Trump and The Wall Street Journal Release Conflicting Transcripts of Controversial Interview

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppeddownload-4President Donald Trump and the Wall Street Journal are in an open conflict over what was said in a meeting between the President and editors.  It was reported to the shock (and ridicule) of many that Trump said that he has a great relationship with Kim Jong Un of North Korea. The White House went public and said that the President clearly said the “I’d have a very good relationship” and not “I have a very good relationship” with the dictator.  The White House disputed that President Donald Trump told The Wall Street Journal in an interview Thursday that “I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un of North Korea,” saying that Mr. Trump had instead said “I’d probably have a very good relationship” with the North Korean leader. Notably, this was not a denial based on “misspeaking” but a direct denial.  Trump then pushed it further with a tweet.    Unlike the controversy over the denied use of the word “shithole” in the Oval Office (where Trump said he might have to start recording such meetings), he did record this interview.  Now the Wall Street Journal has released the tape and it sounds like the editors were correctly recounting the President’s words (though it is close). I have now listened repeatedly and initially supported the WSJ, but now I am not quite as confident.  Trump’s position seems more consistent with the context and he might have swallowed the “did” a bit in “I’d.” The recording is below.

 It is rare to see such a conflict between a Republican president and the conservative editors of the Wall Street Journal.
After the President’s denial, The Journal decided to release the relevant portion of the audio which was meant to be used for transcription purposes.  The company transcribing the interview also agreed that the President said that he had a good relationship with Kim Jong Un.
Nevertheless, Trump tweeted Sunday morning, “The Wall Street Journal stated falsely that I said to them “I have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un” (of N. Korea). Obviously I didn’t say that. I said “I’d have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un,” a big difference. Fortunately we now record conversations with reporters…and they knew exactly what I said and meant. They just wanted a story. FAKE NEWS!”

You can listen for yourself: Here.

I am surprised that the White House did not simply say that the President meant “I’d have” but instead has gone “all in” on another complete denial.  The use of “I’d” would be more consistent with the context of the remarks. It seems to be what he meant as opposed to how he said it.

You be the judge.  Who is telling the truth on the issue?

192 thoughts on “Trump and The Wall Street Journal Release Conflicting Transcripts of Controversial Interview”

  1. This dispute, like many others, derives from the observation that Trump has never (and evidently will never) admit that he was wrong or even mistaken, about anything.

    1. Trump’s arrogance is like that of Charles and David Koch, Bill and Melinda Gates, Peter Thiel, Marc Andreesen, Rex Sinquefield, Uihlein and wife, Linda Bean (L.L.Bean), Art Pope, Bloomberg (who compared himself to God) and Robert and Rebekah Mercer who delivered Trump onto the nation. Whichever candidates the listed people fund, vote for the opposition.

      1. You are aware Bloomberg is one of your kind – a way out there leftard. I noticed you didn’t mention Tom Steyer. Why? Is he cutting you checks? Probably. That or OFA is paying you off.

        Still awaiting your discussion on the merits of ocholocracy since you can’t wait to install one in power.

        1. Like the French Revolution, I’m waiting for these crazy leftists to start cutting each other’s head off.

          1. Allan,…
            They’ve already adopted as their anthem the song written by Napoleon XIV.

  2. Did anyone here ever notice that after Trump gave his threatening “my button is bigger and more powerful that your button” tweet to Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator suddenly fell completely silent–as though Trump had totally squelched him?

    Well, what the presstitutes and the other Lefties don’t want to admit is that Trump’s strategy of taunting Un in a totally threatening manner worked! Trump put Un in his place and for the first time in his life, he had visions of the end of his reign coming before his eyes, like Sadam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi surely experienced. Un probably not only peed in his pants, but pooped as well in response.

    Unfortunately, the downside to Trump’s decisive and correct action did likely have some negative consequences. In an effort to keep Un’s secret, Un undoubtedly ordered his laundry staff to be executed to ensure that his sudden and embarrassing urinary incontinence and encopresis would never be made public.

    1. You’re right: total silence. Amazing job by Trump. His bigger-button comment ceased NK’s nuclear and missile programs, and testing of both will never occur again. Wow, tremendous success.

      Or maybe there was silence because NK is prepping the next tests, which Just might qualify as a response.

    2. I think the North Koreans are quiet right now because they want to participate in the winter Olympics, and are holding talks with the South Koreans.

