering placing them on an island in the Caribbean. At the time blacks were about 50% of the U.S. population, because the Civil War predated the massive waves of Immigration from Europe around the turn of the century, which eventually reduced the black demographic to about 12%. Had Lincoln not been assassinated, it’s quite probable that the slaves would off been deported off-shore to somewhere like Haiti, where they could receive food hand-outs from the U.S., but never be part of the U.S. population.

  12. Flake backed up da Durbin proovin once again T rump is a liar and a racist. Keep him in office Turley. T rump will motivate da voters and your old nemesis Pelosi could end up Speaker again. I prefer she retires but that ain’t happenin in California where the rethugs are runnin scared. Da Koch’s Ryan might quit with that news.

    1. Republicans are “running scared” in CA? Actually that state has a long history of prominent Republicans. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Governor Pete Wilson (who won by a landslide over Jerry Brown’s sister); Darrell Issa, George Dukmejian, Arnold Schwartzennegger, and so on. Yes there are pockets of welfare dependents that elect the likes of Maxine Waters, but outside the urban cesspools, large areas of CA are actually rather conservative.

  13. Exactly the responses I expected. Nobody really believes his denial, late as it was. You simply don’t care. Trump’s family came from Germany (although they lied and claimed Switzerland, master race and all.

      1. And BTW, Trump’s father came to the U.S. as a young man with nothing, began working on construction sites, and eventually owned 39,000 apartments throughout Queens and the Bronx. There is an undeniable work ethic and thrift among Germans that the citizens of Haiti and African countries would do well to emulate.

    1. And, you care? As an African American, how do you care? How do you work to improve the lives of the people in these locales, where voodoo is a mainstay, where AIDS is decimating the various populations, where lack of basic nutrition and education is commonplace, where slaves are still bartered and sold like cattle? Huh? You don’t like what Trump said, because you despise him, but what have you, personally, done to change the status quo in these places? The plight of your brethren? You slam Trump for what you claim are his roots, but what about your roots? What are your obligations to your ancestors? You think that turning a blind eye, to the atrocities affecting of your fellow blacks, is helpful? Instead of condemning Trump, who is, at least, willing to, finally, declare the miserable state of these populations, you should be thankful–eternally, grateful–that there is someone–someone– with Trump’s power, clout, platform and authority–to speak the truth. How will the miserable conditions, ever come to an end, unless and until they are acknowledged? Brought to light? Exposed, in a no-nonsense way? The true prejudice comes not from acknowledging the truth but from turning a blind eye to the misery and desperation experienced by those unfortunate enough to have been born in these shitholes. You are so caught up in your mantra about Trump being racist, you are incapable of realizing that nothing will ever change. . .nothing will ever improve. . .unless someone, with power, with a platform, acknowledges the massive problems inherent in these societies. You, on the other hand, are the true racist, as you would rather remain silent about the dire and miserable conditions of your black brothers and sisters. Silence. Acquiescence. For shame.

      1. First, don’t lose sight of the ball; the issue here is that our imbecile of a president confirmed yet again that he is a liar and a racist. Second, you ignorant f**k, America is a nation of ideals, not various ethnic identities. No matter the national or ethnic heritage of one’s ancestors, ALL Americans should be concerned about the plight of those in the world who are less fortunate than us, if even only for our own benefit. To paint the picture which your types don’t seem to comprehend and which might allow you to stifle your own klan sympathies for one short second, American industries can’t sell very many products to dirt-poor citizens of dirt-poor countries. So, if only for your own selfish interests, you types should want other countries to be successful and prosperous.

        this is to “I’m going to the white sale at piggly wiggly for a new suit” bammie

        1. Please explain how it is racist? I’m not being condicending, I really would like to know how calling out a poorly run country makes one racist. If I say that the Cleveland Browns are a really crappy team in the NFL, does that make me racist?

          “ALL Americans should be concerned about the plight of those in the world who are less fortunate than us”

          Really? Why? Where in the constitution is any of that suggested? Yes, I would love for these other countries to be better but it is not my problem. If anything, that is an argument for them to stay and fix their mess.

          1. What if European and US exploitation, theft of valuable resources, gross levels of environmental degradation, and slaughtering of the best and brightest, is the reason for the condition of colonized countries? Then is it still not your problem?

