“Fake News, Fake News”: Trump Denies That He Wanted To Fire Mueller In June

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedAt the Davos conference in Switzerland, President Donald Trump denied the New York Times account that he ordered the firing of Special Counsel in June but was prevented by doing so when White House Counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign.  It is a highly disturbing allegation since such an act would have been catastrophic for the Trump Administration.  Now however President Trump is denying the story — responding to reporters with “fake news, fake news.”  What is curious is that the White House and particularly the White House Counsel did not deny the story.

If this story is false, it would be major news in its own right. It would be a hit job from a major media organization.  Conversely, if the story is true, the President’s denial would magnify the concerns over his judgment and veracity.  The matter can be put to rest by Don McGahn.


The New York Times first reported Thursday on Mr. Trump’s alleged order.

440px-Director_Robert_S._Mueller-_III-1Notably, Mueller was appointed late May and, on June 14, 2017, the Washington Post reported that Mueller’s office is also investigating President Trump personally for possible obstruction of justice.  According to this report, Trump wanted to fire a special counsel who was investigating him for obstruction, That is different from Comey who reportedly told Trump that he was not under investigation.

Does the order constitute obstruction of justice? No.  Trump had grounds to object to Mueller’s appointment and his firing did not necessarily mean that Trump would fire any Special Counsel. Mueller had just started and, if the President would have accepted another Special Counsel, he can claim that he was not obstructing the investigation. However, it obviously fits an opposing narrative after Trump unwisely terminated Comey in the midst of the investigation. Timing can be everything in the law.  Trump could have fired Comey when he came into office without much controversy.  He could also have fired him after the conclusion of the Russian investigation (which likely would have been concluded faster absent the firing of Comey).

The White House will not put this controversy to rest with a mantra of fake news.  McGahn is going to have to be heard if they want to end the story.  They could then go on the offensive if the story is untrue.  If not, we could see a serious fight over executive privilege brewing over what happened in the Oval Office.  Mueller can get this information because it is arguably material to the obstruction investigation.  Many in Congress however will likely demand confirmation of McGahn account and whether he did threaten to resign to prevent this order from being carried out.


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  1. Mr. Trump divides people into two groups: sycophants and enemies. It should not surprise anyone that he would wish to fire Mr. Mueller and anyone else involved in the current investigation.

    1. Never a sweeter smell, Fishwings. The GOP dismissed the story as untrue, this summer. Now, there’s acceptance from the GOP because they’re plotting to get rid of the special prosecutor’s investigation. Conservatives hate America.

      1. That’s why America is fortunate to have representatives of the Political Lunatic Fringe, the ones who LOOVVE America.

  2. Nobody has to put anything to rest. Jayson Blair tells you all you need to know about The New York Slimes. If you like fictional news, stick with The Onion. Although they are fake news too, they are funnier the Slimes.

  3. “…if the story is true, the President’s denial would magnify the concerns over his judgment and veracity.” Trump proves every single day he lacks judgment and is a chronic, habitual liar.

        1. Autumn,..
          Trudeau also gave a weepy tribute when talking about the death of singer that he liked.
          Trump has not yet made weepy public statements when an entertainer dies.
          So we can chalk up one more for Justin, and Trump gets another demerit.☺

          1. Trudeau is agood lookin family man. We have dirty fat ugly grabbin porn man. Dr. Nassau was prosecuted for assault wht not T rump?

                  1. Michael A.,,,
                    Maybe he’s refering to the Lisa Bloom press conference.
                    Or the same no-show at that event startng, withdrawing, restarting etc. lawsuits agiamst Trump.
                    Hard to “testify and present the evidence” when you don’t show up.

                1. What women the one’s Gloria Allreds’ daughter lined up they disappeared before the Alabama election

                  1. Michael A.
                    I just saw this one that you posted….Lisa Bloom actually held the “press conference” a few days befors the 2016 presidential election…..she let her Mommy handle the press conferences right before the Alabama election.
                    The media reps were burned so badly by Lisa Bloom, I think she might have a problem getting a cub reporter to show up from now on.

              1. Allan,…
                He could present his comments here to support a strong claim of diminished capacity.

      1. So we all knew that we don’t need another news report. This is a discussion group.

    1. if the story is true is not fact just personal wool gathering and you translate your own habits into a description of … your own habits. Stick to gathering wool you are out of your league in this blog.

    1. It WOULD be a horrible job if he’s normal.

      Only a real Captain Ahab could in any way tolerate it, much less enjoy it. And the people who would respond to him on this job–positively or negatively, either way–would more than likely be off…..

    2. And you evidence of that is? From everything we have seen Mueller is doing his job like a professional prosecutor and staying out of the gutter in which Trump and his defenders in Congress seem to be wallowing.

      1. Staying out of the gutter? Then who’s doing the leaking from the Mueller investigation? It’s Mueller’s gig and either he is unable to stop the leaky little felons, or he is behind the leaks. Funny how those leaks always happen just when someone wants to change the news cycle.

  4. Let’s label this one The Monotonous Anonymous #CCCLXV. This should keep the left wing base in denial and happy going into the weekend.

  5. So it’s big news if someone thinks about doing something and then decides not to it?

    And can someone explain to me why Mueller should not be disqualified from pursuing an obstruction charge based on the firing of Comey since he was Comey’s mentor and recommended Comey for the top spot at the FBI? Surely that would present a personal conflict of interest under 28 USC 528.

    1. rsa

      by your logic, the police should be disqualified from arresting the mayor, a city councilman, deptl head etc.

      1. I think the correct analogy would be: to THINK ABOUT firing but never pursue it. Or possibly INQUIRE your counsel about firing. Don’t you agree?

      2. If you read 28 USD 528 and don’t see a personal conflict of interest based on Mueller ‘s prior relationships with Comey I can’t help you.

  6. ” We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believe’s is false” William Casey. CIA Director 1981.

      1. “[Page] One more thing: she might be our next president. The last thing you need us going in there loaded for bear. You think she’s going to remember or care that it was more doj than fbi?”

        Strzok replied: “Agreed. I called Bill and relayed what we discussed. He agrees. I will email you and [redacted] same.”

        Getting there? We are there.

    1. Facebook is promoting Zero Hedge, a conspiracy website like 4 Chan’s politically incorrect message board, Gateway Pundit and Infowars. Today, Media Matters identified a sampling of the false stories from Zero Hedge.

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