  3. This is actually quite humorous. the Journal is one of the most staunchly pro-Republican reactionary rags in America, and the trump-bots and buffoons are trying to shred it because it dares to speak the truth about their graven image. Delicious.

    1. Wrong, the WSJ is no longer “staunchly pro-Republican” nor “reactionary,” if you want to use those inaccurate terms to describe the WSJ of old. The WSJ changed after Murdoch’s family bought it out and took control. Rupert turned over the WSJ to his sons, who are Globalists and Leftists, just like you are, supporting the very same agenda. So, sorry, there’s nothing really “delicious” about the WSJ doing its presstitute thing. You might as well say it’s “delicious” that CNN and MSNBC attack Trump. There’s nothing surprising here. The only conservative media existing today is certain alternative media outlets–but nothing in the mainstream, or lamestream, as it should be called.

        1. Fox has been shifting Leftward, but they fear alienating their base which consist largely of Trump supporters. So Fox still likes those cash flows to keep on coming. WSJ, on the other hand, has heavy readership from both Lefties and Mainstream (i.e., non-Trump) Republicans.

  4. Re the comments from patriot the idiot CV writes “And to think Darren, Allan, et al allow this.”

    What should Allan do? Allan can’t delete anything or do anything. Patriot is an idiot and everyone knows it. What more do you want?

    1. “What should Allan do?” — Allan

      That’s good, Allan; nice to see you getting a sense of humor, but I believe the phrase is, “what would Allan say?”

      But WSAD works just as well.

      1. No, WSAD. The proper answer is “do” since not every possible action involves saying something. Are you WWAS changing to WSAD or are you just a clone?

          1. Another insignificant comment by Diane who thinks she is so smart but sounds more like a person that lost her marbles.

            1. Allan, I do not think I’m smart. But even I can figure out that WSAD is an acronym for the sentence, what should Allan do.

              As for losing my marbles, wouldn’t it be freaky weird if WWAS were . . . you-know-who??? OMG. Why would I be spared? Maybe my comeuppance is TBA.

              1. Diane, you create conspiracy theories. The world is hard enough to understand without hidden acronyms and reading too much into material already distorted by the news media. That is why almost everything you say is bogus. It’s a conspiracy of what might be, due to a character typed that doesn’t belong. That is what fiction writers do and that is what you write, fiction.

                I don’t interpret typo’s on a list filled with posters that have inadequate knowledge of the world. I interpret actions and find that you, WWAS and WSAD while probably being decent people aren’t intellectually inclined to use the real data that is available so you focus on things of no importance.

                That is your choice, but it doesn’t make any of you look smart rather it makes all of you look foolish.

  5. Markie brought up the wonderful things about Obama so I saw this ‘cartoon’ and thought it appropriate to post. I haven’t yet verified the numbers, but I am sure Mark M. will.

    /Users/A 1/Library/Containers/ Downloads/E51AADAA-BA9B-49B1-B441-5A7055325F0C/image001.jpg

      1. It didn’t work even after copying the jpeg to the desktop!!

        Shock, shock, horror.

      2. “I’ll try again. If it doesn’t work too bad.” — Allan

        Wouldn’t Grammerly put a comma between ‘work’ and ‘too’? So that it reads:

        “… If it doesn’t work, too bad.”

        Which clearly means that if trying to serve up an image from your local machine to the whole of the internet that the whole of the internet is just out of luck if it doesn’t work? As opposed to ‘it’ just not working well?

        1. WSAD, I might hire you to do the scut work because obviously, you are not a thinker. I’ll let you correct my commas, punctuation and maybe even my spelling. I don’t think you can do much more than that as when it comes to the actual subject matter of the Turley blog you are rather lame.

          1. Allan, stop digging. Start climbing up the rope that WWAS threw down the hole to you.

        2. Without the comma, Allan would have said “If it doesn’t work too badly.” Strike that. “If it doesn’t work too poorly.” Strike that as well. “If it doesn’t work too shabbily.” Oh!, who care what Allan would’ve said?

    1. Allan, the genius boy, attempts to turn his local computer into a server for the purposes of posting a cartoon jpeg.

      What a guy! He obviously understands how this whole internet thing works.

      At least the path on his local machine didn’t reveal that he has an Apple mail account, and that his user name is A1.

      Fools do abide, eventually.

      1. WWAS, I can’t stand feeling sorry for Allan. It’s so unnatural. Just tell him to remove the space from between the A and the 1. He’s such a sped redder that your clue went right past him.