            1. Well, that’s as good as an excuse as any:These losers can’t get it together because some white person was mean to their ancestor 200 years ago. Funny how that didn’t hold the Asians back, who, despite discrimination have the highest levels of education and highest per capita income of any demographic group in the U.S. Even your heroine, Hillary Clinton, was exchanging emails that they never thought would go public with John Podesta, noting that “even under the most favorable of conditions, blacks just can’t seem to succeed.” I guess even some liberals are honest when they think nobody is looking.

          2. I will address one part of your screed. Reading comprehension is a skill that can be improved through practice. Had you read my post and been able to grasp it, I gave a sterling example which would allow your types to understand why America Inc. prefers prosperity in the world rather than dog-eat-dog, zero-sum conflict. Pro tip: Sometimes the simple answer is the wrong answer. This is not 1940, America can’t pull in the drawbridge and isolate from the now-interconnected world. Change the channel and stop getting your spoon-fed bromides and bumper-sticker philosophies from Pravda Faux News. You’re welcome.

            This is to “Hannity never told me that America Firsters liked HItler” jimmie

            1. Marky Mark Mark – your original example was historically challenged. Pro Tip: You are not old enough or experienced enough to give professional tips. I am not even sure if you qualify as a rank amateur.

        2. Marky Mark Mark – ask Hillary and Bill what happened to the Haitian aid money they collected. Sometimes you just have to call a cigar a cigar. If you knew your history, you would know that Haiti has been impoverished since independence.

      2. bam bam – didn’t the Clintons collect money to stop Haiti from being a sh^thole? Whatever happened to that money?

        1. As expected, you skirt the issue. You can’t mention how you have lifted a finger to fight AIDS, ravaging these countries. . .you can’t list any manner in which you have fought the prevalent slave trade in these countries. . .you can’t specifically identify how you have changed the miserable and horrible conditions found in these desperate, sweltering hellholes. Typical. Just, return to your mantra. . .Trump, evil. . .Trump, evil. . .Trump, evil. . .now, if your savior, Hussein Obama, had, instead, said that these countries were shitholes, well, of course, that would be a game changer. He would be praised, endlessly, from every liberal corner, for finally calling attention to the plight of these people. He would be cheered, as a brave and valiant leader–a black man, courageous enough to shine a spotlight on the tragic conditions which persist in these countries. Conditions which have remained, mostly unchanged, for hundreds of years. Funny. The world ignores the putrid conditions of these people, who, according to the lack of attention, must be expendable. Keep up the good work. Racist? Want to see a racist? Look in the mirror. You are the true, heartless racist, who would rather tolerate suffering and death than have an individual, with whom you do not agree in most respects, state the truth.

          1. You don’t get to make me the issue. You have no idea who I am or what I do. Trump isn’t being tested. All of us know who and what he is. Others are being tested in their response. Will the Republicans in the room tell the truth or join in his lie? Your response is noted as well. #Fail

            1. Yes. That is just it. Ignoramuses, like you, who don’t like the man. . .who don’t like the person. . .who can’t accept that Trump is the President. . .allow that poisonous animosity, that hate, that prejudice, to color and affect anything that he says or does. Nothing, which he says, is viewed in a positive light. Nothing, which he does, can be considered untainted. Nothing. Yes. You are the problem. A large part of the problem. A black individual, so entrenched in your cushy and comfortable life in the US, that your black brethren, half a world away, are expendable. An afterthoughts. A non-issue. You would rather a white individual, remain silent, on the horror, that is life in these black societies, than to have a white person–who must be a racist, after all– state what we all know as the truth. The widespread, and, seemingly, terminal state of poverty, disease, malnutrition, lack of basic human rights, etc., in these shitholes. Yes. You are the problem, for perpetuating the status quo by your demand for silence. For preferring silence, from a man you despise, rather than rooting for his backbone. His willingness to speak up and call these conditions what they are and how truly horrid these conditions continue to be in these countries. Sickening.

              Your hashtag is, obviously:


              1. bam bam:
                First, it was Trump didn’t win the popular vote, then it was Trump’s in bed with the Russians (literally), then it’s Trump’s obstructing justice, and finally it’s Trump is a racist. It all melts off him like the snowflakes casting them. He’s either a genius or, as somebody Boxer Rocky Graziano said, Somebody Up There Likes Me.”

                1. My Grandfather worked at Coxsackie Prison as a phys ed instructor and helped teach Graziano how to fight when he was in there.

