“Live Mas”, Drive Less: Florida Man Arrested For DUI After Pulling Into Bank Drive Thru and Ordering a Taco Bell Burrito

Taco_Bell_2016.svgThere is nothing so frustrating as pulling up to a Taco Bell only to have the drive thru person repeatedly refuse to take your order . . .  unless of course it is a bank.  That was the dilemma of Douglas Francisco, 28, who is accused of being drunk when he pulled into the Bank of America in Tampa and demanded a burrito.  If Francisco wants to fulfill the chain’s slogan of “Live Mas,” he might want to drive less.

Francisco was driving his blue Hyundai and was reportedly highly impaired when he pulled into the bank.  He then passed out.  A bank employee pounded on the car window and Francisco woke up and demanded the burrito.  He then drove away after being informed that the bank was not a Taco Bell.

Francisco was arrested after field sobriety tests “yielded strong evidence of impairment.”  After searching his car, the police found Xanax and Oxycodone pills. However, it appears that he had a prescription for the painkillers.

He is now charged with driving under the influence and reportedly has yet to receive his burrito.

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  1. Why taking opioids can make pain worse:


    “The drug that’s supposed to offer you relief can actually make you more sensitive to pain over time. That effect, known as hyperalgesia, could render these medications gradually less effective for chronic pain, leading people to rely on higher and higher doses.”

    “An opioid sets off a chain of immune signals in the spinal cord that amplifies pain rather than dulling it, even after the drug leaves the body, the researchers found. Yet drugs already under development might be able to reverse the effect.”

    Long term use of opioids actually rewires the nervous system, making it far more sensitive to pain:

    “Separate from their pain-blocking interaction with receptors in the brain, opioids seem to reshape the nervous system to amplify pain signals, even after the original illness or injury subsides. Animals given opioids become more sensitive to pain, and people already taking opioids before a surgery tend to report more pain afterward.”

    1. OMG! Is that Karen or “Ann Landers”? Why don’t you take on marijuana. In case you haven’t heard, they just legalized it in many states. How ’bout beer? Last call for alcohol, right? You know, mommie Karen, or is it “Ann”, Stalin proclaimed that religion is the opiate of the masses. When you recover from this mighty endeavor, you should take on religion. If you had any sense at all of America freedom, you’d grasp that people are free as long as they don’t violate laws agaisnt property damage and personal injury. That they are free and self-reliant. Next you’ll tell us of the evils of hang-gliding and snow skiing, right? I saw a guy get his teeth knocked out by a surfboard once. Oh! I know. The use of automobiles wherein 40,000 fatalities occur every year. I have an idea. Why don’t you euthanize every person on the planet, wrap them up in a sanitary plastic bag and bury them where will never ever encounter anything adverse ever again.

      “…amendments desired, of such a nature as will not injure the constitution,…”

      James Madison

      Proposed Amendments to the Constitution, June 8, 1789

      ” And if there are amendments desired, of such a nature as will not injure the constitution, and they can be ingrafted so as to give satisfaction to the doubting part of our fellow citizens; the friends of the federal government will evince that spirit of deference and concession for which they have hitherto been distinguished.”

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      1. Now, George, I know you worship the quicksand upon which I walk! 🙂

        No, I am not advocating for any intrusion into person freedom. Rather, I think doctors are accountable when they contribute to doctor shopping, creating addicts which they have no plan to help, or those who work the opioid drive through.

        I agree with your later comment that this may be a form of malpractice. I like the thought of attaching prescriptions to the person, so that their medical history and prescriptions are available to each doctor, but there is room for abuse and illegal collection of data, HIPPA violations, and hacking.

        However, I may not be the best source to consult for table settings or the appropriate gift for strained in-laws.

        God bless the suffragettes!

        1. Last time I checked, free Americans enjoyed the freedom of shopping including the freedom of doctor shopping. I checked the Constitution and it didn’t say anything about feminazis having the power to abrogate the freedoms of Americans.

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          Enough incoherence and hysteria.

          It’s time to end baby-murder and re-implement the process of bearing and nurturing many multiple children per woman.

          The Founders intended amendments to NOT be “injurious” to the Constitution.

          America came to its senses and repealed the 18th with the 21st.

          God bless America and the repeal of the 19trh Amendment.

  2. Oxycodone is an opiod. Xanax is a benzodiazepine. Polydrug use, or the use of more than one drug, can have a dangerous synergistic effect.

    We should reform prescription practice. In order to prevent doctor shopping, prescriptions should be tied to a name and SSN or Work Visa #. Doctors need to be held accountable for fueling the opioid epidemic. It’s good money, and unscrupulous doctors are all too happy to oblige addicts.