        P. S. Until your recent foray into acronyms, I had mistakenly thought that you might be one of the Was brothers. Though obviously not Don. But since I don’t know the other brother’s first name, it seemed superficially plausible. (OMG, I just gave Allan something to make him feelz better about himself.)

      2. WWAS, you know a bit about computers? Tell me fool whose computer was I using?

        It was a cartoonish representation of what Obama had done. It contained the economic figures representing a terrible President. I didn’t want to have to copy all the numbers so I tried to present it as written.

        I guess I should have hired a lackey like you to do the posting. You sound like that type of guy who can think only enough to follow orders.

        1. Allan, I know nothing about computers. But I strongly suspect that WWAS is trying to do you a favor. Maybe you can get Darren Smith to delete the posts that didn’t work very well. It’s not as though you’ve made nothing but good friends, here, on the blawg; you know?

          P. S. The sentence, what would Allan say, can be abbreviated W.W.A.S.; which, in turn, could yield the acronym WWAS.

  6. If all it took to scuttle DACA was “sh*thole,” I wonder what Trump can get for the “F word”? E-verify, maybe? Btw, Durbin makes serial liars blush.

  7. Even when their conversations and pronouncements are on tape, the members of the Trump administration still lie about what they have said. It’s amazing.

    1. Even when the idiots of the stupid party get rolled and hosed time and time again they continue to get suckered them punched.. It’s Amazing?!!!

  8. The upside down world created by the Koch’s-
    While their organization, ALEC, drafted longer sentencing guidelines and made the private prison industry lucrative, giving America title as the most incarcerated population in the world, the Koch echo chamber dares to liken the crimes of Stalin to the actions of groups like the press.

    It’s incredible that people could be duped into thinking the oligarchs are less like Stalin in the wielding of punishment than people, on the left, who view their fellow Americans with compassion, trying to reduce their hardships.

    The right wing’s contortions are as outrageous as they are immoral.

  9. I don’t know if any of you recall this or not, but Trump once had a television program, The Apprentice; a few years back, Dennis Rodman was, specifically, chosen to be one of the star celebrities, on said show. Yes. I will admit–I used to watch the show, with some regularity. Yep. Sure did. I enjoyed it. Now, since that is out of the way, it will make more sense to mention, while watching the program that it didn’t appear as though the celebrity contestants were chosen in some kind of a random or haphazard manner. Trump seemed to have some sort of a prior connection, history or friendship with these contestants–a connection, history and friendship which were often mentioned during the course of the show and which, I am sure, served as the impetus for choosing them to be the contestants. Well, it just so happens that Rodman is loved and idealized by the fat turd in North Korea, who, for whatever reason, is enthralled with basketball. Rodman is a frequent guest in the country, where photos are snapped of the two hugging and sitting next to one another at various events. Trump is friends with Rodman, as bizarre and strange as that may be, and the North Korean Rocket Boy is captivated and in love with Rodman. Think that isn’t a plausible venue by which the two leaders communicate? Think again. No one, and, I mean, no one ever mentions the peculiar triangle, but the triangle exists, nonetheless. Don’t expect normal and standard routes of diplomacy to work with the Rocket Man. Gotta think out of the box.

    1. Dennis arrested for DUI yesterday – he’s probably headed for rehab rather than NK

      1. Kim would give Dennis the VX nerve agent treatment that he gave to his brother. So Dennis’s DUI is a blessing in disguise. Dennis won’t be going back to NK.

    2. bam bam said, “Trump is friends with Rodman . . . and the North Korean Rocket Boy is captivated and in love with Rodman. Think that isn’t a plausible venue by which the two leaders communicate?”

      So Trump conducts nuclear brinksmanship in the manner of a reality TV show and bam bam thinks Trump is “not just smart, but a genius . . . and a very stable genius at that.”

      1. Diplomacy. . .it isn’t always conducted in the exact way or manner which you would suspect, as it isn’t always conducted by men, in slicked back hair, donning expensive, dark suits with cufflinks, especially when dealing with a madman, estranged from much of the world. Diplomacy, much like the making of hotdogs–in both cases, you’d be shocked what goes on behind the scenes and what mysterious ingredients get thrown into the mix. You see, it was an idea. . .an idea about a mutual connection. Not one, obviously, that will be openly discussed by the White House, but, in my opinion, a connection, nonetheless, between the two leaders. Make of it what you will. But, hey, you stick with the notion that what I suggested is impossible and implausible. Your small world now makes more sense and everything is back in order.