      3. You perpetuate the same stereotypes upon which Trump builds his hate. You know nothing of Haiti I can tell by the ignorant description in your post. Many African Americans do what they can to assist people in need in Haiti. There are long term systemic problems in haiti because the governance , for generations was authoritarian dictatorship, not unlike the kind Trump would like to see here, where he believes criticizing him was akin to Treason. Just like the Duvaliers!!! More important, there are religious and artistic traditions in haiti that are powerful and inspiring. Voudon has its roots in African religious tradition and is as legitimate as any religion anywhere. Like Christianity, or Judaism or Islam, it can be used for good or for oil , depending on the practitioners. Haitians with economic opportunity are great students, excellent workers and often delightful people, Haitians without economic opportunity stand up to hardships every day that would cause many other people in soft societies like ours, to fold. You need a vacation, try Haiti, it is beautiful there, the people are irresistible, the food great, the spirit, unsinkable.

        1. You need a vacation, try Haiti, it is beautiful there, the people are irresistible, the food great, the spirit, unsinkable.

          Is that what the sign reads for people entering the country or for those leaving it behind?

        2. Your ignorance is palpable. I’ve been to Haiti. Yes. Several times. The people of Haiti are, in fact, lovely people. The country, itself, is a shithole. That is the truth. A shithole. How the people survive is beyond me. The poorest country in the Western hemisphere, if I recall. Dire, director poverty and widespresd malnutrition, with raw sewage running in the streets and children washing their hair in mud puddles. Please, don’t tout and exhault the benefits and beauty of voodoo. . .pedal your idiocy someplace other than here.

          1. It is absolutely irrelevant what you believe about Haiti. This issue is the president of the United States demonstrated yet again that he is a liar and a racist. The job entails more responsibility than breathing and spewing whatever inane prattle appears in his mind.

            this is to “but he’s my racist” bammie

            1. Marky Mark Mark – first, never trust Durbin. Second, never trust Flake. Flake was McCain’s butt boy which is why he could not raise any money for his re-election. He has always been a NeverTrumper.

        3. The food is great?

          6% of Haitians contracted cholera, because their food and/or water was contaminated with infectious human feces. What an elitist comment to say “the food is great.” Maybe it’s great for a rich government contractor, or for relatively wealthy tourists who bring their own water. But it’s not “great” for the citizens. It is literally contained with sewage.

          As for comparing Haiti dictatorships to Trump, a Voo Doo leader of Haiti had the Tonton Macoute murder the men and boys of a village, and forced the hysterical, grieving mothers to march through town carrying their heads, as a warning to others.

          You need to check your privilege. Only someone who had never survived the horrors of Haiti would think it was in any way comparable to the United States.

          1. This isn’t a stereotype. It’s sad. It’s the very reason why we do give so much in aid. If it was great, then there would be no need for aid, and it would be a gustatory vacation spot.

            I am frustrated and appalled at how little improvement there has been in Haiti, despite Holy Hollywood even getting involved. They deserve better. Who cares about virtue signaling. It’s about actually making a difference.

            It took years for the UN to even admit that the cholera outbreak was its fault. But then, they were slow to admit all the pedophile child sex trafficking rings that their peacekeepers inevitably start up around the world, too. The UN’s name is dirt at this point.

      4. Enigma’s strongest, most greedy, most belligerent, and most industrious ancestors likely rounded up local weaker tribes to sell them to the Dutch, all the while blaming their victims for being lazy and stupid.

        For a taste of Africa, look at Mugabe. You don’t hear much about S. Africa’s success since the blacks took over.

        Look at US cities wholly run and owned by blacks for close to a half C, like Baltimore. Look at black on black crime and murder in Chicago. All of that is fine with smug Enigma, anything that keeps blacks on the DNC plantation.

        1. White sale at the piggly wiggly. Your sheets are getting a little tight.

          This is to “Merica was a better place when those people weren’t so uppity” joey

          1. Marky Mark Mark – you should learn the REAL history of slavery in the New World. Add tp your educational base.

      5. BB – FWIW – my peridontist surgeon is from Haiti – he chose to leave the “shithole” behind as over here he has a thriving practice in addition to teaching aspiring dental students at Meharry – a medical school in Nashville for blacks. He is able to be more effective over here than he would be in Haiti and his children grow up in a stable environment.