    In addition, when a doctor prescribes opioids long term, they should anticipate addiction, and help the patient wean off instead of just writing the script and going on to the next 5 minutes appointment with the next patient, the addict they created forgotten about. There are some injuries that are so bad, that addiction to painkillers is the inevitable result by the time the injury heals. If I recall correctly, opioid addition makes the nerves dependent on these deadening agents, so when they withdraw, the nerves are artificially stimulated. The patient feels pain, and thinks he is not healed, and still needs his “medicine.” The nerves become over sensitive. Doctors should not create addicts and then just throw them away.

    Opioid painkillers and benzodiazepines are two of the most frequently abused prescription drugs in the world, although they are frequently prescribed together. Medical researchers have been concerned about this combination since the 1970s, when the trend began to surface. A report from the Drug Abuse Warning Network shows that combining opioid medications and benzodiazepines increases the risk of overdose leading to emergency medical care. Another report published in the British Medical Journal suggests that, while some of these emergency room visits involve prescribing practices that accidentally mix benzodiazepines and opioids in dangerous quantities, some patients take more of these drugs than prescribed, or they get a “high” off taking higher doses than prescribed of both medications. They noted that benzodiazepines enhanced the effects of opioid painkillers, which means this drug combination has a high potential for abuse.


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    As Tucker points out–that fundamentally attacks the Constitution and the Rule of Law. It means civil war.

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  9. That guy must have more than drunk to confuse a bank with Taco Hell. Lucky he didn’t injure or kill anyone.

  10. When we’re in San Diego I always scratch my head when I see people lined up @ Taco Bell. There are so many GOOD taco shops. With all the Latinos in Florida I know you can do much better than Taco Bell.

    1. I know the feeling Nick. Last time I was in Kauai, I could not believe how many people were in the drive in for the McDucks at the SW side of the island. They could have instead went to the Big Save in the same parking lot and found a bounty of wonderful seafood, Poke, and tropical fruits.

      At first I thought of when the Lewis & Clark expedition, who at times were so tired of eating Salmon they traded with the Indians for some dog meat. Later, I realized history repeated itself.

      1. It’s the salt. It’s addicting. People crave the fat and salt, so that a lush bowl of ripe fruit does not have the same draw.

        Until you actually eat Taco Bell and then experience severe gastrointestinal upset. Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten fast food in so long, but I literally cannot eat Taco Bell.

        1. You are correct. Fast food is like crack cocaine, specifically created to fire as many craving responses in the brain as possible. We’ve evolved to crave salt and fat since they are of biological importance but were less available in nature. Now, food processing outpaced nature.

          My condition is such that I can’t add any salt to food without having unpleasant effects. Naturally occurring salt is sufficient.

          On another note, a relative of mine introduced me to Giuseppe Giusti balsamic vinegar. Wonderful flavors. It’s expensive but as most quality condiments it only requires a few drops to add the right amount of flavor. Remarkable.

    2. Taco Bell caters to teens and young adults who want to fill up on the cheap. I was in Northern Calif last week and Taco Bell was running ads on t.v. about having 20 items on their $1.00 menu. And I noticed they had a really long line every night as those partiers filled up for a few bucks before they went home to sleep it off.

  11. Give the guy a break. With all the corporate mergers and joint ventures around, i.e., Taco Bell/KFC, Duncan Donuts/Baskin Robbins, Safeway/SunTrust Bank, Starbucks/everybody, he probably thought BOA had a deal going with Taco Bell.

  12. His doctor who prescribed the drugs probably has a drive thru.
    My Bank of America sells tacos.

  13. Hey, I have an idea that will make our streets (and drive-thrus) safer: Let’s have states start legalizing more brain-thudding drugs.

    Oh. Forgot. We’re already doing that.

    1. Yep, exactly! Plus, the perp had a prescription because Xanax prescriptions and oxys are handed out like candy. Just go to the right doctor and complain of anxiety, get an Anxiety Disorder diagnosis, and KERBLAM! you get Xanax, or the stuff in the Valium family. Most of it is pure bullsh*t.

      Plus, when you get the prescription, you can then buy the stuff on the street when you run out (usually in a few days). Put the illegal pills in your prescription pill bottle, and WHAMMO! they are now legal if the cops stop you. Because who knows which is which?

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  14. I do have to admit that I went to McDonald’s and demanded a Breakfast Jack, however, I was cold sober. One fast food is the same as another to me. 🙂 And Wells Fargo has a drive-thru very close to Taco Bell near me. 😉

    1. I’ve ordered a Whopper at a Jack-in-the-Box while sober as a Deacon. They didn’t fill my order. Just sayin.

      1. Mark M. – you see one drive-thru you see them all. 😉 I have learned to look at the menu though. 🙂

        1. I ordered McNuggets at Wendy’s and the guy got all butt hurt and said “We don’t sell McNuggets!” and I replied, “Oh come on pal, you know what I’m talking about.” Got ‘em, and they were better than the Mc brand.

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