        1. Bam Bam, there is nothing that can be done about Diane’s lack of knowledge and understanding of complex international affairs. She can only concentrate on things that have no importance blowing them up into international catastrophes.

  10. The crux of the situation is a combination of the ever apparent actuality that Trump is not suited for this job with the distractions of his defending this ineptitude with unrelenting lies and accusations. The media must surface this idiocy. The reality of this mess must be put forth as unrelentingly as Trumps nonsense. There is not enough available media to address Trump’s lies but the media must rise to the occasion.

    This is the President of the United States defending saying that he would be a great pal of the most vile dictator on the planet, an idiot of the same calibre as Trump who is building nuclear weapons to terrorize the world, starving his people, and all the stuff Americans find disgusting. Imagine Trump simply saying that he may have misspoke, used I when he meant I’d, but elaborate that he was offering an olive branch to a troublesome leader. This knee jerk tendency to defend himself over nonsense when a simple clarification would enhance his stature illustrates what a narcissistic megalomaniac he is. Trump is way to easily distracted to be President. America has a looney tune at the helm. Those that take his side on his saying I’d as opposed to I are the perfect dupes upon which he has based his regime.

    1. Reality so very neatly summarized. I have been remiss in my postings here in underusing the word “dupes” to describe the trump morons and/or Russian trolls who post their nonsensical prattle. I shall forthwith remedy that shortcoming.

      this is in response to isaac’s powerful post.

      1. So do you stand on your head like Linda or are you also baconian? i would reject your statement were I I zactly he really doesn’t have that strong an odor.

      2. Mark thinks an improved economy is bad. He thinks unemployment is good since that makes his job as a filing clerk look better. He is not much of a thinker but he battles the filing cabinet day in and day out and has a lot of paper cuts on his hands to prove it.

        1. Allan

          The improved economy is the result of many years of recuperating from Republican/Bush stupidity. The latest blip, and it is merely a blip, is a result of the momentum Obama created and market manipulations. America is sliding backwards under Trump as it always has under Republican administrations. The stock market and the economy have always done better under Democrat administrations. Look it up. The only support for Trump being the cause of today’s economic buoyancy comes from the incessant lies that seem to be lapped up by his supporters. Carrier is still sending jobs to Mexico. GM is still opening plants in Mexico and abroad. Next to everything Trump says is a lie. Allan, wake up.

          1. Issac, you are an excuse factory. If the sun rises it’s an Obama victory. If there is a natural disaster it is the Republican’s fault. You are like a broken record. Obama was a horrible President. There is little question about that except for those that have no understanding of economics or have fried their brains on Liberalism.

            One example I offer as proof is the U 6 decreased about 3 times as fast under Trump as it did under Obama when it generally decreases faster when unemployment is higher. Take that important number and explain the acceleration under Trump. You make statements about Carrier, but the number of jobs keeps increasing. Businesses are expanding not contracting like was done under Obama. Why at the end of Obama’s administration was the number of people receiving food stamps so high?

            I am still waiting for your answer as to why you left Canada for the US.

    2. Ah yes the intellectual wanna be but till requring programming on a daily basis from Canada? So Paul listen up . How did he get to the USA? Simple the Carter Amnesty so as it turns out he isn’t even Canadian Bacon but rejected Canadian Bacon. One wonders for a second or two then laughs then goes on with serious discussions.

  11. Here is a little note for the U.S. / Israeli War Criminals.


    “Under the Rome Statute, the ICC can take jurisdiction over a national of even a non-party state if he or she commits a crime in a state party’s territory. The US vehemently objects to this, but it’s nothing new. Under well-established principles of international law, the crimes being prosecuted in the ICC — genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity — are crimes of universal jurisdiction.

    The doctrine of universal jurisdiction permits any country to try foreign nationals for the most egregious crimes, even without any direct relationship to the prosecuting country. That means other nations can bring US leaders to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

    1. Patriots War Crimes. Breathing free air in a free nation while pimping for Adolf.

  12. Dear Divine Leader Kim Jong Un, aka “Little Rocket Man” is a man-god & cult leader.

    Cult leaders never have a happy ending. They always wind up bloody. Like Hirohito of Japan signing a surrender deal on a U.S. battleship. Or cult leader Reverend Jim Jones & the mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana. Or David Koresh, cult leader of the Branch Davidian cult in Waco, Texas.