        1. Fantastic. Wonderful. Further proof that he fled a shithole, as evidenced by his refusal to return. He could take his skills and teach back home. He chooses not to do so. No shortage of those wishing to teach dentistry in this country. His skills would be better much better utilized in his home country, desperate for trained professionals; yet, he remains here. Enjoys his life, here. Enjoys the benefits of his life, here. Can’t say that I blame him. I don’t blame him for not wanting to return to his native country. Not in the least, but, let’s be honest. This is called, self-interest, not altruism. He fled his home country precisely because it is a shithole. Please, try to convince someone else that this guy remains in this country out of some kind of ALTRUISTIC reason. Laughable, unless, of course, altruism is defined as securing and maintaining a decent, easy and normal life. Nothing altruistic about him remaining here, in this country. He is making a better life for himself by doing so. There are no sacrifices. He could easily be replaced at his place of work. Don’t be so gullible.

          1. uh BB – you missed my point – that he left Haiti for a better life – of course in self interest as is the case for all economic migrants.

    2. Enigma – why do you think that it’s racist to call a country that word?

      Environmentalists have applied similar language to Russia with its polluted waterways.

      Same with slumlords.

      Same with oil drilling sites.

      I care because it was impolite language in a situation where it was not safe to be unguarded. I have no idea if he said it. It seems in character for him to use vulgar language, but I wasn’t there.

      Please clarify. Are you claiming that Trump is racist because his ancestors came from Germany? My own grandmother’s people immigrated from Germany before WWI. Does German ancestry mean that I’m racist?

        1. It’s racist to want to exclude immigrants from approximately 86 countries with mostly black or brown people and point to a mostly white country as the model.

          It may be racist if your ignorant enough to believe our immigration criteria is to simply to fill a box of crayons. Our immigration agenda should not be an expansion of our welfare state to the rest of the world. The people we accept into this country need to add value to our quest of becoming a more perfect union; not the opposite.

            1. Your stating the obvious and still fixated on color; nearly everything you write is race based. What a horrible way to live when there are wonderful people of all races adding value to this country through skillsets other than what your filter will allow you to see.

        2. Does a meritocracy exclude immigrants from 86 countries?

          All I know so far about where we currently stand in the immigration talks is they want to do away with the lottery, and follow more of a meritocracy system, such as most of the world, including Canada follow.

          Do you believe that Canada is racist?

          I do not know if Trump’s idea of a meritocracy coincides with my own. For example, rather than accepting a swath of a population from Latin America, a meritocracy would give preferential treatment to those without gang affiliation or ties. We would have so many spots for college grads, so many for skilled craftsmen, so many for the arts, and so many who have nothing and just want to start over. ALL of those have to be good, law abiding people. I would want to give a chance to those who would be most interested in assimilation. For example, I have said this before that I want Malala Yousafzai, not the Taliban who shot her. If we just accept everyone, then you get victim and oppressor.

          I do not agree with the proposals that have been put forth that all immigrants should be skilled. Nor do I agree with the previous regimes that most immigrants should be unskilled. The former compete with college grads, and the latter compete with entry level.

          First and foremost, immigration levels should complement domestic population growth, unemployment, social resources, and housing. I do not feel a moral imperative to build out every square inch and create an environmental catastrophe in our country, having to import all food, simply because we are a nation of immigrants. That does not mean that we need to be one city like Coruscant from sea to shining sea. That just leads to a collapse of resources and too much pollution, let alone the environmental impact. Too many unskilled workers can overstrain our social infrastructure. Too many skilled workers too closely resembles the abuse of the H1B Visa, which corporations have used to underpay professionals by importing immigrants on visa to replace domestic staff at far lower wages.

          Everything has to be in balance, and it is neither racist nor rude to do so. That’s part of running the country.

          There are almost 7 1/2 billion people in the world, and around 300 million live in the US. There is literally not enough room for everyone who wants to come. Our country and environment would collapse. So we have to monitor and control the flow, and we should prioritize newcomers who will follow our laws, be self supporting relatively soon, be willing to learn the language, and happily embrace Western values. You can find those candidates in every country in the world.

          1. According to Trump, he wants to exclude everyone from the continent of Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador, meritocracy be damned. He didn’t say take only the best from those country’s, he wants none of them.

    3. Isn’t it racist to assume someone else is racist simply because his parents hail from Germany? Are you going to condemn the entire German populace next?

          1. Which reminds me of something read: If white privilege really was the ticket to the land of milk and honey, then why did Warren claim an American Indian lineage?

          2. In my family, it is believed my mother was part Cherokee. I have no reason to doubt that and might claim it somewhere. That wouldn’t make me a liar although I could possibly be wrong. According to a deposition Trump once gave regarding Indian casinos. He can spot real indians so I guess we should take his word?