  13. I heard “I’d.” It’s very clear also from the change in the tone of voice and also the insertion of the word “probably” that President Trump is using the conditional.

    1. Again, consider the opposite. Let’s say Trump had nada, zip, zilch relationship with KJU. Wouldn’t that be more dangerous considering the Nork nuke issue?


    The International Criminal Court Prosecutor wants to talk with him.

    US Military and CIA Leaders May Be Investigated for War Crimes
    by Marjorie Cohn
    Professor Emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    1. Patriot is….Not. just a run of the mill national socialist still sucking up to Adolf.

      1. Now I remember, comrade; Rooshkies do not like nazis. Putin’s dilemma, how to back tRump without supporting nazis. You are walking a tightrope.

  15. The “I’d” seems pretty clear to me, and it is reinforced when he repeats himself, as people often do when they speak, and says “would.” I can understand how the WSJ may have missed it, but why can’t they admit they made a transcription mistake.

  16. Many people voted for Soweto bin Bama solely because he promised to absolutely end the 2 wars he inherited, Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which wars continued through his last day in office 8 years later. The other biggest doozie that pops to mind is his “no boots on the ground in Syria” promise, which of course was another pack of lies. His admin even had the gall to deny the definition of “boots” after the lie was exposed.

    I just wish persons positively obsessed with Trump’s words would tell us exactly why they bless little baby Jesus Soweto’s lying, while they cry the end of world is nigh when Trump allegedly offends their delicate ears.

    1. President Barack HUSSEIN Obama was the greatest President and Commander in Chief since Harry S. Truman. Not only is he a great American patriot, but prior to his marriage, he undoubtedly had access to the white women.

      This is to “those dusky fellers scare the bejeebers outa me” joey

      1. Tell that to the seven nations he bombed – but wait, maybe he considered them to be “shit hole” countries – didn’t call them that –but clearly demonstrated his contempt for their cultures.

        Rhetoric is more important than actions and results to the Dim cultists

      2. Marky Mark Mark – as someone who is in a bi-racial marriage, I do not care who Obama bonks or marries. However, he did drop da white women when he was going for office. That is hypocritical. I see Michelle as an arranged marriage for a political reason, just like his choice of church.

        1. Paul, love or hate Jeremiah Wright – he did more to help blacks in Chicago than Obama ever did. When Obama threw him under the bus that’s when the blinders on my eyes started to slip.

          1. Pray tell what to Rev Wright do to help black Chicagoans considering the current state of their city, and his current residence ina n 8 figure mansion paid for off their backs?

          2. ” love or hate Jeremiah Wright”

            That made me look him up to see what was new, but I stopped after seeing this as the first entry.


            Rev Jeremiah Wright to retire in ‘white suburb’

            The fiery African-American pastor whose incendiary outbursts on race have dented the prospects of Barack Obama becoming the first black US president is to retire to an upmarket suburb where almost all of the residents are white.

            Grateful parishioners of Rev Jeremiah Wright, 66, are building him a $1 million, 10,400 sq ft mansion, next to a country club and golf course in the prosperous Chicago suburb of Tinley Park. In the 2000 census, just two per cent of Tinley Park’s 48,400 residents were black and 93 per cent were white.

        2. I am glad the Lotus Blossom special worked for you; doubt Obama needed to resort to your methodology to find companionship. Smart move on your part marrying someone who does not speak English.

  17. I heard “I’d” – Trump said while campaigning that he was willing to negotiate. As he points out he inherited this issue as it benefited his predecessors to kick the can up the road.

    “Mr. Trump: For instance, at the very beginning, you know Obama felt—President Obama felt it was his biggest problem is North Korea. He said that openly. He said that to me, but he said that openly. It is a big problem, and they should not have left me with that problem. That should have been a problem that was solved by Obama, or Bush, or Clinton or anybody, because the longer it went, the worse, the more difficult the problem got. This should not have been a problem left on my desk, but it is, and I get things solved. And one way or the other, that problem is going to be solved.

    China has been helping us, and I appreciate the help, but they can do much more.”

    The WSJ, like Wash Post, NYT, etc. is a neo con outlet – look at their advertisers – didn’t these papers justify the invasion of Iraq?

    1. Neo Con is that the same as Republcan in name only? You might try defining your picks of the day with whatever the Party has told th eProgrammer to pass on to the Coillective

      1. No, neo con applies to the warmongers – they exist on both sides of the proverbial aisle.

        1. True. Some are called DINOs and some called RINOs but that’s only if one uses the false definition of center as the center of the left. However in the USA as Constitutional Republic we use The Constitution as The Center and you and your RINO/DINOs don’t come close by any stretch of the imagination nor do your constantly reframed redifined dialectic bouncing off the wall PC-Rap.

        2. One side has it’s progressive socialists and the other their right wing of the left .. RINOs. the score for your war monger party however from Woodrow Wilson to the end of 2000 is right at 600,000 to less than 600. even when your right wing of the left RINOs held the Oval. Since then they have gained 6,000 while the Warm Monger Party has gained over 7,000.

          Ready for the list of conflicts and which President was in the Oval when they started? Not that it matters you could dial – alectic out of any reality in your subjective fairy tail mystical other Platonic world.

          1. 26. Theodore Roosevelt.(No wars but was openly a Progressive but not in the foreign ideology mode.

            27. William Taft R 1909-1913 No Wars
            28. Woodrow Wilson (4) P 1913-1921
            Haiti 1913 000,148
            WW1 1917-1918 116,516
            North Russia 1918-1920 000,235
            AEF Siberia 1918-1905, 000,189

            The Progessive Socialist offspring of the International Socialists thus began the first of the Great Socialist Wars of the 20th Century with US troops used against the Bolsheviks later Communist or international Socialists. Bolshevik is russian for majority or winners. Menshiveks means minority or losers.

            29. Warren Harding R 1921-1923 No Wars

            30. Calvin Coolidge R 1923-1929
            Nicaragua 1927-1933 total Dead 000,048

            31. Herbert C. Hoover R 1929-1933 No Wars

            32. Franklin Roosevelt P 1933-1945
            some banana republic wars unknown
            WWII 1941-1945 405,399

            33. Harry S Truman P 1945-1953
            Korean War 1950-1953 035,574 casualties unknown

            34. Dwight D Eisenhower R 1953-1961 No Wars Did send military assessment team into Vietnam at request of French refused troops, sent adviser teams to South Vietnam refused troops.

            35. John F Kennedy P 1961-1963
            Cuban Missile Crisis unknown.
            Bay of Pigs unknown
            Ordered removal of adviser teams from South Vietnam.Order rescinded by Lyndon Johnson

            36. Lyndon B. Johnson P` 1963-1969 Vietnam 1964-1973/75 058,170

            37. Richard Nixon P 1969-1974
            cont. LBJ’s War LBJ’s score.

            38. Gerald R. Ford R 1974-1977 No Wars

            39. Jimmy Carter Jr P 1977-1981
            El Salvador 1980 1992 unknown about 000,020

            40. Ronald Reagan R/C 1981-1989 total dead 325
            Beirut 1982-1984 000,266
            Grenada 1983 000,019
            Panama 1989 000,040
            War Powers Act enacted by Progressive majority congress.

            41. George H. W. Bush R 1989-1993
            Kuwait 1990-1991 000,373
            Honored War Powers Act Approval Granted
            includes Operation Enduring Freedom 1991-1996
            Somalia 1992-1995 000,043
            Approved by Congress

            42. William Clinton P 1993-2001

            Bosnia 1995-2004 000,012
            Kosovo unknown
            NATO Air Campaign 1999 unknown
            Afghanistan 1999 unknown
            Refused to Honor War Powers Act

            Thus ends the first century of Progressivism. Whose the War Mongers?

            At that I left out the the small potato wars and conflicts

            I see one of my best sources besides the Times World Alamanac which agrees with me even though it’s leftist their 2018 version is on the way among other sources.

            Still wanna play?

            How many buckets of blood did that add up to

            1. More to come…..all those unknowns? In places you never heard or imagined.

            2. Thus ends the first century of Progressivism. Whose the War Mongers?””

              Michael, racists as well.

    2. The problem stemmed back to Harry Truman and featured the United Nations. Had the Russians not been boycotting they would have vetoed and a different way would have been required. But at the truce the war was not resolved and remained an open sore from 27June 1953 but Obama’s memory probably did not go back that far 55 years is a long long time for some. He had a convient grasp of things he would rather not deal with as in the sideways Potomac Two Step, Congress, and the Constitution. .

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