            1. “In my family, it is believed my mother was part Cherokee. I have no reason to doubt that and might claim it somewhere. That wouldn’t make me a liar although I could possibly be wrong.”

              Would you allow yourself to be listed as a Native American in various directories, and allow your law school to fill a quota with you specifically as a Native American, allegedly giving you an edge over other candidates? Would you plagiarize a French chef, literally word for word, and submit the recipes in a cook book called, Pow Wow Chow?

              I respect that you come on here and state your opinions. We need to hear all sides of an issue, lest we become too entrenched. I am in danger of this happening, as I had such a bad series of experiences with Liberal and Progressive policies, and researched other ill effects, that I’ve become frustrated with the Left.

              I do not see you engaging in the same activity Elizabeth Warren did in regards to her alleged Native American heritage. Since she blatantly plagiarized recipes and published them, how can we believe she honestly thought she was Native American? How could a blond haired, blue eyed woman use that heritage to get a leg up, allegedly, when those policies were obviously enacted to help those without opportunities due to racial heritage?

                1. I not sure that’s true. I’ve heard about the recessive gene theory, but it doesn’t always hold in real life. I went to high school with a blonde/blue girl who was an enrolled member of a No. Calif. Indian tribe and received “Indian money,” i.e., a check from the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs. Her parents had money and lived in a very nice house and appeared to be 100% White as well, but she clearly had enough quantum of Indian blood to get a federal payout. I don’t know the % required. someone once said it was minimum 12.5%, But in any event, whatever it was, she looked as white as Elizabeth Warren. And my own mother is a “Black Irish” with dark hair and green-brown eyes, but she married a blond/blue and all her kids are blond/blue.

              1. I wouldn’t select a Native American status because I would have selected another. If it were the only one I had, you betcha.
                Blue-eyes and blonde hair don’t exclude anyone from being some percentage Native American. If the requirement was that the applicant be 50% or 100% Native American and she lied, that would be an issue.
                I believe I am part Native American, I’m certain I’m part something other than African because of my shade. I suspect Harvard isn’t full of Native Americans who got in solely because of their heritage and not their academics.

                1. Wait a second, I thought we lived in a transracial-era. A time in which if one feels black then they are. A time in which if someone feels he is a Filippino woman then that is what she shall be. So if I decalre myself to be a black Cherokee hispanic then I am and you can’t stop me. I’ll go so far as to say my blackness is more blackity black than yours. Try me.

                    1. Methinks you will soon tire of all your blackness. Especially when you discover the side-effects of white people always feeling like they know more about you than you.

                    2. enigma – my problem is that no one would believe me. I am so white, I am translucent. 😉 It is hard to deny that. 🙂

                2. enigma – You can claim to be whatever you want. I think there is a SC case on it. There is an old saying, Jesus wasn’t the Christ to his family and friends. Regardless who you claim to be enigma, your family and friends will always know the real you.

        1. We don’t need any more Norwegians here. They are very liberal, and we’ll end up with more leftist Norwegian-Americans like Elizabeth Warren and Earl Warren (“Vah ren”) in Norwegian. Send Finns instead! They’re hard workers, fierce fighters (beat the mighty Soviet Army in the Winter War of 1939-40); smart (have the highest math and science scores in the world, along with Japan): and socially conservative.

  14. The Left can’t stand the truth–Haiti and multiple–if not, most– African countries qualify as “shitholes”–by any standard. Yes. It’s the truth. To borrow from Al Gore, it is an inconvenient truth, but it is the truth, nonetheless. Now, granted, claiming that these countries are putrid, lousy hellholes–filled with massive, massive corruption, at every conceivable level, prevalent voodoo (Haiti), unemployment, substandard healthcare, rampant disease, especially AIDS, lack of food. . .the list goes on and on–may not be the most polite or diplomatic thing to say, no one–no one–could argue, with a straight face, that the statement is untrue. Whatever you wish to level against Trump, it is indisputable that he is a no-nonsense kinda guy. . .that’s why, or, at least, partially why, his base loves him. He is not going to win any awards for being Mr. Diplomacy. He doesn’t sugarcoat what we all actually think, believe and discuss, in private. He puts it out there, and we are shocked by it. We want, if only out of familiarity, our Slick Willy or Disingenuous Obama. Those are the kind of politicians with whom we have become accustomed. Don’t agree with me? Great. Simple test: is there one of you. . .just, one of you. . .who would be willing–honestly, willing–to pull up stakes, from your cushy and oh, so comfortable life, in the West–and relocate, permanently, to one of these places? To one of these, shitholes? No, not on vacation. No, not on holiday. Relocation. Permanent. Say goodbye to the good life. The accesses and the freedoms of the West. Oh, yeah, and that includes leaving your acquired wealth and possessions, amassed during your life in the West–behind. You will live like the average person in one of these places. . .no money, and no access to all of the conveniences and luxuries that said money would provide, no clout, no power, no connections, etc. Yes, all of you phony bolognies–don’t raise your hands at once.

    1. “CNN contributor Joan Walsh couldn’t decide whether she would rather live in Haiti or Norway when questioned by National Review editor Rich Lowry Thursday on “Erin Burnett Out Front.”

      Walsh said that President Donald Trump’s comments about immigrants coming to the United States from “shithole” countries were offensive and “racist,” but didn’t have an answer when Lowry posed the million dollar question.” Daily Caller

    2. How would the Left qualify the fact that albinos as young as babies are still killed in African nations because it is believed their body parts are good luck charms.


      Or what about the fact that slavery flourishes there to this day? Those tribes who sold their enemies to European slavers are still doing it.

      What do you call that?

      I do understand the need for propriety and diplomacy, especially in a room full of political enemies.

      But you cannot make that pretty.

      1. I understand that you probably don’t have to think for a living. Still, identifying what issues are relevant in discussing a matter is important. Your various klan-like posts regarding the habits of the populace in other countries who don’t look like you are completely and utterly irrelevant. The issue here is that the president once again revealed that he is a liar and a racist. I see that you are unconcerned about the racist part, but do you also condone lying?

        this is to “at least he’s my liar” karen

        1. Your rants are laughable. No one takes you seriously. Oh, yeah, this is to Mark-I-Can’t-Make-A-Solitary-Point-Without-Resorting-To-Insults.

          Pathetic. No wonder everyone on here ignores you.

    3. https://www.compassion.com/Images/Haiti-family-outside-stone-home.jpg

      From 2014:

      “This morning we went to church, and then this afternoon we ventured out to the voodoo village, and visited a few huts along the way. The thing that caught me the most off guard was that even in Haiti there seems to be different levels of poverty. The children and adults living around the mission compound and within the compound take care to wear clean clothes. Even those clothes have to be washed by hand in the same buckets that are used for bathing themselves. They appear clean and modestly dressed, they wear shoes, and some even have cell phones and watches. When we were side by side in church I looked at my brothers and sisters in Christ and the thought, “It takes a village to raise a child,” came to mind. The Haitians all care for and love on each other’s children. It is actually hard to know who is the mother or father, because the nearest person holds, and loves on a crying child. All of the children act like siblings; it is awe-inspiring to witness. They are also very relaxed with time – quite different from the States, where life is always hurry up and go. The families around the mission house are full of laughter and joy. I wish I could say the same for all of the people of Haiti; the farther we walked the more my heart broke for the children. These children wore t-shirts filled with holes, most had no pants, and several had no shoes. They appeared to be malnourished, and they were very grateful to receive the rice and beans we were distributing. Several of the babies had boils on their skin, and there was very little we could do to help them. The majority of the Haitians are the latter of the two comparisons. They are so much in need of the basic essentials it takes just to survive – food, clothing, clean water – all of which Americans, myself included, take for granted. My prayers are that all of the needs, including medical needs, can be met for all of the Haitians. We are so blessed in the United States. Until a person experiences this culture first hand, there is no comprehension.”


      1. Prairie Rose – that is a beautiful post. It reminds me of my friend’s account of her own trip to Zambia. We take so much for granted her. It breaks my heart to think of any child starving or without basic medical care. It is frustrating the lack of global progress.

        1. Karen,
          I am glad the post spoke to your heart. It spoke to mine. Your post and bam-bam’s made me want to find pictures and an account to further illustrate the issue.

          There are so many places that are so broken from the corruption. The book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, which is the biography of a young man in Malawi, touches on the poverty and corruption there.

          It is truly heartbreaking and humbling.

  15. For goodness sake, he said it – and he is right.

    Time to quit lying and admit that those failed states are holes.

    Listen to the Pinkos describe Mississippi. Aside from the vulgarity, they are even more scathing.

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